Hello, I've got all of my characters! So, this is all of episode one, so here we go! Oh, and THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Any piece in italics is a confession. Got it? Good. Here we go!

"Welcome back. It seems as if our new contestants are just dropping in." Chris chuckled smugly at his own little joke. He pointed above him to a large, rickety plane hurtling towards the west. The camera flicked to the plane's interior, scanning across the bunker.

"Hello, hello, hello!" Chris called from a video screen on the right wall. The campers turned to look at him, all murmuring a response.

"Welcome to Fionda Island campers! You'll be arriving in about," The door at the back of the plane opened up, the wind tearing at the campers relentlessly. They all tried to keep themselves steady as Chris continued speaking.

"Now. There are 24 backpacks on the floor. Not all of them contain parachutes, but, a certain few do. Get those packs first and you might survive. Welcome to Fionda Island, and I'll see you soon! Peace!" Chris called as the screen went black. The campers looked at each other, and then dashed to the packs.

Dan reached hers first. Tugging it on, she raced to the open door, diving out. Beatrice was quick to follow. Beatrice looked over her shoulder to the others struggling with their bags. She dove out, tucking her arms and legs into her body. She fell at a rapid speed, following Dan to the ocean.

Soon, one by one, the others fell out of the plane, some with bags, some without. They all were racing towards the water when Robin decided to pull the string on his bag. He rocketed upwards, his parachute knocking the wind out of him. He breathed a sigh of relief as he floated down.

Susie pulled her string next. Out of her bag tumbled a piece of paper. Susie reached behind herself, grasping for it, but the paper was gone, hurtling up while she shot down. She cursed as she tumbled downwards, passing others on the way.

Dan pulled her string, cheering happily when she found, not a parachute, but a pair of boxing gloves. She slipped them on, holding her hands to her chest and closing her eyes as she fell. As she fell, she felt a pair of arms go around her. Opening her eyes, she came face to face with Gabe, another boy who had opened his parachute. Growling, she glared at him.

"Let me go." Gabe smiled at her, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh really? Well, I'd be happy to!" After yanking her gloves off, he dropped her, listening happily to the curses that followed after.

Stephanie gasped as Dan whistled by her, cursing. What Dan was saying was very offensive, and Stephanie called her out on it.

"Those are very offensive words!"

"Suck my dick!" Dan yelled back to her. Stephanie gasped and shook her head, pulling the string on her bag. She then flew up, cheering as her parachute flew open. Then, she heard tearing. Looking behind her, she saw her parachute ripping at the seams. She tumbled down, the fabric flying off in another direction.

Down on the beach, Chris laughed at the falling competitors. "Right, I forgot to mention, some of those parachutes may not be in the best condition. Oops."

The campers continued falling, some landing with a thud on the beach, others splashing as they landed in the ocean. Chris waited for them to make their way to the beach before speaking.

"Welcome to Fionda Island! You have survived a 40,000 thousand foot drop into the ocean, congrats! First, we have our teams. Those of you who received parachutes," Chris read off of a list, looking at the teens in front of him. "Beatrice, Stephanie, Gabe, Reese, Luck, Sally, Kayika, Raven, Cassandra, Matthew, Dante and Robin. Since you did get the bags with parachutes and did not fall into the ocean, it is only appropriate to name you the Soaring Turtles."

The teams congregated to the left of Chris, looking at the others, all dripping wet and not too happy about their situation. Chris smiled and flipped to the next sheet of paper.

"For those without parachutes; Jason, Chase, Eddie, Mark, Zelda, Monica, Dee, Susie, Elizabeth, Michiko, AJ and Dan, you all are appropriately named the Falling Rats." Chris chuckled at the groan from the 12 teens. "Hey, you grabbed the wrong packs. Why blame me? Now you have your team assignments, your first challenge is-"

"You mean that wasn't our first challenge?" Sally exclaimed, frustrated. Chris glared at her and cleared his throat.

"As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, for your first challenge, you must wade through the swamp to the forest. Your whole team must make it to the forest to complete the challenge. Once you reach the forest, you will find a beautiful, 3 story mansion," The campers cheered happily. "And a run down, ugly, beaten up hut that smells like the inside of a dead cat. The first team to reach the shelters gets their pick."

"Sounds simple enough." Michiko commented. Chris smiled.

"I was hoping you'd say that." Chef threw vomit green backpacks at both teams, chuckling when the packs sent them toppling to the ground. "In these bags are 100 pounds worth of weights and handcuffs. You will handcuff yourself to your teammates." The 23 groaned involuntarily and glared at Michiko, linking themselves together. Chris took out a megaphone, waiting for them to take their positions. When they did, he gave them their mark.

"Ready, set," Chris held the megaphone to his mouth, yelling, "GO!" The teens took off, racing towards the foul-smelling swamp. Chris turned to the camera, flashing his signature smirk.

"And so our campers are off! So far there's some tension between a few, but I guess we'll find out soon. Who will make it to the forest and who stink; I mean, sink under pressure? Find out when we return to Total! Drama! Fionda Island!"

The camera focuses on Chris again as he relaxes in a lawn chair. He smiles while sipping a smoothie.

"Welcome back! We just sent our new players to their team assignments. They have to wade through a deep, murky swamp with 100 pounds on their backs! And also, they're going it with handcuffs on."

The camera flicks back to the contestants. The Falling Rats were in the lead by about 20 feet. They were up to their knees in swamp water, all groaning at the moss sticking to their bodies. Dan grimaced and glared at Michiko.

"If we make it out of this swamp, I'm so going to kill you!" Dan threatened as the water rose to their thighs. Michiko bowed her head in shame.

"I'm sorry Dan! I didn't mean to make you upset!" She cried. Dan shook her head, stomping onwards. The team was pulled along with her as she pushed forwards, ignoring their groans of protest.

"I really didn't mean to make Dan mad! She just has a short temper… that's what I'm picking up on at least." Michiko sighed, crossing her arms. She stared at the camera in outhouse, one of the corners of her mouth lifting.

"Maybe, maybe I can make it up to Dan! Maybe if I'm the best teammate, she'll warm up to me! It's a plan!"

The Soaring Turtles lugged behind, their packs being filled with water. Luck grumbled under his breath as he brought up the rear. He looked ahead to Elizabeth, her hair slightly underwater as the water rose to her neck.

Matthew, from the middle of the line, snapped his fingers. "There are trees here. If we could work our way into the trees, we could move above the wat-"

And that's when they heard a scream.

The camera switched back to Chris, laughing at the scream from Zelda. "I might have forgotten to mention the alligators. My bad, right?"

"You just may have forgotten to mention bloodthirsty animals that could kill our competitors?!" Chef exclaimed. Chris scoffed and shook his head.

"No, they aren't bloodthirsty; all of our animals are trained not to attack."

Zelda began panicking and flailing her arms, jerking her teammates this way and that, only aggravating the alligator in the water. It charged towards them, catching its teeth on Monica and Eddie's handcuffs, yanking them under. Zelda screamed again and the rest of the team was drug underwater, not fighting the alligator.

Chris grimaced under Chef's glare. "Uh, I thought they were trained."

The Soaring Turtles began chattering in panic. Frustrated, Reese called, "We have to move! The thing is distracted, this is our chance!"

"Okay, I wasn't ideal on leaving Elizabeth behind, but, this is competition, and my team has to win. I'm sorry Elizabeth, but this is my time to shine! Besides running from the cops." Luck chuckled, shaking his head. "If she called out in pain, then I'd save her. Other than that, I've got my eyes on the prize."

Reese pulled on his chains, tugging his team forward. Pretty soon, they were past the other team and 12 feet from the shore. Just as they reached 12 feet, they heard the water breaking and violent coughing behind them.

Monica, wrapped in Jason's arms, looked at Jason in shock. "Did you just-"

"Don't ask, just move." He said, setting her down. The other member's coughed and hacked as they continued moving, the other team now climbing out of the water and heading towards the forest.

"This is all Michiko's fault. The girl is a klutz and got us in this mess! God, if we lose this, I know exactly who I'm voting off." Chase shakes his head, resting his arms on his bent knees. "She's a mess!"

The Soaring Turtles came skidding to a stop in the forest. Chris stood there, his arms crossed, a smile on his face.

"Soaring Turtles, you made it here first! Congratulations, you won your very first challenge!" The Turtles cheered as the Rats ran up. Chris threw a ring of keys to Dante and Mark. They all unlocked themselves, looking to Chris for further instructions.

"Since your team won the challenge, you chose where you sleep tonight. The mansion or the h-"

"The mansion!" They all yelled together. Chris nodded, throwing the key, once again, to Dante.

"Well, there's your key. Inside will be great meal! For tonight, all of you are safe from elimination. But, Falling Rats, you all are on the chopping block. I will see you later at the very first elimination ceremony for this season."

The Turtles ran up to the door, urging Dante to open it. When he did, they all rushed in, gasping at the interior.

The mansion was an exact replica of the mansion for Total Drama All-Stars. And, on the long, pristine white table was a gourmet feast. They all cheered, running over and grabbing a chair, stuffing their faces with lobster, steak and shrimp. As they ate, Matthew cleared his throat.

"To win this game, we've got to work together. No working with the other team, just us. All of us could make it to the Top Twelve if we use teamwork. Win every challenge, stay here every night, and one of us could win that million. Are you with me?" They all stared at him with full mouths. Robin swallowed first, then nodded.

"I think that's a good plan. We've got enough variety here to keep us all together. Tonight, one of the Falling Rats," Everyone let out a snicker. "Is going home. That's already 12 against 11; we've got the upper hand."

"Exactly. One of us will win the million, there's no other option." Matthew looked around the table. "So, are you in?"

"Falling Rats, you all lost the very first challenge! That's gotta suck on your part. But, 11 of you are safe; Jason, Chase, Elizabeth, Sally, AJ, Mark, Eddie, Dan, Susie and Dee." They all received their marshmallows, looking to the two girls in front of them. They sat there nervously, Zelda chewing on her lip, Michiko wringing her hands.

"Zelda, you screamed and attracted the alligator, putting yourself- and your team –in danger. Michiko, you made everyone carry bags filled with 100 pounds of weights and made them all get handcuffed together." Michiko and Zelda hung their heads. Chris stared at them, eyes narrowed.

"Who did I vote for? Well, as mean as it was, I had to vote off Michiko… she put us all in terrible danger." Susie looked from the camera. "As bad as it was, I kinda hope she stays on. I could see us becoming friends."

"I voted off Zelda. She made me get dragged underwater!" Monica yelled, crossed her arms.

"The person who is safe is…."

"Zelda." Chris tossed Zelda her marshmallow, facing a depressed Michiko. She stood, looking back on her team.

"Michiko, you have been eliminated. Time to head down to the beach." Chris said, leading her and the rest of the team down.

After loading her in the slingshot, her back against the band, Chris smiled. Chef, in an ATV, pulled Michiko back. The band was connected to a rope tied to the back of the ATV. Chef held up an ax as Chris looked to Michiko.

"Any last words?" He asked. Michiko looked over her shoulder, then shook her head. Chef chopped the rope and the band went slack, shooting Michiko into the ocean, her screams echoing after her. Chris turned to the camera.

"And after one day, our 24 has turned to 23. What happens next, wait and see! Who will be shot, and who will take the highland? Find out next time on Total! Drama! Fionda Island!"

The camera goes black. The screen fizzes, then comes back on.

"Actually, I have one more surprise. Get the other team here!" Chris demanded. Soon, the others arrived, grumbling at Chris.

"Is this some type

of double elimination?" Kayika asked nervously. Chris shook his head.

"No, this is my surprise. For the first time ever, you will be receiving a Total Drama Island Veteran as mentor. Now, they won't be competing with you, but they will help you in any way possible. You get to pick your mentor by…" Chris held up a hat, a fedora. "Choosing from this hat."

"Lame." Sally commented. Chris glared at her, scoffing.

"Hey, not everything is extravagant. Falling Rats, you choose first." Chris said. They pushed Dan forwards, making her choose. She grumbled and reached in, pulling out a slip of paper. After opening it, she gasped in shock.


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