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KG: The feathers do want to be united, yes, but that doesn't mean it's merely that easy.

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Quote: "Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity," by Henry Van Dyke.

"Hinata-sama, Hiashi-sama has asked for your presence along with Hanabi-sama! I've been told to escort you as soon as possible!" one Branch Member of the dignified Hyuuga Clan spoke. He waited for a moment but received nothing for a response. The branch member snarled as he tapped his finger on his arm. Damn self-righteous main branch family members. He couldn't believe that even their weakest member didn't know the damn meaning of the word punctual. If it wasn't for this damn seal on their heads, he would so…ugh, well whatever. Perhaps the damn woman didn't hear him. He knocked a little louder. "Hinata-sama! Hiashi-sama requests your presence!" He repeated only to be met with the same silence. This woman was really trying to test his patience. Right now he was positively fuming.

"Hinata-sama! I'm coming in!" He announced as he touched the door knob. Almost instantly the Hyuuga jerked his hand away in surprise. The doorknob was cold and not just room temperature cold, but it was cold like the winters in Shimo no Kuni cold. The doorknob suddenly opened. The branch member watched as a vision of loveliness opened said door. Her perfect lavender hair was only complimented by her lovely Hyuuga-style eyes and slim figure. Her pale skin looked so creamy and rich that any cat would want merely wanted to lick her to see if milk would come forth. There stood Hyuuga Hinata, former heiress of the Hyuuga Clan and member of Team 8 comprised with Kiba Inuzuka and Aburame Shino with sensei Kurenai Yuhi. She spoke. "K-Ko-san, sorry for n-n-not answering. I was doing something," Hinata replied. She offered a rather small, nervous smile. the branch member named Ko raised an eyebrow. It showed on his face how much he truly wanted to question her, but it wasn't his place. He merely sighed. He actually did find her nervous posture suspicious, but then again she was the meek type so this probably wasn't out of the ordinary.

"Never mind that Hinata-sama, I suppose you would be busy, but your father has requested you. I've been sent to escort you. Please follow me," Ko said rather begrudgingly. Hinata merely nodded before she closed the door and walked off with Ko. As they walked off, Ko noticed that Hinata was looking back at her room almost worriedly. Ko sent a glance to the door of the young woman's room. He snorted before picking up his pace. However Hinata sighed. If Ko had opened the door, if Hinata hadn't stopped him in time, then Ko would have seen Hinata's room entirely encased in ice. From the floors of her dresser to the flat of her futon the room had been covered in fresh ice. Hinata couldn't believe this. This just wasn't good for her.


The blistering sun peering it's way through his curtains, Naruto squirmed in his bed. His body felt tense and his felt…should he say, wet around a certain area. The nerves just beneath his abdomen were going mad with pleasure forcing a small moan to escape his lips. For the blonde it felt like he was being sucked into a vacuum of hot, wet substances. As his senses revved up to full alert, he suddenly started to hear the sounds of rapid, intense sucking noises. His skin could feel tiny hairs tickling the nerves of his groin which forced him to open one of his eyes. Looking outward, Naruto noticed the two human-sized bulges underneath his sheets. They bobbed their heads up and down in a constant rhythm of suckling noises which the hot breath radiating off them only served to stimulate him even more. Looking over his sheets, Naruto noticed he was the only one in the bed. He then looked over and couldn't resist chuckling. How insatiable these two were. Naruto quickly removed the sheets from the bed in one swift motion. Odd that knowing who it was underneath the sheets didn't do justice to the image he was currently seeing.

Naruto stared at Emi and Ayame taking the opportunity presented to them at licking their individual sides of his cock. Naruto groaned as his head slammed against the pillow. He nearly missed the remark that came after. "Ara you're awake. That's good. Now we don't have to hold back," Naruto heard Emi speak. By now Naruto was fully awake as he watched Ayame and Emi have the silent conversation between them. He watched Ayame nod. Emi smiled before hoisting herself to her feet. She then quickly mounted the bed while she took a hold of the phallic muscle in her hands. Somewhat clumsily, she adjusted herself while she placed Naruto's dick near her obviously wet entrance. "I do believe I received a threat last night Naruto-kun, or was that a promise? Are you going to carry it out?" Emi asked. Naruto could only smile. How was a situation like this even possible? But then again, Naruto didn't exactly hate these types of things.

"Oh I don't know Emi-chan. I never go back on my word so that means I just might have to carry it out," Naruto said with a foxy grin that Emi matched. "That's right you don't go back on your word. You're going to fuck me with this hard cock aren't you?" Emi asked. Naruto didn't reply in words. Instead he surprised Emi entirely by using his hands to grab a hold of her hips. He then effortlessly slid himself inside her prompting a wide moan to spring forth from her lips. Emi was sure that Ayame could see her toes literally curl from the instant.

"Oh god! You're breaking me! Ugh!" Emi moaned as she felt the walls of her womanhood wrap around Naruto's piercing shaft. Ayame, at the side of the bed, huffed as she watched Naruto begin to furiously pound himself into his other lover. Ayame still didn't know what to make of this newfound relationship that she had with Naruto and Emi. Both had accepted her wholeheartedly into this little…family that they had going on here. Even now Ayame could only find herself around by the sight of Naruto burying his steel rod in Emi's sheath. Her juices glistened his lengthened cock making it glimmer in the morning sun. Emi passionate sighs and moans infiltrated Ayame's ears. Over and over she could hear the mad smacking of flesh. "Are you watching Ayame? Are you….ughhhh….watching Naruto-kun fuck…..uhhhhh…me with his cock?" Emi asked between breaths and huffs. How could Ayame not see it? Just last night she had been riding it like her very existence depended on it. Her eyes stayed to the erotic scene playing in front of her. Already she could feel her thumb and forefinger pinching the nubs of her flesh while her other fingers furiously worked over her cunt. God many times Ayame fantasized about waking up to such a sight and now it was her reality. She did very little to control her breaths.

Meanwhile, Naruto quickly Emi over. Emi placed her hands back and rested them on Naruto's chest. From this position, Ayame could see Naruto's dick exposing and hiding itself with each rutting thrust of pleasure which sparked Emi's lower nerves and unleashed her baser pleasures. Looking out, Naruto could see Ayame staring at his dick mesmerized. Now for Naruto, he had definitely felt rather surprised that Ayame was so much more accepting of this situation that he had probably given her credit for. After all one doesn't generally find women being…willing to share the person that they love with someone else. It's very uncommon, granted not…rare, but just uncommon. Still the look of pleasure on Ayame's face seemed to only bright Naruto's face in turn. Her chakra was blinding white with happiness and that was all Naruto could have truly asked for. Plus Ayame loved him. She wanted to be with him and in his life on a intimate level. Naruto couldn't describe this feeling. Still that didn't mean that Naruto couldn't have some fun with this situation. "Ayame-chan I think Emi-chan could use a bit of a hand. Lend her one," Naruto rather commanded in a tone that Ayame shivered at. Naruto had still remembered that Ayame had a submissive nature during sexual acts. It probably wasn't to say that she couldn't be dominate if she wanted to, but it was possible that the feeling of being ordered was a much more ingrained feel than her dominate side ever could be. Plus Naruto also realized that with Ayame's submissiveness was that complete trust that Naruto would do right by her. In other words, he would debase her, berate her, or injure her. She placed in him power over her sexual life and maybe even her real life, but with that power came the responsibility of when to use it and not to use it. This seemed like a good time to use it.

"What? Naruto-kun, what are you thinking?" Emi asked, but she only watched Ayame crawl over from her side of the bed and speak. "May I take a seat Naruto-kun?" Ayame asked with a sudden politeness. Naruto smirked.

"Be my guest Ayame-chan," Naruto remarked to her. Ayame merely bowed before swinging her legs over. Her thighs rested over Naruto's face. Her pussy quivered in delight as Naruto's hot breath brushed up against it, but Ayame didn't forget Naruto's order. Taking her hands she quickly rubbed them over Emi's breasts. Ayame had to admit they were gloriously soft, but she just couldn't shake the shivers or pleasures of Naruto's tongue deep in her pussy walls massaging and vibrating them making her hips shake. "Oh my god! Naruto-kun! Oh sweet god! Please lick me more! Fuck me with your tongue!" Ayame pleaded. Naruto didn't mind at all.

Meanwhile, Emi was off in a world of her own riding the utter ecstasy presented to her. Emi had never been in a situation like this. Hell about a week ago she hadn't been in a relationship like this and yet something about it was so fulfilling. Ayame's soft, yet firm grip over her breasts was an undeniable feeling. Maybe this had to do with that feather Naruto was talking about. It might have made her more sensitive to what she thought she could take in terms of pleasure. Still what a feeling. She could feel the crown of Naruto's cock crushing her womb with each pulverizing thrust which served to make her walls brush with juices over his dick. Emi just couldn't stop her hips and by the gods she didn't want them to stop. She could feel the sweat pouring from her body as Ayame teased her nipples. Now Emi didn't mind admitting that there was one point in her life where she was…curious as to a same-sex relationship with a woman, but she never thought highly of it. If only to her that she just really liked guys more and because…well this feeling for her couldn't exactly be replicated. "Oh god. Cumming! Cumming! Naruto-kun's making me cum!" Emi said in her thoughts as her body suddenly clenched over Naruto's rather tightly. Naruto clenched his teeth.

"Gonna cum Emi-chan!" Naruto warned, but apparently it wasn't a warning Emi accurately heard, but definitely felt as Naruto coated her walls with his semen sending it rushing into her body. Emi huffed while Ayame smiled. Emi gave one last moan as Naruto's penis slipped out of her. Naruto took a deep before smirking. "Lick it Ayame-chan," Naruto demanded. Once Emi found herself. She quickly rolled over to the vacant part of the bed while Ayame lurched forward and thoroughly devoured Naruto's cock sucking away the juices and fresh semen from it. Emi watched in fascination of Ayame's mouth and throat muscles working themselves as the ramen waitress bobbed her head up and down repeatedly to pleasure her new blonde lover. And in response to his lover's efforts, Naruto leaned up and spread Ayame's cunt walls. He could see the juices dripping on to his stomach and chest.

"You're wet Ayame-chan," Naruto told her. Ayame suddenly stopped to answer. "H-Hai Naruto-kun. I want you to lick me more!" Ayame replied. Naruto raised an eyebrow. This much fun should have been a crime.

"You "want" me to? I thought you needed me to dattebayo," Naruto responded back to her impishly. Emi smiled to herself. Looks like Ayame's submissive side brought out a latent dominating side within Naruto that not even Emi assumed he had. Ayame bit her lower lip. "I need you to lick me Naruto-kun! Please violate my pussy with your tongue! Please I want to cum from your tongue fucking me!" Ayame pleaded very quickly. In that instant Ayame arched upward in surprise as Naruto's tongue drove home with great fervor. Naruto drank up Ayame's essence as best he could while Ayame chose to reciprocate the action with her own efforts. Try to keep in mind that she had never performed a blowjob before last night so she was sure that she was still as clumsy as they came, but she thought her eagerness to please her lover would have made up for it. And make up for it her efforts did. Ayame swiftly, albeit not expertly, devoured Naruto's hot stick through her mouth and into the opening trenches of her throat. Ayame could feel his pulsating rod hitting the top of her uvula stretching her mouth while her teeth slowly started grinding the hard yet somehow soft flesh. The heat radiating off it sensitized her tongue's nerves. She could feel them clinging to every fiber of his warmth. Combine this with the added abuse of her by now swollen red pussy lips then one could easily imagine the satisfied face she presented.

On the other side, Naruto mentally laughed. It seemed Ayame was no longer under the task that he presented her of merely licking him clean. Judging by her dripping wetness then she had to have been close to an orgasm and Naruto hoped he would be there to deliver. Naruto could see inside of Ayame. She was utterly quivering. As Naruto brought himself forward he gently struck his teeth against her clit and that was all Ayame needed. "Cumming! Oh Naruto-kun I'm cumming!" Ayame protested loudly in her thoughts as she threw her head back. Naruto closed one of his eyes as Ayame's juices splashed on his face and trailed down his neckline. Ayame dropped on top of Naruto's body. "This was the…best morning I ever had," Ayame said dreamily huffing. Looking over she took notice of Naruto's glistening rod. It looked like it was shining in the sunlight. Ayame leaned up and gave it a small kiss.

"Well I didn't think I was going to be woken up that way dattebayo," Naruto remarked back using one of his hands to wipe Ayame's essence from his face. Just as he did that he received a kiss to his lips courtesy of his black-haired beauty, Emi. "Don't act like you didn't like it. You have no idea how much convincing I had give to Ayame just to try this out," Emi replied. To her credit, Ayame scratched her cheek and chuckled nervously.

"Well I've never done this type of thing before. Forgive me for being a little apprehensive," Ayame replied before looking at the clock on Naruto's wall. "Oh damn I'm late for work! I haven't opened the shop! I can't go over there with the smell of semen and sweat on my body!" Ayame said hopping to her feet. Having run home orders for Naruto on special occasion she felt she knew his house more than enough time to know where certain things were, or in this case where the bathroom was. She disappeared behind the door.

Naruto and Emi watched with smiles as the young Ramen waitress left before the former turned over to the latter. "Emi-chan…what is this? Or…why are you doing this?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow. Emi's face didn't showcase any type of surprise. She expected that the questions would come as soon as Naruto remembered them. "If you're thinking that I suddenly decided to try and experiment with this then you're wrong. I'm not exactly sure about it myself. Please don't think it's also because I felt sorry for her. While that was a part of it, I just felt like…perhaps she deserved some happiness also. I could see in her eyes that she wanted that type of thing with you like I did. However I told her that if she didn't take the opportunity herself then I wouldn't be giving it again and I meant that. Besides, how can I object? You already had another lover before me," Emi said softly. At these words, Naruto swiftly leaned up and embrace his partner.

"Emi-chan I long to make you and everyone I meet happy. Whether I have to play the idiot sometimes or even if you need someone to talk to. Emi-chan I didn't target you for your feather because I knew you had one. I think I was attracted to you even before that. Plus I can't explain it, but I believe Tsunami-chan approves even if I must explain this type of situation to her dattebayo. I don't want to keep secrets between us. If you're uncomfortable with this type of thing then I'll…," Naruto suddenly stopped when Emi placed a finger to her lips. "Please Naruto-kun, even I know you couldn't stop this if you wanted to. I already see that look in your eyes that you have a very strong attraction to Ayame-san. I don't exactly plan to tear that away. When you told me about Tsunami-san I understand you were giving me the option of still staying with you even with that knowledge. Well here I am covered in sweat with my tingling insides in your bed while another woman gets ready to start her day. I'm aware of these things. Sometimes I believe your the type of man a woman needs," Emi replied. Naruto seemed like he was ready to say more, but Emi stopped him once again.

"Now then I want you to go and explain this feather business. Yesterday I got a clear view of it. It seemed like what you told me during our walk to Konoha wasn't as farfetched as I made it out to be. That came out of me?" Emi asked. Naruto quickly nodded leaning up slightly. "Yeah that's why it was such a surprise. The same thing happened to Tsunami-chan. After we had sex she…said she gave me her heart and then the feather came out. It then flew into me. That's happened three times. It happened with Tsunami-chan, Ayame-chan, and you, Emi-chan. The only time that didn't happen was when I got one," Naruto told her. Emi blinked. She did vaguely remember saying something along those lines about having Naruto take such and such responsibility for her or for things of that nature dealing with her, but she didn't think it could have been linked to some feather that had supposedly been inside her the whole time.

"You said it didn't happen when you got one. How did you get one?" Emi asked with a firm face. It was easy for Naruto to tell even without looking at her chakra that her playful nature had been set aside. He actually didn't know Emi could have such a look upon her face, but it was one he actually appreciated nonetheless. "Well for me it came out of the sky. I had thought it was during a meteor shower. It got bigger and bigger until it bashed into the ground ya know? I stepped up to it and then it flew up into the air, swirled around for a bit and then went into my chest," Naruto told her. Emi slowly nodded.

"Okay has…anything happened to you lately?" Emi asked. Naruto tilted his head. He didn't think anything had happened to him that was out of the ordinary, but he then leaned up. "Wait, I could see your chakra!" Naruto told her. Emi raised an eyebrow. Judging from her lover's reaction she had come to the conclusion that seeing a person's chakra wasn't supposed to be normal, but she spoke.

"Excuse me?" She asked. Naruto cleared his throat. "I can see your chakra. Or rather it's to say that your chakra is connected to your emotions. Like you Emi-chan, whenever you were sad your chakra would be a dark-bluish color I think. Then when you were happy it would be closer to a white color than anything. It's one of the reasons why I had been worried about you. A sad face on you just doesn't look right ya know?" Naruto asked with a sheepish grin. Emi had to admit. Only Naruto could make that cheesy line sound so real and authentic which meant it had to be true. Emi smirked.

"And what does my chakra say now?" Emi asked. Naruto took a small look before smiling. "Bright white. Just like I had hoped," Naruto told her. Emi slowly nodded. She did admit that she had felt a lot happier than she had felt in a long time. She also felt a lot of contentment with life as it stood. Glancing to her left she noticed Naruto smiling widely at her. It was a simile she didn't mind reciprocating. Oddly enough this didn't actually make her angry. Or at least it wasn't like Naruto had been manipulating her emotions to get her to like him in that way. She didn't believe he had that type of agenda. If he did then he wouldn't have been so concerned if Emi said he could have Ayame. That didn't seem like him. Then again for Emi that did bring up the question of Naruto's personality. If Naruto could see people emotional chakra then he would definitely strive to make them happy especially if they were his friends as Emi had seen. Emi chuckled to herself. Why was she even thinking like this? It couldn't have been normal. Could…the feather be doing this? No, no way. She didn't even have her supposed feather anymore so it couldn't have been. Ugh, it was too early in the morning for this.

"Well alright. We'll talk about this later, but if you're feeling fine then I have no complaints. Let's eat, I'm hungry," Emi said climbing off the bed and walking out of the room, Naruto noted, without putting on her robe or any garments at all. He shook his head. What a woman this was. Standing to his feet, Naruto walked out of his bedroom as well.

As he entered the living room of his apartment, Naruto quickly heard a knock at the door. Raising a eyebrow, the blonde made his way over to the door. Looking behind him he noticed that Emi hadn't been in the same room as him. Trust him that he wasn't about to give anyone a free show and leave with their eyeballs still attached to their sockets. Naruto opened the door. Behind it was chunin who cleared his throat. "Naruto Uzumaki, Hokage-sama has demanded your presence in half an hour. Adjust yourself accordingly," he said before he quickly walked off. Naruto blinked at the bluntness of the statement before he closed the door. Speaking of Baa-chan, Naruto did want to see her as well. This actually seemed like a good reason. Looks like Naruto was ready to start his day.


Kyuubi frowned as she looked down into the murky sewer water of the mindscape at her face. Yeah, Kyuubi couldn't deny it. The Nine-tailed bijuu did look like a woman and it effectively irritated the bijuu greatly. Looking up for a second Kyuubi snarled at the feathers that stayed just beyond the reach of her grasp. All four of them were swirling around together, mocking her, laughing at her, taunting her. "Damn you brat. Why can't you ever leave shit alone?!" Kyuubi snarled to him…er herself. She was sure those feathers were to blame for her most recent appearance. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, the newly changed Kyuubi looked back into the water. Taking one of her hands she inspected herself. Her hand brushed up against her now red hair. This hair only served to annoy her if only for reminding her of her previous container. How she loathed that woman the most out of her three hosts. Still this was her predicament so would have to deal with it. Still this was just embarrassing. Kyuubi slowly blinked red-slitted eyes. At least those had stayed the same. Kyuubi shook her head and proceeded to try and stand to her feet. Mind you that the keyword here had been 'try.'

Without warning Kyuubi's legs buckled before sending her body back into the water with a small splashing sound. "DAMMIT!" Kyuubi bellowed at the top of her new voice her frustrations. However it was only natural. All her life Kyuubi as she remembered her form as a giant fox had always been used to walking on four legs. It had been second-nature to her. Doing the same with two legs wasn't the same thing. She would have to find a way to get to those feathers and force them to change her back. Perhaps learning to walk was in order first.

Begrudgingly Kyuubi crawled herself to a nearby wall and used it for leverage as she hoisted herself to her shaking legs. As Kyuubi stood to her feet, she became conscious of something else. Looking down she growled as she saw the rather sizable orbs that had been her breasts. Kyuubi cursed. How did women deal with these things? "Hmph I'll figure that out later. Right now I just need to focus on walking. I swear Naruto's just as annoying as his father," Kyuubi thought to herself. She took a small step forward. Man, why did the bars look so far away now?

A good hour, at least in Kyuubi's mind, had passed since she tried walking. She thought she was slowing getting a hang of it. It merely needed to acquire a sense of balance and shift that balance between steps while taking care not to go further than needed. It was annoying and at the same time embarrassing, but at least her jailor couldn't see her like this. If he did then all the work Kyuubi did to make herself look threatening would have easily gone to waste. Huffing, Kyuubi suddenly stopped. Now that she thought about it, how was this possible? Now Kyuubi admitted that it wasn't out of the realm of possibility for her to henge into a human being. She was made out of chakra and her chakra could easily be manipulated as such if she desired, but it was a henge, a fake, an illusion. In other words, it wasn't real, but this…this…body. It was real. She could feel how cold the walls she was clinging to were. She could feel the wet ground on her open feet. She could feel her red hair hitting the small piece of her back. She could feel her new muscles working themselves in her arms and legs. She could feel the sweat drip from her forehead to her face. This body was real. But how was it possible? Did those feathers have some kind of special power? She admitted that she felt odd the first time the first feather made itself known. Back when she had been her self as a Fox she did feel the oddity that the feathers presented. They gave off a very off aura which she couldn't place, but she could only base her appearance off something they did. Well at least her chakra remained at the same level.

"Okay I believe I've got this walking thing down. Now I just need to focus on running," Kyuubi said to her new self. Quickly she took of running as she ran Kyuubi couldn't help feeling surprised of the air brushing up against her makes body. It felt rather good as it hit some parts of her body. As Kyuubi took off running she looked downward and suddenly stopped running. The flesh at the base of her breasts had just gotten stiff. Curse this body! "Still, the damn things could have made me some clothes," Kyuubi muttered to herself before she continued running as best she could.


Hinata walked into the family room. She noticed Hanabi there sitting on a small sheet. In the center of the room sat her father Hiashi Hyuuga. The stern look on his face made Hinata pause for but a moment before she bowed and seated herself. Ko bowed politely to Hiashi before excusing himself. Hinata looked forward as Hiashi spoke. "Hanabi, Hinata, present yourselves," Hiashi said. Both daughters stood to their feet. Hinata looked to her younger sister. Still so hardened like the type of head that their father wanted. Hinata had to say that sometimes she truly hated being the way she was. If only she could be that way as well. However her younger sister had truly turned into a young beautiful girl.

"Hanabi this is a direct time for you. Your training as per becoming the next clan head will be taking full effect. Your work will be much harder, but I know you can do it. You will also help Hinata given the opportunities that are presented to you. Now then Hinata, a shinobi has informed me that your sensei will be gone on a mission for the next two weeks. Understand that this isn't the time to be lax as though you are no longer the heiress you are still a Main Branch Hyuuga. Go take a mission from the mission room," Hiashi spoke. Hinata didn't say anything. Already her voice had been lost in anything that she could think of. Casting her eyes downward, Hinata widened her eyes as she noticed the ice suddenly flowing through her clothes. "H-Hai Otou-sama. I shall be on my way then," Hinata said quickly getting to her feet and getting out of the room. Hanabi watched her elder sister leave their presence before frowning. the youngest Hyuuga bade Father a goodbye and left the room.

Meanwhile, with a quick change of clothes Hinata exited her family's mansion and hit the streets. Even now in the blistering sun, she was…cold. Hinata held up her hands. She could see the small, white mist that circled around them. It all happened so fast. One second Hinata had been waking up ready to start her day and then next her room was encased in ice. As one could have expected of Hinata, she didn't take the revelation very well as she tried any possible way of getting rid of the ice which she found hot water to do the trick. For about three hours she had worked to get rid of the ice, but her hands only just made more. She could only hope that without the her there then the ice would melt at some point. Still at least she couldn't feel whatever cold was around her hands. She strangely felt alright. Perhaps it had to due with being in the sunlight or something of that nature. Still maybe sometimes Hinata wished she could freeze. She could just go somewhere and encase herself in ice away from her clan and from her father. She of course knew that she wasn't what type of head her father wanted in the Hyuuga. No, that was Hanabi. Hinata was already more than sure of it.

How ironic, Hinata always remembered how privileged she must have been to be in the Hyuuga clan and to be born to the Head of the clan at that, but Hinata doubted it honestly. If anything Hinata really wished she could get away from it all. This really wasn't the type of family she felt like she was most welcomed in. Actually the only person she could relate to had been Neji. Still he had been on a mission as well so Hinata wouldn't be speaking with him for a while. With a small sigh, Hinata shook her head. In the process of doing so, Hinata felt a rather rough push to her shoulder. Looking past her blinked. "A..Ayame-san?" Hinata asked. She noticed Ayame had been in her ramen waitress attire. She also seemed to be in a rush.

"Oh hello Hinata-san. Sorry about that. I'm just in a rush. I'm so late for work today," Ayame said rushing off from where she was going. Hinata blinked. If she remembered correctly then didn't Ayame live just above her restaurant? How could she have been late then? Well Hinata didn't let it bother her. Perhaps Ayame was just a busy person in general, but the way in which she was running. Hinata remembered that route well. It was the route to Naruto's apartment. Don't ask her how she knew that so well.

Still Hinata thoughts dissolved into the single thought of the blonde jinchuuriki. She couldn't stop the small smile on her face from wondering how he was doing or even what he was doing. Hinata would have admitted somewhere that her childhood crush on Naruto shouldn't have lasted as long as it did, but it was more than just a crush she figured. Yes she admired him and his qualities, but it was so much more than that. His charming smile, his sun-soaked hair, and his cute whisker marks. Hinata truly did feel she loved Naruto and yet…she doubted he would ever feel the same way about her. Hinata flinched. Looking down she noticed the cold, icy mist slowly covering her body. With a deep breath Hinata shook her head and forced herself to think on something else, something like her mission. Hinata walked off to the mission room near the Hokage Mansion.


Standing at the front of the door, Naruto quickly gave it a firm knock. "Come in!" came the voice on the other side that he instantly recognized. As Naruto opened the door he didn't stop smiling as he noticed Sakura and Tsunade within the same room. "Yo Baa-chan, Sakura-chan!" Naruto called garnering both females' attention to the young blonde. Sakura offered a small wave to him in return for his greeting. Naruto could make out the small irritated look on Tsunade's face. No doubt she still didn't like the name that he had suggested for her, but he knew that she took it all in good, playful banter. After all, Naruto was sure he was the only one who could get away with such a thing. As Naruto made his stand he suddenly felt something hit him. Well maybe 'hit' wasn't the term. It was brushed up against him before swiftly passing away. Naruto looked between Sakura and Tsunade rather curiously for but a moment. Neither seemed to be doing anything out of the ordinary. Naruto knew he didn't imagine that, but whatever. Perhaps he could sort it out later.

"Nice of you to finally arrive brat. Looks like Kakashi wore you out more than you thought," Tsunade said with a rather small smirk that Naruto noticed. Well he had been a little tired, but for other reasons that had happened that morning. After all it certainly wasn't an ordinary experience in that regard for what he had. "Erm, yeah let's go with that. So what did you call us for that it couldn't wait Baa-chan?" Naruto asked. Suddenly there it was again. Naruto felt the familiar…thing brush against the side of his face before vanishing. Naruto blinked. As his eyes peered forward more closely, Naruto noticed Tsunade looking at him rather strangely. It had only been for about a moment. Her eyes had mellowed down, her jawline had tightened, and overall her aura had just felt…off to him. Naruto sighed. Forgive him for this Baa-chan. Naruto took a small look into her chakra. Frowning, Naruto took note that this wasn't especially dark. Actually it was rather…like normal chakra should have been, about light bluish in color, yet Naruto couldn't stop that anxiety of seeing that small glaring spot. That utterly dark, black dot at the direct center of her pool of light blue chakra. Naruto didn't speak.

"-uto! Naruto, didn't you hear me?" Sakura's voice finally asserted itself. Naruto blinked himself out of his thinking. He forgot that he was supposed to be in some kind of meeting. "Sorry Sakura-chan, I was thinking about something. What was that?" Naruto asked. Sakura rose an eyebrow at her teammate's unfamiliar words, but seemed to shake it off with little effort.

"Didn't you hear Tsunade-sama? She just said that Kakashi-sensei has been put in the hospital from last night's fight. We don't have a sensei for our team," Sakura said. Naruto widened his eyes. That was rather unnerving. However more than anything it forced him to think back to that time. Naruto could remember all those times that he and Kakashi clashed. With every punch or kick Naruto threw, it seemed to force Kakashi to bear some type of unbearable pain. For Naruto, this only had him more in need of a request. First there was the fact of his speed and then the fact of his strength. Naruto always knew he punched hard and was also fast. However those things he had done in that fight weren't natural even for one like him. He understood that. "So what are we going to do?" Naruto asked. Sakura turned to Tsunade for an answer which the Godaime readily replied.

"Well you're both not getting the day off if that's what you're thinking. Sakura will be working at the hospital on her duties while Kakashi is recovering. Naruto, you'll working a C-rank mission within the village. You have been gone for about two years so I don't think I can have you out of the village so soon. It will be a joint C-rank mission with Hinata who came by for her mission earlier," Tsunade explained. At the mentioning of Hinata, a warm expression came to Naruto's face. Naruto couldn't help recalling the young girl during his genin days, well yes he was still a genin, but you catch his drift. She was always the more pleasant of people he understood even with her shy nature. Granted she always passed out around him which he never understood even to this day. Naruto remembered he had asked Jiraiya about it once. The damn perry sage only called him an idiot and walked off somewhere leaving Naruto even more confused.

"Hinata, man it's gonna be good to see her again dattebayo. So what am I going to be doing?" Naruto asked. It was then that something told him he should be very worried. It told him that he was going to hate the life that he had been living up to this point. That damn smile on Tsunade's face was easily discerning. Naruto quickly held his hand up. "Whoa whoa, now before you tell me that I will accept, but I want a favor from you Baa-chan!" Naruto quickly remarked. He felt the familiar thing brush up against him once again. Naruto seemed to begin to understand. Whatever this was, it was from Tsunade at least. That much Naruto understood.

In response to Naruto's statement, Tsunade raised an eyebrow while Sakura blinked. It wasn't like Naruto to actually need favors from anyone else. "You make it sound like I'm not a busy person brat. What favor could you possibly want?" Tsunade asked with a hidden amount of intrigue. Ever since Naruto had taken her back to the village the two hadn't been able to spend as much time together as she possibly would have liked. Granted he was a loudmouth, but she took that in stride and it actually made her happy. After all hearing 'Hokage-sama' this, or 'Hokage-sama' that got very odd after awhile. Plus it was true that she was busy. So needless to say that a favor from her favorite blonde was something she sort of looked forward to.

"I know your busy Baa-chan, but it's something I really need you for. Can you come to Training Ground Seven around the evening?" Naruto asked. If Tsunade had been confused before then she was bewildered now. Now from the pretense of his request, Tsunade had to feel that this had something to do with training, but what kind of training Tsunade didn't exactly know. Still she figured she could at least indulge him a little. "I'll see what I can do. No promises though. Now then, Naruto, you and Hinata will be working for one of the members for the Konoha Council. I don't think I need to remind you to be respectful, even if she's an old bat. You both will be working in helping her archive some of her documents for the remaining two weeks that Kakashi is in the hospital. I want no complaints out of you. You'll be given the location once you leave the building," Tsunade ordered. Naruto grimaced. Never was he good with meticulous work that surrounded things of that nature. Never mind that stuff like that was just as boring as the day was long then he was sure he wasn't going to survive. Nonetheless, Naruto remembered his words. He said he would accept if Tsunade gave him a favor which she said she would if time permitted her to do so. Naruto understood she was busy. It came with the job. Naruto never went back on his word. So he just slumped his shoulders.

"Fine, but I don't have to like it dattebayo!" Naruto said as suddenly turned around and marched for the door. "But you'd better keep your promise Baa-chan!" Naruto said as he opened the door and quickly left. Tsunade shook her head while Sakura sighed. The latter pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Still impulsive as always. He's definitely grown up, but he hasn't changed at all," Sakura said with a small smile. Tsunade snorted to herself, but she couldn't hold back the small smile on her face. "No I suppose he hasn't, but then again he's better this way. Now then, you have to go too. You've got a lot of work to do," Tsunade replied. Sakura quickly nodded before she left leaving Tsunade alone. As the Kage was left to her own devices, she suddenly placed her head into her hands and sighed heavily. How stupid could she have been?


Having left the Hokage Mansion, Naruto had received his orders from the receptionist prior to his leaving. Turns out his client had been one Utatane Koharu. Naruto was willing to admit that he knew next to nothing about this woman other than that Tsunade told him that she was a council member. After that, Naruto had nothing more to go on. Still he would at least get to see Hinata again. That thought alone filled him with some mysterious joy. Maybe he could ask her how she and Neji had been doing. Still first he would have to drop by his house and pick up some supplies before he went on his way.

As natural for him the run back to his apartment hadn't taken him as much time as he had figured. Fishing through his keys he quickly opened the door. Oh that being said he would also have to make duplicate keys for Ayame and Emi. Perhaps he could also make one for Tsunami when he saw her again. Yeah that seemed to be a good thing for him to do. He doubted that the ladies would be against it.

Opening the door, Naruto stepped inside. He noticed that the place was quiet. Turning to his refrigerator he noticed a note on its white board. Naruto picked the note from the board and read its contents. It had been a letter from Emi. She had left to find herself another job and would be back around the evening. Naruto chuckled. Still stubborn as always, but that wasn't to say he didn't like that. With Ayame back at the restaurant and Emi out job searching then Naruto had no more reason to be in his apartment. So he quickly strapped on one of his kunai pouches and began his trek back to the door. Naruto closed said door and then dashed off for his destination.


Finally. Finally she had done it. Hinata sighed happily as she looked at her creamy hands. They were finally back to normal and they weren't exactly freezing cold anymore. The cold mist that had once surrounded them had disappeared. Hopefully the same could have been said for her room. Well she hadn't been called by any guards from her father so she presumed that no one found the state of her room just yet. What was happening to her? She didn't understand this. Was this some kind of condition? Was something wrong with her chakra? All of these questions Hinata didn't know the answer to. She really wished there was something to make sense of here.

"Hyuuga-san, please refrain from being distracted while working. I want this done in a timely fashion," Hinata turned her head and noticed an elderly woman speaking to her. Her grey hair had been tied into into a one-bun shape just like Neji's teammate, Tenten, had worn. However this woman had a much more refined appearance with the way that she carried herself. Her face was stern even. Hinata could tell her stance wasn't relaxed at all. If anything it was merely tense. It told Hinata that this woman didn't take many things lightly, if any things at all. "H-Hai Koharu-sama. I'll get back to work," Hinata replied before picking up some scrolls and carrying them somewhere else. Koharu watched the young woman work before moving herself to some other things.

Meanwhile, on the outside, Naruto gasped at the structure of the house. Granted it was very large per say, but it was definitely better than his apartment complex he had figured. It was actually very nice. Also Naruto took note of the number of chunin guarding the perimeter of the house. Looks like this only hardened his belief in Tsunade's words that this woman was very important. Naruto made his way to the door. Before he could even knock on it, someone opened it. "State your business here," a jonin said in a bold tone that Naruto was a little surprised by. No doubt he couldn't waste his time. He quickly pulled out his mission scroll. "I have a mission to help here by Hokage-sama," Naruto reported. The jonin quickly took the scroll and unfurled it. They then quickly sealed it and gave it back to Naruto.

"Right this way Uzumaki Naruto," the jonin said opening the door fully. Naruto quickly walked inside and followed after the jonin. The house was spotless and many pictures hung upon the walls. In some of the rooms Naruto could see incense candles being lit to give the room a certain type of fragrance. Naruto could see one of the pictures on the wall having a young-looking woman probably in her early twenties with three other men at her side. Naruto also noticed the man who was taller than all three of them. His white hair looked like the snow that fell upon the ground. Now that Naruto had a better look at him, he looked like the second man who adorned the Hokage Stone Faces, but he was in a rush so he let it pass him by.

"You'll have to forgive the urgency. You must realize how important Koharu-sama is," the jonin spoke while Naruto turned his head forward. "Yeah, she's a part of the Hokage's council right? She makes some important decisions and things like that," Naruto replied. The jonin looked at the blond for a moment before turning forward.

"Hai, she does do those things, but she holds much more importance. Koharu-sama was a member of the Sandaime Hokage's squad under the Nidaime Hokage," the jonin said. Naruto widened his eyes. "She's one of the old man's students? She was trained by a Kage?!" Naruto asked incredulously. Now Naruto understood it wasn't exactly so far-fetched for even the Hokage to have students. Jiraiya often told him about the old man and the Sandaime's teaching days of him, Tsunade, and Orochimaru. So it wasn't as unbelievable as Naruto probably figured he was making it sound.

"Hai she was trained by Nidaime-sama. Countless wisdom and experience abound in her, but take heed. She is a very strict woman who expects no less than the best from those who work for her," the jonin replied. Naruto nodded. "You can count on me then," Naruto remarked much to the jonin's amusement. After some time walking, they finally reached a large metal door. The jonin banged on it. Naruto watched as the doors creaked as they opened. Looking forward, Naruto watched an elderly woman emerge. No doubt this had been Koharu Utatane that he had heard about. She seemed to be looking at both sternly before speaking.

"What is it?" Koharu asked. The jonin cleared their through before speaking. "Koharu-sama, Uzumaki Naruto is here on joint mission with Hinata Hyuuga from Hokage-sama to aid you in your archival of your documents. He will be here for the two weeks as well," the jonin replied swiftly. Koharu turned her eyes back to Naruto. Naruto merely grinned and held up his hand.

"Yo, Uzumaki Naruto at your service dattebayo!" Naruto said to her. In no less that a minute, Koharu turned around and started walking. "Come inside and get to work. Hyuuga-san has already started with what she can handle. I expect the same from you. Work begins at 11 in the morning and ends at 6 in the evening," Koharu said rather stonily. Naruto blinked before looking at the jonin. They merely shrugged before walking upward to continue their duties. Naruto stepped inside. The doors closed behind him.

As Naruto walked inside his jaw unhinged from his mouth and dropped slightly. So…so many…so many damn books and folders. The center table was covered with archives, books, and folders. The bookshelves were covered with the same types of books and folders. Papers were everywhere! There was only the small sights of windows that offered their light to the archiving room. "My head hurts just looking at all these books. How much can one lady read?!" Naruto asked himself in his thoughts before he heard the sound of books falling to the ground. He turned his head.

"N-N-N…Naruto-kun," Naruto's eyes settled on the gentle, yet beautifully alluring form of Hinata Hyuuga. Naruto blinked. He didn't remember a time where Hinata looked more lovely. Her long, lavender hair was only complimented by her eyes. Her creamy skin held a rich texture that he hadn't seemed to notice before. She had grown so much, but she looked…paler if only a little. "Hinata! It's so good to see you!" Naruto said moving up to her in a swift motion that both were surprised by. In an instant Naruto stared into the eyes of one of his longtime friends.

Meanwhile, Hinata was a swirl of emotions inwardly. She didn't know how she was supposed to feel about this. Naruto was back in the village. Why hadn't she been informed of this happening? He looked so grown up. He looked so much leaner…stronger…more handsome than she had seen him last. His eyes held some type of mysterious allure that she hadn't thought they could possess. "Naruto-kun's back and h-h-he's.herein front of me. So close." Hinata thought to herself. "I didn't let you both in here to talk. Get to work Hyuuga-san. Uzumaki-san, come with me," Both turned and noticed Koharu looking at them utterly displeased. Naruto backed away from Hinata while the former Hyuuga heiress' face turned bright red. She quickly looked down at her feet.

"Ah Gomen, just catching up. See you later Hinata, looks like we'll be working together these two weeks," Naruto said before moving past her leaving Hinata in a daze. She watched Naruto leave with their client. "We'll be working togetherfor two weeks?" Someone pinch her. Hinata was sure that she was dreaming right now. Ah she had to get back to work. Her books needed to be categorized and placed away.

On the other side, Naruto smiled to himself. Hinata really hadn't changed. The girl was still as odd as they came and yet, she did exude a type of femininity that Naruto hadn't noticed before. Well actually Naruto could say that some of that notice had to be due to Tsunami, Emi, and Ayame. All three ladies had helped him see the more beauty in the female form than he remembered. Naruto always knew some times of women were cute, but other could have been described as beautiful. Naruto actually considered Hinata to be just that right now. He did like people like her after all. Hinata was…the type of woman Naruto thought would make a great mother some day. And yet, why did she seem so pale? She didn't seem sick. Rather she looked cold almost. It wasn't cold in the archive room and Konoha didn't have many cold nights around this time of year given that it was summer currently. Naruto just didn't understand it.

Well anyway, Naruto and Koharu appeared in what seemed to be one of the elder woman's studies. She quickly had him lean over the table to see what she had been pointing at. "All three of us are going to be reading through historical archives and date transcripts over the two weeks. We're also going to be categorizing these. Historical documents that date back to Shodaime-sama are in these records. You would do well not to mess them up Uzumaki-san. Those go in these folders and the date transcripts go in the shelve archive drawers. Any questions?" Koharu asked. Naruto looked over everything. Even now inwardly he was groaning at what she was telling him. He just knew he wasn't going to survive this. Damn, Tsunade owed him big time even if this was a mission.

"Nope, let's get to work then dattebayo," Naruto said rolling up his sleeves. Koharu raised a delicate eyebrow. "Very well then, you will start on the pile to the left since I have Hyuuga-san on the pile to the right," the councilwoman said to him. Naruto merely nodded before he walked off. As he walked off, Naruto heard ringing or should he say, he heard…chiming. It was small, borderline silent. In fact he almost missed it. If anything had been going on then he would have missed it. It was the same chiming that he had before he met Emi. Naruto turned around. He noticed Koharu looking at some papers. He looked forward and noticed Hinata skimming a document. Naruto looked between them both. No way. No, this was impossible. Naruto closed his eyes. He quickly took a look at Koharu's chakra. Naruto widened his eyes. It was black, there wasn't a spec of white or blue to be seen. It was just as dark as the night sky without the moon. Naruto then turned back to Hinata. In contrast to Koharu, Hinata's chakra was a lot more bright. Oh don't misunderstand him, it was definitely not white or anything rather it was a border between dark-blue and violet. Both colors seemed to be in a constant clash against each other. What was going on here?!

"I'm not paying you to stand around Uzumaki. Get moving," Naruto heard Koharu speak. Naruto looked back to the woman. She looked up to meet his eyes. Naruto quickly righted himself though he was sure that if this woman had been trained by any of the Kage then she already caught him, but she didn't seem to care either way. "Ah right. Sorry, I'll get to work," Naruto said with a small grin before he started moving. Koharu huffed before she buried herself into one of her historical books. Of all people, why did she have to get the troublesome Kyuubi Jinchuuriki?

So, hours passed by very slowly for Naruto as he begrudgingly read through documents and files while placing them in appropriate folders. He watched Hinata do the same a couple of times with Koharu talking to them both for only the shortest of instances before continuing on with her own work. Naruto didn't really want to admit it, but he was more half-reading at best. If anything he was thinking about the instances of Tsunami, Emi, and Ayame's devotion to him through their sexual encounters. After the act each one of them was bathed in a white light before the feather showcased itself to him. If Naruto counted himself then that meant that four feathers were somewhere in him, but for what he didn't know. It was odd because Naruto didn't exactly feel out of the ordinary. He felt fine. Granted this new sensing ability was confusing. Naruto had never been aware of people as much as he had before he had this ability of reading chakra and emotions. Perhaps that was why he could be as aware of Hinata and Koharu as he was.

Speaking of Hinata, Naruto also noticed that through their work encounter she would take many times to glance in his direction. Her chakra would flare up at separate intervals for not obvious reasons. At first Naruto thought there was something about him or on him that she found funny, but no she just looked at him before going back to her work. It confused Naruto, but nowhere near as much as it's nature itself. Why was it so cold? It was like Hinata's chakra coils had been frozen slightly. That cold circulated throughout her body at any available time. Strange that it reminded Naruto of Haku's Hyōton ability. It might have been because of Hinata's jacket, but he could tell her body underneath the clothing was shivering. In fact, she looked almost…gone. "Gah! This is so confusing! Why am I even thinking about this?!" Naruto thought to himself. Groaning, Naruto pushed himself away from his table and sighed as his laid his head back. For now, Naruto would have to focus on Hinata getting warm.

"I-I-Is something wrong Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked from her side. Naruto leaned up and scratched his scalp. "Sorry Hinata, I'm just not used to this stuff ya know. History wasn't my greatest subject remember?" Naruto asked. Hinata despite herself couldn't resist the urge to crack a smile and a soft chuckle. Looks like Naruto truly hadn't changed, well in not many ways.

"W-Well we'll just have to do our best for Koharu-sama," Hinata said as upbeat as she could. Naruto chuckled to himself. "Yeah I suppose you're right. Though would it kill her to crack a smile?" Naruto asked. Hinata merely smiled to herself.

"So, how have you been? You've gotten a lot prettier since I saw you last," Naruto said offhandedly. On the other hand, Hinata widened her eyes behind the book she had been reading. Her fingers gripped the sides of the book heavily. "N-N-Naruto-kun thinks I'm pretty? He's never thought that before," Hinata thought to herself. She watched the large grin on Naruto's face which told her that he had indeed meant it the way that she was taking it. Naruto had complimented her on her looks. It wasn't like Hinata ever put all that much effort into such things, but Naruto at least saw her beauty.

As Naruto finished reading he heard a loud bang to the floor. As he stood to his feet, Naruto took notice that Hinata was one the floor. "Hinata!" Naruto said jumping from his table. He quickly moved himself over to her position. Naruto pulled her into his arms. As soon as his did, Naruto shivered. "She's cold. She feels like ice," Naruto thought to himself. Now Naruto understood that Hinata had been rather prone to fainting around him for reasons he, to this day, still didn't understand, but she shouldn't have been cold. Naruto remembered walking in very cold regions with Jiraiya and the man told him that in weather a person's body will seem to be warm only because it tries to conserve body heat. Hinata should have been warm or at least at room temperature. Naruto quickly looked around the room. Unfortunately they were in the archive room of Koharu's house and the woman was gone doing something else. Naruto looked down. He brushed one of Hinata's strands of hair from her face. Odd that her cheeks were flushed.

"Great, now what am I supposed to do? She's out like a light," Naruto thought to himself. Looking down he took note of his jacket. Naruto turned back to Hinata's unconscious body. Ultimately, Naruto sighed.

After some time, Koharu returned. Looking to her left, the elderly councilwoman noticed Hinata placed against the wall with the top half of an orange jumpsuit covering her body. She then looked over to see Naruto reading, much to his inner irritation and boredom. "Is there a reason the Hyuuga heiress is in this undignified state?" Koharu asked getting Naruto to look up. "She passed out. Sorry about that. I thought to let her rest there for a little while," Naruto responded. Koharu looked back to the young girl before sighing as she moved on with what she needed to do. Honestly who ever considered passing these two?

About an hour passed in time before Hinata's eyes opened. The young Hyuuga rubbed the back of her head. "What was I…," She asked rather softly. She looked up and noticed she was still in the archive room. That's right, she was on a mission! Hinata swiftly jumped up but noticed something fall to the floor. Looking down she noticed the familiar orange jumpsuit on the ground. It was Naruto's jumpsuit. "Naruto-kun, did this for me?" Hinata asked. She slowly picked up the jumpsuit and held it in her hands. It was surprisingly very warm. In addition, it smelled just like Naruto. How surprising.

"Yo Hinata-chan have a nice nap?" Naruto asked startling the former Hyuuga heiress with his voice from across the tables. "Naruto-kun, what happened?" Hinata asked removing Naruto's jumpsuit from her face. She really hoped he hadn't seen that. Naruto looked at her with his best smile before replying.

"You passed out so I carried you and laid you against the wall. You feeling any better?" Naruto asked. Hinata just nodded. "H-Hai, thank you for that Naruto-kun," Hinata said. Naruto just bobbed his head before he continued reading. Hinata proceeded to fold the jacket and place it somewhere else. In that time, Hinata quickly decided to get back to work and use the time she had lost.

Hours passed by for Naruto and Hinata as the two continued to work under the strict, watchful eye of Koharu. Both managed small talk when they could. Hinata asked to hints of Naruto's journey which he told her a little bit about along with his training. In turn, Naruto asked how Hinata's team had been and her cousin. Hinata told him some of the small details about her making chunin and Neji making jonin. She also talked about his Shino and Kiba had been doing. She spoke a little bit about Kurenai and that the former Hyuuga heiress was only here because her sensei had been gone on a mission. Naruto knew the feeling, somewhat. He explained that he was only there because he and Sakura had bruised Kakashi rather badly to land him in the hospital. Neither truly noticed how much time had passed.

"Alright you both, we will stop here and pick this up tomorrow. I expect you both on time," Koharu said standing to her feet and leaving the archive room. Naruto and Hinata looked at each other before the former leaned up and stretched back. "Two weeks of this? I don't think I'm gonna make it dattebayo!" Naruto remarked making Hinata chuckle. She placed a bookmark in what she was doing and stood to her feet.

"I'm sure we'll be fine Naruto-kun," Hinata answered as confidently as she could. Naruto slumped forward. "Yeah, maybe you're right," Naruto said turning out the lights to the room. Hinata nodded as the two went on their way.

As Naruto and Hinata exited the house both noticed that the sun's light had just been over the horizon signifying it was ready to be set. "It was good to see you again Hinata. Seeing you made this mission a lot more bearable," Naruto told her. Hinata slowly blushed before she looked down at the ground. "I-It was nice to see you as well Naruto-kun," Hinata remarked with a small smile. Naruto looked down for a second and smiled.

"Man I can't wait till you meet Emi-chan. I bet the two of you would get along great!" Naruto said with a wide smile. Hinata quickly looked up. "E-Emi-san?" Hinata asked. Naruto nodded with the same wide smile on his face.

"Yep, my lover who came back with me from my trip. You guys would look great together!" Naruto said to her. He turned his head and the wide smile that had been on his face had left. He noticed Hinata looking at him with many emotions that he had experienced in his early life. Anger, frustration, despair, rejection, and sadness all curled up into one expression. However the one thing that Naruto could never mistake had been the small tears that fell from Hinata's face.

For Hinata, she could feel a large part, if not all of, her world shattering into pieces. Naruto had a lover. He had a girlfriend that he had gotten from the two year training trip. Hinata couldn't breathe. She could feel herself shivering from the coldness surrounding her body. She had messed up. She had missed her chance. She never got to confess and now…now…Why? Why did she have to be so nervous? Why did she have to be so shy? This, this wasn't what she foresaw in her life. Hinata always saw herself with Naruto and two kids of their own in a nicely built house. She wanted all of that, but…but…Hinata couldn't stop the tears that fell from her eyes. So, she shut them. "I have to go Naruto-kun. Goodbye," Hinata said rushing off in her best speed.

"Hinata, where are you going?!" Naruto called out in surprise of her speed. No sooner had he asked that question had Hinata left the area. Naruto stood in the area. What was going on here? Nothing was making any sense. Why would Hinata have an expression like that from something he told her? They might have been few and far in-between, but Naruto always thought he could tell a lot of things to Hinata that he couldn't to anyone else. Naruto looked down at the ground. Something was wrong here and Naruto had to fix it. He didn't know how, but he had. "Hinata, what did I say?" Naruto asked in his thoughts.

As Naruto's eyes peered at the ground, he turned his head to the left. He knelt down and touched the grass. It was cold. That was exactly where Hinata had been standing. Naruto placed his hand on the grass in another area. It was easily warm. Naruto pulled at the grass that had been under Hinata's feet. He picked up a blade of that grass and frowned. All things contained chakra from human beings down to the very air and blade of grass. Naruto looked at the leaf. It was flooded with chakra and that chakra was similar to Hinata's. Naruto looked back to where Hinata had left. He sighed. He doubted he would catch up with her now even if he wanted to.

"Looks like I'd better get going," Naruto thought to himself. He had to make it to Training Ground Seven. He just hoped that Tsunade would show up and help him like she promised she would. Course if she couldn't do it today then he understood. Naruto jumped off into the trees.


"No way, I am not doing it. I refuse to debase myself anymore than I already have Tsukuyomi. You can continue their charade if you wish, but I will not," Amaterasu stated with her arms folded while Tsukuyomi buttoned up her dress. "Oh would you stop being so melodramatic Amaterasu. We spent all day going through this. Just put on the damn dress and let's get going," Tsukuyomi said with a small sigh.

"Besides this'll be fun. Now Onee-chan can show you the wonderful world of gambling," Tsukuyomi said with a wide smile. However the Goddess of the Sun didn't share in her sister's enthusiasm. "You wanted me to get a job, I did that. You wanted me to deal with mortals, I'm doing that. I have seen your 'world of gambling' Tsukuyomi and all I see as an end result on a daily basis is people losing their homes, being maggots on the streets, and performing detestable acts such as selling themselves, their partners, and even their offspring to make ends meet. If this is your world then you can leave me out of it," Amaterasu reiterated. Tsukuyomi rolled her eyes before turning around.

"Why do you always take everything so seriously? I swear sometimes I wonder if we're even truly related. Learn to kick back and have some fun with your job. Besides we do have another job. We're supposed to get getting these feathers. That Gato guy has one currently so he's a primary target," Tsukuyomi told her. Amaterasu grumbled underneath her breath. She indeed knew that was true, but why did she have to be like this all because her sister was too damn nosy and broke the damn orb? "And just how do you even plan to get him? He's not like the other two we got. He doesn't seem like the type to just stay out in the open and let you do that," Amaterasu surmised. Tsukuyomi could share in her sister's plight.

"We'll plan as we go along. Play it by ear for now," Tsukuyomi replied. Amaterasu merely shook her head. She then looked back at the dress she was to wear. Amaterasu snarled. Screw it, tomorrow was going to be hot for this place. It was going to be unbearably hot tomorrow because Amaterasu didn't care anymore. Give these damn people a break from their lives. "I hate you," Amaterasu said grabbing the dress and entering into the bathroom. Tsukuyomi just smiled to herself.

After some time, Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu appeared in front of the large casino. "Now remember I'm Kuyomi Ukutsu and you're Amate. Once we're done with this feather then I can take you around the place a little more. Show you a nice time," Tsukuyomi repeated. Amaterasu rolled her eyes. "Let's just get this over with. How can mortal women stand these heels?" Amaterasu asked picking at her new shoes just a bit while Tsukuyomi opened the door.

As Tsukuyomi opened the casino door, both goddesses' ears were assaulted by the sounds of laughter, merriment, and buzzing lights. Tsukuyomi grinned widely. If anything she had to give mortals credit. They certainly weren't a bore when they had to be. Now Tsukuyomi was going to admit that she had been to many casinos in her lifetime. They were always fun for her. Never you mind that she used her Goddess Luck to effectively 'cheat' but hey if other people could do it then she as a goddess had the right to do it as well. Also casino customers were the best for people for flings. None of that emotional attachment nonsense. "Just makes your heart beat doesn't it?" Tsukuyomi asked as she stepped inside.

"More like it makes my heart stop with how deadbeat this place is," Amaterasu mumbled to herself. She and her sister continued to walk through the casino. Not that Amaterasu paid it much mind when her sister explained certain things. She really didn't care. What was the point in betting? Stacking what little claim you had in the very slight possibility that you might get something better? Oh sure Amaterasu understood that logic, but its not like she appealed to it. After all the chance that someone actually got what they wanted from places like this were very slim from her point and even then they wasted it on meaningless luxuries anyway. What her sister found in this Amaterasu didn't know. She really only cared about the mission.

"And that's where you deal cards!" Tsukuyomi taught in which Amaterasu admitted she was about quarter-listening. "I don't care," Amaterasu remarked much to her sister's chagrin. Tsukuyomi sighed. She would get her sister to smile one of these days.

It took sometime, but Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu had walked around nearly the entire casino before the latter folded her arms. "So where is this pathetic waste of space?" Amaterasu asked. Tsukuyomi looked around, but she couldn't detect a feather in the crowded area of the casino like she could in the quiet area of the small cafe bar they were in yesterday. "I don't know," Tsukuyomi said with a small grunt. Amaterasu rolled her eyes for the umpteenth time while her sister rubbed her hands together.

"Oh well, since we can't find him and we're here then we might as well play a few games before we go," Tsukuyomi said rushing off leaving Amaterasu alone. Amaterasu's eyebrow twitched. Burn. She was going to make her sister burn for this.

Deciding to extract herself, Amaterasu opted to sit out with a small drink in her hand. At least Amaterasu had her lips know alcohol. Still the stuff burned her throat unlike the type of drinks where she lived. Amaterasu twitched her lower lip. Suddenly the Goddess of the Sun looked up and noticed a drink placed in front of her. She raised an eyebrow before looking to the bartender. "I didn't order this," Amaterasu criticized before the man gave a small bow. "Hai, compliments from the gentleman coming to you now," he said before walking off. Amaterasu turned her eyes to her left and indeed noticed a man walking towards her. It had been that man that Amaterasu remembered seeing next to the mortal named Gato. He was the man's guard if she remembered correctly.

"As I expected. It was you. Not many women in this place have the regal appearance that you and your sister have, Amate-san," he said. Amaterasu rolled her eyes. "I doubt myself if my sister has your 'regal' appearance, but nonetheless I believe you're right. So what do you want?" Amaterasu asked. The man shook his head.

"If your sister was expecting Gato-sama then she will be disappointed as he had a prior arrangement that he could not make it out of. He offers her his sincerest apologies," he said. Amaterasu grumbled. It's not really like she cared either way, but that being the case then this had merely been a waste of her valuable time. "I see. Well that's unfortunate," Amaterasu said standing to her feet.

"However, Gato-sama sent me to give you both this invitation. In about 3 or so months there will be an event. It's actually something spectacular and given your appearances then we believe you'll have no problem fitting in," he replied. He slowly slipped Amaterasu two scrolls. Amaterasu looked down at them. Now if anyone truly believed Amaterasu to be stupid then she doubted they would last very long in her presence. Even now Amaterasu knew the way the man talked was that he'd rather she and her sister not be there, but something told her different. Plus this man next to her was giving off a strange aura. Amaterasu couldn't place it.

"We'll see. For now, I know my sister will be happy. We'll look for you then. What do you go by?" Amaterasu asked. The man stood to his feet. "Ishidate ma'am. I shall take my leave then," he replied before removing himself from the bar and even the casino in an impressive speed. Amaterasu looked down at the scrolls. Pinned to each scroll by its tie had been a white flower petal. Amaterasu picked it up. It wasn't a natural white flower. In fact it wasn't an organic flower at all. It was man-made. A flower made out of diamond. Amaterasu looked back at the door that Ishidate left from. Wherever they were going it was high-class by mortal standards.

"Hmm this might be interesting after all," Amaterasu said to herself before standing to her feet. She took the complimented drink into her hands. She slowly began to bring it to her lips, but suddenly stopped. Amaterasu looked at the glass. She could smell it. It's unnatural odor mixing with the freshness of the drink. Truly, mortals were disgusting. Amaterasu clenched the glass tightly and watched as the liquid inside caught on fire. The fire burned the liquid into nothingness before Amaterasu dropped the glass on the ground. "Pathetic," Amaterasu said walking away. Unknown to her the bartender had watched her drop the glass and he noticed the absence of the liquid. He frowned before he swiftly moved from his post and through the staff door.


Naruto stood out in the Team Seven Training Ground. Even now, the grounds were battered from the ground being forcibly pushed up and destroyed. Naruto could see many small and large craters in the field. Whoever was doing field maintenance wasn't exactly on it right now. Well it's not like Naruto actually cared either way. Naruto shook his head. So many memories from this place. Holding out his hand, Naruto tightened it. Forgive him, if his thoughts weren't centered. He had too much to think about, namely Hinata and the mood he figured he had put her in. He thought Hinata would have been happy for him, but he never expected her to cry. It wasn't Naruto's intention. It truly wanted. Naruto always liked Hinata. She was…that type of person you could tell anything to and she wouldn't judge you for it. However Naruto wondered if Hinata was also the type to keep things to herself. How long had it been that she could confide in anyone else? Perhaps Naruto could have a sit down with her? Yeah, maybe tomorrow he would do that. "Alright, that's what I'll do dattebayo!" Naruto thought to himself with a hard nod.

Suddenly, Naruto's head turned to the left. He smiled. Looks like he wouldn't be going home just yet. Naruto felt Tsunade enter the training ground. Even how she walked with a certain amount of authority that only she could possess, but then again Naruto was sometimes glad he had the personal level of a relationship that he had with her presently. Naruto couldn't even mistake himself that even with the genjutsu cast, Tsunade was indeed a beautiful woman. In fact Naruto could understand why Ero-sennin talked about her so much. At least Naruto could better understand those reasons now than later. Naruto leaned up. "Yo Baa-chan," Naruto said and as he expected. He felt that same 'something' brush against his cheek before vanishing. Naruto gently smiled.

"Alright brat, you called me all the way out here and I managed to squeeze in some time for you. Now then, what do you want?" Tsunade asked folding her arms underneath her…sizable assets. Naruto slowly gulped. Why had he only just now noticed those things? He silently swore. No doubt Emi and Jiraiya were rubbing off on him too much. "Yeah sorry to call you out here, but I promise this is real important ya know. I also think it has to do with…Kakashi-sensei's injuries," Naruto replied to which Tsunade raised an eyebrow.

"Is that all this is about? Look brat, broken bones are a reality in our line of profession. So you and Sakura roughed him up a bit. I'm sure he'll be fine," Tsunade remarked, but to her silent annoyance Naruto shook his head. "No it's not just Kakashi-sensei, but it's also me. Baa-chan…I need you to…punch me in the face as hard as you can!" Naruto uttered at the Godaime Hokage. Silence reigned in the training ground. Upon the lake of the grounds a fish jumped into the air and caught a flying insect before splashing back into the cool water. This splash quickly unleashed the pent up tension and Tsunade…laughed.

"Hahahaha good one brat. If I did that then jinchuuriki or not you're dead. Oh man I need that laugh badly," Tsunade said clutching her stomach at the sheer audacity of it all. However Naruto quickly stood up. "Trust me Baa-chan getting punched by you is something I think to be almost worse than death, but I need you to," Naruto said seriously. Tsunade opened one of her eyes and noticed the small glare Naruto sent her way. Now Tsunade knew the blond a long time. Hell, he was sometimes, strange as it seemed, one of the main reasons she even returned to Konoha. Tsunade was willing to admit she held some sort of emotional attachment for the younger blond. Tsunade stopped her laughter.

"I said no Naruto. I'm not going to put an end to your career as a shinobi just because you have some small hutch," Tsunade stated. Naruto groaned. Inwardly he had to smile. The woman's unnatural concern for him was easy for him to see. "Alright fine. Then I'll just go on a mission and lose control because we couldn't find out what was wrong with me. I guess even the world' greatest medic can't handle a challenge. What a bore ya know?" Naruto asked. Tsunade's eyebrow twitched.

"That's not going to work brat," Tsunade said folding her arms. "Yeah I guess you're right. Maybe I overestimated your strength Baa-chan. Sorry I could just ask Sakura-chan to do it. She's probably stronger than you right?" Naruto asked once again. Tsunade chuckled dangerously.

"You really are asking for it aren't you?" Tsunade asked once again. Naruto shrugged his shoulders with a wide smile on his face. "I can keep this up all night and the day after. Mission or not," Naruto remarked and for some reason Tsunade could only imagine that Naruto would back up those words. With a large heap of breath, Tsunade exhaled her breath and slumped her shoulders.

"Naruto, how sure are you of this?" Tsunade asked. Naruto blinked. "Well I don't think this will 'put an end to my shinobi career' as you put it. I still need to take that damn hat from you Baa-chan," Naruto tested. Tsunade couldn't resist cracking the smile on her face. Still the same stubborn, smart mouth she liked. Well whatever if this went wrong then Tsunade would merely call it training. Granted Naruto might be out for Kami knows how long, but whatever. Tsunade cracked her knuckles. "Fine brat, you've asked for it. Believe me when I say that I'm going to fully regret this later," Tsunade said taking a few steps back. Naruto prepared himself. Kami, he hoped he was right as well or this was going to hurt like hell and Emi or Ayame or even both would never let him hear the end of it.

As Naruto remembered Tsunade explained that the key to her super strength had been concentrating her chakra into her fist and then upon impact releasing it with pinpoint timing. Naruto remembered Jiraiya also telling him that Tsunade was already born with her insane strength which came from her Senju bloodline. The application of her chakra-enhancing strength only seemed to make this worse for Naruto. The pervy sage had also told him that the technique wasn't a standalone technique. It came from the application of Medical Ninjutsu. "You ready brat?" Tsunade asked slamming her right fist into her left palm. Naruto gulped down the last of his doubt. Put your life on the line and test your limits. For Naruto, that's what a shinobi was. Endure it all for what you believed to be right. "If you are Baa-chan," Naruto spoke. As he said that Naruto noticed Tsunade's color glow a swirling dark blue from its indigo color from before.

"Please let him know what he's doing," Tsunade thought to herself. Meanwhile, Naruto watched as Tsunade concentrated her chakra into her fist. Naruto took a deep breath and exhaled. Tsunade suddenly buckled her heels into the earth making it crack. With a burst of speed, she kicked up the dirt, dust, and rocks leaving a large shoe imprint behind her. A loud shout exhaled from Tsunade's mouth as she cocked her fist back. Naruto braced himself. Let him be right! Please let him be right!

From Tsunade's harsh shout, she slammed her fist to the side of Naruto's face. Her haori flapped in the wind of the blow before finishing the follow up. Tsunade widened her eyes. She looked up and the shock seemed to take over her body. From Tsunade's placement she had been near the trees and Naruto had been around the three log posts. Now, Naruto was about at the place of the lake. About ten feet or so from the log posts. "What? I put a lot of strength into that. He should be flying," Tsunade thought to herself.

Naruto opened one of his eyes. His face stung badly. No doubt Tsunade could have killed him with that punch. Naruto could feel his legs and his body trembling at the edge of the lake. "Ero-sennin wasn't kidding. Damn that hurt," Naruto thought to himself before he straightened himself. He looked up and noticed Tsunade clutching her right hand. It was trembling almost violently. There was actually very small bruises on her knuckles. Tsunade seemed to be in state of shock and confusion "Baa-chan, how hard was that?" Naruto asked bringing Tsunade out of her stupor. She looked at Naruto.

"Hard enough to land you in the hospital for three months brat. I feel like I just…punched solid stone," Tsunade said to him. Naruto blinked. He looked down at his body in surprise. She said a punch like that should have landed him in the hospital for three months, but it feel like Naruto had only gotten hit by one of Sakura's punches without the freakish strength. "Baa-chan again! Do it one more time!" Naruto urged. Tsunade looked up. All her instincts were telling her something was wrong here. Naruto's eagerness, the sturdiness of his body, and the fact that she couldn't hit him beyond the lake were all factors. Tsunade watched Naruto move from the lake to a more dry area. Tsunade groaned. What a headache he was.

In a matter of moments, Tsunade slammed her fist into Naruto's body again feeling the same bone-cushioning pressure upon her fist and her wrist as she sent Naruto skidding across the ground a ways before he stopped. Naruto shook his head. "Brat what's going on here? What happened to you?" Tsunade asked. Naruto looked over his body once more before walking back to Tsunade.

"Flick me Baa-chan. Flick me like you did when we first met," Naruto said and Tsunade swiftly plucked Naruto in the head. His body didn't move from the spot he was at. That should have at least knocked him to the floor about a foot away. Naruto looked at her. "It didn't hurt," Naruto told her. Tsunade narrowed her eyes. She was now beginning to understand how Kakashi had wound up in the hospital. Pushing, blocking, even kicking at Naruto repeatedly would have been more than enough cause to land someone in the hospital on that alone.

"Your skin, it feels hard. Unnaturally hard if I should say so. How do you feel?" Tsunade asked. Naruto held out his hands. He actually felt…hot and full of energy. He could feel chakra flowing around his body like never before. It was an amazing feeling. "I feel like I've never had more energy than now in my entire life!" Naruto told her. Tsunade placed a finger to her chin. That couldn't have been the Kyuubi's doing could it? As far as she knew the fox's traits didn't cross into toughness of skin. Plus why would such an ability transfer over to Naruto now? Why didn't he have it at the beginning of his life? If that were the case then no villager would have been able to aggressively hurt him, not that most tried to.

In his own thoughts, Naruto was slowly piecing it together. It had to be those feathers. It was the only explanation that Naruto could think of. The speed, the toughness of his body, and this abundant source of energy were all the result of those feathers somehow. Naruto was sure of it. Perhaps that was were his sensing ability came from as well. He could emotionally sense people rather than just chakra sense them. But speed and toughness were two different abilities. One didn't have anything to do with the other so…were these individual? Naruto didn't know.

"Naruto, come by the hospital during the end of this week. I want to look into this with Shizune," Tsunade said. Naruto swiftly nodded. He knew she wasn't going to find what he didn't want her to truly find, but he couldn't help wondering himself. Still he hated hospitals. "Is that what you wanted from me?" Tsunade asked. Naruto nodded once again.

"Yeah I think this has to do with my speed and Kakashi-sensei's injuries. Don't get me wrong I'm glad I can take a punch from you now, but I'd like to not get myself killed for not knowing this when I could have," Naruto told her. Tsunade agreed with that logic before looking at her wrist. It felt a little loose and a little sore. No doubt she would have to perform some standard healing on it later. "Fine brat. Now then if we're done then I need to get back to work," Tsunade said spinning on her heel. Naruto watched her leave. He also looked up at the sky. No doubt he was a little late in getting home. With his new speed, Naruto vanished from the area.


Night settled into the village. The moon lifted into the sky thanks to the Goddess of said Moon. It's illuminating presence bathed all that it foresaw in it's glow. The lights of Konoha began to come on and people began to flood the streets even more. However in their apartment, Emi watched Naruto pick at his food. He picked at his rice with his chopsticks and overall seemed to be detached from anything else going on. Emi smiled and placed her hands on the table. "You know, I don't know much about shinobi duty, but a girlfriend does listen to her lover if he wants to talk," Emi said with a disarming smile. Naruto in response jerked up and blushed shyly.

"Ah gomen Emi-chan, erm it's just that I'm thinking about some things is all. Both in my mission and with our issues," Naruto told her making Emi lean up. "Is it really our issues? I'd say it was more our blessing if nothing else. Or do you see me as an issue?" Emi asked rather playfully. Naruto raised a eyebrow and proceeded to smirk.

"Oh you're an issue alright Emi-chan. You didn't put Ero-sennin's book down for our entire trip. You're a big issue," Naruto remarked. Emi giggled to herself. "Well our presumed issues aside. What else are you thinking about?" Emi asked. Naruto sighed.

"One of my friends, Hinata Hyuuga. I have a mission with her for about two weeks. I have to be archiving some documents for this councilwoman Koharu. I just don't get it. First we were having a nice conversation over the course of the mission she fainted one time looking at me so I set her to the side to rest. Then at the end I told her about you and how you and her could be good friends. The air around her then grew cold and she started crying before she ran off. What did I do wrong?" Naruto asked. Emi blinked at him for a second. Then suddenly she started giggling. Naruto looked at her. He wasn't aware that he said something funny. Emi noticed Naruto looking at her.

"Erm gomen. It's just Naruto-kun, you're pretty dense aren't you?" Emi asked. Naruto sighed and pushed back his chair which surprised Emi somewhat. "Why does everyone keep saying that?! Look I'm sorry if I don't notice things like I probably should, but i just don't know unless you spell it out for me. I wasn't exactly given the privilege of attention all my life," Naruto raised which gave Emi reason to pause. Why would Naruto not be given attention? Emi slowly stood up before wrapping her arms around Naruto's back.

"I'm sorry Naruto-kun, I shouldn't have laughed. First, tell me why you think being given attention would be a privilege? I believe your parents would give you lots of attention," Emi said softly as Naruto looked at the ground. "Emi-chan, I…didn't grow up with parents. I was an orphan growing up. Believe me I wanted attention a lot for various reasons. Yeah I had great parental figures, but that's it. They are figures, not my actual parents. They couldn't be there for me all the time. So I sought attention anyway I could. It was one of the reasons I was considered a problem child. I wanted things so badly I guess it was a dream of me to think I would get it," Naruto answered. Slowly emi began to understand. She could see the certain issues surrounding her lover as Naruto explained himself. So it wasn't all necessarily his fault.

"You seemed to notice the attraction of myself and Tsunami-san very well,"Emi pointed out while Naruto chuckled. "Because you both told me outright that you wanted me. I'm sure I won't get things mixed up if you tell me something to the point. I was also attracted to the fact that you both just…came out with it. While Ayame-chan wasn't directly out with it I figured it out after your little plan," Naruto remarked. Emi smiled.

"I see, well then let me retract my previous comment. Naruto-kun it sounds like Hinata-san likes you and I don't mean just likes you as a friend, but the way that Tsunami-san, Ayame-san, and I like you. Plus it seems like she has liked you for a long time. You definitely see you as a man," Emi said making Naruto widen his eyes. Hinata liked him? She seriously liked him? Naruto couldn't directly fathom it. Don't get him wrong he remember just one dream where Hinata had been in it in nothing but a towel, but this was just…something else. "How could Hinata like me? I…I haven't done anything," Naruto said to which Emi kissed his cheek.

"Oh you think you haven't done anything, but you have probably done something to cause this attraction. You said that she fainted when she looked at you then I can only imagine she's very shy around you. Maybe something else comes to it, but I don't know her well enough to guess. In any case obviously she's devastated that you have me, though I doubt she knows about our special relationship," Emi said with a smirk. Naruto quickly jumped back.

"Emi-chan, you're not serious! Hinata-chan? But I don't want to take advantage of her," Naruto adamantly protested. In response Emi held up her hands. "Now now Naruto-kun, don't be like that," Emi said smiling widely. Naruto watched her walk over to the window.

"Emi-chan, why? You know I would be happy with just what I have. I don't need more," Naruto admitted to her. Emi's reflection in the window offered a small smile. "Naruto-kun I know and it's only for that reason that I feel comfortable doing some of these things. Naruto-kun, one thing you need to learn about women is that we expect certain things from our lovers even when they don't know it. Also Naruto-kun, every woman wants the chance to be swept off her feet even when she doesn't know it," Emi said with a wide smile. Naruto widened his eyes. Emi placed a finger to her chin.

"You said that we could be friends, hm? Well Naruto-kun, I think we're going to be very good friends." Emi responded with a sly smirk that sent shivers down Naruto's spine. "Emi-chan, what are you thinking?" Naruto asked. Emi swayed herself to her lover before following up with a chaste kiss to the lips.

"Wouldn't you like to know Naruto-kun," was the only thing Emi said to him and that told Naruto all the things that he had to know to let him know that this could only be bad. Naruto swallowed the lump in his throat.


That next morning, Naruto continued reading documents and archiving them appropriately. Aside from his main mission to the client, Koharu Utatane, he also had his mission from Emi. That mission was space. When Naruto saw Hinata he would give her as much space as he could.

"Now listen Naruto-kun, when you see Hinata-san tomorrow then I don't want you to do anything. Don't talk to her, don't wave to her, don't even acknowledge her presence because more than likely she will be scared of you," Emi told him. Naruto blinked. Slowly Emi watched her lover tilt his head to the side. "Why would she be scared of me?" Naruto asked. Emi smiled gently.

"Maybe I worded that wrong. It's not you she's scared of, but her own fears of how she can interact around you will be messed up by her knowledge that she thinks you don't see a future with her. From what you've told me she seems to think very highly about you. So naturally if you spoke with her about what happened yesterday then she would say that she was fine. Naruto-kun you said that when you spoke with myself or Tsunami-san that you couldread our emotions right?" Emi asked. Naruto quickly nodded.

"Yeah I meant every word of what I said, but I thought I could better do things when I thought about how you felt,"Naruto responded to which Emi nodded. That wasn't actually a bad thing in Emi's opinion. Being from one of the more loose towns in the world then she knew how hard it was particularly for men to read women or visa versa. "Then you would know that by Hinata-san's emotions that she wouldn't be actually fine. More likely she would tell you this so you wouldn't worry about her," Emi explained. Naruto nodded once again.

"So if I tried tospeak with her then it would seem like I was forcing the issue?" Naruto asked. Emi swiftly nodded. "Exactly Naruto-kun. For about five or six days I want you to merely observe her, but don't talk with her unless necessary," Emi told him. Naruto bit his lower lip. After all for Naruto it was his mindset that if something was wrong then confronting the issue always worked, but he also knew that Hinata was a lot more reserved than either Emi or Tsunami. So he had to be understanding. He didn't like it, but if it helped Hinata then he would do it.

So for Naruto that was his objective. He just focused on his work. He would give Hinata her space if she so desired it. He then noticed the door open and the elderly councilwoman come through it. "Hyuuga-san is late," she said with a look that Naruto couldn't exactly place. "Must be busy dattebayo," Naruto remarked to Hinata's defense of her lateness. He watched Koharu shake her head.

"Yo Koharu-obaasan, you were on the Nidaime's squad right? What was that guy like?" Naruto decided to ask. The Hokage mantle and lineage had always fascinated him growing up. When you shout and yell nearly everyday about becoming Hokage then you start to have a feel of admiration for those who you believed had come before you in the same position. Naruto never got the chance to ask Sarutobi about it when the old man had been alive.

Naruto watched Koharu at the door. Her eyes slowly flew downwards to the ground before she spoke, rather tiredly Naruto noticed. "Stop wasting time on the past and look forward. You can look up the Nidaime in the library. Just get your work done," she said before closing the door behind her. Naruto blinked. He hadn't been expecting such a response from the woman. If it had been him, Naruto wouldn't be able to keep quiet about his experiences with the Nidaime. It was probably the best experience one could have hoped for. At least that was Naruto's assumption anyway.

About half an hour passed before the door opened once again, Naruto didn't have to look up from his book to know that it was Hinata. After all he could sense both Hinata and Koharu. The elderly woman hadn't left the room that she was in at all and her chakra was still black. Hinata's always also the same. Her chakra was still that indigo color that it was when she ran away yesterday. Naruto didn't speak. The sounds of a carpet being pulled alerted him that Hinata had taken a seat. "This is going to be a long mission," Naruto thought to himself. He had no idea how right he was.

In total five days passed by for Naruto and Hinata. Naruto didn't actively seek any talk with Hinata and merely gave him the space that he figured she needed to get her thoughts together. He continued to the best of his abilities his work. The most he would speak with Hinata about was either a question concerning certain article before he went back to his work. Needless to say, but the only one who didn't seem bothered by the arrangement had been their client, Koharu. For the elderly councilwoman so long as the two got their work done then she could have cared less what was going on between them. However the one who most noticed things had been Hinata. Truth be told, after her spectacle she had all but waited for Naruto to come at her asking for what was wrong while trying to get some type o answer for her unusual attitude. She expected it so one could imagine her surprise when Naruto hadn't said a word to her other than anything having to do with the mission for the past five days. Oh don't get her wrong, the silence was actually welcoming to her as she could gather her thoughts, but as the days went by she wondered if Naruto had merely forgotten about it or he was also too embarrassed to bring it up like she was. Hinata understood she should have been happy that Naruto found someone dear to him, but for years Hinata always assumed she would be that person. That saying 'there are more fish in the sea' didn't exactly help her. No one made her feel the way that Naruto did and she doubted anyone would. Hinata sighed. Was she just pathetic? She figured she had so many opportunities to get herself together and now Naruto was gone. Hinata wasn't sure how to deal with it.

The day was slowly coming to another close. Hinata released a small sigh. She looked up and noticed Naruto close one of the many books he had archived. She watched him pack up his things. Hinata looked down before she could judge if his eyes would met hers. Hinata could feel the coldness seeping out of her body. More than anything she didn't want something like this to wreck what she had with Naruto. She…she wanted… "Yo Hinata-chan, are you free the day after tomorrow?" Naruto asked. Hinata widened her eyes before turning to Naruto. She was sure that her emotion of confusion wasn't unnoticed by Naruto and his request. Why was he talking to her now after the lack of conversation for five days? Well not like Hinata didn't mind it. She actually missed his voice other than the talk about work. Now then, to his question.

"Umm…I-I think so. I don't believe I have a-anything going on," Hinata said rather uncertainly. She watched Naruto's face bright up as he took out a piece of paper and a pen. "Awesome then could you be here at this time?" Naruto asked handing her the paper. Hinata looked at the paper before taking it. It was then that Naruto quickly sent her a wave before leaving. Hinata looked at the piece of paper. Where was this sudden anxiety coming from?

"I-I-Is this a d-d-d-date from Naruto-kun? But he already has a girlfriend. Why does he want me to meet him here?" Hinata thought to herself. As she stood up she walked off bidding Koharu a goodbye while leaving from her mission. She gulped. This could only go wrong.


So those two days passed by for Hinata. She had opted not to wear her usual attire of her long jacket and short blue pants. She instead wore a dark blouse with a small white shirt over top of it. Hinata sat on the edge of a bench as she waited for Naruto to arrive. Now that she thought about it why was she doing this? This was a temptation in and of itself. Perhaps she should just forget this and go home. She had to face the reality. Naruto had a woman in his life and Hinata didn't have the right to intrude. Naruto saw his future and it just wasn't with her. Hinata sighed. "What am I doing?" She thought to herself. What was she hoping for? She wasn't sure anymore. First this unusual coldness and then her problems. It just never seemed to end. Oh speaking of that cold, it did actually melt when she went back that one time. The ice that had littered her room had melted resulting in a very wet room that Hinata had to dry on her own, but at least no one had caught her. Kami she wouldn't have been able to live that down if someone started asking questions.

"Hinata Hyuuga?" came the voice of a person who was obviously too feminine sounding to be Naruto. Turning her head, Hinata noticed a lovely woman looking at her with a small smile. The short blue dress that hugged her body while simultaneously showing off her creamy legs made Hinata blush slightly. How outgoing could a woman be? "Umm, y-yes? May I help you?" Hinata asked while the woman took a seat next to her.

"Hai, you see I was hoping to meet you. Looks like Naruto-kun delivered my message exactly," she said prompting Hinata to widen her eyes. "Y-You're Emi-san. N-N-Naruto-kun's girlfriend," Hinata stammered while Emi merely smiled. Looks like introductions truly weren't as much in order as she assumed that they needed to be. That was good. It saved her the hassle.

"Ah so you know that much already. Yeah sorry, but Naruto-kun won't be joining us. I asked him to go home and get comfortable. You know he told me a bit about you. He calls you a precious person," Emi said much to Hinata embarrassment and confusion. "Naruto-kun considers me precious?" Hinata thought to herself. Involuntarily, her fingers began to twiddle amongst themselves much to Emi's amusement. She now understood exactly what she was dealing with. Oh understand that while Emi figured she was a good read of people she also had this strength of her from working in a tailor shop. She got to meet many types of men and women, none were the same way. It was only from this reason that Emi felt she could thoroughly read Hinata as best right now.

"I…I see. You must be very lucky to have Naruto-kun," Hinata said rather sadly which Emi didn't fail to notice. She gently smiled. "I would say that I was very lucky. If not then I might have still been in my old home sleeping watching the rest of my life go by without really living it. I'm sure that sometimes you know what that's like right Hinata-san?" Emi asked and truth be told, Hinata did understand. Her duties to her clan and her team sometimes made her feel like she was passing her life by, but some of those times were also in just remembering how she could ever change the way her clan operated. Kurenai often told her that Hinata's gentle nature was what made her stronger while her father thought opposite. It was no surprise to anyone that Hinata didn't like to hurt people, but she understood that things were expected of her.

"Yes I know," Hinata remarked looking down at the ground. Emi smiled as she patted Hinata's shoulder. "Come Hinata-san, let's walk and talk," Emi said standing to her feet. Hinata looked at the older woman for but a moment before getting up as well. The two quickly left the village center and proceeded to walk through the somewhat bustling streets.

"So tell me Hinata-san, how did you meet Naruto-kun?" Emi suddenly asked. Hinata quickly perked up before looking off to the side. "I…I was one of Naruto-kun's classmates during the Academy. We…We were also on some missions together," Hinata replied remembering some of those good times. Emi smiled gently.

"I see. Well that sounds nice, but I want to know something. While telling me about you, Naruto-kun also mentioned that you faint a lot when you talk with him. Care to explain that?" Emi asked. At this question, Hinata slowly shrunk into herself as the two females kept walking. Many times she had asked herself that particular question. Oh sure she knew the answer, but even now she had no ideas on how she could get rid of it. In response to this, Emi smiled gently. Truly this girl next to her had a very kind heart. Probably kinder than Naruto thought to tell her about.

"W-W-Well, y-you see the reason for that is…is because…," Hinata muttered to herself as she poked her fingers together. In order to lessen her new companion's burden, Emi decided to switch focus. "Alright then, please tell me why you like Naruto-kun. Call it an idle curiosity," Emi replied. Hinata blinked before frowning. What was this woman's aim? Was she trying to toy with Hinata's feelings in the matter of Naruto? Was she bragging about seeing what she had that Hinata wanted and probably wouldn't ever get? Hinata wasn't sure. Judging from the way the woman smiled at her none of these questions seemed to be her focus or her intent. She must have had a reason for these words. Hinata sighed. Well she would stay true and be honest.

"Well Naruto-kun's strong. For a long time I…have admired him. He…has the drive to succeed despite what p-p-people think about him. He's never…let others words get him down and he's always tried his hardest even when no one s-s-s-supported him or helped him. Even when others laughed at him he never stopped trying. I fashioned my nindo from his. I deserve to be more like Naruto-kun," Hinata exclaimed. Emi raised an eyebrow. She could see the gentle smile on the Hyuuga's face telling her nothing of what the girl said had been false.

"Sounds like you hold more admiration than attraction to him. Do you know the difference?" Emi asked with her hands behind her back. The smile never left her face while Hinata straightened up. "N-No it's not just admiration. I know the difference well. I-I-I'm definitely at-at-attracted to Naruto-kun. I like his smile and his bright blue eyes. I love his charisma and his d-d-desire to help others," Hinata quickly answered back. Emi turned around.

"That's all?" Emi asked. Hinata looked at the woman confused and somewhat put off by her question, but she didn't voice her concerns as Emi continued. "You have to like his body right? I'm sure you can love all those things, but there is just a feeling about having his body against yours that just sends the electricity through your own body," Emi replied. She heard nothing. Turning around she noticed Hinata still walking with her, but the poor girl's face was beet red from the embarrassment of the words that just escaped Emi's mouth. She was so red that she might as well have been burning up. The steam should have been flowing from her ears.

"I…I…I d-d-didn't….I mean….I d-d-d-don't…," Hinata replied with a stutter that Emi could only find cute. Okay, time to put the pour girl out of her misery. Emi patted Hinata on the shoulder. "Hinata-san, when you are about my age then you will learn that most men aren't aware that a girl likes them. After all, how can they? Most of the time they need things told to them directly or they will remain oblivious. Hinata-san one of the reasons that I have Naruto-kun is because I was straightforward about it. I have to understand Naruto-kun's attraction to Sakura-san. Hinata-san more often than not, men like a woman who can be straight with them. Though perhaps you shouldn't take my words for it since I've lost nearly all my boyfriends to someone else before I met Naruto-kun, but I still believe I'm right. Hinata-san if you want Naruto to like you then you're going to have to tell him so otherwise he's never going to figure it out on his own," Emi said to her.

"Why are you t-telling me this? You already have N-Naruto-kun so why are you making it sound like I-I still have a chance to…be with him?" Hinata asked. Emi's smile only got bigger all though Hinata couldn't see it. "Who knows. Ah we've reached our stop," Emi said with a wide smile. Hinata looked up and suddenly felt her throat dry out. All through their talking she wasn't aware that they were going anywhere important. How wrong she had been. They were right in front of Naruto's apartment complex.

"E-E-Emi-san, why are we here at Naruto-kun's place?" Hinata asked with her voice getting lower and lower. "Oh I live here. Moved right on in with Naruto-kun. Hmm he should be home about now," Emi said walking up the steps. The feeling left Hinata's feet. She had only been to Naruto's house a handful of times and each time she could hardly utter two single words to him in a coherent sentence. What was this woman doing? Did Naruto tell her how Hinata had acted so they were going to talk? What was there to talk about? Hinata wasn't sure. She also wasn't sure why her legs were moving her forward making her climb the steps.

As Hinata turned the corners to the left, she ascended to Naruto's floor and noticed Emi about to knock on the door. However Hinata noticed the woman pause. She then knelt down and placed her ear to the door. Why did the smirk on her face get bigger? Hinata truly didn't understand this woman. "E-Emi-san?" Hinata asked walking over to the door. She watched Emi quickly shush her before attempting to lean her ear closer. She motioned for Hinata to come over. Hinata blinked. Why was this happening? Every instinct was telling her to go home and forget this. Naruto had the weirdest lover Hinata had ever met, well actually she was the only one Hinata had ever met. However Hinata had been intrigued by the woman. She couldn't help herself. Hinata walked cautiously towards the door. She knelt down. Emi pointed towards the door.

"Sounds like Naruto-kun is getting in a workout," Emi said grinning widely. Hinata pressed her right ear to the door. "Yes Naruto-kun! Fuck me harder! I…I can feel your dick drilling into me! Oh god you…you're breaking me!" came muffled voices which forced Hinata to widen her eyes. With her ears she could hear the sounds of a woman in the throes of passion along with the sounds of animalistic grunting.

"Ayame-chan, not so loud. You're going to disturb the neighbors," Hinata heard Naruto's obvious voice. No way could she mistake that. "I-It's not fair. You keep crushing my womb with your cock! My…ugh…voice is…uhh. slipping out!" Ayame said as Hinata blushed dark red. Her mind had to many questions that she slowly failed to contemplate all of them. Was Naruto cheating on Emi? No, Hinata knew Naruto. Or at least she thought she did. That wasn't his nature. Plus Emi didn't seem the slight bit mad. Rather she seemed excited by the ordeal.

"N-N-Naruto-kun ish-h-h-havings-s-s-s-s-s.," Hinata trembled as she heard Ayame huffing out Naruto's name is ragged, rapid breaths. Hinata turned and noticed Emi lick her bottom lip. "Sounds like he's really giving it to her," Emi said obviously. Hinata swallowed the lump in her throat. A part of her wanted to cry and run away from the door. She wasn't sure how she was to take this situation in front of her. However that other half dealt heated embarrassment and…pleasure. Listening to Ayame's vulgar talk about Naruto along with the rhythmic beats made her body tremble. How she often wondered in her fantasies about the blonde and doing what he was doing right now to her. After all the Byakugan only allowed one to see so much. Chakra outlines only worked for so long.

"Tell me Ayame-chan, what is Ichiraku's policy?" Hinata heard Naruto say while the sounds of wet smacking flesh became apparent to her ears. It was then that Hinata heard more huffing. She turned and gawked as Emi had half-lidded eyes while her lower lip was being bitten by her teeth. Hinata heard Ayame speak.

"I…Ichi…Ichiraku's….ugh…policy is….ahhh….the customers….oh god fuck….complete satisfaction!" Ayame cried. Hinata imagined Ayame wrapping her weary legs around Naruto's waist while Naruto chuckled. "That's right Ayame-chan. I ordered take-out from you so that makes me your customer dattebayo. So satisfy your customer," Naruto ordered. Hinata widened her eyes to the use of Naruto's authoritative tone.

"H-Hai, Ayame will satisfy all of…Naruto-kun's desires!" Ayame said. For Hinata this was too surreal. She remembered the times she had been to Ichiraku Ramen since the time Naruto had been gone. Ayame always seemed too busy to have a relationship what with the success of the restaurant than she had. Yet here she was losing herself to her baser pleasures while rutting with Naruto in his house. Where did the ramen owner find time to do this? More over, why was Emi not angry?

Hinata backed away from the door while Emi smiled. "W-W-What are you showing me?" Hinata asked while Emi slowly stood to her feet. "What I'm showing you is what you make of it. Now that you know, you can do whatever you want with this information. Just understand that if you leave then I will never offer this chance again. It's all merely a simple question. What do you desire?," Emi asked opening the door. She walked inside and closed the door, but Hinata didn't hear the lock on the door.

Hinata clutched the hem of her dress. What…what was Emi telling her? Was she telling her that Naruto had more than one lover and that it wouldn't been a problem if Hinata joined? Was she telling Hinata that the girl's fears weren't as justified as she made them out to be and she could still have that chance to confess everything like she had hoped? There were too many questions. The pleasurable moans coming from the barrier of the door only made her clutch her hands tighter. "What do I desire? IINaruto-kunI.Iwant," Hinata closed her eyes. She turned away from the door. Her steps began to walk away.

"I'm not going to run away, I never go back on my word! That's my nindo: my shinobi way!" Naruto proclaimed in an outward burst in front of everyone within the chunin exams and her older cousin, Neji.

Hinata bit her lower lip. She continued walking. She slowly began to reach the steps. After sometime Hinata started walking down the steps. Each creak of the steps boomed int her mind. She could feel the cold wrapping around her. She could feel it encasing her. Hinata understood it. She was afraid. She didn't want to be rejected. She didn't want to be casted out just like her father had done to her in turning his back on her when he had deemed her unworthy to be the clan heir. Hinata didn't want the pain that could come from this.

"Don't underestimate me! I don't quit and I don't run! You can act tough all you want! You're not gonna scare me off! No way! I don't care if I DO get stuck as a genin for the rest of my life! I'll still be Hokage someday!" Naruto hollered slamming his hand on the table in front of the chunin hopefuls and Ibiki Morino, their proctor for the first test of the Chunin Exams.

"What I'm showing you is what you make of it. Now that you know, you can do whatever you want with this information. Just understand that if you leave then I will never offer this chance again. I will never offer this chance again," That last sentence reverberated in Hinata's mind as she came down to the last step. At this step she looked at the ground while her hair shadowed her eyes.

"I no longer want to run away!" Hinata said weaving through her handsigns before she finally activated her Byakugan. Entering into the stance of her family's long-tied tradition, Hinata prepared herself as she was ready to fight her cousin, Neji Hyuuga, the genius of the Hyuuga clan. Neji scowled before he slipped into the Gentle Fist stance as well. With a burst of unknown confidence and determination, Hinata charged forward.

As her feet touched the soft dirt of the road once again, Hinata suddenly stopped. She looked out and she noticed multiple people walking through the streets. Some couples and some singles. "I..Iwant," Hinata slowly thought to herself. It was than that Hinata could hear it. It was small and subtle, but it started to rise. The sounds of a chime rang in her ears. Its soothing melody pleased her soul and eased her body. It gently flushed out the cold that she was feeling. Hinata said nothing. Suddenly the roads and everything else were silent. Nothing could be heard by her expect for small sounds of the chime like it was gently blowing in the wind.

Meanwhile, back in the apartment, Naruto saw Ayame huffing basking in the afterglow of the great sex that she just had with her lover. Ayame rested her head on her pillow. "Sorry about the short notice Ayame-chan," Naruto told her with a small huff of his own. Ayame smiled as she swiped her fingers over some of the cum on her face. "No that's fine. After all it was a takeout order. Who was I to refuse?" Ayame asked prompting Naruto to kiss the ramen waitress' cheek. Ayame stretched her body slightly while Emi came through the door.

"Well now, all we have to do is wait. By my thoughts perhaps three or so minutes," Emi said to both Naruto and Ayame. "She really heard us?" Naruto asked still embarrassed at that thought that Hinata had heard him dominating Ayame the way he had been. Emi took notice of that embarrassment and smiled.

"Oh I'd say she heard you about as well as I did. In fact I don't even think she was conscious that she was pressing her ear to the door even more than I was. Still if nothing else now she won't be able to deny the things she's heard. Naruto-kun the main part to a girl's confidence is that she feels that the man will not reject her and if he does then he greatly gives her a reason for it. You haven't exactly done either so she won't be able to do anything else except confront the issue. It's simple. We've merely placed her into a position where her shyness will be her own undoing," Emi said. Naruto leaned up and sighed. Ayame and Emi watched him for a second. Naruto knew more than anyone that if an issue wasn't confronted then all that was left was pain for both parties. Naruto stood to his feet. "I agree with you Emi-chan. I just don't want to pressure Hinata into being with me. If she doesn't want to then I have no right to say otherwise ya know," Naruto remarked as he made his way to the door. He quickly opened said door and gawked.

"Hinata?!" Naruto uttered in surprise to see the former Hyuuga heiress standing in front of the bedroom door. Hinata quickly widened her eyes before looking down. "T-T-T-That's.N-N-N-N-N-Naruto-kun's.p-p-p-p-p-p-p-p.," Naruto watched Hinata's chakra shutdown while she suddenly closed her eyes and fell backwards. However before she could hit the floor she was caught into Naruto's arms. Naruto hoisted her up.

"Oi Hinata? Hinata, are you okay?! Say something!" Naruto panicked much to Ayame and Emi's amusement. Looks like this was going an interesting addition to…whatever it was they had going on here. Ayame and Emi turned to each other and slowly nodded.


Quickly the sun set over the horizon of the village bringing in the nighttime light of the moon and the street lights. In the apartment, Hinata slowly opened her eyes. She wasn't in her home from how the ceiling looked. Fixing through her memories, Hinata widened her eyes as she remembered Naruto's shock of seeing her behind the door while Hinata was equally shocked to see the blonde shirtless and pants-less. Hinata got such a look at his…thickness that it just shut her down. The Byakugan did no justice to the real image at all. "Yo Hinata-chan, how are you?" Hinata heard a voice ask her. She quickly turned and noticed Naruto sitting in a chair next to her. He was wearing a white T-shirt and some old boxers Hinata presumed.

In response, Hinata pulled the covers over her body. "S-S-Sorry for b-barging in Naruto-kun. I didn't really mean to and see…that," Hinata apologized. Naruto chuckled as he scratched his cheek. "Nah that was my fault dattebayo. Sorry for giving you such a hard time," Naruto offered the apology back to her. Hinata slowly brought the covers from her eyes and took a look at Naruto.

"N-No you shouldn't be apologizing Naruto-kun. All of this is my fault. W-Where are Emi-san and Ayame-san?" Hinata asked. Naruto smiled as he stood up. "Ayame-chan went back to the restaurant. She still has more people to serve today so I let her go. Emi-chan left for her job as well. Apparently she found work as a waitress," Naruto told her. Hinata merely nodded.

"S-S-S-So we're alone then?" Hinata asked. Naruto chuckled awkwardly. It was true that the two were alone in the room together. Naruto gently made his way to the door. "Ah sorry. I'll come back and check on you later then," Naruto said as he quickly opened the door. Hinata gently gripped the sheets of the bed.

"N-N-Naruto-kun!" Hinata managed to call out to him before he completely left. Naruto suddenly turned back. "Please stay here f-for a moment," Hinata said shakingly. Naruto blinked. He hadn't known Hinata to ever use such a tone, but he didn't mind it and slowly shut the door and took his place at his seat. The silence of the room was deafening for both as well as tensing. Hinata tried her best to get her thoughts together, but nothing was coming to mind. She could only just speak and try her best. If it wasn't good enough then it merely wasn't.

"Naruto-kun, my shy nature p-p-prevented me from having a lot of things. Because of it my father turned his back on me and named Hanabi the clan heir. Because of my issues I…I just couldn't live up to my clans standards. I w-w-was just a young girl who managed to get lucky in not becoming a part of the Side Branch Family. That's when I found you. No one acknowledged you ore truly helped you, but you always strove harder and harder. You never left everyone's judgements define you. You…I wanted to be like you in everyday possible. I wanted that strength that you had. Everyday I sought to get c-c-closer to you, but I was afraid. All the things that my father said I couldn't do applied there as well. I just kept telling myself I couldn't do it, but I vowed not to run away anymore. I vowed a lot more. When you told me you had a l-l-lover then I felt like my heart was shaking. I thought I had missed my chance and would never get it again. I was sad at myself. Sad and angry that I was this way, that I couldn't be confident in telling you what I wanted to. Plus I was…cold. I don't know another way to describe it, but I was just so cold from the ordeal. Even now I'm cold, but despite all of that I…I…want…y-y-you. Emi-san told me that I have to be d-d-direct. N-N-Naruto-kun, I…I have loved you for a long time and I…want what Emi-san and Ayame-san had. I…It is strange that you have multiple lovers, b-b-but if I'm in your life then I don't mind. I…I just merely want…," Hinata suddenly widened her eyes. Her speech had been cut off as the most pleasurable feeling to ever assault her senses had been laid upon her. She could feel the heat of Naruto's lips on her own with his eyes closed. Hinata promptly shut her own in disbelief. Naruto was kissing her. It was truly kissing her. Hinata couldn't resist the tears that came from her eyes. Naruto suddenly pulled back and opened his eyes. Hinata opened her own dreamingly as she w brought out of the daze she had been in. Naruto smirked.

"You had me when you stuttered 'I want you' Hinata-chan. I'm sorry it took so long for me to notice. If you can be happy with me then I will do my best to make you happy as well," Naruto said to her as he used his thumb to wipe the tears out of her eyes. "Naruto-kun, only you could make me happy," Hinata thought to herself.

"T-Then Naruto-kun please…d-d-do to me what you did with Ayame-san and Emi-san," Hinata spoke rather eagerly. Naruto blinked. He looked at Hinata for a second. "Are you sure Hinata-chan? We don't have to do this until you're ready. No one's going to push you into this," Naruto remarked, but Hinata only grabbed his head and forced his lips back to her. She had wanted this for too long and now wasn't the time for logic to seep into her mind.

Naruto widened his eyes to Hinata's sudden burst of confidence in what they were about to do. Why did it seem like he had just lit a fire inside her body that wouldn't have been cooled until both got what they wanted. Naruto wasn't about to lie, Hinata's lips held a certain coolness that just stimulated the endings of his nerves. He had also never noticed it before, but she smelled good. She smelled like the pure white lilies that adorned Naruto's window sills. So he liked to garden. Sue him then.

Hinata slowly through her head back along with Naruto never once breaking the sweet, tender embrace that they suddenly had as her hair sprawled out over the comforts of Naruto's bed. Naruto moved to accommodate this new movement as he gently sucked on Hinata's tongue. He could feel the heat from Hinata's cheeks somehow warming the insides of her mouth making his tongue vibrate with tingles that ran through his body. How one's hands could be so soft and delicate was beyond him, but Naruto just went with it. After all, this was all being laid out for him like a banquet ready for a king to feast upon and Naruto would indulge in it. He couldn't resist somehow. There was just something about the way her tongue danced with his own. Now Naruto had to admit that Hinata did feel a little clumsy upon comparison to Tsunami, Emi, and Ayame, but Naruto had to bet that this had been Hinata's first kiss. Or at least it was her first adult kiss.

Meanwhile, Hinata, herself, wasn't idle in this either. Her hands rubbed along the lines of Naruto's slim body. How she had wanted this embrace to happen for such a long time when she fantasized about it. He felt so rough, and built. Hinata wondered just how much intense training he had done to acquire such a strong body. His sun-soaked hair was just as soft as she had imagined it many times. His lips were just as warm and inviting as she had dreamed about. All his attention was focused on her for this moment. For this amount of time, nothing and no one mattered except for her. Hinata had all of Naruto's attention to himself. Where was this bliss coming from? Hinata didn't know, but she loved it. Her body had never felt hotter. The feeling of Naruto's tongue batting teasingly at the upper reaches of her teeth was enchanting. She could hardly breath, but how was it that this felt so much better than she had read about?

Within the confines of the seal, Kyuubi suddenly stopped as she felt to her knees in surprise. "What the hell is going on here?" Kyuubi asked huffing slightly. Her breathing became heavy and her body shivered in a sudden uprush of pleasure. Kyuubi clutched her body and shook on the ground. "Ican't breathe," Kyuubi huffed out in gasps. Somehow, someway she just knew that this was her jailer's fault. She could…feel the pleasure that he was feeling. Her nipples perked up and her nether regions tingled with a jolt of electrifying desire that Kyuubi found very hard to ignore. Leaning on the ground her toes curled while she balled her fists. She sucked in her breath and groaned. She squinted her eyes. Why was this happening? Hell, how was this happening? All her life, Kyuubi hadn't been able to feel anything that Naruto felt. It was why the village's annual beatings on him never bothered her when she was her giant self. The people never hurt her through Naruto like they felt they believed. So why was she feeling these sensations now? Also why was she even feeling aroused by this? It was just human mating. What…was the reason for this? Kyuubi looked up and she noticed the feathers dancing in front of her. They were utterly mocking her now. It was more like they were blatantly telling her they did it and there was nothing she could do about it.

"Kami damn you. How dare you mock me!" Kyuubi snarled. As she leaned up, one of her hands brushed up against her new flesh. The hand pressed against the breast and the nipple making Kyuubi stiffen. She would never admit it outwardly, but that had felt good, but why?! How could she feel…so good from her jailor?!

Meanwhile, Naruto suddenly broke contact with Hinata's lips. Hinata opened her eyes. "Hinata-chan, you really are beautiful," Naruto stated to her. Much to Hinata's embarrassment, she tightly closed her eyes again. This was too much. She couldn't believe she was doing these intimate things with Naruto. Even now she wondered if she were merely trapped in a genjutsu dreaming about this encounter, but each touch only served to prove her wrong. Naruto leaned forward and his hot, rough breath tickled the hairs on Hinata's neck as he placed a soft, tantalizing kiss to her neckline. Hinata uttered a soft moan from her sweet lips as Naruto continued onward. His tongue fell into the swift motion of Hinata's white skin taking in her entire essence. "N-N-Naruto-kun, wait…I haven't…taken a shower yet!" Hinata remarked. Naruto chuckled.

"Who cares about that right now, ya know. Hinata-chan, you aren't dirty anywhere," Naruto told her as he nippled on the tingly flesh of her earlobe. Hinata arched back suddenly intaking a large amount of air in her gasp as Naruto's hands expertly made their way through her blouse. As Naruto's hands went through the back of her blouse. Both he and Hinata heard the sounds of the zipper being undone. Hinata knew what was coming and it only made her shiver with delight and anticipation. Naruto was going to see her. All of her. Hinata could feel her blouse leaving her body. Before she knew it, the blouse fell down to her feet leaving her in nothing, but her undergarments. Naruto looked at the garments and smiled. Pure white, just like the young woman in front of him. How much irony could you get? but that didn't mean for Naruto to say that he didn't find it all arousing. It actually was. This slender body in front of him and these creamy-looking breasts with their perky nipples were now being offered to him. Naruto could see those nipples piercing the fabric of the garments she wore.

"N-Naruto-kun, you're staring," Hinata said making Naruto blink before looking up to see Hinata smiling with a light blush to her cheeks. "Ah gomen Hinata-chan, it's just that I never knew how cute you looked. You have such a great figure. Though you always hide it behind your jackets," Naruto remarked. However he could understand. No doubt Hinata's shy nature always transmitted to the types of clothes she wore or would be see in by people.

Naruto was ready to grab at the leather, but Hinata leaned up to his shock and surprise. "Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked worriedly. Perhaps he was right and they weren't ready for this as he had assumed. However, Hinata only placed her hands behind her back. "S-Sorry Naruto-kun, t-t-t-this bra is hard to get off actually. I didn't want to make things difficult for you," Hinata stammered too ashamed of her speech to look Naruto in the eye. Naruto heard her bra clasp unsnap before she pulled her arms out of it. Naruto didn't even get to watch the white bra top fall to the ground as he stared at the beautiful orbs in front of his eyes. They were just so round and fluffy that they looked like two magnificent pillows of soft flesh.

Hinata looked down gasped when she saw the tent in Naruto's pants. "N-Naruto's aroused from looking at me?" Hinata thought to herself. Now Hinata remembered being taught sexual education not only by the academy, but also by Kurenai-sensei. Both times had been unpleasant for her and both times she remembered blanking out at specific parts in both talks. However now she understood most of it. Hinata swallowed her doubts. Clumsy? Yes. Scared? Yes. However, willing? Absolutely.

Hinata watched Naruto move forward. His mouth quickly swallowed her left breast while his right hand landed on her right breast. Hinata suddenly gasped as the sudden jolting through her body. Her knees gently raised an brushed against Naruto's dick. Hinata hitched her breath. It felt so hard against her kneecap. That was going to go inside her, she presumed. However Hinata was also too focused on Naruto's attention towards her breasts as he pinched the right nipple with his fingers. "N-Naruto-kun, you're…rough! Ohhh my, I…feel weird. It…feels good!" Hinata uttered suddenly. Naruto didn't respond. He just continued to lavish over Hinata's large breasts with his tongue and fingers. Hinata bit softly into one of her fingers to keep from letting her moans escape, but that did her no justice actually. The way Naruto's tongue scrapped against her sensitive flesh was mesmerizing and simultaneously stimulating. Her hands couldn't resist wrapping around Naruto's head and bringing him closer in an attempt to intensify the feelings that she was receiving. Naruto's head quickly moved towards the other breast as he felt his fingers drop into the orbs of flesh that was the breasts of his Hyuuga lover.

"N-Naruto, w-wait! T-This i…is…too much!" Hinata said to him. Naruto quickly popped Hinata's nipple from his mouth. He gently blew "You say that Hinata-chan, but look at how wet your are down here. You must want it badly. Hinata-chan you're a naughty girl," Naruto told her. Hinata huffed at Naruto's choice of words. Opening her eyes, she widened them when she noticed the sticky residue of her desires on her fingers.

"That came from me?" Hinata thought to herself and she blushed when she noticed Naruto slowly lick his fingers taking in her essence. Letting it tease his senses with her taste. Hinata really was a beautiful woman. Naruto found himself wanting more of her taste that she had to offer. Hinata just watched as Naruto slid off the bed and to his knees. "Let's get you out of these dattebayo. I want to see all of Hinata-chan," Naruto remarked grabbing the folds of Hinata's white panties. The former Hyuuga heiress closed her bashfully as Naruto gently pulled down the rest of her modesty. The stain at the epicenter of her panties was abundantly clear of her desires as Naruto dropped said undergarments to the wooden floor.

Naruto awed at the pinkness of Hinata's womanhood. The juices that flowed from it to the bed were easily noticeable. It actually prided Naruto that he was able to grant his lovers some measure of pleasure with his actions. "Here I go Hinata-chan. Earlier you told me that you often felt col. I'm gonna fix that now," Naruto said. Hinata just nodded into her hands. Naruto frowned. "You know Hinata-chan, I'm happy that you said you loved me. It sounded just as amazing and sincere as Tsunami-chan, Emi-chan, and Ayame-chan. I know you're embarrassed, but I like it when I can see my lover's face filled with pleasure. It feels me with pride ya know?" Naruto asked. Hinata stiffened before she nodded once again. Hinata slowly moved her moved her hands from her face allowed Naruto to notice her flushed features. She looked very short of breath and her eyes looked as dazed as could be. Naruto grinned.

Without a word, he quickly latched on to Hinata's virgin pussy with his mouth. To his surprise, Hinata suddenly shivered and unleashed a rather sharp moan through the corridors of his room. Her body shook and quivered as Naruto's tongue licked at the corners of her labia coating them in his saliva. "N-Naruto, oh….w-w-wait please. Oh my god! That…feels so good! I…I feel something coming!" Hinata shouted surprising Naruto as her orgasm rushed through her body and to his mouth. Naruto couldn't help, but cough at the sudden intrusion to his throat. "That must have been Hinata-chan's first ever orgasm. So she must be really sensitive," Naruto presumed as his licked the sides of his lips.

Opposite of him, Hinata pressed a hand to her chest. What a feeling! What a rush of pleasure that was. Hinata had never experienced such a thing before. She remembered a lot from the female instructors about females and orgasms, but Hinata had never been brave enough to try it on her own. It felt like all the stress in her body had been forcefully expunged from her body. She had never felt so good in her life. "Seems like you liked that Hinata-chan," Naruto uttered. Hinata quickly nodded, but her breath was suddenly caught in her throat again as Naruto attacked her pussy was again. Hinata couldn't help gripping his blonde hair as her slender legs rested on his shoulders. She had just achieved a climax so she was more than a little sensitive at the moment. Perhaps that was what Naruto was going for? He really seemed to like to take charge. Hinata didn't see fit to deny him what he wanted. Rather she wanted him to. The way his tongue attacked her lower flesh was making her writhe in the ecstasy of her secret desires. However, suddenly Naruto stopped.

"Tell me Hinata-chan, what am I doing to you right now?" Naruto asked and Hinata took notice of the mischievous sparkle in his eyes. She shivered under such a gaze. "N-Naruto-kun, please…continue! I can't say it," Hinata said while Naruto merely smiled. Slowly, agonizingly, tauntingly, his tongue flicked across Hinata's labia just enough for her to feel its presence. Hinata gripped the sheets missing the feeling of Naruto's animalistic claiming of her body with his long tongue. The former Hyuuga heiress huffed softly.

"Come on Hinata-chan, tell me what I'm doing. I want to know if you like it dattebayo," Naruto remarked. Kami, how could he wonder if she liked it? Hinata was just sure Naruto was having fun at her expense, but kami, she missed the feeling greatly. "Naruto-kun, y-y-you're…licking me down there," Hinata attested. However the sparkle in Naruto's eyes didn't vanish upon her words. He gave another lick.

"Where is 'down there', Hinata-chan? I told you, you have to tell things to me straightforward or I won't get it," Naruto told. Hinata sucked in her breath as Naruto quickly inserted two fingers into her sopping wet cunt. Her muscles clinched tightly around his fingers as he drove them into her body tenderizing her flesh with his touch. "M-M-My p-p-p-p-pussy! Naruto-kun is licking my pussy and sticking his fingers there! I…I love it so much!" Hinata said much to Naruto's delight. The blonde jinchuuriki quickly latched over her lips with his own as his fingers became a blur through her walls. Hinata hips unconsciously bucked and trembled underneath the vicious onslaught of her body as her mouth connected with Naruto's once again. Hinata swirled her legs as her pussy constricted Naruto's fingers. She could feel him scrapping her with his fingers. His nails tickled her swollen red flesh.

Both Naruto and Hinata parted as Naruto held his fingers to Hinata's mouth. "Lick them," Naruto told her. To his surprise, Hinata did so without a word of rebuff. Perhaps Naruto had freed some type of inhibition that Hinata had locked away. He wasn't sure, but he only watched as Hinata licked his fingers clean. She then looked down at his boxers. "It looks even harder than before. Even painful. Naruto-kun," Hinata thought to herself. Naruto followed her vision towards his boxers. Now it was his turn to feel embarrassed as Hinata seemed mesmerized by his hard-on.

"Can I…touch it?" Hinata asked uncertainly. Naruto blinked before he grabbed his boxers and dropped them to his feet. He kicked them away allowing Hinata to stare into the full view of Naruto's large dick. Hinata held out her hand and gently touched it. It was hot, and it was pulsating. It was like a heartbeat in a sense. A very, very perverse heartbeat. Hinata slowly moved up and down with her hand. A small moan escaped from Naruto's mouth. She could see his eyes on her, but she didn't relent. Naruto had shown her such great pleasure, now she wished to do the same for him. She would show him her dedication to him as well.

"This is Naruto-kun's.penis. He got this hard from me," Hinata thought to herself. She inched towards it and quickly gave it a soft kiss. She watched the dick jump as if in surprise of her actions. She then quickly moved to it and placed another kiss towards it. Over and over her kisses stemmed down its length to the best of her ability. Unfortunately Hinata had very limited knowledge on sexual acts as Kurenai never told her about those things and neither did the academy. She could only go off what she had read in a book at one point. Don't ask her what book it was. She was embarrassed enough as it was. "I-I think the next thing I should do is this," Hinata thought as she flicked out her tongue and licked the crown of Naruto's stick. Naruto groaned as he gently touched her head.

"Oh damn Hinata. That feels great!" Naruto admitted. Hinata soaked in the praise before continuing onward. She licked his shaft all the while imagining how Ayame had been riding it like she was about to reach Nirvana from the experience. This was that same thing that was going to happen to her she hoped. Truly this was something she had wanted for a long time. Quickly and rather clumsily she licked over Naruto's dick from the top down to the base. She coated his heatstick in her warm, yet cooling saliva while Naruto gritted his teeth.

Damn how could this feel so good just from her licking him? she wasn't even fully giving him a blowjob, but there was just something about the way her tongue wrapped around his meat that he just loved. It was almost like Naruto had to force himself from climaxing too earlier out of sheer bliss. Naruto unconsciously weaved his hips into small thrusts while Hinata's tongue and hands touched everywhere they could roam. Naruto always knew Hinata had the softest hands imaginable, but Kami they were amazing It was like she was using her fingertips to strike points all across his dick to increase his pleasure though he was sure that wasn't exactly what she was doing.

Suddenly without warning, Naruto recoiled as a loud sucking noise came to his ears and his senses. Hinata had engulfed his dick into her mouth. Naruto groaned. "Damn Hinata-chan, your mouth is incredible," Naruto praised while Hinata closed her eyes. Quickly she shoved down her gag reflex from the large intruding muscle that was Naruto's heatstick. Hinata gurgled something unintelligible, but she resumed what she was doing with earnest. Her tongue wrapped around the nerves of Naruto's phallic flesh. Naruto threw his head back in wonder as Hinata proceeded to pleasure him with her mouth as she dragged her head up and down his length. "It filling my throat and I almost can't breath. Yet, Naruto-kun is aroused. I can feel his penis pulsating against my tongue and the back of my throat. I havenever felt more happy," Hinata said in her mind as she used one of her creamy hands to wrap around Naruto's available length and jerk it off while her mouth worked at the tip. In no time, Hinata felt Naruto's dick tighten up in her mouth. Strangely she knew what was coming and it only excited her even more. In fact she could feel the heat at her loins stirring. Her juices were practically trailing down her legs, but she ignored that feeling. Wait, heat? Hinata gasped. She hadn't felt cold anymore. In fact she felt hotter than she could have ever imagined. It was like Naruto was freely warming her up without her even knowing it. This heat couldn't merely be described as body heat. It was something more, something meaningful and Hinata could almost cry tears of joy. However Hinata didn't have the time to completely contemplate her thoughts as Naruto groaned.

"Hinata-chan, I'm gonna cum!" Naruto remarked. Hinata quickly took Naruto out of her mouth just in time as she had the time to be surprised when his white milk sprayed over her face. Hinata closed her eyes from the sight, but she felt the warm, sticky essence over her face. "Thisthis is also Naruto-kun'ssemen. He got an orgasm from me," Hinata said as Naruto's legs buckled and he fell to the floor. Naruto huffed while Hinata blinked. She placed a hand over face and scooped up the drops that she could find. Hinata stuck out her tongue and licked through her blonde lover's cum before swallowing it. It tasted…somewhat sweet actually to Hinata's surprise.

"Wow Hinata, that was…amazing," Naruto said with a grin while Hinata smiled. "I enjoyed it as well Naruto-kun," Hinata remarked before she watched Naruto stand to his feet. His eyes seemed focused upon her form like a predator in the night. Hinata could clearly see his desire for her. Not only her body, but also her heart and her mind as well. Hinata calmed her heart. She wanted this. She had wanted this for a long time.

Hinata turned herself on back as Naruto grabbed her hips. Hinata watched as Naruto aligned his rough manhood with her tender womanhood. Hinata could feel it just tap at the entrance waiting to take her virginity like she had wanted so many times in her dreams. "We can still stop Hinata. No rush and no pressure," Naruto said to her with the same assuring smile that she had always known only he could possess. Hinata swallowed the multiple lumps in her throat. "P-Please take me Naruto-kun. I want to be connected to you in all the ways possible. I love you and I will always love you. Please…claim me," Hinata said and Naruto didn't speak. He merely nodded. Hinata watched as Naruto quickly pushed his hips forward. The former Hyuuga heiress quickly bit her lower lip as she felt Naruto drive his dick into her pussy. Naruto could feel Hinata clench him tightly, almost painfully, but he persisted. He could notice the tears in Hinata's eyes only seeking to confirm that she had indeed been a virgin until this time. He could feel Hinata wrap her arms and legs around his form as he reached deeper and deeper inside her until he was buried and he rested.

"Are you okay Hinata-chan?" Naruto asked. Hinata huffed heavily. That pain was searing through her lower body. She actually felt like Naruto's cock was going to split her in half, but she persisted through the pain. This was a good type of pain. The pain that told her that she was connected to her one and only lover. It was the type of pain that told her that after so long she finally got what she had wished for. She wouldn't take this pain away for anything. "H-Hai Naruto-kun, it's just…strange. That's all," Hinata told back to him. Naruto just waited. He had all the time in the world or at least for that night. They both had a mission to do after all.

After some minutes, Hinata sighed. "P-Please move Naruto-kun. Please…make love to me," Hinata pleaded. Naruto nodded as he grabbed Hinata's hips. He slowly pulled himself out already making Hinata give a sharp moan before he thrusted into her burying his cock into her sheath once again. Hinata gasped as Naruto pulled out once again and fucked himself into her body. "Oh my Naruto-kun!" Hinata moaned as Naruto began to find his rhythm. Quickly Naruto bucked his hips wildly into his newest lover of this strange, but welcomed family. He huffed as he could feel Hinata's walls wrap around his dick massaging it and sending jolts of pleasured electricity through his body. Her body seemed to suck him into earnestly despite the pain from earlier.

Meanwhile, Hinata couldn't find the exact moments to breathe. With each thrust, Naruto expelled the air from her lungs in the form of a sharp moan of pleasurable joy. It was such a feeling of delight that Hinata almost passed out. Her toes curled as Naruto continued to make love to her. Thrust after thrust, she could feel her walls tingling with a certain wetness that the oral he had provided on her hadn't been able to do. It was like he was reaching into the very depths of he soul as his cock scrapped against her walls. "Making love. I'mmaking love with Naruto-kun! Is thishow Ayame-san felt? It feelsamazing!" Hinata thought to herself. She wrapped her arms around Naruto's head as the blonde took one of her nipples into his mouth.

"N-Naruto-kun, oh my god! P-Please…ohhh, you're so rough! I-It's too much! I've never felt this way before," HInata moaned as she bit into her lip, but Naruto didn't give her the full opportunity to do so as he gave her a quick kiss before pulling back. "Kami, Hinata-chan you're so tight. It's like a vice, but…this is…great!" Naruto tested as he furiously drove his cock into her pussy. Hinata could now see why Ayame had been unable to cover her voice that time. Despite her best attempts to not disturb their neighbors, her voice just couldn't be contained. Each moan she let out grew louder and louder as her arms rubbed over Naruto's torso.

"It's…so big…and hard. Y-You're breaking me Naruto-kun! You're…breaking me apart!" Hinata uttered much to Naruto's inner delight. It wasn't even long before Naruto could feel Hinata's body tremble before another orgasm shot through her body and coated his dick in her juices. Naruto could see Hinata had been somewhat dazed from her orgasm, but that didn't mean he was going to stop.

Naruto quickly grabbed Hinata's arm and pulled her forward. In a swift motion, Naruto replaced Hinata with his back on the bed. Hinata's body had been faced towards the door as she widened her eyes. "N-N-Naruto-kun, this is embarrassing. What if Emi-san or Ayame-san walk in?" Hinata asked, but any other resistance she could have offered died when Naruto buried his long stone brick into her smooth cunt walls still moving over them with an exuding force that only he could offer. Naruto only smirked at her words.

"But the Hinata-chan that is embarrassed is also the cutest. If Emi-chan or Ayame-chan walk in then they're both going to see a woman getting fucked in this room ya know," Naruto told her. Hinata huffed as she looked down to see her hips moving sporadically over Naruto's dick. Up and down, up and down, they bumped into his hips furthering the reach of his meat-stick through her delicate body. The skin of his shaft constantly abused her clit with its force as Naruto took constant advantage of her G-spot. Hinata panted and huffed as she could feel her heart pump in unison to Naruto's thrusts. It was like he was literally trying to fuck his entire being into her body. She could feel his tip scratching against her cervix while her walls massaged his dick with their nerves and their juices.

"Toomuch. I-I can't keep this up. Naruto-kun isshaping my womb," Hinata said in her thoughts as she threw her head back. Hinata grunted and groaned along with Naruto as the latter up-thrusted his hips over and over again. Hinata shut her eyes letting her inner senses feeling the thud, thud, thud of Naruto banging against the door that let to the inside of her cervix. Just as Hinata was getting comfortable in the position, Naruto quickly flipped her around so her chest faced him. Hinata accommodated by wrapping her arms around Naruto's head while her lips crashed into his. With his left fingers Naruto pinched Hinata's left breast ushering out a squeal from his lover. Before long Naruto took notice that he didn't even have to thrust as Hinata bounced up and down willingly over his long, hard shaft much to her desire.

"Damn Hinata, you're gonna make me cum if you do it like that," Naruto warned her, but Hinata hadn't heard him. Right now the ringing in her ears was controlling her, pushing her wildly through her desires as she fucked herself on top of Naruto's stick. "I can'tcontrol my hips. I'm such a lewd girl for this. Does Naruto-kun like it this way? He seems to really be enjoying himself. I want him to enjoy this even more. I..I want Naruto-kun to take all of me!" Hinata tested to herself. Naruto suddenly grabbed Hinata's hips and began his angry grunts into her body. Hinata threw her head back in bliss of his intrusion. It was like her high was forcing her to blank out. Hinata couldn't breath, but did she want to? This was…amazing. This was…great. This was…blissful harmony. The electric pleasures coursing rapidly through her body were abundantly clear. She was being fucked. She was being claimed. Most of all, she was being controlled in such a way that it let her know this was happening. Naruto played with her breasts circling over her areolas while firmly gripping her plush, soft fleshy orbs. Hinata batted her tongue against Naruto's as the moans escaped her mouth and entered into his own. Even now her body was massaging Naruto's pole member.

Naruto cursed inwardly. Hinata's movements were so sporadic and unpredictable. Naruto would have been proud if he didn't find it so amazing. He just couldn't see how she was able to bounce so hectically like she was doing. She seemed to be trying to milk him for all he was worth. The fiction of her lower body against his own only served to make the sweat on his forehead more apparent. She seemed desperate for more of his cum. He had never even known the former Hyuuga heiress to have this much energy or enthusiasm in such a situation. She was like riding the fantasy of her night into the wind with her movements. The way her hair lovingly pushed back and forth from her body, the way her breasts jiggled against his chest and most of all the heat of her lips were too much. Naruto could feel his prick tighten once again as he threw his head back. "Hinata, I'm gonna cum!" Naruto remarked, but Hinata's hips only seemed to get faster? The sweat poured down from her forehead to the sheets. No doubt she had never heard him as she opened her mouth.

"Naruto-kun's cum. He's going to reach his climax soon. II want it. I really want. Naruto-kun, please cum. Please release inside me," Hinata moaned unable to keep the last of her thoughts to be such. Naruto groaned as his balled his fists. "Gonna cum!" Naruto grunted as he pushed out one final thrust while Hinata clutched his body desperately. She could feel the mini orgasms her pussy had while Naruto coated her walls in his thick, baby-making milk. Hinata twitched. Without a doubt this was probably what Ayame had. This was…rapture. This was…euphoria.

Naruto fell to the bed as he huffed. Damn what kind of intensity did Hinata have? He had never known the her to be so fierce. Naruto opened one eye and noticed his cum seep out of her pussy from the way she had been seated. What an erotic display. However, Naruto wasn't as surprised as he probably should have been when Hinata touched her chest. "You have claimed me. Treat me well," Hinata said before she was bathed in the same white light as Naruto had seen before. So Naruto was right. Hinata did have a feather. Perhaps that was her coldness that she was referring to. Naruto noticed the feather come out of her body. Naruto grazed it with one of his hands. He watched it gently settle into his chest. Odd, that one entered him gently instead of rather excitedly like the other three had done. "So perhaps if I can sense their emotions then those people have feathers? But that wouldn't make sense. How about I suppose to work this out?" Naruto thought to himself.

However soon his current thoughts were taken away as Hinata dreamily rested on his chest. The smile of content and happiness on her face was all Naruto could care about at the moment. Slowly he picked Hinata up and placed her in the bed. As much as he would like to sleep he wanted to wait for Emi to get home. He quickly turned out the lights and took one last look at his newest lover. This definitely wasn't bad he assumed as he closed the door and left…with a change of pants. Plus a bottle of water never hurt.


In her cage, Kyuubi huffed as the sweat poured from her face. She looked downward at the juices that fell from her leg. Her fingers had been sticky. The images of Naruto's experience with Hinata had been fresh in the bijuu's mind as she had remembered the feeling. She could feel it. She could feel the power, that animalistic power that coursed through her veins as the pleasure overloaded her senses. She could see some of those times as she copied Hinata rubbing her pussy and sought to mimic to do anything to rid herself of this heat in-between her loins. She had just had the best orgasm of her existence. This body was definitely more troublesome than it was worth and Kyuubi would be damned if she admitted that felt good, but it felt…so…damn…good! The raw power, desire, and emotion that Naruto pistoned into Hinata had been enough to drive the female bijuu made with lust and unknown desire. "Dammit, why do I have to suffer at every single turn? I have to do something about this!" Kyuubi snarled to herself. It was then that she heard chuckling. No way was she going insane. In all her years in a prison she had never heard voices that came from inside the seal. That was impossible.

"Well, you could always swallow your pride and just ask him to do what he did to her to you," Kyuubi heard someone speak. She quickly turned her head and gasped. Why…was she looking at herself? She was sure that she was looking at an exact replica of her body in every way, shape, and form. Why was this possible? Did the power that existed inside the feathers do something to this? "Who are you?!" Kyuubi snarled defensively. She wasn't sure how the hell she was going to fight. She had just learned to walk and run, never mind fighting. Plus she had been a giant fox! She wasn't capable of throwing punches or kicks like a human!

"Who am I? Really? You're asking me that? Wow, you must need me more than I thought if you're asking me who I am. I'm you after all," she said with a wide smile. Kyuubi frowned. "Make sense! Right now!" Kyuubi said, but she only noticed the look-a-like wave her finger at her tauntingly. She shakingly stood up into the water before walking over to Kyuubi.

"Now where would the fun be if I told you that? if you really knew who I was then I wouldn't need to show myself here. Ja ne!" She said before she disappeared. Kyuubi widened her eyes before she shouted. Curse you Uzumaki Naruto! Why did you always have to make shit difficult for those around you?!

KG: (Gasp) (Pant) (Huff) Okay perhaps that worked out for the best. I had initially planned for Hinata to be a little later, but it seemed like the best opportunity to introduce her before this thing got any bigger.

KG: Someone asked me if someone loses feathers then can they get them back? or if they lose feathers then do they keep some type of residue power from the feathers? I'm not entirely sure of that when I planned this out in my head though that is an interesting point to make. Perhaps not for the time being as the feather is the thing that grants the total power and without it nothing keeps the power within the user.

KG: Also people have also asked me if I will add cross-over girls and who they would like to see in this as well. I really don't know if I will or if I won't. I admit it would be great, but that is nearly within TheLemonSage's territory and I respect the author too much to be taking a lot of his ideas. I'll admit Eroninja inspired me with this story, but as for taking other girls then I don't know. If I do, then just tell me who you want. I'll have some time to think it over I guess.

KG: NO! NO YAOI! STOP ASKING! "Hey KG, how about gender-bent characters via the feathers. You did the Kyuubi after all," uh huh, don't think I'm not wise to you lot. Well Haku, and Kyuubi have always been gender-bent because latter was explicitly stated to be male or female, though his deep voice is a giveaway soyeah. As for the former, come on! It was a girl and it's gonna stay a girl! Other than them, umpfft good luck.

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Advanced Speed

Stone-hard Skin

Power Transference

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