RUDRA NO HIHOU: Eien tensei no kami

Author's note: Rudra no Hihou was a SNES Squaresoft game released around 1995 only in Japan. Featuring art and character designs by Amemiya Keita, Rudra was very popular in Japan and had its soundtrack released a relative rarity for SNES games. Its graphics easily equaled Final Fantasy 6, and in some cases, such as monsters, was far superior (being actually animated and all). The fact that its magic system was all but impossible to localize and that the SNES was nearing the end of its lifespan probably spelled the death of this game's English translation before it even left the drawing board.

Finding the story of the game intriguing and despite the general idea of "save the world," I felt it was presented in a very unique way, so I decided to novella-ize it. While I will attempt to stay true to the spirit of the game, this is not a walkthrough. Go to if you want a walkthrough. For those of you who can read Japanese and/or have played and understood the French version, please note that there are and will be discrepancies between my story and the game. Some things will be more thoroughly fleshed and perhaps all together changed. This is called artistic license for those of you who don't know, so die-hard fans, please don't scream at me because something wasn't in the game or not translated. This is not a translation. I can read very little Japanese, so. I do not claim ownership of any of the characters described wherein, unless they are of my own creation for story purposes. Please don't use any of my original characters without my permission. All other characters and terms are © the property of Squaresoft of Japan.