Ron sat slumped over a desk in the library and jumped badly when Hermione let a thick book fall onto it.

"Hermione!", Ron shrieked "I was half asleep."

"Well", she countered "This is not your dorm." before he could answer, she continued "And besides, I found what we were searching for."

"Really?", excitement suddenly lit up Rons face and he leaned over when she opened the book. After rifling trough it, she stopped in about the middle. She hovered with her finger over the page while reading silently, then pointed straight at the last paragraph.

"Read!", she commanded and slid the book over to Ron. Ron shot her an ugly look at the command but read nonetheless. His eyebrows rose up towards his flaming red hair and he looked up after a while.

"Its a bit... random, isn't it?", he asked uneasily

"Yes, well...", said Hermione, ill at ease herself "It's the only thing I can think of. That way he has a chance! We just have to hope it hits anyone but... you know... Snape."

"Shh!", Ron said hastily, looking around "Don't even say that!"

"Are you that superstitious?", Hermione asked derisively "Lets just do it and see what happens. Even if it hits Snape – it can only get better, don't you think?"

Ron looked unconvinced

"You were the one who started this whole discussion!", Hermione spat, annoyed with him

"Yes, yes I know!", Ron said, raising his hands in a placating way "Lets just do it. You're right, it can only get better."

Hermione nodded at that and copied out the chapter with the necessary information.

"Second years?", Mrs Pince had come around a shelf and was looking highly disapproving "What are you still doing here, its almost curfew!"

Hermione hastily returned the book to its proper place, while Ron packed up. Under Mrs. Pince narrowed gaze they exited the library.

"You think it'll work?", Ron murmured when they where far away from the librarian. Hermione stuck her nose in the air

"Of course!"


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