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-With the Midnight Ravens-

"A stupid shark and shark really!"Courtney muttered under her breath. "Sorry sweetie but Chris did say that there were surprises in this maze not daisies and roses so wake up and smell the pain."Alec said. (A/N is it just me or does he like to get on peoples nerves just to tick them of? I mean first he got on Chris' nerves now he is getting on Courtney's nerves). "Whatever."Courtney said. "Aw did someone not get enough sleep?"Alec said as Robin and Duncan snickered. "Go jump of a cliff."Courtney said. "I would but then who would annoy you and Chris?"Alec said as they came to two a split in the maze. "Left or Right?"Robin asked. "Left/Right."Alec and Courtney said at the same time. "I'm a CIT and I say Right!"Courtney said. "Yeah and I'm a flying monkey so I say Left!"Alec said in annoyance. "But right is the right way to go!"Courtney said. "Whatever but if we lose your going home!"Alec said and the others nodded.

-With the Hooting Owls-

The others ran to catch up with Lighting in case he made himself useful for once and he did soon they found themselves out of the maze and they cheered and soon came out the Midnight Ravens Courtney and Alec glaring at each other ready to rip each other apart at the drop of a hat. "AND THE HOOTING OWLS WIN!"Chris yelled. "Midnight Ravens see you at the campfire tonight."Chris said and everyone glared at Courtney.

-Camp fire-

"Okay so the people who are safe."Chris said. "Trent,Scott,Duncan."Chris said and threw them a marshmallow. "Blaire,Camilla,Heather,Dawn."Chris said and threw them each a marshmallow. "Carla,Brendan and Robin."Chris said and threw them each a marshmallow. "Now Alec,Courtney this is the final marshmallow of the evening Courtney if it was not for you want to go right your team could of won Alec if you where not fighting with Courtney and getting on her nerves she would of not fought with you and you guys might of won but the loser going home is..."Chris paused for a good five minutes. "Courtney your out."Chris said and threw the last marshmallow to Alec. "WHAT NOT FAIR I WAS A..."Courtney could not finish because she was launched into the air. "Who will win who will lose will who will Alec annoy next?"Chris asked the camera. "Stay tuned for the next episode of TOTAL DRAMA BACK TO THE ISLAND!"Chris yelled out.

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