Chris Mclean cleared his throat, mumbling under his breath as an intern behind the camera pointed to him.

"Welcome to Total Drama! It's Season 7 and everyone has been anticipating this for a looooooong time coming. We have new victi- I mean," Chris corrected, winking at the camera. "Contestants for a whole new, painful, appalling, and utterly terrifying island. Located off of the coast of Italy, we're ready for 24 new players. We've spared no expense on our new location."

Chris moved from in front of the camera, letting it catch the entire view. The island was large, covered in about 7 different types of terrains; tundra, dessert, forest, mountains, a large, open plain, a swamp and, of course, the ocean. Chris chuckled and the camera focused on him again.

"We've got 24 contestants, 24 weeks, and one. Giant. Slingshot." Another camera, down at the docks, showed a large slingshot, large enough to shoot someone into the endless expanse of ocean. The camera went back to Chris as he smiled.

"We're back for the highly rated and requested Season 7! With our new contestants on the way, we're only 5 minutes on the way from starting. So, sit back and hold on tight because it's time for Total! Drama! Fionda Island!"

Welcome to Season 7! Send in your applications and I will choose 23 hopefuls to win a million dollars! You can (totally optional, your choice) send in two characters, one male and one female, but there is no guarantee that both will make it in! I need 12 male and 11 female. The clock is ticking dudes!

-Full Name:

-Nickname (Optional):

-Age (14-19):


-Attire Normal:

-Attire Sleepwear:

-Attire Bathing Suit:


-Stereotype (Emo, nerd, dork, genius, etc.):


-Audition Tape:

-In A Relationship With Any Other Character:

-Anything Extra:


-Full Name: Danielle Aimee Addams

-Nickname (Optional): Dan

-Age (14-19): 17

-Appearance: Dan has long, black hair that hangs to her mid-back. She has dark, deep blue eyes that always look on the verge of tears. She rarely smiles and it is a major surprise when she does. She's very short, standing on her toes she is only five foot.

-Attire Normal: She wears a dark red sweatshirt most of the time. She wears dark wash jeans and black tennis shoes. She has the top of her left ear pierced all the way around.

-Attire Sleepwear: Her sleepwear is quite simple, white shorts and a black tank top.

-Attire Bathing Suit: Only a dark blue, one piece, strapless bathing suit.

-Gender: Female

-Stereotype (Emo, nerd, dork, genius, etc.): Thug

-Personality: Dan is constantly gloomy. She was constantly bullied as a child, but that changed when she earned her nickname- Thug Girl. She was on the boxing team at her school, making her small, but feared. No matter how hard people tried to be friends with her or be in a relationship with her, it never worked. She was too closed off.

-Where You Come From: Sedona, Arizona

-Audition Tape:

The camera opens on a girl, sitting at her desk, she typed away on her computer while speaking to the camera.

"My name is Dan Addams. I want to be on Total Drama because I need that money. I need to get to college and my mom can't put me through. I'm a fierce competitor and no one will stand in my way." Dan now looked at the camera, glaring. "I've seen the past seasons, with all those dumb girls falling in love. Love isn't an option. I came to win."

Dan looked fully in the camera, crossing her arms. She scoffed and blew some her hair out of her eyes. Afterwards, she sent a death glare to the camera.

"I need to join this show. Let me on, and I'll give you a show that absolutely no one will forget. I'm Dan Addams, and I want to be on Total Drama Island."

The camera fizzes, then goes out.

-Willing To Be Paired Up With Another Character (Yes/No): Yeah

-Anything Extra: She has a tattoo of a barcode on her right wrist.

"So, let's get ready! Clock is ticking people! We've only got a limited amount of time until our contestant's drop- I mean, fly in. People are waiting," Chris glared at the camera. "So hop to it!"