Can Never Come Back To Before

Bianca had a plan for her high school life. It all involved around one Jason Dilaurentis.

Yes, she knew the rumors about him. Yes, she knew his reputation. That he always had parties every weekend where he got drunk and high all the time. Kind of hard not to notice that behavior of his. His parties sometimes carried away to the small forest area nearby her house. Jason Dilaurentis was definitely not the kind of guy any parents would have wanted their daughter to date.

But she didn't care. She knew there was something more in him than the party boy of Rosewood. When she first really met him, he helped her loading the grocery bags to her car. They didn't exchange words or anything. He just swooped in next to her and started putting the bags into the car. Then he was just gone, but not before she managed to stammer out her thanks.

That was when she really started noticing him in town.

So she started befriending Jason's little sister, Alison, and it wasn't that easy. Alison was the Queen Bee of Rosewood High. Everyone wanted to be her friends. She literally had to compete with the rest of the school to get her attention. But that was the only way. It wasn't like Bianca could just sneak into his parties or started hanging around with his crowds. While her parents really only cared for her grade and weight, and never really paid attention to everything else, Bianca didn't dare to push their limit by underage drinking.

That was what her high school supposed to be. She was supposed to be having fun with her new friends after Alison welcomed her into her little clique. She was supposed to be on euphoria with her first boyfriend when finally, finally, Jason asked her out.

But just in one night, everything in her life was turned upside down. Alison went missing when they were having sleepover in Spencer's barn for one last time before the school started. Suddenly Bianca found herself spending more time in the police station, remembering cops' name more than she planned to in her entire life, and learning the quirks in the police station more than she felt comfortable to. Her house, along with four others, were surrounded by reporters trying to find out more about Alison's disappearance.

The whole town was watching her every move.

She couldn't sleep. Every night she was consumed by nightmare. Her grade went down because she couldn't concentrate at class. She was now afraid walking alone in the dark, scared that what happened to Alison would happen to her as well.

Just as she thought she had adjusted herself already, her world crashed down again. The Dilaurentis suddenly moved away from Rosewood in the middle of the night, taking Jason away from her. There was no goodbye or explanation or even apology from him. It was as if those months they spent together was nothing for him. As if the times she spent at the Dilaurentis' house after Alison went missing, helping out as much as she could, was not significant enough to warrant their goodbyes.

Jason left her behind in Rosewood alone, enduring the pitiful looks and whispers people gave her every day. Just when she desperately needed her boyfriend to be there with her, to make her feel stronger, and to protect her, he disappeared.

In just one night, Bianca lost her boyfriend, her close friends, and her normal life. Just because Alison went missing.

Spencer was the only one from their old group that she was still hanging out with. Aria had gone to Iceland. Emily spent more and more time with her swimming club and Ben. Hanna suddenly transformed into the next Alison together with Mona. And Bianca was really grateful that she still had Spencer. Had it not been for Spencer, maybe Bianca was still moping in her room and refusing to go to school.

Though it was still hard coming over to the Hastings, even after a year, since their house was right next to the empty house Dilaurentis left behind. It took her months just to be able to come into Spencer's room without having the urge to cry at the sight of empty room from her window. She used to be able to sneak a peek at Jason since she could see his room from Spencer's. There was no more Jason lounging in the porch with his beer, grinning at her when she passed there and beckoning her to come over. No more sneaking into his room every time she had a sleepover at Alison's or Spencer's.

Sometimes Bianca wondered if those times really happened, if Jason was really with her. It had been a year since she was in his embrace and she started to forget everything about him. Even her memories started to seem like an imagination. She started to forget how he usually took his coffee or what his favorite dessert was. To make it worse, she didn't even remember the last time he said he loved her or even their last kiss. Everything that she took for granted about him started to disappear from her mind. She could no longer remember the feeling of his lips pressed with hers, how safe and comfortable she felt when he had his arm around her, and how complete it was to have him inside her.

Bianca sighed, resting her head against the window still, with her eyes never left the empty room. Sometime it felt like as if she was just blindly holding onto fading memories. Yet they were still strong enough that it was hard for her to move on. If she even wanted to.

"You do realize this is getting less creepy and more pitiful, right?"

Bianca glanced to see Spencer standing on the doorway, with her hand on her hips and her eyes narrowed.

"Well, at least you're not crying anymore," Spencer said with a sigh.

"It's still hard," Bianca said, glancing back to the window, "not seeing anyone in that house anymore. Not being able to come in."

Spencer was only able to spare a brief glance before turning away from the window. For her, it was better if she ignored the existence of that empty house and opted to shut the curtain all the time. She tried to convince Bianca to follow her suit but that girl still opened the curtain and stare at Jason's empty room every time she came for visit.

"I heard there's going to be a new family moving in this week," she said. Ever since her father shared that news with her few weeks ago, she had been trying to tell Bianca about it. But with the one-year mark of Alison's disappearance was getting closer, Bianca's mood seemed to worsen and Spencer wasn't sure if that news would help her or not. Seeing the shocked look her best friend gave her, Spencer moved closer to her and wrapped her hand around her shoulder. "It's a good thing, B," she added gently. "This way you wouldn't still be stuck in the past."

Bianca didn't answer her, only turned her attention back to the house next door. Spencer was about to encourage her more when she noticed Bianca's current expression. The last time she saw that empty expression on Bianca, something bad happened to her.

She couldn't lose Bianca.

"Let's go to the mall," Spencer blurted out the first thing that came to her mind.

At least that made Bianca came out of her stupor.


"Yeah, let's do that!" Spencer said again, this time with more confidence tone.

Bianca blinked at her. "You hated shopping," she said, tilting her head slightly. "What gives?"

"Melissa is going to show off her fiancée in family dinner tonight," Spencer quickly answered, silently thanking her older sister for choosing today, of all days, to introduce him. "I think I need a new outfit for that."

At first Bianca wanted not to go, but then she remembered about the new family. There was no way she wanted to be around. She couldn't even handle the thought of seeing someone else taking over Jason's old room. "Sure," she then said, "why not?"

Bianca was just picking up her bag when she realized what Spencer just said. "Wait, Melissa is engaged?!"

Spencer stifled a laugh, "yeah, where have you been, B? I told you about that like months ago."

"I thought you were just joking," Bianca countered. "No but seriously, someone actually wants to marry her? Is he like, unscrewed or something? We can check him in to Radley, just in case."

"Hey!" Spencer hit Bianca's shoulder playfully. "That's my sister you're talking about," she chuckled when her best friend just stuck out her tongue at her. "And I heard he's a doctor."

"Shut up! How did she even snag one?"

Spending time alone with Spencer made Bianca realized how different her friend actually was compared to when they were part of Alison's group. Spencer never really liked shopping for a long time. She always knew what she wanted so when they arrived at the mall, she immediately went to the section she already picked up in her mind before. It was efficient and less time consuming. Not that she hated it. In fact, Bianca actually welcomed the change. She had lost interest on dressing up lately, much to her mother's horror.

But there were times when Bianca missed the times when Alison was still around. Yes, she hated Alison's rude critic to their fashion style, especially to Hanna. But it was quite fun fooling around together in the changing room, playing dress up and taking pictures. She especially missed the time when she would sneak away from them to meet Jason, stealing a kiss or two, while the girls were busy comparing their choices.

Bianca sighed, shaking out the memories away from her thought, and glanced at Spencer who was busy trying out blazers. Usually she would just shut up and let Spencer picked what she wanted, even though it was always consisted of blazers, pencil skirts, or anything suitable for office works. But this time, Bianca immediately tore away that blazer from Spencer's, ignoring her protests.

"Can you please just drop this blazer craze for once? You are so not going to go mini Melissa in front of her fiancée. No way!"

"No, B! Seriously, that blazer is perfect! It'll look good with that grey skirt earlier!"

Bianca rolled her eyes and grabbed her hand to pull away from that store, "don't be an idiot. You need a dress. Oh, we can come by my mum's store!"

"What? No way!" Spencer tried to struggle away from her hold. "B, seriously!"

"Oh, how about that dress?" Bianca stopped and pointed out at one of the mannequins they just passed. "That totally looks good on you."

"Well, well, well, look who I found here. Spencer Hastings and Bianca Lexington actually have time to shop."

Spencer and Bianca turned around in surprise only to find one of their old friends, Hanna, standing behind them with a wide smile.

"I mean, Spencer interning for the mayor and B is half volunteering in hospital and half in some lab I can't even pronounce, both taking classes in Hollis, and Spence even redoing the barn. And in your leisure moments, you both Facebook and tweet."

Bianca rolled her eyes before pulling Hanna into a hug and smiled, "and I see you spend yours sunning and shopping."

"Tweet, tweet. By the way, totally love the fall collection. Any chance I can get one of those bags and boots?"

"Oh, so that's why you talk to me. So you can get free goodies, huh?" Bianca nudged playfully at their estranged friend. "I'll ask her when she get back from Italy."

"Did you see the paper today?"

Smile dropped off from their face as they flinched hearing Spencer's sudden question. Neither of them wanted to be reminded of that night again. Bianca even left the house earlier before her parents managed to call her house keeper to shut her in the house. Beside her, Hanna took a step away from them and sighed.

"Yeah," Hanna said reluctantly, "I can't believe it's been a year."

"Do you remember what Ali said that night, about our secrets keeping us close?" Spencer said again, completely missing the tense mood between three of them. "I think it was the opposite."

"But for a more pressing matter," Bianca said in cheerier tone and pulled Hanna closer to them. "Can you please help me convince Spencer that she really need to stop stocking on blazer and buy this red top or the navy dress instead?"

Hanna raised her eyebrow, "what's the occasion?"

Spencer threw an exasperated look at Bianca. "Family dinner," she answered reluctantly. "We're meeting Melissa's fiancée."

"He's a med student I heard, so we really need to upgrade her. Who knows, maybe he has a friend for her."

"Totally agree," Hanna grabbed the white shirt away from Spencer's grip before pushing the red top to hers, "you need to turn heads to you, not the other way around. See you around the playground, girls."

Bianca shook her head with a smile when Hanna turned around and left them. "Isn't it amazing how much she changed over a year?" she glanced at Spencer, "somehow I feel like we're the only one who doesn't change that much."

"Oh please." Spencer said, rolling her eyes, "you're suddenly up neck to neck against me in class and competitions after a year. If that's not a huge change, I don't know what to call it."

Her smile faltered for a moment when she was reminded again about Jason. Bianca quickly shrugged that thought away and focused back to the clothes rack. Spencer was right. She really needed to stop dwelling in the past, to stop thinking about Jason. It had been a year already with no contact from him. That should be a sign for her.

As she waited for Spencer to try on her new clothes, Bianca quietly took out her phone and scrolled through her contact list until she found Jason's. Her fingers hovered hesitantly over the call symbol for a moment. Just as the call was about to get through, Bianca quickly ended it and stored her phone away.

"B? Are you okay?"

Bianca hastily wiped away drops of tears on her cheek and shook her head, "I'm fine. Are you all set? Come on, I'm so hungry."

Was she really that easy to forget?

She should have known better when she wished for a quiet year. The school had just started for few days when it happened. Bianca was annoyed with the way her mother hovering over her dinner so she decided to go to Spencer's house instead. But as she was about to turn her car around the corner towards Spencer's house, lines of police cars and ambulance sped through the same road she was going to turn to. Her eyes widened in horror when she realized they were heading towards Spencer's house. Fearing something happened to Spencer, Bianca immediately parked her car and sprinted towards the house.

She almost fell down from relief when she realized the crowd was surrounding the other house instead. Bianca quickly looked around for Spencer, knowing she must be in the crowd somewhere. It didn't take her long time to find Spencer standing near the front gate with Aria next to her. "Spence, oh thank God!" Bianca quickly hugged her best friend. "I thought it was you. What happened? Did something happen to the new family?"

Aria was the one who answered, despite the fact they hadn't exchanged any words since her return. "I have no idea," she said, shrugging her shoulder. "I just saw them bringing out a body bag."

"What?! Who!?"

Spencer bit down her lips, glancing around. "They said it's Alison," she whispered.

Bianca could only stare at her friends in shock. Alison? As in their friend, Alison? As in Jason's sister, Alison? That couldn't be right. There was no way Alison was actually dead. It wasn't like no one ever thought about that. Everyone basically seemed to believe that she might be dead but…

"– I heard the cops take Hanna to the police station today."

Her head snapped towards Aria who just said that, staring at her incredulously. "Where did you–"

"Wait," Spencer cut her, "you don't think she'd tell them about…"

"– the Jenna thing?" Hanna cut in, startling the three of them. "We made a promise," she said, giving each of them a look.

Bianca glanced back to the ambulance, watching as it passed in front of them. Her legs unconsciously stepped towards the ambulance until Spencer grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"Where are you going?"

"No, I just…"

Jason─ she suddenly remembered. She immediately snatched her phone out of her purse and called his number. Her mind went into a panic mode when her call was not connected. She hadn't called him for three months already and even then, she never heard anything from him since he left– no, no one really saw them left, she realized. The only reason why she knew they left was from Spencer. Bianca quickly spun around and grabbed Spencer's arms.

"You saw Jason, right? When they left, did you see Jason?" she asked, shaking her best friend's shoulder. "Spence, you saw him, right?"

"Y- yeah, I think so," Spencer answered quickly. "What is it? B?" she asked worriedly, noticing how panic Bianca was.

"O-okay, that's good," Bianca shakily said as her arms dropped to her side. "That's good," she repeated.

Aria wrapped her hand around Bianca's shoulders and rubbed her arms, trying to help her friend calmed down. She glanced questioningly to Spencer and Hanna who looked as clueless as she was. Neither of them said a word as they watched Bianca slowly calmed down from her sudden panic.

Bianca took a deep breath. "Sorry," she then spoke up, "I just… If it's really Alison and then I remembered Jason and I thought…" She looked up to her friends and smiled shakily, "it's nothing, sorry."

"Oh… I didn't know you and Jason…" Aria trailed off. The last time she saw Bianca, she was still with Jason, more attached to each other than when Alison was still alive. She really had missed a lot of things in here.

"Do you want to come in?" Spencer asked. "You really look pale. All of us do," she added.

Bianca shook her head, "I think I'll just head home." She hugged each of her friends, "I'll see you guys tomorrow."

Even if she said it was nothing, just her mind playing her, Bianca still couldn't shake away this uneasiness feeling inside her. Alison was dead and she couldn't reach Jason. Alison was dead when Bianca was literally few feet away from her. Jason left without telling her. Even when Spencer said she thought she saw Jason, still Bianca couldn't stop worrying.

A loud ping distracted her from her thought. Bianca took out her phone, thinking it was probably her mother, who might get the news already.

Blocked ID: Prep up those lips, Juliet. Your Romeo is coming home. Never said I never did anything for you. –A

"Alison?" that response flew out of her lips before she could stop it.

No, that couldn't be her, Bianca berated herself. If that body was really hers, Alison couldn't send that text. And if by some crazy miracle, Alison sent this, why would she do it now, right after they found a body on her old backyard?

Instinctively Bianca looked around her. This text looked like it was to see her reaction, so the sender should be near her. But there was no one. People were still crowding around Alison's old house and she was too far for those people to be able to see her properly. Besides, their attention was still on the house and they had their backs on her.

Suddenly being far away from the crowd made Bianca felt vulnerable and alone at that moment. It was when she was finally inside her car did she felt a bit safer. She took out her phone again, staring at the weird text she just got. It did look like Alison was the one texting it– definitely what Alison would say to her.

So why would they want to make her thinking it might be Alison?

Who the hell was A?

"Are you sure you want to do this? We don't have to come."

Her mother flew back into town right after she heard the news about Alison. And Bianca loved her for it, really. Her mother was always busy with her studio up in New York and she always treasured all chances she could get to spend with her mother. But the problem is, her mother really could be too over protective.

"I have to. I need this closure, mum," Bianca said while hugging her mother. "I'll be fine. Spencer will be there too."

But her mother still didn't look convinced. "I just don't want you to be depressed again, honey. Seeing her body and…" her mother sighed, caressing her cheek, "meeting Jason again."

Her body stiffened, hearing his name. Flashbacks of her nightmare came back to her mind again. Ever since that night, she had been dreaming of his dead body, buried somewhere and no one had realized that he had been dead all these times. Spencer said it was just her imagination but how could she believe in her when she still didn't know his news.

She needed to come to the funeral. She had to. No matter how angry Jason was to Alison, if he really was alive, he would come to her funeral. Bianca had to be there, even if it was just to see a glimpse of him, so long she could see him alive and breathing.

"I'll be fine," she said.

This was her only chance to see Jason or even talk to him. For all she knew, the Dilaurentis wouldn't come back here anymore. Not when their daughter was actually not missing the whole time.

Even until now, Bianca still wasn't able to wrap her mind around it─ that someone killed Alison. She knew that there were people who hated Alison, she herself included some of the times, but to the extent that they killed her?

"Honey?" Her mother reached out and touched her shoulder lightly.

Realizing that they had arrived, Bianca just gave her mother a stiff smile before leaving the car. The church entrance was directly in front of her and she only needed to take the stairs so she could join the service. But her legs seemed to refuse to take her in. Bianca took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. This was her closure from Alison. From this on, Alison wouldn't play a part on her life anymore. Out of respect for their time together, she had to give her the final goodbye.

So, with a regained determination, Bianca willed herself to take a step into the church.

Yet nothing, none whatsoever, could prepare her for the first sight she saw when she stepped inside. Jason was there. Just as she thought, he was there, inside the church, standing nearby his parents.

But he was not the Jason she remembered. Gone was his long unkempt hair or the scruff that always tickled her whenever they kissed. The Jason standing in front of her now looked every bit like a businessman she would never identified him as. His hair was gelled back and his suit was a proper fit to his body, not even an inch smaller or larger.

This Jason… he looked like a stranger with a familiar face to her instead.

Maybe this was a bad idea, Bianca thought in panic as she glanced around to find an escape. She should've listened to her mother and stay at home instead. She wasn't ready for this. Her eyes danced around desperately to find Spencer or her mother. She couldn't face him alone. She had to–


Bianca stopped, froze on her track. Mrs. Dilaurentis' voice rang loudly throughout the church. There was no way Jason, who stood few feet away from his mother, wouldn't hear it. Bianca waited, with her breath held, for him to turn around. Any second now and for the first time in a year, their eyes would land at each other.

But he didn't turn around. Not even a glance was spared towards her.

Mrs. Dilaurentis blocked her view of Jason a moment later and engulfed her in to a hug. "Oh honey," she said, patting Bianca's back, "thank you for coming here."

"I'm so sorry about Alison, Mrs. Dilaurentis," she greeted shakily. "I'm so sorry. I… I really didn't know…"

Mrs. Dilaurentis smiled and patted her cheek, "thank you, Bianca. You're always a sweet girl to us, even after…" she paused briefly. "I asked the other girls to sit together up front," she continued, waving her hand towards where Spencer and the others were seated. "It's what Alison would have wanted."

"Yes, of course. I'd be honored," she said, hugging Mrs. Dilaurentis once again before walking towards the front as quick as possible. She wanted Spencer really badly right now, for Spencer was the only one she knew she could depend on. Her emotion was barely in check and if she had another turmoil, she was afraid she could not bottle it in.

It felt as if Spencer heard her desperate thought and turned around from her seat. She quickly stood up and went over to Bianca. "Hey? You okay?" she quietly asked, seeing her tense expression. "Come on, let's get you seated."

Bianca couldn't find herself to answer so she just let Spencer lead her to the row where the other girls were already seated. Aria was the first one to notice Bianca's expression but Spencer shook her head first before Aria could say anything. Bianca rested her head against Spencer's after she sat down, in between Spencer and Aria. Her eyes closed, tuning out the conversation around her. That way she wouldn't have to be compelled to look for Jason and find out if he's looking for her or not.

A vibration buzz from her phone shocked her out and Bianca instinctively took it out.

Blocked ID: Aw, did Jason ignore you? Poor B. That's what you get when you don't grieve for me –A

Her grip on the phone tightened as she held back the desire to throw it to the floor. Taking a deep breath, Bianca straightened up and glanced around the church. And there Jason was, staring at her with unreadable gaze.

At that moment, it felt as if there was no one else but them in that church, as they held each other's gaze. And Bianca desperately wished she could just forget what he did to her.

Last Year, Few Weeks After Alison Disappeared

The Dilaurentis House

Bianca knocked on the front door repeatedly but there was no reply nor sound of footsteps coming out from behind it even as she pressed her ear against the door to listen. There was no way they were all still sleeping right now. She came later than usual that day, but at the very least Mrs. Dilaurentis should have up and about right now. Frowning, Bianca tried to knock once more. Maybe she should've just accepted the spare key Mrs. Dilaurentis tried to offer her before. But she felt she had intruded too much already and if she accepted it, it was just the same as replacing Alison in her family.

When there was still no answer from inside, Bianca glanced around in case there was hidden reporters before trying to open the door. How surprised she was to find it unlocked. After the whole ordeal with the press trying to sneak a camera inside the house, the Dilaurentis always kept any of their doors and windows locked.

If that didn't stun her, then what she found inside completely blew her mind.

The house was empty and quite messy. At first Bianca thought they were robbed but the only missing things were their personal items. There was no portraits of Alison and Jason on the wall or in the cupboard near the piano. The little decorations Mrs. Dilaurentis collected and displayed in another glass cupboard were missing. Bianca was completely stunned at the sight before her. Just less than twelve hours ago, she was still in the house and it was not this messy and still complete with the family living in there.

"Jason?" she called out. "Mrs. D?"

Bianca quickly ran upstairs to where Jason's room was and shocked to find it was empty as well. There were signs of poster being ripped out hurriedly or the exact stains and cracks in Jason's room that she was sure she didn't come into a wrong house accidentally. What had just happened? She was just here, spending half of her night in this room, and almost fell asleep there had her mother not calling her phone. The whole family couldn't just disappear in a night like this.

She walked back down the stairs dazedly, still couldn't understand what was happening in here between last night and now.


Bianca spun around sharply and relaxed when she realized it was Spencer. She was about to scold the other girl for scaring her out when she noticed her expression.

"I heard they left last night," Spencer whispered, not sure how to approach the other girl. They hadn't really spent time with each other after the disappearance. "I'm so sorry. How are you holding up?" she asked empathically.

She might not have a boyfriend currently, but she could imagine how hard it was to have a long-distance relationship.

"No," Bianca said once her mind finally registered what Spencer had just said. "That can't be... I was with him yesterday. The whole day, Spencer!"

The guilt expression still didn't disappear from Spencer's face. "I... He didn't tell you?" she asked, a bit stunned. With how much of time Bianca spent with the Dilaurentis family after that day, Spencer never thought they wouldn't tell Bianca. That was why she didn't call or text the other girl when she heard noises from that house and saw they drove away with two moving trucks behind them.

"Do you think I would still come here looking for him if I knew he was gone?" Bianca snapped. "Jason wouldn't left me! He─ he wouldn't, okay? He wouldn't do this to me!"

"I saw them leaving, Bianca," Spencer said, "I really did."

"I─" Bianca stopped abruptly. Her chest wheezing hard as she desperately fought the tears from coming out. Last night was perfect. For the first time since Alison disappeared, she finally got Jason smiling. And she was about to tell him today, about everything. Oh God, she spent the whole morning trying to figure out how tell him and it was all for nothing. "I have to throw up," she muttered, her eyes darting around wildly.

Spencer frowned, "what?"

"I have─ I need to"

Bianca quickly ran out of the front door leaving bewildered Spencer in the house and ignoring her startled question. Just as her feet touched the garden ground, she immediately emptied her stomach in the grass. This was not really happening. It couldn't be. It just couldn't.

What was she going to do now?

"Oh my God, Bianca, are you alright?!"

Bianca was about to say that she was fine so Spencer wouldn't nag her. The last thing she needed was another judgement from someone else and she already had enough with her parents. But just when the first word came out from her mouth, so did another content of her stomach. She immediately felt a hand on her shoulder and the other one rubbing her back soothingly.

"Come on," Spencer said quietly, "let's get you to my house."

"No!" Bianca screamed, pushing her friend away. "I have to find Jason! I─ He said he wouldn't leave me again, Spence. He promised that! He promised!" Then she remembered the phone on her cardigan pocket. She hadn't really checked it since she woke up this morning.

Maybe... maybe Jason sent her a text or something.

She took her phone out as quick as she could with trembling hands. But he didn't. There was no missed call or voice mail or even a text from him. Not since few days ago when he texted her to not come to the house until the police finished another sweeping on Alison's room. Then Bianca quickly tried calling him.

Her phone slipped out of her hand when it went directly to voicemail again and again.

Jason really left her.

Bianca couldn't concentrate on the ceremony at all. There were so many things going on in her head– what she would do if she ran into Jason, why would Jenna suddenly come to the funeral, and the fact that her other friends also received texts from A. It didn't help that Mrs. Dilaurentis decided to sit next to her, instead of with her husband and son, holding onto her throughout the ceremony. Bianca was still conflicted about her feeling towards Mrs. Dilaurentis. The older woman had many chances to tell her about their plan but she never did. She could've warn Bianca before so Bianca had time to prepare herself.

That was why when the ceremony was finished, Bianca was among the first one to stand and bolt away from the church. She needed fresh air and she couldn't think straight, especially with how close she sat to Alison's coffin. Her friends quickly followed her, led by Spencer who knew the big reason why she was acting jittery like that. They were just about to reach the bottom stairs in front of the church when someone blocked their way.

"Emily, Spencer, Bianca, Aria, and Hanna," that person said.

Bianca immediately scowled when she recognized the voice. The one little good thing that Jason left Rosewood was that she didn't have to go to his parties, which meant she didn't have to meet him.

"Do we know you?" Spencer asked.

He gave out his name cards to each of them, "I'm Detective Wilden. I understand you were all good friends with the victim."

"Yeah," Aria answered, still looked confused like the others, "we were."

"I'm gonna need to talk to each one of you."

"We talked to the police when Alison went missing."

The smile in Wilden's face still didn't disappear, "And I intend to go over every one of your statements. This is no longer a missing person investigation. It's a murder," he glanced at each of them, watching their reaction closely, "rest assured. I will find out what happened that summer."

Another questioning? Another investigation?

The name card almost scrunched up under her strong grip. "Well, I hope you don't forget to introduce yourself to our parents too," Bianca spat, staring straight at the detective. The sudden anger on her tone startled her friends. "After all, we're all still a minor, Detective Wilden. Other than that, we'd be happy to help with Alison's investigation."

"Of course," Wilden replied smoothly, still sporting his annoying smirk. "I'll keep that in mind."

That name card was completely crumpled when Detective Wilden finally walked away from them. Bianca threw that card into the trash can nearby in anger, startling her friends. When they found Alison's body, she thought this was the end. No more would that night haunt her in her sleep. She could stop the guilt and regret feeling from eating her alive. She thought they could close that chapter of their life and moved on.

But apparently, Alison still didn't want to leave their life yet, Bianca thought bitterly. She just had to put them through those horrible moments in the interrogation room again, making them felt as if they were at fault for letting this happened to Alison. Even on her death, Alison still had a way to pull the strings on them. Had she known this would happen, the pain and anger she had to contain inside her throughout the year, Bianca wouldn't try to befriend with Alison. She would find another way to get close to Jason instead or even chose to forget about him over that summer.

Simultaneous rings alerted them that they all had received a text. Bianca just needed to look at her friends' expression to know they all came from the same person. Just wonderful. Everything had repeated itself from last year, only this time there was a cyber psycho pretending to be Alison and trying to scare them.

Bianca frowned as she noticed the not-so-subtle glances and whispers the town people giving at her and her friends. This was definitely not the high school life she had planned before.

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