Disclaimer. -I don't own the characters of Acapulco HEAT or Renegade I don't know who owns them, the only character is Christy Raines who I created to be Reno's sister.


Another week has passed for Sixkiller Enterprises as Bobby Sixkiller was being plain bored there has not been anything unusual in the state of California, even the bad guys would take a break, Reno walked in. "Bobby?"

"Hello Reno." Bobby said. "Cheyenne should be back with your sister anything going on?"

"Nothing much." Reno sat down. "I just visited Val's grave and kept talking to her about Chey, and all sorts she can't replace her."

"Reno." Bobby went to his friend and said. "Val would have wanted you to move on, Chey still loves you even though I don't think you two should get that close." The Indian thought. "But she's not a child anymore, we're not that way and she has to decide for herself."

Reno nodded. "Yeah maybe I should think about going to Church I can't live the rest of my life with these thoughts of my new life, my freedom, and killing myself."

Bobby said. "You could yet, with being so much on the road makes you wonder why we even fight, why we do our job then the answer sticks in the most unusual places." The Indian had an idea and said. "Tell you what when they all get back I think we're going to take a vacation, there's nothing special to do and we could have some R and R have some fun the parties whatever."

Reno looked at his boss and friend he asked. "Where do we go?"

"I think that should be a surprise I already set up for all of us to go some place, let some other bounty hunters do a job and have a great time." Bobby said.

Cheyenne and Christy walked in with bags. Reno asked. "Where did you go?"

"Cheyenne took me out shopping, we did some talking got to know each other that's all." Christy said. "This has been the first time, I went out since dad's been gone."

"Well I thought that a 19 year old could use some bonding getting to know each other." Cheyenne said. "Let me guess nothing."

Bobby said. "That's exactly it nothing for us to do a lot of the bounty hunters and law enforcements already got the job so I was thinking that we could do some rest and relaxation say in Acapulco."

Christy asked. "Mexico?"

"Well yeah of course I already made reservations we're all going, and all reports are finished nothing special for Sixkiller Enterprises so in the morning we'll pack up and go there spend two to three weeks." Bobby smiled. "I always wanted to check out that one hotel and go talk with some ladies."

The girl smiled. "I always wanted to go to Acapulco I heard it's awesome for the beaches and of course the cruises around the Caribbean."

"We can do that." Bobby said Reno smiled. "Well why not it's been the first time in years since I went on a big vacation say at a five star restaurant."

The next morning an Aero Mexico Flight 237 left from Los Angeles International airport bound for Mexico Reno was sitting with his Sister as the Boeing 757 had continued to climb. Bobby said. "This is great on a flight."

"Bobby I think this is a bad idea." Cheyenne said. "Flying in an aircraft that's more likely to go down."

"Relax Sis nothing to be afraid of." Bobby said. "Besides haven't you heard of the 757's with a better safety record, only two was lost."

The woman shook her head and said. "I never forgot that."

In one of Acapulco's finest hotels Mike Savage strolled through the hallways preparing to find out anything even more special going on, he was not like any of the employees, the man was a leader of Acapulco HEAT the one group of people who would undercover for any operations including terrorists, Ashley Hunter went over to Mike. "What's wrong nothing to do?"

"Oh Ashley we got all reports completed nothing but work at the hotel and no one wants to kill people, even to take over the world kind of bit." Mike said he thought. "Makes me wonder why I got out of the CIA in the first place."

"The one reason I gave up my other job, so we can do our own thing." Ashley told Mike.

Claudio came by, he was the owner of the hotel as he asked. "What are you upset about nothing special?"

Ashley blushed having to live in the hotel with a man with his good looks she said. "Nothing at all." "Well maybe I can have the hotel restaurant make you something special." Claudio said. "Including the drinks on me."

Mike said. "Thank you so much."

The man nodded and walked off. Ashley said. "Well at least that's all that's interesting."

"I wonder where Marcos is." Mike said. "He was supposed to report here in an hour."

"He called saying he has some people to pick up, you know what it's like to have a Taxi as your cover." Ashley said.

"He's more lucky than we are.." Mike looked at his coworker.

Marcos waited at the airport to pick up the people that made the reservations he told himself. "I wonder why I accepted a Taxi as my cover." Marcos got a call and opened his laptop computer. "Yes Mike." -Marcos did you find out anything good for us?- "No we're all fine ,I have to pick up four people."

-Once you do that, do report anything you find interesting.-

"Yes Captain Hook." Marcos commented quietly -WHAT WAS THAT?- Marcos jumped and looked at the screen he posed as a sailor. "Nothing sir just saying yes ,Mike."

-That's better.-

The flight lasted for two hours as the 757 had started it's descent Reno looked out the window on how beautiful the area was full of beaches even more than what California would offer. Bobby looked at his friend. "So ready for some chicks." "I don't know Bobby." Reno said.

The Airliner had touched down on the runway Cheyenne was folding her arms as the aircraft taxied up to the gate once it was parked and everything shut down all the passengers stood up Bobby looked at his sister. "It wasn't bad was it Chey."

"Just remember, I agreed so I can keep my eye on you." Cheyenne said. "Just to make sure you stay out of trouble."

Bobby was sweating. "Come on this is the place to have fun, a day at the beach and all sorts." "Not to mention drinking." Cheyenne said. "Lucky for us you're not driving."

Christy said. "That's why we came, just so to have a great time." "That's what we'll do." Reno said after everyone got off the plane Marcos held up a sign Bobby looked as it said Sixkiller. Bobby walked up. "Hi I'm Sixkiller."

"Aww." Marcos said. "So you're a party of four welcome to Mexico I am Marcos your chaffer as part of the reservation package."

Cheyenne painted at Bobby. "He's paying for it."

Bobby said. "Of course, we'll get our luggage."

"I see, well follow me." The four followed the man.

Cat and Brett strolled through the beach. "You think Marcos will have something for us?" "If he doesn't we'll wind up bored." Cat said. "Of course Marcos doesn't come up with anything."

Brett said. "I remembered when I heard you all got stranded and Marcos lied about knowing Boats." The two-laughed Cat was a nickname for Catherine Pascal she was once a known Cat Burglar who was recently cleared for the crime by working with the HEAT team, she had known the team as part of a family she never had.

Tommy showed up. "Hi guys."

"Hi Tommy where's Krissie unless she's at the headquarters' again."

"That's her not wanting to date much." Tommy said. "I asked her so many times to go out with me but no way she said working is a lot more fun than anything else."

Brett said. "Well you can find a better way to approach her, have more nerve."

"That's the problem I don't have the nerve to keep asking her." Tommy shook his head. "Other than if Ashley insists on taking over, I don't see what's fun about working 24 hours a day."

"Yep you're right." Brett said the two laughed.

Marcos drove towards the hotel Bobby looked. "That's the hotel?" "The One you paid for."

Reno got out of the car. "It's a nice one."

Bobby paid Marcos. "Thanks for the ride." "You owe me more than that sir, about 50 Dollars." Marcos told Bobby.

"But the trip." "You insisted on a bite to eat so it costs you more." Marcos told Bobby, Cheyenne looked at her brother who shook his head and gave the man the money as Marcos said. "Thank you."

Reno and Christy walked into the hotel and looked around waiting for Bobby and Chey, the two walked in. "What happened?"

Cheyenne pointed at Bobby and said "Our booking agent here owed the taxi driver 50 more dollars, just so we can grab something to eat, we could have ate here that would have saved you money." "Hey got to look good you know." Bobby said.

"Uh huh sure." Cheyenne said.

Bobby ignored the comment as he asked for the room and paid for everything. The Clerk said. "Here you go all set other than a few mishaps." "That happens to me all the time." Bobby said.

"Well have a good time for three weeks everything all paid for." "Yeah we had a long flight thanks a lot."

Marcos went to Mike who looked at the man. "Did you find anything?"

"No, no police reports, even the pilots aren't complaining." Marcos told him.

"Well better luck." Mike said Marcos was about to walk off. "And Marcos."

The man looked at Mike and waited, Mike said. "You be careful when you mutter, I can hear through the volume setting even you calling me Captain Hook."

"Yes sir." Marcos said as he walked off, Ashley heard the whole thing and walked up to Mike. "So your name is now Captain Hook?"

"Ashley." Mike said he found the name problematic as Ashley said. "Perhaps we can get you an old fashion clock for those crocs or Kaman we get."

"Ashley." Mike said. "I don't want to hear it."

The woman laughed and walked off; Mike was about ready to kill Marcos for that remark.

After a while in the hotel room Bobby looked out the window while Cheyenne said. "Well at least you did something right for once, taking us out on our vacation."

"Like it's been years, we couldn't avoid the truth in ourselves Chey, for Reno's sake." Bobby said. "And his Sister, I can't imagine running for years and not know of any family we have to deal with, and when Reno went to aid his father, he couldn't even stay to visit with him, after an emergency he ends up leaving."

"Only to find out about his father was dying." Something about that cab driver that alarms me."

"Now Sis, he is our cab driver." "He never said much Bobby." Cheyenne said. "Though he did his job as a Taxi driver, but even if he did, what we asked he didn't want to talk very much and like something is up."

Bobby said. "You remember the Indian legend."

"Yeah I know never judge a book by its cover." Cheyenne said.

Reno was half asleep as Christy trusted her brother enough to share the room Christy continued to have second thoughts. Reno had been thinking about something. "Christy?"

"Yeah?" Christy asked.

"Did Grandma and Grandpa ever say anything about me or Mitch?"

"Not much Reno in fact after Grandpa died, she decided to mention your name, I had pictures of you as a 13 year old." "That was the last time I ever saw them." Reno said. "Why didn't they come to see me?"

"They felt that, you were different, you talked about being a cop doing everything you could to make dad happy, and they were afraid to explain." Christy said. "I bet I know why, something to do with risking your own life to crooks, even old enemies and risking their lives too."

Reno nodded. "All I wanted is a job where I can help people with decency either way I could, instead I end up where cops just go bad, blaming everything on innocent people and false arrests, I risked everything to do something about the problem including my life and freedom. I spent years traveling finding the person to clear my name instead; he withheld information for money and still lied to the court. I have hoped I can make dad more proud of me."

"Dad said that he was proud that you were his son, that was all that mattered and he still loved you." Christy told him.

He shook his head. "I wish I'd found out sooner, I can see him alive. Instead I come to find out that he was dying of cancer, I was never told by anyone but Mitch." Reno shook his head. "All that wasted because of my strengths and weaknesses."

Christy smiled. "You are free now, and dad would have wanted you to move on with your life, get married, even have kids of your own."