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okay people this is A/U fic.. set the summer of Xanders soul searching trip to oxnard...only you guessed it... different... Xander meets the Daywalker.... will be B/X later on

Xander: This place screams bloodsucking vampirific trap..... So why the hell am I going in?

Xander sighed as he pulled the stake down his sleeve into his cupped palm.. he knew that at least four of the 30 or so people in the room were vampires... he also knew that he couldn't take four... if any.. he scanned the room looking for a quick exit.. None with easy access and all with a guard beside them...

Xander: Shit...

He looked at the biggest guy and decided to make his move... might as well take out the biggest first... He walked up and acted like he was going to walk by him as the sprinkles opened and blood poured over them.. he was momentarily stunned but finished his move and the vamp turned to dust.. he turned to survey the room noticing that there were more like ten or fifteen vamps in the room... He gulped and ran toward the closest attacker.. He was within five feet when the skylight above the room shattered sending glass over the slippery floor.. He quickly dust the stunned vampire and pushes the frightened brunette toward the exit.. He turns to see a man in black with a sword in his hand.. The vampires have circled him... Xander watches in awe as the man slices the heads of three vampires off there shoulders and turning them to dust... he's so in awe he doesn't see the vampire sneak up behind him and stab him in the back before running... Xander screams in pain but manages to dust one last vampire before falling to the floor... into unconciesness.. Blade looks at the young man and sighs picking him up and walking from the dust filled room... Xander is on a bed..

Whistler: You can save him you know? Chances are he would end up like you instead of like them...

Blade looked at the young man on the cot...

Blade: What if he ends up like them? What do we do then?

Whistler: Kill him... I'm just saying if he's as strong as you say he is he'll fight it... And who knows what kind of vampire you'll sire... Always wanted to see myself...

Blade sighs and looks at him..

Blade: Fine... But if this doesn't work right... you kill him..

Whistler shruggs and walks away..

Blade: I can't believe I'm doing this..

He cut open his wrist...

Part 2/?

I don't own it!!!

The Hunger.. thats what he felt first.. not the pain he expected but an undeniable bloodlust... His face was normal.. his strength was unhuman... and his hunger was undeterable.. he thrashed on the cot... Pulling at his chains with all his vampirific strength... until he felt it.. a coolness followed by pain.. he began to shutter violently... finally his mind cleared and he opened his eyes.. they went from red to brown quickly as he saw two men standing over him.. one he recognized from the night before... One an older man with a gun.... Xander began to cry.. he couldn't help it.. he was a vampire.. the creatures he hated with a passion....

Xander: Someone hand me a stake....

Whistler began to laugh and even Blade cracked a smirk..

Whistler: Its okay kid... Your not a vampire... not a normal one anyway.. See sunlight..

Thats when Xander noticed the bright light on his face.. he looked to the open window and smiled.. His first thought then.. I'm not a bloodsucker.. Yah!

Whistler: Your like Blade here... A daywalker.. A vampire with the ability to walk in the day... Plus you have a soul... however you do have the thirst..

Xander frowned..

Xander: There's always a catch....

Whistler chuckled..

Whistler: Blade and I have a fully funded operation going on... We have the weapons to fight the darkness we just lack the man power..

Blade glares at him but Whistler ignores it...

Whistler: Your with us now.. At least until you get a diffrent assignment... Okay..

Xander looked in thought and nodded..

Xander: Think you could untie me now?

Two days later~~~~~~~~~

Xander and Blade are sparring hand to hand and Xander is getting his ass handed to him...

Xander: Your faster than Buffy... Maybe not as strong but faster..

Blade looked at him funny..

Blade: Buffy?

Xander nods getting into a fighting stance..

Xander: The vampire slayer.. the chosen one... The hellmouths protector..

Blade looks at him wide eyed..

Whistler: You know where the hellmouth is kid?

Xander nodded..

Xander: Lived there since birth..

Whistler chuckles..

Blade: I wondered how you knew the ones in the warehouse were vampires...

Xander smiles and attacks after a few minutes of blocking eachothers hits Xander fakes left then falls right kicking up and hitting Blade in the chest knocking him back ten feet to land on his feet...Smiling..

Blade: Good.... Care to try again?

Xander shrugged and went on the attack trying the same move but getting a boot in the back of the head as Blade flipped over him and kicked... Xander flew forward face first gliding across the warehouse... He stood up shakily..

Xander: Anyone get the number on that bus...

And promptly fell into the closest chair breathing heavily...

Whistler: The Vatican has been searching for the Hellmouth for years...

Xander looked at him..

Xander: Why didn't they ask the watchers council? Oh wait Travers equals dick.. I gotcha... Its Sunnydale California....

Whistler nodded and hit the phones...

Blade: Ready for the hunt?

Xander stood and followed Blade into the weapons locker..... While Blade loaded up in all his toys Xander settled for a sword just like Blades and a two pistols.. both dressed in black armor they made there way to the twin Motorcycles in front of the door.... Xander jumped on his and started it as Blade did the same.. they put on there shades and gunned the throttle.. flying out of the warehouse into the darkness.. Before long they stood in a warehouse facing around 30 vampires..

Vamp 1: If it isn't the daywalker.. Whose this? Your little sidekick?

Xander smirks..

Xander: Blow me overbite... If anything he's my sidekick..

Blade looks at him..

Blade: Are you outta your damn mind?!

Xander smirks and jumps into the vampire hord...Slashing left and right with his sword and to his suprise taking very little hits from it... He and Blade move faster than the other vamps can see taking them out quickly... as the remaining five surround them Blade pulls out his shredder Glaive and lets it fly catching it as the vamps turn to dust..

Xander: I've gotta get one of those!!

Xander and Blade walked in from a full night of hunting.. neither looking any diffrent than when they left..

Whistler: After were done training you your going to back to Sunnydale kid...

Xander only nods..

Whistler: Your going for the Vatican.. near as I can tell your going to be a college student.. they want you as close to the slayer as possible...

Xander smiles..

Xander: I've fought beside her sense the beginning... Saved her ass a time or two. although she saved mine a few hundred...

Whistler chuckles again as he gets ready to give both Blade and Xander the serum..

Whistler: I still don't see how you survived kid... But you'll have the same stuff as Blade here.. and someone to watch over you.. a babysitter.. God knows you both need one..

Both Xander and Blade glare at him..

Whistler: You two get some sleep.. I'll wake you up later to train..

As he finished the sentence he walked off..

Blade: And what the hell was the 'He's my sidekick' line.. I should just beat the hell out of you..

Xander smiled and laughed turning and walking to his bed...

Two month later~~~~~~~~~~~

Whistler: Here's the address kid... and Here's the address for your house.. remember UnderCover...

Xander nodded through the vconversation as he loaded up the 1971 cuda` with his gear...

Xander: No Prob Woodstock...

Whistler growled and shook Xanders hand smiling...

Whistler: Take care of yourself kid..

Blade was next..

Blade: You need help.. Give us a call...

Xander shook his hand..

Xander: Will Do... Gotta go.. Classes start in a few days...

Xander got in the car and backed out of the warehouse...

Xander: On to Sunnyhell!!

Part 3/?

Again I don't own it!!!

Xander walked into his psychiatry class and quickly took a seat in the front row.. not noticing that a certain blond and a certain red head sat two rows back.. The professor walks in and leans on her desk.. her aid a blond haired guy sats on a desk to the right..

Prof. Walsh: I'm professor Walsh... You can call me either Professor or Professer Walsh... Any questions so far? Good... Onto our first class descussion.. Fear.. What is fear and why are we afraid of its meaning?

Xander notices no one raiseing there hands so he raises his..

Walsh: Yes.. Mr.?

Xander puts his hand down..

Xander: Harris.. Xander Harris... As for the question from a personel stand point I believe fear is simply an emotion.. a feeling we fall into when faced with a seemingly unbeatable obstecle...

Professor Walsh looks at him a little stunned..

Walsh: That is a very well put answer Mr. Harris.. Not exactly my point of view but you have swayed me from my original theory.. Which is what I want from my students... I want a challenge... As for your assignment.. I want a 1500 word essay on the meaning of fear with Examples.. real or fiction on my desk by next monday... Class dismissed...

Xander stands gathering his books and moves toward the door..

Buffy & Willow: Xander!

Xander turns and smiles at the two girls..

Xander: Buff. Wills.. How are my two favorite women in the world?

Buffy and Willow just shrug..

Willow: I thought you didn't get in?

Xander smiles..

Xander: I had a friend pull a few strings.. Saved a rich guy when I was on the road.. I'm now a college student.. Plus.. I don't live in the dorms or my parents basement..

Buffy and Willow smiled as they walked down the hall Xanders arms over both there shoulders...

Xander: Wheres the wolfman?

Willow smiles..

Willow: He's in Music...

Xander smiled..

Xander: I'm sure he can pass that class..

Willow punched him in the arm.. noticing how muscular his arm was..

Willow: You been working out Xand?

Xander shrugged..

Xander: A little... I spent two weeks on the beach.. Had to look good for the ladies...

Buffy rolled her eyes..

Xander: Don't roll your eyes at me Buff.. Your just jealous all the girls are looking at me..

Buffy looked around and noticed All the the girls really were looking at him.. Xander took his arm off Buffy and Willows shoulders..

Xander: I better look single... Make them think they have a chance..

Buffy and Willow share a chuckle.. Xander is standing in Giles's living room talking to him while Buffy sits on the couch..

Xander: I'm tellin you G-man I love college I got 5 numbers one was from this really hot blond Jennifer.. total hottie..

Buffy: She's a slut....

Xander looks at her with raised eyebrows..

Xander: Your point being?

Buffy sighs as she sits on the couch.. Giles smiles at Xanders answer..

Buffy: I'm supposed to meet Willow and Oz for patrol... Coming Xander?

Xander seemed in thought..

Xander: Can't tonight Buff.. Have to check out my house.. Haven't even been there yet..

Buffy nodded and stood up to leave..

Buffy: bye Giles..

Xander walked behind her..

Xander: Seya G-Man...

Giles waves as they close the door Xander walking to his car and Buffy walking toward the cemetery saying bye as they walked.... Xander drove his car into the warehouse parking it and stepping out... he looked around..

Adam: Its about time you got here...

Xander rolled his eyes and looked toward the stairs to see a tall man with dark hair and a trench coat.. he sensed something from the man..

Xander: Adam Piercson?

Adam only nodded..

Adam: Get ready for patrol.. if you live through tonight I'll buy you a beer..

Xander chuckled and quickly walked into the weapons locker and loaded up on weaponry... He put his sword in its sheath on his back and put on his shades as he walked out and looked at Adam...

Adam: You look like Kurgan..

Xander looked at him strangely..

Adam: Tell you later.. go to work..

Xander shook his head and got on his cycle.. revving the engine and leaving a black mark as he flew out of the warehouse.. He strode in the shadows of the cemetery.. always beside her.. not to close but not to far.. just out of her reach at times... After an hour he thought the night would be boring until She was attacked by two big green demons with horns... Xander took action and quickly beheaded one while buffy put a stake in ones heart then threw him backwards where Xander was waiting.. He quickly beheaded the other one and walked into the shadows..

Buffy: Hey!

Buffy ran after him but he was gone... she didn't see the commando's walk into the scene.... Buffy ran into Giles's living room startling him from his books..

Buffy: Some guy just took out two demons like they were nothing!

Giles simply looked at her..

Giles: I..I would think that a good thing Buffy...

Buffy narrows her eyes at him..

Buffy: He was fast Giles... He was so not human... Vampire like even.... Research.. I'll talk to Willy...

Giles nods as the slayer turns to the door and walks out... Xander flew into the warehouse hitting the brakes skidding his bike to a halt and turning it off..

Adam: How was patrol?

Xander took off his shades and smiled..

Xander: Two demons.. one vamp... and a group of commandos... All in all not much of a night..

Adam chuckled..

Adam: You lived through the first night.. Come on I'll buy you a beer.. There's this bar or slum really called Willy's... Come on..

Xander nodded changing quickly but keeping his pistols and trench coat walked beside Adam.. They walk into Willy's bar and quickly get a table..

Adam: I'll get the beer..

Xander nodded as he surveyed the room... He saw Willy looking at him and nodded his eyes smiling under his shades.. He takes them off sitting them on the table as Adam brings him his beer..

Adam: Okay.. story time... I'm a member of the watchers council sent here to aid you.. I'm also a 5000 year old immortal called Methos...

Xander nodded..

Xander: I know.. I read your file... I'm a daywalker... one of only two known.. not as good as Blade yet but who knows..

Both men began to drink there beers as a fairily pissed slayer walked in the bar and up to Willy..

Willy: Heya Slayer.. Your friends here..

Buffy looked in the direction he pointed and saw Xander talking to some guy... Buffy looked at Willy..

Buffy: I'll be back to ask you questions in a second..

Willy just nodded wiping down the bar as Buffy walked over to Xander..

Buffy: Xander?

Xander looked up and smiled..

Xander: Hey Buff... What are you doing here?

Buffy looked at him and then at Adam..

Xander: Sorry... Adam Piercson meet Buffy Summers...

Adam shook her hand and motioned her to sit..

Adam: So this is the famous Vampire slayer? I thought you would be taller...

Xander stiffled a laugh while Buffy glared at Adam who was smirking..

Buffy: I'm here because while I was patroling some guy came out of nowhere and killed two demons...

Xander looked at her in fake confusion..

Xander: Isn't that a good thing?

Buffy shrugged..

Buffy: The guy wasn't human... Maybe a vampire....

Xander shrugged..

Xander: Not all demons are evil... Right Adam?

Adam nodded..

Adam: I've met a few good demons.. Lorne and Blade.. Whistler.. not that Whistler Xander....

Xander just nodded..and shrugged along with his speech...

Xander: I've met a couple.. Blade and Angel...And if you count werewolves Oz...

Buffy noticed how the two seemed to just fall into a conversation...

Buffy: I guess I'll go... Have class tomarrow..

Xander smiled at her..

Xander: Seya then Buff... Although Jenny said she was going to beat you up so you won't take me from her... Although I'm not really with her... Whats with females and possesiveness?

Adam shrugged..

Adam: I've lived a long time my friend... And I still have no clue to the ways of the woman....

Xander and Adam laughed as Buffy walked out of the bar forgetting to ask Willy about the man....