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The End.

"Gabby!" Beck shouts at the little boy a couple of feet away from him, his arms wide open, asking him to run to him for a hug. The little boy smiles widely, showing two of his teeth. Running on his little feet, he jumps onto Beck's arms and giggles. Beck lifts Gabby up and spins hims around, making the little boy laugh. Gabby squirms as Beck's fingers began to tickle his sides, his head shaking side to side and feet kicking back and forth. Thinking that they had enough fun, Beck settles him down on the sand.

The weather's great, the sun setting. A gradient of colours between orange and blue are seen in the sky, like a wonderful abstract painting. The wind's blowing every now and then, cool air hitting their skin. Jade watches the duo from afar, looking over her sunnies, her smile hidden under the book she supposedly was reading. She continues to watch them as Beck builds a sand castle only to be destroyed by Captain Destruction that Gabby is. They laugh after destroying the sand castle and build another one afterwards. Her heart flutters every time the little boy shrieks with laughter. She sees how Gabby leans to Beck as he fluffs his hair and she feels her smile widen. Putting her beach towel in her bag after she folds it, she walks towards the two boys.

"Hey, boys." She grins at them because they both are covered with sand as they face her. "Shake the sand off, we gotta go."

"Hear that, buddy? Your uncle's waiting for us."

They made their way back to Andre's place to drop Gabby off. They said their goodbyes and promised to see each other soon. Gabby is Andre's nephew who's family is staying with them this summer. Beck, Jade and Gabby got along really well the first time they met that Gabby wanted to be with Beck and Jade a lot. Beck was reluctant to agree to spend a day with Gabby at first as he knows that Jade doesn't really like kids, but was surprised when she agreed.

They had a great time with the little boy. They went to a frozen yogurt shop before heading to the beach. After setting their umbrella and applying some sunscreen, Beck and little Gabby went for a swim. Beck was pushing Gabby as his legs paddled under his car floater. Sounds of laugher filled Jade's ears, a she stayed a couple of feet away from them. She joined them after applying some sunscreen herself and putting her hair in a messy bun. She still hated the filthy liquid filled wish fish faeces and pee that they call the ocean, but the figured that she could sacrifice just a tiny bit for Gabby. After some time, they head back to their umbrella and had some snacks. Gabby's mom, Cat, who's Beck's childhood friend, too, gave them some snacks Gabby likes to have. They ate some carrots dipped in creamy peanut butter and some animal biscuits. There were some stolen kisses and handsy moments that Beck and Jade shared, of course. They certainly won't forget the old man with a warm smile who passed by and told them that they made a beautiful family. Beck saw the unsual blush that settled on his girlfriends cheeks and smiled at how adorable she looks.

It's getting late and they're in Beck's car on the way back to his aunt's house, which is technically their's for a week since his aunt's whole family went to visit Beck's mom and dad in America. The window is rolled down as the radio is playing the melodies of the late 80's. The moon's out and the stars fill the sky. Jade stares out of the window, uncommonly quiet, thinking about what they did today. Happiness overwhelms her as she remembers the laugher that came out of the boys' mouths a while ago. The face of pure bliss that Beck wore when he was playing with Gabby is now eternally engraved in her mind. She's really glad that they worked things out and are back in Hawaii for vacation. Somehow, Hawaii became her safe haven, her happy place, second home, her great escape. She's thankful for their second chance in love and their second chance to make great memories together. Jade's not afraid of her emotions anymore and now accepts that she can and is loved. She can now admit that she has never loved anyone as much as she loves the fluffy-haired stranger that held her hand as he drives them back home. Jade looks at the night sky and smiles because it seems like a million little stars are spelling out his name. Yep, I found happiness.

"What're you thinking about? Should I be nervous?" Beck jokes and gives her hand a light squeeze.

"Nothing, just... Things."

"Oh yeah? Tell me about these things then."

"You think we'll work out this time?" Without thinking, words came out of her mouth. She sure is happy and contented at the moment, but she's still an ounce nervous that they won't last.

The car stops on a red light as he faces her. A loving smile settles on his lips. "We are gonna last. You wanna know how I know? Because the first thing I want to feel when I wake up is your body next to mine, first thing I wanna smell is you tropical scented shampoo and the first thing I wanna see is you." He leans in and places a tender kiss on her lips. He focuses on driving as the light goes green. She's speechless, because damn, how can she still doubt anything when all this man wanted is to feel her and see her the first thing in the morning. Her heart beat quickens as his reassurance settles in her.


Beck's awaken by the chirping of the birds. Without opening his eyes, he slides his arm on the dip of Jade's waist and smiles at the feel of her warm body. He rests his head on the crook of her neck and breathes in the great wonder that her scent is. He opens his eyes as he leaves a kiss on the smooth expanse of skin on her neck. He smiles widely as he sees her face sleeping peacefully, her hair sprawled elegantly on her pillow. She looks like a goddess. He can't believe that he's the one given the chance to see such a beautiful human being in such a state.

Beck's been busy as ever, his schedule's full of auditions and shoots. He goes back to their house late and leaves quite early. He feels guilty most of the time for not spending as much time as he wants to spend with Jade, but he makes sure to live Sunday free from any projects so he can spend the whole day with Jade. She's been very supportive about all his projects, though, and even comes for some of his shoots. He's really thankful about that and makes his own efforts to bring her lunch to work or to drive her home from work. She's still working at her dad's company. Since she's the only child, she's gonna own the company in the future, which is why she has to continue her job and make sure that the company's running well. Beck didn't allow her to give up on her dreams just like that. He brings her to some of his concerts and interviews sometimes. He's very thankful that his fans love Jade, like a lot. Sometimes he wonders whether his fans go to his concerts to see him perform or to see Jade in the sidelines. He thinks that Jade probably hypnotised them all with her voice and pretty blue eyes.

"Good morning. I love you." He whispers to her and fills her face with kisses.

"Morning." She murmurs as she rubs her eyes. "It's late, isn't it?"

"If by late you mean eleven forty five, then it is late." Beck smiles at her and gives her cheek another kiss. "Come on, I'll make breakfast."

She grins at him and grabs one of his shirts to cover her body with. "Eggs and bacon?" She asks as they make their way to the kitchen. Beck gave her a nod and she grins wider.

After she sets the table, she sits on the counter and watches him do the work. His muscle are bare since he's only wearing boxer briefs, which gives her no reason not to stare, really. She's openly checking him out and enjoys the way his muscles are moving as he flips the last four bacons, which are almost done. She can't help herself and walks towards him. Her palm meets the line between his shoulder blades. She kisses his back and wraps her arms around his waist. She can't see the way he's grinning like an idiot, thanking all the heaven's above that he has her. He turns the stove off and faces her, his arms settles on her hips like an instinct, hiking her shirt up slightly. He's a couple inches taller than her, making her look up at him. Her gaze is heavy, almost lustful, possibly intoxicating. He kisses her forehead before lifting her up the counter, her shirt hikes up some more, exposing her red, cotton boy shorts. She winks at him before pulling him by his neck to seal their lips. Both of their hands start to wander. One of hers pulls on his hair, the other feeling the muscles on his chest. His were on her side, under her shirt, the other below her jaw. It wasn't until they heard Beck's stomach grumble that they needed to stop and head over the table.

"Naked breakfast should be a thing." Jade says as she eats some egg.

"Hmm..." Beck chews his bacon before replying. "I'm sure we can make it happen. Maybe once a week?"

"Once a week? Are you kidding me? Just once a week?"

"Jade, you need to understand that I need to go to work early." Beck explains before winking at her. "And I we both know we can't be completely sated by just one round."

"True, but still debatable."

"Every Sundays or it isn't gonna happen."

"Beck! But you said we can make it happen!"

"Jade, please, once a week, okay?" Jade grunts but nods, making Beck smile victoriously. God, he loves this girl so much. "You get to choose the movies today. That'll make it fair."

"Damn right it will." She sound mad, but they both know that she's trying to conceal a huge smile.

After cleaning up and taking their baths, they settle on the couch with the movies Jade had chosen spread on the center table. Jade was kind enough to pick at least three movies that aren't under the Horror/Violence genre. She planned on watching The Scissoring again and again just to piss Beck off for not allowing her to have naked breakfast everyday, but she has decided that it's a little too cruel, even for her. They're in a comfortable position where Jade's legs are tangled with his as she rests her head on his chest. Pressing play, their movie marathon begins.


"My butt's hurting. Who knew sitting for six hours straight would cause butt cramps?" She huffs as she leans her hips forward, stretching her behind. They just finished their movie marathon and are currently doing nothing. "Clearly not us."

"It's about eight, wanna order dinner?" Beck asks, strumming the strings on his guitar. "How about Thai?" He strums some more and sings some parts of his own song.

"Nope. We just had that last week. Chinese?" Jade offers and stands beside Beck, humming to the melody of the song.

"Jade, we just had that two days ago." He gave her the are-you-kidding-me look and continued. "How about we compromise. Hawaiian, then?"

"Fine. Let me grab the menu." On her way to the shelf near the refrigerator, she hears Beck play one of her favourite songs; What's Up by 4 Non Blondes. She smiles as she reaches for the folder of menus, but the shelf is a little too high, which causes her to tap only the end of the folder, making all the menus fly out. She groans internally.

"That's a really great job you've done there, Jade." Beck smiles at her sarcastically, teasing her.

"Yeah, thanks. I appreciate your criticism. I've been practicing for two weeks now. I'm glad you liked my little performance." She snickers back and sticks her tongue out, teasing him back like a little kid.

"Good." He says and continued strumming his guitar, nearing the chorus of her favourite song. "Now sing the chorus with your incredibly irritating, high pitched voice."

"Oh, I will and I'll watch you intently as blood come out of your ears." She laughs at how playful they are. It's a pretty normal thing for both of them to fool around and act like they aren't adults with big ass responsibilities. They both appreciate the fact that they have someone who they can fool around with on a daily basis and take everything at face value. They both know their boundaries when they're joking around and are sensitive enough not to mention certain topics. They never did end up having a real fight because of their teasing, just great, mind-blowing sex. Whenever both of them would tease each other a little too much, it would create sexual tension, which leads to really good sex. They sure as hell aren't complaining about that.

Jade sings the chorus and hits the high notes with her full, raspy voice. He can't help but get lulled by her voice. He almost loses himself, almost forgets to continue strumming the strings on his guitar. Is it possible to fall in love with someone although you already love them with all of your heart? He thinks that maybe it is possible. She makes him fall in love with her all over again everyday, makes him feel the way he felt way back when they first met each other's eyes, from the first time their lips met. He doesn't know, but he claimed her heart right then, named her his, not only did he capture her lips, but also her whole entity. Their feeling are so intense that the world could possibly turn to chaos and war if they're separated.

"You do realise that our kids will be sarcastically talented little demons, right?"

"Marry me, Jade." The words came out of his mouth. He even gasps in shock as he himself wasn't expecting those words to come out.

"Beck! Did you- did you just propose?!" Jade eyes look like they might pop out, her mouth agape, clearly as astonished as Beck is.

"Ye- yes? I mean... Damn, Jade, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I mean of course I mean it, but I didn't mean to do it now. I know we've never talked about it and maybe it's too early to talk about it, but you've mentioned having kids and you look so beautiful and it hit me really hard that I want everything. I want everything with you. Everything with you, Jade. I'm sorry for bombarding you with so much informations. God, you don't even like kids, but I saw how you played with Gabby and I suddenly want to see you play with one of our own." Beck's breathing falters, his fingers shaking slightly. He inhales a breath, finally getting a grip of himself. "What I'm saying is that one day, when I wake up at three am, unable to sleep, I want to look next to me and see you there sleeping peacefully beside me and I'll suddenly realise that the world doesn't seem so bad."


"You know, just forget I said anything, alright, Babe? You said you wanted Chinese? We can get Chinese. Go order some-"



"Yes." Jade says with a genuine smile. Though still surprised, she manages to understand what he just said and give a proper answer. She bites her lower lip to stop herself from smiling even wider, but damn she feels overwhelmed with her feeling yet again, just in the best way possible this time. She blinks back happy tears cause she won't be one of those girls in stupid cliché movies that cries when they get engaged, specially when she didn't even want to get married in the first place.

"Yes? You mean you're gonna marry me?" Beck can't help himself from lifting her up and spinning her around. She can only nod in joy. "Jade, thank you! I'm the happiest man alive!" He's kissing her face and hugs her tightly. He sighs in content. He's always wanted to propose, get married, have kids and make a perfect, beautiful family. Now he is a step closer to his dreams, now he's gonna accomplish those dreams with someone he truly loves, someone he can't live without. And he's so happy that she said yes because he was so nervous that she might scream at him or break up with him cause she isn't ready for that kind of commitment yet. Beck is so relieved, so blessed and thankful, immensely thankful.

"I love you so much." Beck whispers between their lips. Their foreheads resting against each other, breaths warm, almost palpable. "Just to make sure, you'll marry me, right?"

She laughs, her reply is a whisper, "Yes." They lean in for another soft, gently kiss that melt both their hearts. Suddenly she's tasting something salty and her cheeks felt wet. Fuck, I'm one of those girls who cries when they get engaged.

"The ring's back at home in America, in my closet, under the pile of my underwear." She thinks he's kidding, but the sarcastic smile she was expecting didn't show up. Damn, he's serious and she feels more tears flow down her cheeks cause he has actually thought of proposing to her, actually considered marrying her. "I can't promise a perfect relationship. There will be fights and one of us will apologise, probably me, but I don't mind. I'll make sure to make it up to you in bed. I can't always be interesting and funny, but I promise to try and keep you interested forever."

"Hold up, now's not the time to say our vows." She smiles at him and leans for a small, fast peck on the lips. "Hey, I know how to say sorry, too. I just don't want to sometimes. It's always better when you apologise anyway. You better make sure to make it up to me in bed or I'm gonna file for a divorce." They laugh and continue telling each other sweet nothings, making both their heart beat quicken and breath hitch.

It took them another hour to finally call for some Hawaiian take out. After eating, they cuddle on the couch with a blanket over them. Beck plays his guitar for her and she sings for him. The window near them allows them to see how much of a great view the moon outside is. She still sees the stars spell out his name as they surround the moon. Beck strums the guitar, making sounds she hasn't heard before. She faces him and he smiles, telling her that he just thought of a new song. Technically, they're under the stars with her head resting on his chest as he sang her a song about the moon. She thinks that maybe what she's feeling right now isn't just happiness, not just pure bliss, it's something more than that, that even words can't describe. He feels the same and stares at her like she's some sort of precious gem. He's sure they can be married for ten years with two kids and he'd still look at her the same way.

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and to be loved -George Sand.

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