Okay, can I kill my dad? Today (Easter Monday) he woke me up at 6:30 in the morning for school. I got dressed; made sure I had my homework, and then walked over to the bus stop. The bus comes at 7:10 am. It has yet to be late. At 7:25 I finally went home and called the school's info line. THERE WAS NO SCHOOL TODAY!!!!! Which is good except being awoke at such an obscene hour for nothing.

Anyway I decided to write a new chappy since I was awaken such an ungodly hour. So that's why you have this new chappy. Hope you like. This went up to PG-13 for sexual situations. Always me, BashfulC!


Chappy 17


Katrina's eyes fluttered as she woke up. The first thing she noted was that she was in the corner of a small, cedar block room. In the center of the room were two bowls, one filled with water, the other with a disgusting mush thing that she had a bad feelings was suppose to be food. She tried moving and realized she was bound to the corner by shackles on her ankle and wrists. She jingled them a bit and found that they were loose, but not loose enough. She bit her lip, her mind racing with possibilities. None she came up with would help with this situation. Out of the blue she heard the sound of another pair of shackles being moved and spotted her sister in another corner, also bound to the walls. She watched for a few minutes before making her presence known.

/Kristi? You okay?/ she 'pathed worriedly. Kristi looked up and squinted.

/Kitti? That you?/ she 'pathed back. Katrina sighed, relieved.

/Yeah, it's me. Wait a sec, why are we 'pathing?/ she asked worriedly. Kristi grimaced.

/Its something we have that He-Who-Has-Bad-Fashion-Sense doesn't. It's an advantage./ she reminded her.

/Oh yeah. So, any idea where we are?/ she asked, ignoring the nickname. Kristi shook her head.

/None. OMG! Where's Draco? He was trying to protect me when we were taken!/ Kristi panicked.

/Kristi, I'm fine. And could you keep it down, I already feel as if my head's gonna blow open. Are you two okay?/ Draco's voice broke through there conversation. Kristi and Kitti shared a glance.

/Draco? How the hell are you 'pathing to us? BTW where are you?/ Kristi asked, puzzled.

/In the corner to your right. And the only reason I can do this is because I'm simply thinking my thoughts and trying to direct them at you. It's working, I take it?/ he asked, bemused.

/That would be a big 'Duh.'/ Kitti shot back. Kristi shook her head into the darkness. Glancing to her right, she saw the form of someone chained to the wall. She blinked.

/Draco, are you chained *up* to the wall? As in, no feet on the floor?/ She asked incredulously. She saw the figure shift slightly.

/Unfortunately. My father knows me well. He tried the chain to the floor thing when I was ten. Didn't work./ He 'pathed back simply. Kristi and Kitti however went white as a sheet.

/HE WHAT?! How could he do that to his own son?!/ Kristi asked horrified. Kitti nodded, sending a sympathetic wave to Draco.

/Very easily; he pulled me down to the dungeon in our manor and chained me to the wall for a week. He figured it would be very easy to get me as a follower if he pummeled it into me. Didn't work as he imagined it would./ He told them, bitterness in his voice as he spoke of his father. Kristi sent a mental back pat. She saw him smile fondly at her from the corner. Her concentration was thrown, however, when a door opened and light streamed in blinding her.

"Awww! Could you turn down the lights?!" she yelped, snapping her eyes closed. The figure chuckled.

"What would be the fun in that?" A soft, silky voice murmured as he stepped up to her. She slowly opened her eyes and peered up into the pointy, pale face of Lucius Malfoy. His long blonde hair was tied back and his eyes held no warmth, only malice. He looked down at her (literally and figuratively), and tilted his head, looking her over. His gaze made her skin crawl, but she stared back defiantly. He smirked and licked his lips.

"I can see why my son fancies you. You have a---fire in you. I'll take great pleasure in squashing it out." he murmured. Draco started cursing, but she was too stunned to notice anything. All her thoughts were centered on his words.

/Draco likes me? I'm not sure whether to be ecstatic cuz Hey! Draco likes me! On the other hand, Lucy is this close to never fathering another child./she thought to herself. She heard both Draco and Kitti snort and she grinned. Suddenly he yanked her by the arm and pulled her up. She bit her lip to keep from crying out; the shackles were biting into her ankles and wrists. She stared stubbornly into his face, not breaking eye contact. He opened his mouth to say something but was cut off because Kristina had spit in his face. He glared at her, his eyes flashing. He back handed her to the floor. She lay in a fetal position as he kicked her once for good measure.

"Learn to respect your betters, girl, and maybe you'll reach your fifteenth birthday." He sneered. She looked up, wiping blood from her mouth.

"Well when I meet someone better than me, I'll remember that." she spat back at him. He kicked her again and she cried out as she heard a faint crack.

"Stop it! Your hurting her!" Katrina yelled. Lucius glanced at her sister and narrowed his eyes. Before he could say anything however, a figure walked in. He smiled at Lucius and the pain-stricken Kristina.

"As much as I enjoyed the show, I must agree with the girl. Ms. Potter will be of no use to us if she is severely hurt." He ordered Lucius. Malfoy Sr. bowed his head in acknowledgement. He turned to the girls.

"Allow me to introduce myself: I am Lord Voldemort." He told them, throwing back his hood. Kristina couldn't help it, she snorted.

"Yes we know who you are, He-Who-Hides-From-A-Teenage-Boy. However, I wouldn't try doing the throw-the-hood-back-to-intimidate-those-who-are- below-me routine again. Wanna know why? It doesn't work!" she stage whispered. Inside her head, Rational Kristi was babbling about how making uber-evil dark wizards mad at you was a very bad idea but Sarcastic Kristina was cheering loudly at her response. She mentally pushed Rational Kristina into her little room and Sarcastic Kristina came out full force. His red eyes narrowed and Kristina suddenly had the mental picture of Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings staring at the One Eye. Pushing back that particular image, she looked up at the Dark Lord. .

"I see. Then you, like your father and brother, believe yourself to be above others. Interesting trait." He commented softly. Her eyes narrowed.

"Leave my father out of this. What'd he ever do to you? Oh, I remember! He helped kick your scrawny ass into the void! And you consider yourself the most powerful sorcerer in the world! You couldn't protect yourself from a one year old baby! How do you expect to take over the world with that type of badness, huh? I've met puppies who were scarier than you!" She shot back.

/Kristina stop it! Your only making it worse on yourself!/ Katrina yelled telepathically to her. Kristina rolled her eyes.

/Don't worry, I have an idea. Besides, he won't touch me. He needs me in one piece, remember?/ she reminded her sister. Katrina opened her mind but shut it almost immediately. Silently, she acknowledged that piece of logic. They turned there attention back to the Dark Lord as he chuckled.

"A set back, I will admit. However, I am back and at full power with your mother's last gift to Potter." He sneered. Kristina blinked.

/He doesn't know about the potion! He thinks mum's sacrifice was what protected Harry. That was only part of it, it's what protected Harry from the after effects. We still have an advantage. The potion wore off over fourteen years ago! The only thing protecting Harry all these years was the sacrifice./ She babbled excitedly to her sister. Outside, however, she the picture of calm.

/That's all fine and dandy however you're forgetting one small detail. We have no such protection!" Katrina panicked. Kristina gulped.

/Oh yeah./ she muttered mentally. Kristina looked up at the two dark wizards. Both were sneering down at her. Suddenly, Voldemort's expression changed. He glanced wickedly at Draco's taunt form, then back at Kristina.

"Lucius, why don't you show young Ms. Potter here the wonders of a proper blood stained revel. If any permanent damage is inflicted on her body, however, I will personally make you suffer." He warned his follower who was looking like a cat that ate the canary. He bent down and unchained her. She thought about making a run for it but didn't want to leave her sister and Draco. Lucius grabbed her arm and pulled her along, ignoring the yells of outrage from his son. He bent down and whispered softly into her ear.

"I'm going to make you scream." Before pulling her into a room and slamming the door shut.


Hours later she awoke to find herself back in the dungeon-y room, only this time, she was chained up to the wall, a small blanket the only thing saving her from unending embarrassment. She weakly lifted up her head and stared at her sister.

/Kitti?/ she weakly called out. Katrina's head snapped up and she stared at her, eyes red rimmed from crying.

/Kristi! You're awake! Oh Kristi!/ She started sobbing. At the sound of her crying Draco weakly looked up.

/Kristi? What did my father do to you?/ he asked, horrified. Kristina eyes closed as the images assaulted her. She immediately put up her walls; she didn't want to cause Katrina and Draco any more pain. She cringed as she saw Lucius throwing her on the bed, stripping her of her clothing before climbing on top of her as she struggled to get away. She sniffled.

/I'm fine, Drake. Don't worry. He wasn't able to do anything. I'm sorry though but you're not going to be a big brother any time soon./ she weakly joked. In the faint light she saw his jaw tighten. She turned her head as the door opened and a small house-elf timidly walked in. Glancing warily at the now closed door, she placed two bowls on the ground. She snapped her fingers and the three Hogwarts students found themselves chained to the ground, sitting in a triangle position. The house elf silently handed Kristina some clothes (including her Hogwarts robes) and Draco turned around. She let out a shaky breath and quickly and painfully changed into the old pants and t-shirt. She struggled into her Hogwarts robes, wondering why on earth they had given them to her. She felt on the inside pocked at looked at the house elf in shock. She had three wands in there! The house elf bent her head.

/Why did you give me these? Your master will not be pleased./ She pathed to the House Elf. Said Elf looked up, stunned.

/Kristina Potter can talk telepathically? Daisy knows that is a rare gift, Milady./ The house elf, now known as Daisy, 'pathed back to her. Kristina gave a small smile. She swiftly realized why she had three wands.

/You're helping us escape! But why? Your master will kill you if he finds out./ she asked, perplexed. Daisy bowed her head in acknowledgement.

/Yes, that is why Daisy asks that you take Daisy with you. Back to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Daisy wishes to be free./ She murmured. Kristina blinked.

/You'll get along well with Dobby then. How can we help you?/ She asked anxiously. Daisy looked up, smiling.

/Master gave Daisy clothes to give to you. By law, Daisy is free. But Master will not let Daisy leave./ she shook her head sadly. Kristina nodded slowly. She opened a thread of thought to both Draco and Katrina.

/Guys, I have our wands./ Her words had the desired effect; both of them choked. She held back a giggle.

/Here's the plan. Katrina, you got a hair pin?/ At her nod, Kristina grinned. /Good. Get the hair pin for we can unlock the shackles. Draco, can you appeareate?/ He nodded his slightly.

/My father taught me back at the manor./ He told her. She gave a wry grin.

/Figured as much. Okay, once we get out of here, your going to need to appeareate all four of us./ she told him. He nodded, slightly pale. Daisy shook her head.

/I can help as well, Kristina Potter. I can appeareate too./ Kristina smiled at the young elf. The door to there cell opened and a robed man crept in.

/Kristina? Katrina? Draco?/ A soft voice spoke in her head. She held back a gasp.

/Uncle Snape? Is that you?/ she asked, hesitantly. He breathed a sigh of relief.

/Yes, it is I. We do not have a lot of time. Hurry!/ He told them, urgently. She frowned.

/One problem, we're shackled to the floor./ she told him just as Katrina finished picking the lock on hers.

/Okay, me and Draco are shackled to the floor./ she quickly amended. /Do you have another pin, Kitti?/ Katrina nodded and handed it to her while she went to work on Draco's shackles. Both Slytherin's looked at them in shock.

/How do you.?/ Snape asked, amused. Kristina smiled.

/When we get back to school I have to thank Fred and George repeatedly for teaching us./ she stated, bemused. Draco gave a soft chuckle.

/Done!/ Both girls finished at the same time. Draco, Katrina, and Kristina stood up. Kristina looked down at Daisy.

/Ready to go?/ She asked her. Daisy nodded, terrified. Snape gave her a sharp look as she bent down and scooped the young House elf into her robes.

/Don't say a word. Its because of her we have our wands./ she reprimanded her uncle. Snape raised an eyebrow but said nothing. They slowly sneaked out of the cell, Kristina doing a double take at the unconscious heap of Deatheaters. Snape just shook his head.

They got all the way to the edge of the Riddle property before there absence became known. Immediately a dozen voices rose in anger and they could hear them leaving the house. Snape looked over the students before taking a small dagger out of his robes. Knowing what it was each placed a hand on it, even Daisy. Snape muttered a few words and the port key activated, sending them all home.

To safety.


It had been only two days since his sisters had disappeared but Harry was worried sick. Potions had been canceled for the day and Snape had disappeared. He knew Snape was going to try and get his sister's back; it was the only logical explanation. He was watching a small spider, not really seeing it or hearing Hagrid's lecture. He was too busy worrying about Snape and his sisters; not to mention Draco. The bell rang and Ron, Hermione, and Harry started walking back to the castle.

"Daddy!" he heard Katrina yell. His head snapped up and he looked in numb shock as his sister ran to his father who was just leaving the Forest with the Seventh year Gryffindor's and Ravenclaws. Kristina was walking between an extremely pale Draco and a tired looking Snape. He jumped out of his shock and ran towards his family.

He came just short of hugging Kristina to his chest when she cringed away from him. He stared at her in shock as his aunt and father walked over to them. When James tried hugging her, Kristina shook her head erratically, backing away. He looked into her eyes and was reminded of a caged animal. Jadzia stepped forward and scooped her up. Immediately she buried her face in her aunt's shoulder. James look wounded as Jadzia silently carried the now trembling and sobbing girl towards the castle. The crowds that had formed easily parted for the group. James looked accusingly at Snape.

"What happened to her?" he demanded. Snape's eyes narrowed as he watched the two walk away. He turned to Draco and raised an eyebrow. Draco jaw tightened.

"Lucius showed her a proper Blood Stained Revel." He spat, disgusted at what his father had done. Snape went deathly white. James looked from one Slytherin to the other as they stepped into the castle and met with a shaken Lily, Sirius, Remus, McGonagall, Rose, and Dumbledore. Snape looked at the group and shook his head.

"Not here. Let us go to the Hospital wing." He murmured trying to put off having to let them know what had happened to the girl. Dumbledore studied him for a moment as Snape tried to avoid his gaze. Dumbledore nodded and they quickly walked to the Hospital Wing. They settled in and immediately they saw Pomfrey fussing over the sleeping form of the youngest Potter. They all turned to Snape and Draco once the doors were safely closed behind them.

"So? What happened? What did that phrase mean?" James demanded. Snape swallowed. Avoiding all there gazes, he focused on his niece's peaceful face.

"As Deatheaters, we had many codes for different things, things I regret to say, performed myself. There's was only one thing I refused to be a part of. A Blood Stained Revel. For Lucius, however, it was his favorite form of entertainment." He explained. James and Sirius glared at him.

"What. Did. He. Do." James ground out. Snape swallowed, closing his eyes as he finally stopped stalling.

"Lucius raped her."