Lucy's BIG Mistake

Chapter 1 - The Weird Beggining

Lucy I'm home! yelled Ricky and for those of you who dont have a clue about this tv show, let me kindly explain to you.......... Okay, Lucy is a red-headed, wife with one kid named Ricky Ricardo Junior after his father who is Ricky Ricardo of course and did you know that in the tv series, he is a well-known band leader and has a lot of fans (as he claims so). Anyways, moving on................. As i was saying.................... Lucy I'm home! yelled Ricky as he usually addresses his wife as a reminder that he is home and that she shouldn't be doing anything mischeivious and sneaky but other than that Ricky wanted to show care to Lucy as much as she could. Hello darling! How was your day? Lucy comes in with some tea and cookies. It was not ver- Well that doesn't really matter does it? Lucy cuts Ricky off. The fact is that your home with me and little Ricky and were all going to have a marvelous time together aren't we? As Ricky always knows when Lucy is trying to suck up, whether it's for shoes, clothes, or going to Italy, she always finds a way to get her way, but this time took Ricky a bit longer than usual to find out Lucy's skeems and Lucy was feeling very pleased with herself when Ricky says calmly, What do you want sweetheart? Nothing, honey, I cant believe you thought that I would bribe you into doing something for me, honestly......Lucy exclaimed at the top of her voice. Now Ricky, knowing that something was up, told Lucy that he was going to go out for a minute and quickly and quietly snuck and knocked on the Mertz's door and waited patiently for them to open the door when finelly, Fred opened it and let him in quickly. What's the matter, Fred said weakly, for you see, he had been taking a little nap (as always). Oh nothing that you can help me with, but I'm sure Ethel can help me, she always does, Ricky answered. I can see when I'm not wanted, Fred said sarcastically. "No its not that, its just that Lucy's up to something and I'm almost positive that Lucy told Ethel by now". Oh I see then its a good thing you didn't ask me, Fred said. Both men heard the back door unlocking. Oh here miss information comes, Fred said pointing at the door. Ethel came in with a big relief of sigh of shopping for that long, because she was very tired. But as soon as she saw Ricky, she panicked and tried to rush out of the living room and said that she was going to Lucy's apartment but even before she could leave the room, Ricky yelled, "and just where do you think you are going? I told you that I was going over to Lucy's. Come over here Ricky said gently. With a suspicious look on her face, Ethel slowly started to walk towards Ricky.

To Be Continued.....