Well, this is my first ever FanFiction, so I'm sorry if it's really bad. I'm also terrible at descriptive writing, so I'm sort of using this to help me improve. No point putting it off any longer, here we go! WARNING: Contains Self-harming and suicidal thoughts. Do not read, if you are easily triggered. Obvious SPOILERS!

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Tiz sat up, startled. It took him a while to realise that he'd had another nightmare. He'd been having them ever since his brother had fallen to his death. The image of Til's face, before he fell, haunting his every dream. His only brother... gone. He felt a pang of guilt, as he remembered how he couldn't hold on. How he couldn't protect his brother. Even though he'd helped many, by helping to reawaken the Wind Crystal, he hadn't helped Til.

Tiz stood up, and started to make his way to the bathroom. There was only one release for his pain: More pain.

Halfway across the room, he stopped. Turning a full circle, he noted how peacefully his friends were sleeping. How lucky they were. At peace with the world and themselves. Ringabel was there, lightly snoring. As perfect as ever, even in his sleep. Tiz felt slightly jealous, at how smooth the older male was. He had next to no flaws, his light blonde pompadour, perfect as ever, even in sleep. Edea, also snoring, but louder than Ringabel. Her small but strong frame slowly moving up and down, in time with the snores. And Agnès. Agnès, the most beautiful woman he had ever met. Caring, yet courageous. Sweet, yet strong. He listened to the cute little noises she made as she slept. She was perfect in every way, and she was his hope.

He wanted to talk to them. Tell them how he was feeling, everything that had been bothering him. About Til's death, about how he couldn't save him. All of it. But he didn't want to burden them. They were sleeping peacefully and he has no right to take that from them, let alone throw depressing thoughts onto them. It wouldn't be fair to let them worry about him.

Tiz took another step, slowly proceeding to the bathroom door. Reaching for the door handle, he tried to make as little noise as possible. After what felt like minutes of slowly opening the door, Tiz stepped inside and hastily (yet still quietly) shut the door behind him. He looked around, hoping to find something that he could do it with. Anything. Then, he spotted it. A razor that he had forgotten to put away earlier today. He grabbed it, and began to lower it towards his leg. The metal was about to touch his skin...

Til woke with a start. Instead of his normal dream of Tiz falling into the Great Chasm, he'd dreamt that Tiz was in his position instead. He was about to get up and head to the bathroom, when he saw the others. He didn't want to bother them with his problems. Then he remembered his dream. He remembered that Tiz did exactly what he was about to.

Til decided that he would have to wake the others. He was going to learn from Tiz's mistake. After gently shaking the others awake, he explained how he felt to them. They helped him. Ringabel, Edea and Agnès helped Til get better. Even though he still had the occasional nightmare, Til learned how to deal with them. Then they all proceeded their journey with peace (Or as peaceful as an adventure can be).

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