Thanks for all the reviews guys. Also I would just like to say that this story will (hopefully) get better in the next chapter. This is just about what Caine was doing before the FAYZ. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter two:

Coates academy

Caine Soren had always known he was special. That he had a special ability, but he never knew what it was. Until the day he used it. He had gotten frustrated and had lashed out. He had thrown everything off his desk. Even though he had been at the other side of the room at the time. He had been shocked at it. When he tried again though, it failed. So he tried and tried and tried. It all failed. Annoyed, he had stormed out the door and went straight to Diana.

Diana hadn't believed it. She thought Caine had finally lost it. But when he got frustrated and shouted at her, she was pushed back by an invisible hand. That had shocked her. Do again she had asked him. Then he explained that he didn't know how to. So they sat down and talked about the two times he had done it. And by the end of the day, they had figured out how Caine had triggered it. His frustration. His anger. To do it at will, he would need to practice a lot more. Then just as Caine was leaving, he tried to make a move on Diana. She pushed him back. That was how Diana figured out her power.

She saw four bars jump up into her vision. Confused, she pushed Caine out the door and shut it.

Over the next few weeks, Caine and Diana and drake (occasionally) practiced. By the end of two weeks, Diana had found others with powers and under Caine's guidance they all grew in power. Caine though had grown the quickest and had become the most powerful.

Then by time the dome had come down, Caine was earliest the most powerful person in the whole school and with no teachers to tell him what to do, he rounded up anyone who could be a possible threat and cemented there hands. That took less then a day. But Caine wanted more then just Coates academy. He wanted the town as well.

So he gathered a group which consisted of himself, Diana and Drake and begs the journey down to the town. As he walked he thought of the distant possibility of the townies having powers as well. But Caine was the most powerful. He could handle it.

As he walked into the plaza, ready to declare him king, he heard a boys voice bellow out. Declaring himself mayor. Anger boiled in him. He stormed into the plaza, just in time to see the boy step down the steps of town hall.