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Speaking: A blond teen wearing a bright red jacket chased a red haired teen across a field. "Why are you chasing me?" the red haired teen yelled back.

Thinking: Is he from an association? Why is he chasing me? the red haired teen thought frantically.

Special/Spell: The blond teen smiled, "Come back and let me copy your powers!" he screamed. The chase went on for several hours.

"Onii-chan?" Shirou wondered. Sadly, having his Intelligence stat so high didn't give him the ability to know everything as soon as it happens, and as such he was not immune to confusion. Thus, the unexpected words uttered by the cute little girl in front of him confused him and stopped his current actions.

Rin, however, recognized this as an encounter with an enemy master and thus began to make subtle preparations, covertly shifting into a stance and gathering prana. Along with that, she mentally ordered Archer to get ready for the most likely scenario, a fight.

The white haired girl gave Shirou a slight smile, "Good evening, Onii-chan." After uttering the greeting, she smiles wider, swaying to the side somewhat playfully in a graceful manner. She seemed almost natural, with an almost natural smile, and an almost natural greeting, but it did nothing to dilute the bloodthirsty presence Shirou could clearly sense behind her, no doubt mirroring, though overpowering, her own. Though any precise decision as to her own bloodlust was blocked thanks to the overwhelming presence, and power of the large, male figure behind her, as well as his inability to normally sense the intent of someone, he could guess that at least some bloodlust came from her.

She was dressed in a Western style purple. From the looks of it, it was of a rather high quality, and they looked as though they belonged to a wealthy person. The girl's flawless skin, pure blood red eyes, hair whiter than the clouds, perhaps even whiter than snow, and her fairly pale complexion and young age only served to reinforce that perception of his; her grace and mannerisms certainly spoke of an air of refinement. She seemed somewhere around the age of eleven, perhaps even as young as seven, yet there was a strange hint of age in her eyes that was out of place on one so young.

Behind her, standing slightly off to the side, was a large man with skin blackened almost as rock. He was easily eight feet tall, perhaps even taller, and wore nothing but some strange hide that Unlimited Blade Works registered as a high class Noble Phantasm, specifically one thousands of years old. Given the properties of Unlimited Blade Works, he'd have a hard time analyzing it due to the fact that it was not a sword much less a weapon at all even if he had plenty of time and was not about to be in an unknown situation. His blade was a large axe-blade that weighed a ridiculous amount just from its size, and just by looking at it Shirou incompletely learned a technique called Nine Lives. Not that he knew that.

Shirou glanced above them, looking at their titles. "Illyasviel von Einzbern, The Ultimate Homunculi, Holy Grail Vessel, Level 20." "Servant Berserker, 'Servant Berserker', Level ?." Both were strong enough for major concern. While Illya was stronger than Rin, with even more magic than he had, her Servant had stats even better than both him and Saber combined. Not only that, but he had both Mad Enhancement, and status as a Demigod, giving him more Strength, Agility, and Endurance, though with the loss of most of his reasoning capabilities. Unfortunately, even with the effects of Mad Enhancement dulling his mind, given all of his other statuses, titles and bonuses, he probably still had mental capability enough to battle instead of merely brawling, and probably with a semblance of thought as well.

He would have to reinforce his body to six times his normal just to have the same strength, even then, despite his Endurance being slightly higher, the overall muscle and bigger body meant that he had much more health and stamina, and he had only one weapon that would withstand that kind of pressure, and just Projecting it would cost a large portion of his Mana. Besides that, he would likely be stopped by one of Berserker's Noble Phantasms, whatever that was. He didn't even know who he was fighting, and wouldn't until he had drawn his weapon, and by then it might be too late to draw up a plan with Saber.

It was likely that he could kill Berserker with Gae Bolg, but he wasn't certain if that would be enough for an instant kill, what with Berserker's battle continuation, or if he could even fire it without having to have Saber protect him. He wasn't even sure what Bravery, apart from it making Berserker brave, or Nine Lives did, and only had a vague idea about whatever Eye of the Mind was. He didn't even know if Archer would help him in the fight, or watch from the sidelines, and while he trusted Rin, he didn't know how useful she would be against something with such high Magic Resistance.

"It's nice to meet you, Rin. I am Illya, Illyasviel von Einzbern." Illyasviel greeted, giving a small, but proper curtsy. "Surely you know of the Einzbern?" she asked. Rin tensed up, one hand ready to cast a spell, and the other slightly raised, in a half-block. "The Einzbern." she ground out.

Shirou's mind, however, was once again distracted. Was she the lost daughter his father, the Ilya that he had a quest to save, which offered just under one hundred thousand exp? He was wary, if only because he wished it to be his sister. "W-would you happen to know a man by the name of Kiritsugu Emiya?" he asked, before she could say anything else.

The white haired girl paused, mid introduction, before growling audibly. Suddenly, the girl's happiness was evaporated, and a sharp scowl was left on her face. "Don't mention that man in front of me!" she demanded suddenly. "He abandoned me! Left me alone!" she yelled. Slowly, she began to compose herself. "He betrayed the Einzbern, by choosing to destroy the grail, even after he had won." she explained, her voice still high, but much more calm.

Shirou shook his head, "That doesn't sound like dad." he wondered aloud. Saber looked like at Shirou, "It is true, Shirou. during the Fourth Holy Grail War, Kiritsugu betrayed me, and forced me to destroy the Holy Grail." she explained. Shirou looked rather shocked, "That doesn't sound like dad!" Saber gave something akin, but not quite qualifying to a death glare, and Shirou decided to not push the issue.

Nevertheless, he could not just drop that his father did not abandon his daughter. He had no way of truly identifying if the girl, seemingly too young to ever even be considered, was his elder sister, but he had to try. "If you are Illya, daughter of Kiritsugu Emiya, then I can guarantee that he did not abandon you." Shirou held his voice as firm as he could, activating his Charisma to improve his speech.

Illya looked conflicted, and looked between the three figures in front of her.

While in mind and spirit Illya Einzbern was at least the age of a teenage girl, and her body and memories were technically older than Shirou himself, her thoughts were that of a little girl, her heart stunted by the isolation she had received, and her mind clouded by half-truths or outright lies, and above all, a burning desire to believe that her once beloved father had never betrayed her.

In many ways, this brought her mind to come up with often childish solutions, and thus her actions, in turn, turned childish. Combined with Shirou's high Luck and persuasion skills, this made her question the truth of her knowledge of her father. Not quite to the level that she would question her Grandfather herself, but to the level that she would question her own knowledge and interpretation of it. It was the best the magical object could do, without using its master's Prana. Judging how he might have failed, and there was a significant chance that he would have to fight Berserker, the most powerful, by far, hero of Greece.

Given her thought patterns being not that of her physical age, she thought over her options not in the manner that someone such as Rin would. Illya was sure that her own Servant could kill both Saber and Archer, though it was likely such a feat would cost him one of his lives, and that Archer would try to dishonorably attack her, in either a desperate attempt to live, or in an attempt to get revenge for his defeat. The risk of them killing, or doing any truly significant damage to the two of them was small, but suddenly seemed much larger, and more important that it should be, by all right, to her.

The combined effects of Shirou's Luck and Charisma, and her own childish mind, Illya was slowly pushed more and more towards allowing her adopted little brother to explain himself. Even though she knew that it would leave her open, and would more than likely be a trap to catch both her and her Berserker off guard. Despite all of that, her mind raced in an attempt to dissuade herself from taking his side, while also wanting, deep down in the far recesses of her mind, to actually accept what he said.

That was, until her Servant roared in protest of her adopted younger brother using magic on the two of them. From instincts ingrained from mad rampage time after time, and survival instincts sharpened after countless trials and fights that should have, by all reasonable means, killed him, the insane, lesser form of the great Hercules rushed forward, before whatever spell Shirou was casting took effect on his fragile master.

It was only through the deep bond she shared with her Servant that she could tell why he roared. Her adopted little brother, Shirou, the one she knew she was looking for any excuse to kill, and would likely kill even without one, tried to use a form of mind control on her. It was a good spell, and one she wouldn't have sensed at all, and did even with Berserker's instincts, and her own magical abilities. In a way, it was the type of spell she expected her father's adopted son to use. Something to lie, cheat, and use to get out of trouble, while maximizing things that go his way. It was the spell of a sociopath.

Easily moving three, perhaps even four times as fast as he could, the black giant barreled towards the small group, suprising all four of them standing in the open, and confusing even more the fifth member hidden in the shadows. Still, with the distance that the powerful hero had to travel to reach them, it was only natural that Saber would have enough time to react. Though she only crossed perhaps a fifth of the distance that Berserker did, she managed to block his first blow with an upwards two handed slash.

Seeing the massive black giant rush towards him, Shirou quickly traced the most powerful weapon he had, being slightly surprised that it was neither the Noble Phantasm of his own Servant, nor the weapon that the black giant held, despite both seeming like very powerful heroes, and both being much higher level than Lancer. It held an interesting idea that he'd have to look into later, but he had no time to spare on any more thoughts as Berserker rushed in towards him.

Thinking as quickly as he could, and quickly reinforcing his body to the maximum he could while still keeping his trump card, not activating the Noble Phantasm's special ability, despite being relatively sure that it would kill his opponent. Regardless of how tactically sound, and very much safer, he couldn't shake it that the small girl who looks nothing like his father might be his father's biological daughter. He didn't know why, but that answer stuck in his head more than it should, even with his longing for the small girl to actually be his sister. It stuck with an unreasonable vengeance, and despite his high Wisdom, it didn't seem to go away so that he could focus on the battle. With that in his head, he couldn't, in good conscience, harm his sister's Servant unless it was absolutely necessary to live, even if he was somewhat convinced the powerful Servant would survive.

To make matters worse Berserker possessed an insanely powerful Magic Resistance skill, one to which using a special magical ability of a weapon would be almost useless on him, and Rin's magecraft probably wouldn't fare any better.

Or, rather, he knew her Magecraft wouldn't hold up well, as he knew a great bit about it himself.

Almost quicker than he could see, the Servants charged towards one another. The black giant obviously was physically stronger, with both a class specializing in raging strength, and a much larger and muscled body, yet somehow it was Saber who was the less agile of the two. Berserker was moving much faster despite his much larger size, seemingly not slowed down in the slightest, and while his own Saber had a huge advantage due to being able to move around his giant form much easier, one good hit and she'd likely be down for good. Anyone would be akin to a glass cannon when facing Berserker.

Shirou prepared his new spear, one he'd have to create again on his own, without the help of a handily bloodthirsty shinai-katana. Not only that, but it'd actually be costly to recreate even once, despite his Reality Marble. To the point that it cost nearly a full half of his Mp, his full power being exactly two thousand six hundred and fifty units, and the spear costing one thousand one hundred units.

Luckily, he hadn't been foolish enough to blatantly show off his powers, and so had most of his Mp before paying for Lancer's Spear, and hadn't taken any damage that brought his Hp down anyway. Berserker's high magic resistance would mean that he'd easily nullify the effects of Holy Sword, or Magus Killer. Though, the second of which might still work, with the added bonus of weakening the spells. Nevertheless, something like Magus Killer might carry harmful effects to the Master, who actually did seem to be his sister in this case. It took another moment for him to realize that thinking was getting him nowhere. He didn't have anything to really counter Berserker, but Saber, or Archer very well might. He wasn't normally as fast, or as strong, but he was already Reinforced and each thought he let pass through his mind was a split second he was wasting, letting his Servant battle alone with Archer nowhere to be found. Well, the name Archer implied that he might be preparing something from afar off, but he couldn't confirm that.

Shirou clenched his jaw, purpose filling his mind. He'd do what he had been itching to do - rush into the fray. Rushing forwards, temporarily holding more power than he had ever held before, he jumped into the fray. From there, he had precious little time to compute other than to aim for a space where he could support Saber without getting into her way.

The problem with the situation was that Berserker was still a skilled swordsman, despite the fact that his mind was consumed by Mad Enhancement, and he was fast. Very fast. Despite his best efforts, any attack that actually landed on Berserker was bouncing off of his skin.

It wasn't like Achilles, where Shirou assumed it would take Mp, or Stamina to block blows. It seemed that his skin was actually strong enough to block any blow that Shirou or Saber could actually manage to land. Sure, Saber wasn't using much of her Mp at all, and probably had some way to hurt him, but they were currently just buying time, losing strength without actually gaining any advances.

He could utilize one of Gae Bolg's special abilities, Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death, which would always pierce the heart, but he wasn't sure if that would work here. Both he and Saber could roughly block or deflect a blow from Berserker, but both were losing. The immense strength of Berserker was like a hurricane, so that even Reinforced, Shirou would lose health simply due to the sheer force of the air being displaced, and even worse, he would get thrown into the air, since he only weighed a few hundred pounds.

It took him less than thirty seconds to realize that they were getting nowhere. It was a trend that could be noticed by the second attack, and confirmed by the third. WIth each person moving several times the speed of olympic athletes, it only took a couple of seconds to confirm this. But, when each second was worth significant amount of his Mp, and a little of Saber's, he really couldn't afford to lose even one.

"Saber!" he yelled, "We aren't doing anything, and my Prana won't last much longer! Do you have anything that can beat him?" he asks, not wanting to use his own weapon, sure to either fail or kill, and also requiring him to disengage for a few seconds in order to prepare. Saber nodded before drawing a surge of Prana from Shirou more than she ever had before, making the sword shine with a golden light.

It was indescribable. There was no worldly way to describe the now uncovered blade. He hadn't really thought about the blade being covered before, but now, seeing it, he was met with a confusing revelation. Whatever it was, his Unlimited Blade Works couldn't identify it at all. The best he could do, was look at the outline, and compare. Even then, he could only find it was a sword. His other reality marble, The Emiya Household, could only tell him the obvious, that it didn't have human origins.

Both were useless here, since Saber had to shout the name of her attack. With a cry of "Excalibur!" she stabbed Berserker in the chest. The light didn't stop there, but continued forward, as if being unleashed, turning the attack from 'simply' a large hole through his chest, to something more akin to his torso being gone. After disintegrating over half of Berserker's body, the light continued to run rampant into the city, ruining the house in front of her, and still tearing through the roof of another, before continuing into the sky.

Panic in her eyes, Illya could only dazedly mutter. "Six?" Her eyes shown with a mixture of amazement at the fact that Saber's attack had taken over six lives in one moment from her gigantic Servant. However, given that this was Berserker, whether through some Noble Phantasm, or his natural strength, his arm, cut off from any blood flow, didn't sloop or sag through blood loss. Without a thought, Berserker attacked.


Staring down the large Servant, Beserker, Shirou could feel the difference in power. Saber was stronger than him, someone who could fight all day at the level Shirou could only muster up for a minute. If that were the case, Beserker could fight all day at the level Saber could only push herself at for a minute. The difference was so astronomical that even Shirou could feel the power flowing from the enraged Servant. Shirou couldn't detect bloodlust, nor could he really sense power. But, from this monstrous Servant, he could feel the bloodlust he couldn't feel from other beings, and he could feel the power he shouldn't be able to feel.

In a moment of madness, Shirou yelled the only thing he could think of. "Arm wrestling contest go!"

Illya stops, her link with Berserker pulling him back. Her mind suddenly filled with how incredibly foolish the young boy was to challenge Hercules himself. But, her Beserker seemed more than ready to accept such a challenge. Feeling the mad Servant's emotions, she couldn't help but deadpan, even as a white clad homunculi with snow white hair appeared, bringing a pitch black table with him, so that the two could have a fair contest. He called himself, Ruler, or something?

Besides his hair, the strange homunculi, probably going under a false class, had blood red eyes, like many of their kind. Strangely, his eyes seemed unusually unused to the dark night, seeming to see it as overwhelmingly bright, and wore a white trench coat with just a little bit of silver, as to give the outfit a distinctive look. Underneath the open coat, he wore white armor, which had a variety of runes she couldn't make out from so far away inscribed into it, and with silver trimming. As for his legs, he wore white pants, which probably also had runes sewn in somewhere, that seemed to show the very outermost of several plates of armor underneath.

After a second, once she understood exactly what her brother asked, she felt a grin, one that some would call sadistic, and others would see as evil, slip unto her face. Thinking of toying with her soon to be dead brother, she gave her mad Servant her approval, wanting to see her brother's hand crumble under the sudden and intense pressure her Beserker would cause once the match started.

First up, Beserker and Saber. This was perhaps the least interesting of any possible lineup, since her Beserker naturally had much higher strength. So, after only a few moments of Beserker struggling to get a good grip on the small Servant, Saber's hand slammed down, the knight had lost. The table also sunk a few inches into the concrete road, but somehow managed to hold just fine.

Second, oddly enough, was Archer and her 'brother' Shirou. Though it was certainly an odd match, the Servant rolled his eyes, losing only because her 'brother' had caught the physically weak Servant off guard, using his Magecraft to increase his arm's strength several times over. Archer withdrew his hand, idly rubbing it with an interesting look in on his face.

Shirou earned the Achievement, "Stronger Than You." Shirou had never gotten an Achievement in his life, so apparently he should have been arm wrestling much more.

After his cheeky win against Archer, Shirou was up against the Mad Servant himself. With Beserker's strength being almost ten times his own, and his Endurance being five times his own, Shirou didn't have many options. He didn't have the stats to win normally, but the fact that a Servant was fighting, much less one with a passive, but still very much magical, strength enhancer meant that he was allowed to use his Magecraft. Luckily, that helped him quite a bit here.

He only proved this when he multiplied his strength when he was wrestling Archer, as the Servant had a bit over half again Shirou's strength, but the judge had allowed him to use his Self-Reinforcement. It had been a bit of a risk, but the judge, the strange homunculi he was, allowed it to happen. Thus, he had a plan set and successfully triggered from the moment he issued his challenge.

He didn't expect another to safeguard the rules, but said person seemed happily accepting Shirou using his powerful Magecraft. Thus, as the mad monster gripped Shirou's hand within his own, Shirou activated his Self-Reinforcement fully. Two thousand Mp was shoved into every open space in his arms, barely withheld when he wasn't moving, and visibly changing the color of his skin, which now had a glowing blue spider web where his Prana was going directly. But, with so much being directed it was leaking out of him at an incredible rate.

His Mp was more than half gone by the time the judge started counting down, but it still took less to maintain than to actually set up. At three, he had only had eight hundred. At two, he had only slightly over five hundred Mp left, and at one he had exactly three hundred. But, when the judge shouted go, he slammed his arm down against Beserker.

With the strength of twenty of himself, his arm exploded in a shower of blood as he ran out of Mana before his hand hit the table. But the sheer force he had exerted had picked up the giant and thrown him onto the table before he even ran out of Mp. As his mind was covered red through searing hot pain, he earned yet another Achievement. "Herculean Effort."

Suddenly, out of nowhere, an older look-alike to her 'brother; Shirou slid past her Berserk Servant, binding him in some strange golden chains. He was on her brother in less than a second, palms glowing brightly with a comforting golden light as he slowly moved his arm over her 'brother's' gory remains of one. With all the extra energy that leaked from the spell, the Grail Shard had more than enough to give both Achievements major power. With Herculean Effort now giving fifty more points of Strength, and Stronger than You giving twenty points spread around Dex, Wis, and Magic.

Suddenly, the new man stopped, seeming to remember something. "Wait, aren't I not suppose to be in this story yet?" Above his head, printed clearly for all to see, was "Servant Saver, Servant Saver, Level ?"

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