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Speaking: "So, where is Keven anyway" Asked a big burly man to a small teen.

Thoughts: Should I tell him the truth or not.Wondered the servant to himself.

Magic Spell/ Special stuff:"Might as well tell the truth."A emotionless voice said behind him.

A young boy walked through cursed flames. With each step the boy sacrificed a part of himself, his mind, his body, and eventually, his very soul. His drive for survival the only thing that kept him going. Step after step, he sacrificed. His precious memories of his friends and family, his emotions, and finally burning his very soul for the strength to go onwards, not even noticing the inefficiency in his mad stumbling.

Finally, only one thing was left to fuel his stumble. The very name of Shirou, the only thing that currently validated his existence. On reflex the body dropped itself, forcing itself to keep the barest shred of humanity. Shirou felt the fire wash over him in a moment. Not even allowing him to continue. Slowly he closed his eyes, desperately wishing for something to saving him, and remembering all the people he had passed that had wished for the same thing. What made him so special?

Nevertheless, something did hear his silent plea. Breaking away from the control of Angra Manyu a small portion of the Holy Grail was absorbed into the young boy. Hearing his plea, the Grail gave him strength, giving him the power to live, and even more the opportunity to gain more power. It warded off the fire, trying to consume him.

When Angra Manyu could fuel the destroying fire no more, and the rain had set in Shirou got back up, finding it considerably easier than before. Blankly, he started walking. He hadn't walked more than ten meters before a tall man ran up to him, smiling.

He knelt before Shirou smiling a huge smile. "Are you okay?" the man asked. Dumbly, Shirou nodded. The strange man's smile grew bigger. He held out his hand to Shirou, saying "Come with me." Still completely blank Shirou followed, oblivious to the dangers of following strange men. The grail shard, however, knew that Shirou was now safe. Thus it decided to start trying to grant it's master's wish.

To be as happy as that strange man.

...Grail Shard...

The problem was how to do it. It did not have the strength that it had possessed as the full Holy Grail. It could gather and create prana to give to Shirou, but that would be nigh useless when he grew to be a skilled magus. Fortunately, though it still could use all the abilities of the full Holy Grail, it simply was not able to give Shirou even close to enough power to make any significant difference to whatever method Shirou would decide on for his happiness.

Support his progression then. It could, instead of just giving him a large amount of power, boost his body, mind, and soul's ability to gain power. Make an exercise give maximum results. Then it could throw in it's own, small, left over power and activate his latent skills. Maybe even give him new ones!

Now, how would it run this system? It extended it's conciseness to the surrounding area, searching for an answer.

…...That's perfect...

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