Reno thought for a minute and told Christy. "I don't suppose you have something up your sleeve?" "Why not use Cheyenne, since he planned on using her as a way to get to Bobby." Christy explained

"How did you know that?" Bobby asked.

"I put two and two together and if a man is out for revenge, there's only one way he's going to do it, using a family member as part of the plan." Christy told the group.

Ashley said. "That may work, he would lease suspect someone very close to his target even an attractive woman."

Cheyenne complained. "Thanks a lot, now I end up as bait for Charlie."

Krissie looked at Brett and said. "That could work, I never thought of that."

"Now let's explain the plan." The group huddled together as they started planning.

Charlie thought for a minute and told himself. "I will have to get Cheyenne to get to Sixkiller." He pulled out a modified pistol, which had a small dart. The man put the dart in the compartment and placed a silencer on the barrel preparing for his stealth techniques.

Everyone including Sixkiller Enterprises ended up with hidden com units Marcus said. "This will be fun."

Mike asked. "Now you know the plan, just do what you planned to do and I assure you that the plan will work."

Bobby said. "Well at least you're on our side, I knew you would succeed later in life."

Mike nodded. "Believe me Bobby, I often wonder what it took for a mission for us to create a bond, even if you are crazy."

Cheyenne nodded. "Don't worry I won't let you down." "Remember we injected something into your body to keep Charlie from suspecting you, so head on out and do what you came here to do." Mike told Chey.

"Like Vacation." Chey told Bobby. "When we get home, you and I have to have a long talk dear brother." "Come on Sis just this once, I promise I'll give you breakfast in bed whatever."

"Yeah right that's what you said last time I ended up being the damsel in distress." Cheyenne began heading out.

Mike said. "You have an attractive sister Bobby, make yourself lucky to have that."

"Believe me, it would take all kinds to be lucky Mike, it's good to see you again old friend." Bobby told him.

Mike smiled. "You too, thanks for risking the mission to save my life."

The plan was running smoothly as Cheyenne was in a quiet hallway. Charlie aimed his pistol through a hole in a door he made. "Perfect." Once he pulled the trigger the dart flew towards Chey and hit her the woman was knocked unconscious. "The predator get's the prey." Charlie said as he came out into the hallway he had already disabled the cameras though that was not enough for the HEAT team to get on to him."

The man took the woman inside his room.

Ashley looked at the computer screen with the hotel read out. "There it is." "Perfect." Mike said. "Now we get set for phase two, we also have info that he does have more people in the hotel working for him so Bobby will take care of Charlie while we handle the rest of those people."

"How do we know what they look like?" Reno asked.

"There are pictures according to the credit card reports, here's the files memorize them and get to them, all set?"

All nodded in unisom. Mike nodded. "Alright let's hit it Krissie you stay here with Christy Raines incase something comes up." "Got you."

"Reno." Christy said. Reno looked. "Yeah Sis."

"Be careful."

"I will." Reno began heading out.

The group headed out of the room.

Meanwhile Cheyenne was tied to a chair, as Charlie looked at her. "Good you are a wake." "So you're the man he talked about."

"I guess Sixkiller never forgot, he owes me money and of course himself. Either he comes or you die do you understand, and no one will suspect anything. Other than a bomb I set up in the hotel."

Christy got the information that was recorded working with Krissie. "Mike we have a bomb in the hotel we're locating it now." -Alright just tell us where the bomb is.-

Bobby tied his hair back and disguised himself as housekeeper at the hotel cleaning rooms and getting them ready,. Everyone was in place as well.

Even the information they needed as Bobby went to the room.

Charlie thought and told Chey. "It's a shame how a beautiful woman has to die."

Bobby knocked on the door as Charlie aimed his gun at Cheyenne. "You may come in."

Bobby used a key and unlocked the door even came in with a cart. "Hi there, I'm hear to clean your room." He told the man who didn't recognized Bobby in the disguise which he also had a mask.

"Well do your job and leave before someone gets hurt." "Is that anyway to treat a housekeeper?" Bobby asked. "According to the report you were heading out so I have to clean the entire room."

Cheyenne realized that it was Bobby in disguise and kept quiet.

The man released the woman and walked off. "Didn't you hear me do the job and clear out." "Okay." Bobby accidentally pushed the cart hard, which aimed for Charlie and knocked him down. Bobby looked and said. "Oops I guess that was clumsy of me."

"Why does the voice sound familiar?"

Bobby went to Charlie and aimed his gun at the man who looked as Bobby removed his mask. "I suppose we meet again after twelve years of wondering what you've been doing." Bobby said he grabbed the man who said. "If you don't release me I will blow the hotel to the moon."

Bobby thought for a minute. 'Like we're going to die anyway.' "So what we're going to die anyway." Bobby punched the man as the two got into a fight Bobby was winning the battle and knocked the man out cold.

Marcus waited in the cab waiting with Brett. "Think the plan will work Marcus?"

"It should, who would say no to a cab driver?" Marcus smiled as Brett got out of the vehicle and looked at two men walking out. "Ready Marcus?" "When you are Brett." Marcus told Brett who nodded and hid himself. The two men came in the vehicle one of them said. "To the airport."

"Sure that will be 70 dollars sir." "Whatever the cost just go." "I didn't say per mile." Marcus said.

Brett came towards the back door and opened it quickly aiming his gun the two men looked. "What's going on?"

Marcus faced them aiming a gun himself. "I also point out that riding to jail is free." The two held up their hands.

Reno hid on the beam of the ceiling and saw three men coming down. 'That's them alright.' The man was in striking distance as he leaped from the beam and landed on one of those terrorists the two aimed their guns as Reno was fighting them off, Tommy jumped in to help. "You're not bad yourself Reno Raines."

"Same with you." Reno told him as the two knocked the men out cold and tied all three up. Tommy nodded and asked. "How did you do that though, climb up on that beam when there's no climbing equipment and know when to leap off?"

"Believe me it took years to learn." "Come on, maybe you should teach me that." Tommy told Reno who said. "Okay maybe later after we nail these guys."

"Great let's go bring them in and get some more."

Ashley and Cat was waiting to distract the last two of the terrorists as Mike hid himself. the two showed up and approached the women. "Hi there pretties care to date us?" "I don't think so."

"Come on it will be fun." The man smiled.

Ashley looked at Cat and said. "I think we have other plans." The two slapped the terrorists hard as they were getting mad at the spot. "Oh that makes me mad and when it does, it makes me do this." The two aimed their weapons at Ashley however Mike came from behind the two men and used the three stooges method hard and they were completely knocked out. The two smiled. Mike said. "Well I guess it's what you get for watching too many movies."

"Hey how was I to know I'd be the lady on; Gone with the wind." Cat told Mike.

"Let's see if we can find that explosive." Mike told the women as the three split up to find the bomb.

Reno had instincts of a cop as he figured out where the bomb might be. Tommy asked. "Where do you think it is?"

"Where the gas would be if I'm not mistaken." "Great or."

Reno thought for a minute and said. "Come one Tommy, Let's go find the bomb." The two ran towards the area of course there was a car parked there where utility trucks would be. Reno focused on the inside of the car and walked up he looked inside where there is white stuff. "I knew it someone turned a car into a bomb with loads of C4." "Those are the types that a small amount can blow a hole in an aircraft."

"This much is enough to blow the whole hotel, the gas would probably be used as a cover up." Reno told Tommy.

The rest of the HEAT Team, including Bobby and Cheyenne showed up after they got all the men together and detained. The cops already had showed up to arrest them. Bobby asked. "IS it in the car?"

"Yeah it's C4 the type the military uses, I say this guy is a genius with explosives." "He would have used the same cover up as he did 12 years ago."

"How do we do something about it." Reno tried to open the car door but it was locked.

Mike said. "Allow me." He went and placed a device on the car door and it unlocked the passenger side door as Reno got in and looked around. "It's hooked to the dashboard clock we have to take the thing apart."

"Maybe Christy would know." "Unfortunately no time to use step by step procedures."

Reno got in the driver side and remembered something. "Of course." The man opened up the fuse box. "Each equipment is numbered so we have to figure out which is the one that operates the dashboard clock."

"No time that bomb will go off in seconds."

Reno popped the hood and decided there was only one way to disable the bomb. The man went to the front and said. "Why not disconnect the battery?"

Mike walked up. "Yeah that can do it."

Cheyenne nodded. Reno used a pocketknife and said. "Christy showed me a way we can take out a battery in emergencies." "In this case this is an emergency." Brett told Reno.

Reno used the knife and carefully disconnected the battery the entire electrical system was out the whole group covered themselves waiting for the car to blow. Of course it didn't Mike breathed abit and went over to the car. "I suppose we found the bomb."

Christy and Krissie showed up. "We called Jim and he said that Charlie does have a record in the US for several terrorist plots that never occurred."

"Because of security." Christy said. "Thanks to the evidence he can be charged with murder, and conspiracy to kill more than just civilians."

"Those that have participated in the mission." Mike explained. "That's Charlie alright."

After everything was cleared and no other explosive was found. The police went over to Mike. "Thank you for detaining those men, we've had several plots involving a bloodshed among the Caribbean."

Reno smiled. "I'm glad we were able to help out too."

Mike said. "Believe me we had help, let's say an old friend thank you Bobby." "I say we all could celebrate maybe enjoy our vacation."

Claudio smiled. "That will be on me, including drinks food whatever, on the house."

Cheyenne said. "Well I guess my brother did something right."

The next day on the beach Reno was out surfing something he hasn't done since he became a free man, and he had realized during the whole thing that, he can let go of the past and move on to better things."

Bobby and Mike were spending time together as Mike asked. "Bobby, why did you stay in America?"

Bobby said. "Because I realized there are things more important to think about, like Reno for example, he is a good man, but had a hard past to deal with and a life of hardships, including the fact that he had been on the run for a long time, framed for murder and now he's free to live his life."

"I know how it is to be framed, I've been there before but because of the HEAT team, I was cleared though I ended up a prisoner of the men behind the whole thing before I had a chance to prove I was innocent." Mike smiled.

Bobby looked at Mike and said. "I guess we all have things to think about, and understanding what's worth risking your life for than just rewards, though money is still the thing, but life is important. Reno is right we should be helping people after all, they are here to teach us lessons that can be part of us."

Mike nodded. "I would do the same Sixkiller, believe me we have people that care for us, love us very much and we would return the favor just I did for you to help nail Charlie."

Christy was able to finally date Marcus who had asked her out. "So how did you get so smart?"

"I had a good family and plus, I realized that I could get a future if I work at it I didn't think my IQ would be this high."

Marcus smiled. "Well just think you were smart enough to plan something that worked, we can use that on the HEAT team if you wish."

"I can't I want to be closer to family though I will consider that the next time I come here, and start being on my own." Christy said.

"The opportunity will wait for you I promise, maybe we will considering doing the same for America as well." Marcus said. "Besides we get sent all over the world and we'll meet again. A promise."

"Of course." Christy smiled.

After everything else Reno was teaching Tommy on one of the beams on how to use the glide technique. However Tommy would make one mistake as Brett was underneath and in range Tommy who got off the beam and landed on Brett who was knocked down by surprise.

Brett knew who it was. "Tommy?"

Tommy looked. "Hi Brett nice surprise huh?"

"GET OFF OF ME." Brett yelled as Tommy got off as Brett asked. "Just what were you doing?"

"He was teaching me the glide technique a way to take people by surprise." Tommy said pointing to Reno. Brett walked up and asked. "And how was that supposed to be done?"

"You climb up there and leap from the beam to land on someone." Tommy said.

Brett looked up. "Ooh that's it, well I know another technique."

Tommy asked. "What's that?"

"This." Brett punched Tommy in the mouthknocking him down. Reno was trying to keep from laughing. "A way to deal with lunatics." Brett told him walking off.

Reno climbed down as Tommy said. "Ouch, did he have to hit this hard?"

"Just remember who you decide to land on next time." Reno said.

"Oh very funny." Tommy told him as Reno helped the man up.

After three weeks it was time to leave as the HEAT team including Sixkiller Enterprises was ready to say good by to their new friends at the airport. Mike walked up. "If you ever come again look us up and we'll be ready to see you again."

"Thank you Mike." Bobby smiled as Marcus showed up. "Here's your fifty dollars back I didn't splurge."

"Keep it, just say it's a well earned money." Bobby smiled.

Cheyenne said. "Well at least it was one time we did anything special including an adventure."

Tommy went to Reno. "Hey thanks for teaching me." "No sweat just remember the rules." "Don't worry I'll be careful." Tommy said.

"Besides I have to keep Tommy out of trouble." Brett smiled. "Come back anytime and we can go on another adventure together."

Bobby said. "Oh we will come back."

While the goodbyes was complete Christy was the last one to see Marcus who said. "I hope you take the offer soon, we need people that can plan better ways to deal with a situation like that."

"Of course." Christy smiled it was time to leave as Sixkiller and his associates boarded the plane. The HEAT team waved farewell. Mike said. "Well I guess it's good bye."

"Well we'll see them again."

Ashley said. "By the way I got you something Mike."

"What's that?" Mike asked.

Ashley gave him a package the whole group looked at it. "What's that?" "Open it."

"Yeah." Tommy said.

Mike opened the box and inside was an old fashion clock, Mike remembered what Marcus called him that day known as Captain Hook. "What for?"

"Well there maybe not crocs, but at least they will come in handy for terrorists." Ashley said.

Marcus smiled. "Well I guess it fit you."

Mike told Marcus. "Here you keep the clock." "Oh no I'm not Captain Hook." Marcus said.

"Either you take it or I'll shove it down your throat." Mike said.

Marcus said. "Alright Spoil sport." He took the clock. "Besides this is a classic."

Mike felt like a donkey written jackass on it, since the clocks like that can be valuable.. "Now wait a minute, I didn't say you can keep it for two years."

"Hey you didn't want it, I get to keep it." Marcus said. "Would look good as a hood ornament."

Mike advanced at Marcus who took off with the clock with Mike chasing him through the airport. The rest of the team began laughing at the antics of the two men.

After arriving in San Diego Sixkiller Enterprises was back in business as Bobby sat down. "I say it was a good time there."

"Including an adventure and now we got certain tasks. You think we'll see those guys again?" Cheyenne asked.

Reno said. "No doubt since we can have vacation time." "Plus they mentioned they come here at times." Christy said.

"I heard they offered you a job with the team, why did you abandon the offer?" Bobby asked.

"Too early to decide and you know I feel I'm needed here."

"Of course you are, after all we need someone of that nature." Bobby smiled. "We may build a secret agent team, like James Bond?"

"Anything's possible now."

A man walked in as a Client. "Bobby Sixkiller?"

Bobby looked and asked. "How may I help you?"

"I need your help to deal with a Bail Jumper if you don't mind." the client said.

"Sure, I guess good things start when you vacate." "Let's accept it." Reno said as the whole group later got on an assignment, Like on Sixkiller Enterprises things wouldn't change except for with Christy in the group, as more exciting things happen for the group.


Author's Note- If anyone ever watch Acapulco HEAT this would be the crossover between the series and Renegade, I am open to suggestions for another Renegade story with Christy in the team.