The Daywalker. 12/??

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Xander Harris walked down the semi-empty halls of Sunnydale U. He hadn't talked to Buffy or Willow in a little over three weeks. Faith was safe and sound in L.A. and Oz was on a roadtrip with the band. He decided college wasn't his thing and dropped out a week ago. Willow was angry but got over it when she realized it was Oz's choice. Xander saw Buffy and Willow talking a few doors down and took an abrupt left. He noticed buffy looked at him briefly before he disappeared around the corner.

Riley: Hey man! You back?

Xander couldn't help but smile as he turned to see his friend Riley Finn walking behind him.

Xander: That depends. Walsh still want my ass?

Riley chuckled and shook his head.

Riley: She's forgotten about you completely. I think she has something big planned. That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Last week I was cleared for all access by Walsh's superiors. But, there's still a part of the initiative I'm not allowed in. I asked the coloniel about it and he didn't know what it was. I think something is up.

Xander nodded and casually glanced around.

Xander: We can't talk here. You have two tails. Meet me at my place later. And stop by a store and buy new cloths. Wear them to my place.

Riley seemed a little confused but nodded.

Riley: Sure man. I'll be there before sunset.

Xander nodded and walked away.


Buffy watched as Xander walked off campus. He and Riley had just had a serious looking conversation and judging by the TA's facial expression Xander had said something right. Buffy didn't have time to think about it right now. She decided she would talk to Xander later. She needed to talk to Xander anyway.


Xander walked into the warehouse quickly and took his jacket off throwing it aside.

Adam: What's wrong?

Adam finally knew the real Xander. After the months the two had worked together they had become friends. And both took friendship as something very important.

Xander: Just talked to Riley. He thinks Walsh is up to something. I agree with him.

Adam nodded thinking to himself as he paced back and forth.

Adam: For now sit tight. Keep your friend as an enformant for as long as possible, then we will see about making a move.

Xander nodded. It was the exact same thought in his mind.

Adam: So how are things with the blond?

Xander sighs.


Buffy walked into the apartment she 'shared' with Xander to find the brunette vampire sitting by the kitchen counter.

Xander: Don't mind me I won't be here long.

Buffy sighed and began to walk toward her long time friend. A man she had started to have stronger feelings for in the last six months or so.

Buffy: Xand.. I..

The doorbell cut off any sentence the slayer could have put together at the moment and Xander stood and walked to the door. He opened it to see Riley on the otherside. Xander stepped back and motioned for him to come in.

Xander: Buff could you go get a cup of coffee at the Beanery. Riley and I need to talk.

Before Buffy could answer Xander half pushed half led her out the door and shut it behind her. As the door shut Xander turned back to the commando.

Xander: Tell me.

Xander and Riley moved toward the kitchen table and each took a seat.

Riley: After I talked to you this morning I was able to get a couple files on 314. Before you ask what 314 is I'm not sure. But from what I can gather Prof. Walsh is making her perfect soldier.

Xander didn't question Riley. He had seen this coming a long time ago, or something similiar anyway.

Xander: How bad is it?

Riley sighed in desperation before tossing a file folder on the table.

Riley: I'm not sure. Bad. Very Bad.

Xander looked in thought. The stratagist from his soldier memories screamed to send Riley back in. But his morality won the struggle.

Xander: Your not going back to the intiative. It's to dangerous and when the time comes we're going to need all the help we can get. What I want you to do first thing is try and get over Walsh's head. Try and get them to see that this is a bad idea and it needs to be scraped before it moves any farther.

Riley nods with Xander's words and files them away for later use.

Xander: I'm going to call in a few reinforcements and have them ready to get here. I can think of a few heavy hitters that will help. Not all of these reinforcements will be human though. There good guys but there not exactly human.

Riley seemed in thought before shrugging.

Riley: That doesn't matter. If they keep to themselves I have no problem with them.

Xander smiled and nodded.

Xander: Good to know. How long do you give us till this thing blows wide open?

Riley seemed in thought before his beeper went off. He looked at the display and his face went white.

Riley: About now.....

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