World of Ruins

Summery: The war has ended and as such people start showing their real colors. Harry Potter disappears, Why did he, where did he go, and who are those two kids that seem to belong to Severus? Snarry, creature fic, MPreg, bashing of certain Weasleys, Hermionie, and somewhat of Snape.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.

Prolog: Missing Without a Care

Fred and George Weasley look around the Burrow disgusted with the people they saw. Their parents were acting as if nothing had ever happened, Ginny couldn't decide between being an (apparently) rightfully offended sobbing mess or to curse, insult, and blame everything on Harry at any possible opportunity, Ron had no problem choosing the later option in Ginny's dilemma, and Hermionie was spending every waking minute reading in order to figure out how to "cure" the savior of the wizarding world of his "illness". She was getting to the point that even Percy (The twins cringe at the thought of the brother who had given his life to save Fred's) would have started yelling at her. None of them seemed interested in the fact that Harry has been missing for about 37 days or that the reason he hid everything from them was for this exact reason. Turning around they leave for the apartment above their joke shop.

Maybe today they'll find the lead that will help them find their lost little brother.

- Line -

Evan Regulas Brynt (Harrison James Potter) lays in a bed at a small unknown French hospital about eight months after he had defeated the Dark Lord for the Wizarding World. Propped up by pillows he looks over at the door as his healer comes in followed by a nurse each holding a painful little miracle. Already he could tell the twins would look as much like Severus as he looked like James.

The high cheek bones, pale skin, prominent nose, and black hair... the only thing they had received from him was that the features smoothed together instead of clashed.

Then again, he hasn't seen their eyes yet...

"Two happy healthy baby boys Mr. Brynt. The father is sure to be proud." The nurse says with kind excitement.

Harry, or rather Evan, flinches slightly, Severus neither knew of nor wanted them. He didn't really think the dark potions master would be proud of them. The sharp pain that came into existence when Severus went into a coma eight months ago intensifies at the thought and he has to push down his creature side again. The healer hands him one of the twins and Harry looks happily at the boy staring curiously up at him with a right eye of onyx and a left eye of his own Avada Kedevra emerald green. Laughing he shakes his head in amusement, "Couldn't decide on an eye color could you Love?" he asks the small infant and the nurse laughs to, "Neither of them could I'm afraid." Sure enough, the twins were as identical as a pair of Weasley pranksters we all know and adore. Harry blinks back tears as he looks down at Asphodel Severus and Loveage Harrison Brynt.

There was no way he was going to lose them too.

He had already lost too much...

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