It was the final battle of the titan war. The Roman, Greeks and Gods fought back against the giants and their forces. Percy was the best weapon that they had flying from monster to monster; it seemed like nothing could stop him. He slashed through hydras cyclops and venti slashing them to ribbons. Everything was going well until the giants arrived. The gods went to fight the giants but they couldn't do it alone. All the gods had their children with them to help them. That was when the unthinkable happened.

Percy POV

I was helping my Dad fight Polybetes when I felt this sense of dread spread over me I stepped back to check and make sure I hadn't been wounded. I hadn't. I was getting ready to dive back into the battle when I heard a scream I never wanted to hear. The scream of my girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, in pain. I whipped around to see the giant pull his spear out of Annabeth and Athena rush over to her. Everything started to turn red. I needed to help Annabeth but I couldn't leave my Dad alone so I did the natural thing I dove back into the fight with Polybetes and my Dad. Polybetes looked at me in fear when he saw how angry I was. "Please don't kill me" he said. I looked at him with a cruel grin. "after all you have taken from me you expect me not to kill you?" I laughed "dream on" the fight was very one-sided after that in all of his might my rage made me twice what i needed to be to kill Polybetes. I rushed over to Athena and helped her kill the giant she and Annabeth had been fighting then turned to Annabeth. She was pale ghostly pale and was losing a lot of blood and fast. "APOLLO" I yelled and he flashed to my side he looked at Annabeth then at the tears streaming down my face, "I'll try my best" said Apollo picking up Annabeth and flashing out. I was left alone with a broken heart and a whole lot of rage, i turned and looked at Athena and Poseidon who were watching me "Come on" I yelled "We can't just stand here the others need our help."

Apollo POV

I carried a lifeless Annabeth to my palace on Olympus I could't tell Percy this but there was nothing i could do she had already lost to much blood and unlike him it wouldn't be as simple as throwing her in a tank of water to heal her. I set her down on a bed and slowly started nursing her with nectar and Ambrosia after i had fed and given her enough to drink that she began to feel warm i hooked her to a heart monitor and hoped for the best. A few hours later Percy and the rest of the god flashed into the palace looking tired and battle worn. Percy rushed toward me "Where is she?!" he screamed i pointed toward her room and Percy rushed in Athena looked at me her eyes pleading i simply looked at the ground and shrugged my shoulders in defeat. She started to cry but nodded understanding that i did all i could.

Athena POV

I walked into my daughter's room Percy was already there worried sick over Annabeth. He really loves her i thought just then i heard thunder crash through the sky i looked at Percy. "There is a council meeting and Zeus wants you there." Percy looked at me before staring longingly at my daughter "Fine" he said lets make this quick. I flashed us to the throne room. Please daughter be okay I thought.

Percy POV

Athena flashed us to the throne room where the rest of the gods sat waiting i walked over and sat down at the base of my father's throne. The meeting started "The Giant War has been won we would like to now reward the demigods that helped us defeat them." One by one i watched the other five of the seven and Nico take the Gods gift of immortality and their domains while i sat and watched. When it came my turn my Dad said "Percy Jackson please rise" i knelt in front of his throne listening to the speak I'd already heard from the other godly parents when Poseidon asked if anyone thought i wasn't worthy of Godhood no hands went up. "Well son what do you think?" my dad asked. I was about to answer when Athena screamed "NOOO!" i looked at her "Whats wrong?" "It's Annabeth she said she just passed into the void." Hades nodded the affirmative. I turned back to the council 'I WISH TO DIE!" i yelled a life without Annabeth was not worth living "Percy" we can't do that you are to powerful an ally to let disappear like that. "THEN BRING ANNABETH BACK!" I yelled. "We cannot said Zeus she does not wish to be brought back, and besides it is beyond our power." I was shocked she didn't want to be revived she must not have loved me ever…. "Fine" i said to the gods "I want the gift of Immortality" I never wanted to see Annabeth again. The Gods began to chant and then the Fates appeared giving me my domains "Hail Percy Jackson" they said "God of heroes, swordsmanship, tides, and protector of camp Half-Blood" It was then I blacked out.