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The moment Edward's teeth sunk into Bella's skin to remove the venom James had injected, he knew that he could not truly be his girlfriend's mate. The thought caused him more pain than he thought possible, but there was nothing he could do. Her blood called to him far too much. Desire would eventually win out his love which would doom them from the start. If they were truly destined to be, then the idea of hurting his mate would be unfathomable. Yet, there he was practically needing to be pulled away from the unconscious body of the girl he loved. His singer was all Bella could ever be.

When Carlisle immediately rushed off to carry the klumsy girl to the hospital, thoughts once again intruded his mind. Throughout the commotion there had been a moment of silence, but now others' thoughts were as loud as ever. One person's thoughts stuck out to him in particular which caused his head to snap over in her direction. The realisation of her secret being exposed was immediate, and his sister took off running. Edward refused to not have an explanation for what he had just heard, so he took after her. His speed would allow him to catch up rather quickly which was why Rosalie simply huffed and came to a stop when they were far enough away from the others.

Her arms were wrapped around herself as she stared out towards the mountains. While the temperature was warm by Forks standards, there was still a wind that caused her blonde locks to dance wildly in the wind. The beauty's arms were wrapped around herself not due to the cold but to comfort herself through the conversation she was going to be forced to have. "Ask your questions, Edward. If you are waiting for me to pour my dead heart out, you will be waiting there for quite awhile. We have an eternity of time to waste after all."

Edward's mind was blank. When he had heard Rosalie's thoughts, anger coursed through his body which caused him to move before he could even string a proper sentence together. "You love her."

The blonde's back remained towards her eldest brother. Three words caused her entire body to tense and heart to shatter all at once. Her biggest secret had been exposed due to a moment of weakness. By now she had mastered how to keep her thoughts private around her ever so intrusive brother. Singing whatever annoying pop song this generation came up with over and over typically did the job. Now though, when she had seen Bella's body squirming and hearing her screams, every defense mechanism went out the window. All of her strength was focused on forcing herself to remain still and not run towards the girl she hated to love. "That is not a question," she finally spoke. The words were quiet, but she knew the man behind her could hear them. There was no need to speak loudly. This was not a proud declaration. It was one forced upon her thanks to a gift given to her brother by the life she loathed.

"Cut the crap, Rosalie. How could I not know about this? Who else knows? There are so many questions in my mind right now that I don't know whether or not to ask you them all at once or to throw you through the nearest row of trees." Violence towards his family was something that typically Edward would never condone. Yes, they would all playfully wrestle from time to time, but there was never any true desire to cause the other harm. Now though, the eldest Cullen was trying so desperately to not act on instinct. Every fiber of his being was telling him to protect Bella, but not out of love. No, the demon within him was telling him to protect the blood that called to him so. Another vampire having her was simply out of the question. His typically golden eyes were now tainted with the red, but his skin was crawling with the desire to have another taste. The one he had was not enough.

If crying was possible, then Rosalie was possitive she would dry heaving on the ground due to the sheer force of her emotions. For months she had been able to keep everything together, but her brother voicing the words she hated to acknowledge was the final crack in her icy composure. There was no point in hiding anymore. All she could do was come clean and then beg her family to run. "Even if you did your worst to me right now, I can guarantee you that it is nothing compared to the torture I have been putting myself through for months." Her eyes moved to scan her nails. If all else failed, her vanity always proved to give her something else to focus on while she had this unpleasant conversation. "I purposely kept my thoughts off of her when you were near. You believed you were in love with her, and to be honest, that worked in my favor. At least while she was with you, I could not pursue her. No matter what my useless organ desired, I would not betray you in such a way." The slight growling that she had heard begin to rumble in her brother's throat died when he heard her words. While that would make most happy, all it did was make the blonde want to groan. Pity was the last thing she wanted from anyone in her family. "The only people who know are Jasper and Emmett. As we both know, I could not hide my feelings from Jasper. He knew practically seconds after I felt it myself, and I had to beg him to keep this a secret. Emmett knew the moment I laid eyes on her when she arrived to school. While we aren't mates, after so many years of acting like we are has allowed him to become incredibly close to me. He knows me better than I know myself at times which is aggravating."

All of the information was nearly too much. If Edward had thought constantly hearing the sounds of other's thoughts gave him migraines, this quickly took the cake. How exactly was he suppossed to react? His sister had basically told him that she had forced herself to see her mate with someone else due to his obsession with her. Add to that his anger due to feeling a fool, and there were just too many emotions swirling within the typically brooding vampire. "Why would you keep yourself away from your mate? I don't understand. From everything I've seen and heard, that must have been incredibly painful. While I know I can be... difficult to reason with, even I know this is something that cannot be helped. You could have spoken to me."

Now that got Rosalie to turn around and face her brother in a hurry. While most emotions were off limits, anger was one that she was always willing to pull the trigger on. "Do not play all high and mighty with me Edward. I know exactly the pain you speak of since I have been dealing with it for these months while you've been a love sick puppy. Actually, no you were more obnoxious than that due to the fact that you couldn't allow yourself to be happy. Do you know how annoying it was to see you happy to be with the girl I love, but then in an instant see you brooding about it? You were lucky! Although it was against every belief in my body, you still got the opportunity to be with her, and half the time you treated it more like a burden than a gift. The only reason you are so calm now is because you nearly drained Bella dry. If it hadn't been for Carlisle you would have killed her." Rosalie's chest was heaving by the time she finished the rant that had been building for quite awhile. The action only annoyed her more since taking in air was utterly useless. Old habits like these were just a constant reminder of what the man she believed to love stole from her. The drunken idiot was the reason she was condemed to this life she hated, and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.

Although he had just came to the same conclusion moments ago, hearing it out loud did not make the news any easier to absorb. The pain that came along with them pained him more than the burning that was never fully quenched within his throat. He may not be Bella's mate, but that did not mean that he did not love her. That fact made everything just that much more painful. "Why? Why did you pretend to hate her? Why did you not even fight for her? Forgive me for acting pompous, but all of this is rather a lot to absorb in a short amount of time." His hand raked through his hair which caused it to stick out in all sorts of directions. Typically, he would be upset with any flaws in his appearance, but after everything that had happened in the last twenty for hours or so, caring about his hair was the least of his worries.

Three little letters put together created such an all encompasing question. No one that she had tried to explain it to so far had understood her reasonings which only made her become even more of a bitch than she usually was. Now though, the least she owed her brother was an explanation. If he was handling this without attempting to rip her head off, then she could at the very least try. "It has nothing to do with Bella. She is gorgeous, adorably uncoordinated, shy, and has the biggest heart out of anyone I have ever come across. The reason I am refusing to allow myself to openly love her is due to the fact that I do not deserve her. I am a vampire, Edward. I am a creature that survives off of the death of other beings. Bella is a human, and I cannot allow myself to become attached. Allowing her to grow old and die is too painful since I cannot imagine life without her if we actually formed the mate bond, and I refuse to take away her human life due to selfishness. So, I forced myself to stay away. I was rude to her to cease any desire she would have to get to know me, and I already said what you being with her helped achieve as well."

His typically confident sister appeared to be completely broken. Her eyes were downcast and hearing the thoughts of self hatred going around in her head only managed to make him wince. While he hated to admit it, Edward understood Rosalie's reasons since they were in many ways the same as his own. However, when it came to her and seeing the actual pain she was in, a part of him wanted her to reconsider. "More than anyone, I understand your intentions behind your actions, but if Bella is truly your mate, then you are hers. Rose, you are not only denying yourself the happiness that comes with a love that significant, but you are subjecting Bella to a life where she will settle. No matter who she finds, that person will not be made for her the way you are. I am not saying that I am completely alright with all of this. I am going to need some time to myself once this conversation is done, but there has to be another alternative." Edward couldn't help but wish that his sister was the one there having this conversation other than himself. While he was a very intellectual being, providing comfort was not exactly his strong suit. There wasn't much more he could offer his sister due to his own pain, but perhaps that helped more than he believed it did. After all, misery did always love company.

Rosalie gave her brother the smallest of smiles to thank him for trying, but she knew that there was no hope. Even if Bella somehow found a way to forgive her for all of her misgivings during the time they've known each other, there was no way that the blonde could allow herself to be so completely selfish. The world of the supernatural was no place for a human; especially when said human was as accident prone as her mate was. "I appreciate you understanding, and I apologize for the discomfort this is causing you. However, what is done is done. I have made my decision, and right now there is only one thing I am willing to do. For the first time since I have joined this family, I am going to ask for something just for me and hope that you all can support me in my decision. While I understand that you may not agree with it, everyone needs to realize that this is my choice to make."

Rosalie looked at her brother with so much emotion that it would be nearly impossible for him not to cave. While she was definitely too proud to beg vocally, her eyes said everything her words didn't. She was a centimeter away from being desperate, and there was no changing her mind now. Her worst nightmare had nearly come true when James bit into Bella's wrist, and she refused to allow things to go any further. "What do you need, Rose?"

His sister did not answer straight away. Instead, she turned back around to stare at the mountains even though Edward doubted that her eyes were really taking anything in. Her mind was to far gone for her to appreciate the beauty of anything in that moment. "To run," she said with a tone that left no room for arguments.