Death. Final, irreversible, cruel. The thing you humans all run to escape.

My life revolves around death. I've seen it so many times, in so many different circumstances. The old lady who passes in her sleep, the baby who never took its first breath, the teenage girl who's life ended just as it was beginning, the man who found relief in the barrel of a gun. Different people who all reached the same end.

Then, there are those...twisted ones. The ones who thrive on death. The murders, the psychopaths, the sadists. The ones who think they can control death. The ones who never think about what lies on the other side for them. They will not find rest. That is life's true justice.

I am a creature that lives and walks in death. I've seen so many peoples ends and I always, never seem to get tired of you sick little humans. Your constant thirst for power and wealth always leads to nothing but suffering. Yet, you never seem to learn. In fact, for while, I was getting rather bored of you creatures. It all ended in the same way and it was getting tiresome. So, I decided to devise my own entertainment.

There was a boy who went by the name of Light Yagami. He was brilliant. Smart, handsome, charismatic, he could have done many great things. Until he found my book.

For the first time, Light held in his hands real power. The power over life and death. The power of a god. It was amusing to watch him slowly get consumed by the power as it eat away at his brilliant mind. Oh, Light.

You hid behind justice as a means to gain control. It was never about good or evil. It was always about power. You wanted to be ruler. didn't go quite to plan, did it?

There was another, equally brilliant. The one who truly fought for justice. He knew what you were. He understood your twisted little game. He challenged you to a fight, not of the body but of wits. It was close. So very close. But in the end, he suffered the same fate all humans do.

You won, Light. Not fairly but it was still victory. It seemed like my entertainment had come to an end. Until L's finally trick was revealed.

It was funny to see your reaction when you found out that L was only the tip of the iceberg. What went through that twisted mind of yours, I wonder? When you found, that you'd won the battle but not the war?

That was when it really began. Two sides fighting for what they called justice. So many lives were lost. But you did not care. Even when your own father died, you were still totally committed to your vision of a perfect world. You didn't even realise you were slowly becoming insane.

The end came sooner than I expected. It took even you be surprise. You thought you had won. You thought it was finally over. But L's successor was one step ahead. Poor Light. You must have known in that moment it was all over. Everything you fought for had amounted to nothing.

You lost the game.

And you shared the fate all humans share.


It was shame it had to end. It really was interesting.

A/N: Hey everyone! Its me again. Just a random story for The High Queen of Angst. A little morbid but still...she likes them that way! I'm back baby!