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A Belated Birthday Treat, Part Two!

Nami sat at her desk, angry and frustrated. She hated that Law had got the better her. Their kiss had turned her on, which was blatantly obvious while she was in Luffy's body, and Law made a point of acknowledging that.

Her body ached for attention, and she was positive it wasn't solely from the touch of her ally. She looked at her hand then, remembering Trafalgar Law sucking her fingers, because Luffy was touching himself when he was in her body.

She found it odd that that didn't bother her. She supposed that she definitely didn't find her captain unattractive. Sure, she wanted to wring his neck half the time, and the chopsticks up his nose was a definite turn off, but the other side to him wasn't. The serious Luffy. The strong, protective, persistent Luffy, he was another story entirely.

Nami also reminded herself that Luffy was instinctive and animalistic. Sex, for him, was surely just a natural, yet fleeting desire. It didn't hold any kind of romantic meaning, and what happened earlier would soon be forgotten, and certainly wouldn't change the dynamic of the crew. 'If he's hunger, then he eats.' She told herself. She had nothing to be concerned about, except how she might get money out of him for embarrassing her.

She knew sleep would elude her for a while yet, so she got up from her desk to go to the bathroom. Nami decided that after what had happened downstairs, it would be best to wash her hands before she continued work on the map at her desk.

As she got a couple of paces from her desk, a strange sensation fell upon her. Then, Trafalgar Law appeared just inside the library, and made his way towards the ladder that led up to the bathhouse.

"What are you doing here?" She demanded. Nami was excited at the sight of him, but she disguised it with anger.

"No need to be like that, Nami-ya." Law purred, hiding his eyes beneath the peak of his hat. "I'm just here to make you beg for that birthday gift." He informed her, lifting his head to examine her expression.

Nami felt her cheeks and ears flush at his words. She wasn't sure what stirred her further. Was it the alcohol, the sound of his smoky voice, or what it promised? Perhaps it was a mixture of everything.

The orange haired woman slowly moved away from her ally. Her fingers brushing over the surface of her desk, an excited and teasing smile adorned her lips, while a hungry fire burned behind her eyes. When her back pressed against the bookshelves behind her, a smirk pulled at the corners of the Dark Doctors mouth.

He used his ability to extinguish the lights around the library. The blue hour before dawn made for adequate lighting for their intimate encounter.

Law placed his hat on the centre table, and dropped his coat to the floor as he slowly stepped towards the object of his desire. His eyes trailed up her long bare legs, over the curve of her hips. He planned to have his hands and mouth do the same at some point before sun rise.

The navigator kept her gaze on his face. She bit down on her bottom lip, loving his expression as his eyes travelled up her body, lingering on the swell of her breasts before finally meeting her eyes again, and returning her lust filled stare.

His attention was briefly drawn to her left as her fingers were trying to push away the map she'd been recently working on. He knew then that she obviously had her desk in mind for whatever they were about to get up to.

Nami reached up and placed her hand flat against his chest. Law raised an eyebrow at her, quizzically. He could see in her face that she wanted him, her hooded hazy eyes gave her away, so why was she halting his advance? He was just about to push her hand aside when her fingers clenched around the fabric of his yellow sweater, and she dragged him towards her.

Though he'd only seen it a couple of times, he loved the pushy side to his allies navigator. And he would also love to see the bold woman submit to him.

Law's hands cupped Nami's ass in the same moment his lips slammed into hers. Their feverish kiss was unbroken as he lifted her up, pressing his body firmly against hers, and pinning her to the bookshelf. Nami wrapped one leg around his waist, and the other found the bench for support. She buried her hands in his hair, a low moan escaping her lips as his slick tongue danced across hers.

"I've waited weeks for this." The Surgeon of Death breathed against his allies skin as he moved to suck and kiss at her neck.

She shuddered at his touch, her hands tightening their grip in his hair so she could force his head back and get his lips against hers again. Nami rolled her hips against him. A hungry groan rumbled deep in his throat and he roughly grabbed one of her breasts and crushed himself against her. Nami squirmed and squealed at his impatient actions, but was quickly silenced as his tongue ravished hers.

A fiery liquid pooled between her legs. Her body craved the Dark Doctor, and every hard inch of him that was slowly thrusting against her, driving her crazy with heady desire. If he was set on having her beg for him, then she would certainly deign if it meant she could have what she needed.

Law quickly broke away from the their kiss in agony. Four fingers and a thumb buried themselves in his right shoulder, and painfully turned him around. A fist instantly met with his left cheek, causing him to drop Nami, and sending him flying against the green curved bench that encircled the library.

"What the hell are you doing to my navigator?" The Strawhat captain fumed. After their body switch earlier, Luffy suddenly had a strong physical desire for her now.

"Luffy, it's okay!" Nami insisted through some heavy pants, as she picked herself up off the floor, then dusted herself down.

"No it isn't!" Her captain demanded. He stretched out his arm and coiled it around Nami, pulling her to him, pressing her body against his hip, and away from Trafalgar Law.

The Surgeon of Death chuckled at Luffy's childish action. It felt like he was trying to hog all the toys, and keep them out of Law's reach. "That won't really work against me, you know?" Law reminded him. He straightened himself to sit up on the bench while rubbing his cheek. Luffy may have hit him without his haki, but it still hurt like hell.

Luffy continued to glare at him, so Law decided to prove his point. He generated his room, and in the blink of an eye Nami was in his arms again, lay on his lap with her legs stretched out on to the seat next to him.

She looked up at Law when his right hand moved to her left hip, and his left arm around her back changed position slightly to get a firmer hold on her. Nami's eyes instinctively found to his, but Law continued to scowl at Luffy, relentlessly.

His stare was metallic in almost every sense. Law's cold aurous eyes were fixed on his enemy, poised dangerously straight at his target like a gilded sword, adamantly guarding what he wanted.

Her gaze travelled from his eyes to follow the outline of his messy dark hair, and down the scruffy sideburns that framed his face. The glint of his gold earrings briefly caught her attention before she continued to admire his features. His strong jawline directed her eyes back towards his lips, which were just beginning to curl into a smirk as Luffy cracked his knuckles and began to growl.

"This is ridiculous,-" Nami began, but was cut off as Law quickly slammed his lips against hers.

"No." She ordered, and pushed Law away. She could hear Luffy seething, and didn't want the alliance to be ruined because of her. "This isn't happening. You are not going to fight because of me. And I'm certainly not going to choose between the two of you. So, please let me up, Tora-o."

The Surgeon of Death relented then, he knew he had to. "Then don't choose." Law said, and his lips found hers again, but a little less aggressively this time.

Law knew Luffy would not let him have Nami. Not now. Not if he wanted her. So, without breaking the seal of his lips against Nami's, Law looked in the direction of his ally, and motioned for him to join them.

Luffy stepped forward, and when he disappeared out of Law's field of vision, he turned his full attention to the woman in his arms, who was kissing his amorously. Her tongue dipping between his lips to massage his, trying to take control while his focus was elsewhere.

Law growled in frustration as one of her hands fisted into his messy hair, pulling him in for a deeper kiss. Her assertiveness helped in quickly escalating his arousal. He felt his cheeks and body begin warm, his extremities tingled as her tongue moved against his. He definitely wanted to see more of the pushy side to her, but he knew it wouldn't happen tonight, not with the situation they were in. Law used his tongue to force Nami's back to where it belonged, his slick muscle quickly followed after hers, causing her to moan with pleasure, and help her forget about any conflict between Luffy and himself.

Law's right hand moved from off her hip, his fingers grazed the skin at her waist, sending a faint shiver through her body, as they travelled up to gently knead her left breast. She squirmed in his lap, arching her back to grant him better access to her chest, and slowly gyrating her hips. Law shifted his position slightly to allow his growing erection a little more room, and to make sure her rotating hips rubbed against him perfectly.

His mind began to go blank as he bucked against her. A hot, tight sensation began to grow in his lower abdomen, and his cock pulsed, desperate to be inside her.

Nami suddenly gasped, and halted all movement when another pair of hands glided over her thighs, and began to unzip her shorts. She managed to break free from Law's hypnotic kiss to look upon her captain, and drink in his hungry expression.

She involuntarily clenched her pelvic floor muscles as a result of his blistering stare. He had that same look of persistence in his eyes that she saw when he faced Arlong, and when he chased after Enel to bring her back. He looked determined, and passionate. His expression scared her a little bit, but it also turned her on. How could these two insanely powerful men be so intent on pleasuring her?

Nami's eyes must have only met with her captain's for a moment, but if felt more like five minutes. A very intense five minutes, and Law was greatly dissatisfied with the lack of friction and affection. He quickly released her breast to force her to look upon him again.

Law watched her expression as his hand crept back beneath her shirt, and under her bra. She mewled and wiggled her hips when he pinched her nipple. In that moment, Luffy looped his arms around both her thighs, and gently tugged her out of Law's lap so he could free her of her shorts. The motion caused Law to groan as her hip brushed across his pulsing erection, causing him to ache even more at the loss of her touch.

A moment later and she was naked from the waist down, exposed to the hungry eyes of both captains. Law looked for only a second before his mouth was on hers again, and his fingers continued to play with her nipple, pinching and pulling until it was stiff, and she was moaning. Then, he moved to tease the other.

Nami slowly broke from their kiss to sit up straight. Law immediately leant forward, and moved her hair to kiss the back of neck.

She closed her eyes and hummed at the warm sensations both captains were sending through her body. She took a moment to enjoy the touch of Luffy's rough hands on her skin. He explored her legs, first with his fingers, then softly with his mouth. He trailed gentle kisses slowly from her feet and ankles, all the way up to her thighs.

Nami turned to incline her body towards Law, creating just enough room to squeeze her arm between their bodied so she could tease Law's cock through his constricting jeans.

"Shit, Nami-ya." He choked out against her skin. Law pressed himself into the palm of her hand that rubbed against the line of his erection. He continued to knead her breasts while his left hand fisted into her silky orange hair, so he could taste her lips again.

Nami jolted, and moaned into Law's mouth as Luffy's calloused thumbs pushed apart her folds, and he slid a finger inside her. Nami instinctively bucked against her captains fingers, increasing the heat he sent coursing through her body with such a simple penetration. She broke away from Law's lips when Luffy suddenly added a second finger, and coiled them together inside her.

"Ah, Luffy!" She moaned through ragged pants. The blistering heat had her gasping for breath, and moving vigorously against her captains helical digits which were pumping in and out of her.

Once again, Law was dissatisfied with loss of affection, which turned to anger when he saw Luffy was unbuttoning his shorts. 'You're not having all the fun.' Law internally promised the other captain. The second Luffy was free of his clothes, Law moved from behind Nami, and got up to escort him to the library's central desk. He urged the fellow captain to sit down, then beckoned Nami over to them.

Both captain ogled her as she sauntered towards them. Her gait was hypnotic, neither Law or Luffy could move a muscle, they were mesmerised by the curves of her body. Luffy wasn't sure he even managed to blink as he watched her lifting her top over her head, then unfastening her bra and discarding it to the floor.

He stared as Nami knelt down in front of him and took his penis in her hand. She slowly began to stroke him, then took a hot, wet, and excruciating slow lick of his length. "Nami." Luffy moaned in a tone he himself had never heard before.

Her captains needy voice urged her to take a film hold of his dick, and keep him still while she teased him by sucking and lapping at his tip.

By this time, Law had positioned himself behind Nami. He had freed his neglected cock from his jeans, then bent down to wrap an arm around Nami's waist. With one hand on her back, he guided her to her feet, forcing her forward so she could continue to pleasure her captain.

Luffy growled with need as the movement stretched his dick in the most satisfying way. He forced his eyes shut and lay back on the table. Concentrating on the hot, electric sensations that surged through his body while his navigator sucked at his length.

Law gently kicked Nami's ankles apart, grabbed her hips, then groaned loudly as he buried himself inside her. Luffy's dick muffled the squeal that tried to escape her lips, but she soon pushed back against him, squeezing her walls around him, and urging him to fuck her.

He slowly began to thrust in and out of her, low curses and moans escaped his lips everytime he was completely inside her.

Law leant forward over Nami, and as his arm snaked around her waist, he felt her abdominal muscles contract. He knew she was close to her orgasm, so he lowered his hand so his fingers could rub against her clit while he pounded into her relentlessly. His other hand was on her shoulder, forcing her body in his direction to steady her as she rubbed and sucked at her captain.

Luffy opened his eyes then. He watched the rise and fall of Nami's head, staring intensely at the spot where his dick disappeared inside his navigators hot mouth, and concentrating on the blinding pleasure she sent burning through his body. He knew he was close. He could feel the coil in his groin grow tighter and tighter. Luffy knew is wouldn't be long until that tension was released.

Nami's mind went blank when Law tugged at her shoulder, angling her body so his cock pressed perfectly inside her. A cry tore from her lips, releasing her captain from her mouth, as Law repeatedly hit the same tantalising spot.

Luffy's hot seed split over his taut abdomen, and he panted with pleasure and exhaustion. He watched Nami's expression as Law continued to bury himself inside her.

"Faster." Nami instructed. Her voice was throaty, and thick with arousal, and Law was happy to comply.

She used her hands to brace herself over Luffy as Law thrust into her, bringing them both to completion. She moaned loudly as her orgasm erupted, shuddering as Law continued to pound into her. He pulled Nami tightly towards him, and held her there to support her weight.

Though her mind was hazy, Nami was still grateful to him as she felt like her bones had liquefied, and she really didn't have the strength to hold herself up any longer.

Her quivering walls coaxed him into release. The Surgeon of Death spilt his seed within her, then after a few more thrusts he halted to rest inside her.

All three stayed like that for a moment. They remained silent as they each caught their breath, and their strength returned to them.

Nami was the first to move. She quickly put her clothes back on, then gave a quick, yet gratified glance at both the exhausted captains, and made her way up the ladder to the bathhouse to clean up.

Law watched as she ascended, still unsure whether he had finished with her for the night or not.

I apologise to anyone who really wanted some hardcore LawLu action. I don't mind some yaoi fanart, it really doesn't offend me, but I prefer hetro ship, and I'm not really too comfortable with writing yaoi (maybe one day). And! I'm too much off a fangirl of both Law and Luffy and didn't want to decide for them who would top, and who would bottom.

I lie, I did think about it far too much, and decided that because Luffy is made of rubber, Law would insist that he would be seme and Luffy would be uke. Anatomically, it'd just make more sense. I still didn't feel comfortable enough to write it.

So, I hope you guys enjoyed it. I totally wished I was just writing LawNa, and I'm sure that was pretty obvious. Sorry :(