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~ * ~ Prologue ~ * ~

* July, 1981 *

Severus Snape looked at his new wife, smiling as she chattered with Lily Potter. He had been looking forward to this day since the moment he had realized he loved Jadzia Nicolette Potter. Once his feelings were discovered, he had wasted no time in asking her for her hand in marriage and she had accepted. He was a very lucky man.

"Severus, I don't think I need to tell you that if you hurt my sister in any way I will not hesitate to perform some very painful, and legal, curses on you." Severus turned to see James Potter, Jadzia's twin brother, standing at his side. He gave the former Gryffindor a forced smile and nodded.

"I know, but you won't have to worry. There's no way I will be able to hurt her. She's too important to me." James eyed him critically. Severus eyed him right back.

"You know I don't approve of this. I'm going to be honest, I don't like you. And she can do a lot better in my personal opinion." He hesitated, glancing at his giggling sister. "But for a reason I can't fathom, you make her happy." Severus gave him another of his forced smiles.

"I take it that's your way of saying congratulations?" He asked coolly. James gave a curt nod. They gave each other almost identical stares before turning and walking away, James to Sirius and Remus, Severus to his wife and Lily.

"My love, may I have this dance?" Jadzia looked up as Severus offered his arm to her. She smiled and placed her hand through his arm.

"Of course." Walking onto the dance floor, she caught her brother's stare and gave him an encouraging smile. His gaze wandered to her arm in Severus and then to her eyes. He smiled grimly. Stifling a sigh, she rested her head on Severus' shoulder and silently danced to the music.

* Three months later *

Severus looked up as Remus came into his office. One look at the young werewolf's face and he knew something was terribly wrong. Standing up, he swallowed as Remus glanced at a picture of the Snape wedding that had occurred merely three months ago.

"Remus? What's going on, you never come to see me." Severus growled out, worried. Remus sat down and Severus couldn't help the sarcastic remark that came from his mouth.

"Thanks for asking if you could sit." Remus ignored the remark and swallowed. Severus started to walk from behind his desk when Remus finally spoke.

"Their dead." Startled, Severus stopped in his tracks. Narrowing his eyes, he raised an eyebrow.

"Who's dead?" Remus eye's started tearing up and that's when Severus began to get really worried. Remus, as well as James and Sirius, never cried in front of him.

"James and Lily. Voldemort found them last night and killed them. Albus just informed me. I figured you probably didn't know yet." Severus stopped breathing. Stumbling to his chair, he gave a stunned look at the young werewolf.

Dead? Lily and James, dead? he thought to himself. Suddenly he bolted straight up in his chair.

"Oh Merlin, Jadzia!" Remus gave him a surprised look and then nodded.

"She's going to be upset. Go to her Severus. She's going to need you, much as I hate to admit it." Remus commented, wearily. Shaking his head in anger, he went to his telephone that he had installed in his office and dialed his home number. He hung up after he got the answering machine. Remus was giving him a peculiar look and Severus grabbed his coat.

"Severus? What's going on?" Severus stopped just inside the door and turned to Remus.

"Did they find any.bodies?" he asked hesitantly. Remus gave him a puzzled look and shook his head. Severus swallowed. Remus opened his mouth to speak, but Severus beat him to it.

"Jadzia went to visit them last night and decided to stay and help with Harry. She wasn't home by the time I left for work." He explained quietly and, ignoring the stunned look on Remus' face, walked out the door.

* Two weeks later *

Severus stared at the three headstones littered with hundred's of flowers and plants. Placing a small bouquet of lilies on one, he read the words in his mind.

Lily Elizabeth Evens Potter 1961-1981 Loving wife, mother, and friend She gave her life for another She was a true hero

Severus frowned. He hated how close the two years were. Turning to the next one, he grimly placed a bouquet of daisies on James' grave.

"Never thought I'd ever be giving you flower's Potter." He muttered to himself. Reading the inscription, he gave a wry smile.

James Edward Potter 1961-1981 Loving husband, father, and friend He died a hero

Swallowing the bile that rose in his throat, he turned to the last and final grave. Kneeling, he gently and lovingly placed two dozen white roses at the base of the stone. He stared at the words, still not believing that his wife had died. Something in him just couldn't accept it; something made him believe she was still alive. After all, he thought, there was no body. The grave is empty, save the casket.

It was true too. When they had retrieved the bodies of Lily and James (or what was left of them), they had looked everywhere for any sign of Jadzia and found nothing, except her hair tie and her overnight bag, but nothing else. He read the words on the stone in his mind, frowning as he did so.

Jadzia Nicolette Potter Snape 1961-1981 Loving wife, sister, and friend "Although the world is full of suffering It is also full of the overcoming of it" -J.P.S

Severus sighed. He missed her. She was his light in the dark, the sun to his moon. She was, in a word, his soul mate. And she was gone.

"I will always love you, Jadz. I quit the ministry of magic and Albus offered me a position at the school. I'm going to teach Potions, can you believe it? I would much rather teach Defense Against the Dark Arts, but I can't, it's taken. Oh well. In a couple years maybe I'll get it. I'm still working as a spy for Albus, but now that Voldemort seems to be gone I haven't had much to do." He frowned.

"Harry is going to live with Lily's sister, Petunia, and her husband Vernon. I know how you feel about them, but their the only family he has left. I'm not his biological uncle so I can't take him. One day I'll tell him all about you, but for now, I think I'm going to just not see him. It's still too painful." He sighed again.

"Severus?" He jumped at the voice of Albus Dumbledore. Glancing up at the older man, he gave a grim smile.

"Hello Albus. I was just about to come to the school to get settled in." He told him. Albus nodded thoughtfully. Glancing at the tombstones, he quietly placed a dozen roses on each one.

"They died so young. I trust you haven't had any.frightful ideas, Severus?" Albus asked him. Frowning, Severus nodded mutely.

"However, I won't do them. Jadz wouldn't have liked that." Albus chuckled, somberly.

"No, she wouldn't have." glancing at his watch, he gave an encouraging smile at Severus.

"We should get going. We have a lot of preparations for the school year." Severus nodded. Standing up, he and Albus stared own at the graves for a few minutes before walking to the entry of the graveyard and left. Severus never looked back.

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