World of Ruins

Summery: The war has ended and as such people start showing their real colors. Harry Potter disappears, Why did he, where did he go, and who are those two kids that seem to belong to Severus? Snarry, creature fic, MPreg, bashing of certain Weasleys, Hermione, and somewhat of Snape.

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Chapter Five: Returns and Remembrances

"Welcome to Onyx and Emerald."

Draco looks up at the owner of the shop that had attracted his Astoria's attention two days ago and halts in his disgust at the many muggle influences throughout the room.

Those eyes.

He shakes it off quickly, confused as to why his mind believes the golden pools should be green, and goes up to the counter.

"How much for a cake like the one that was in the window display on Saturday?" He asks, Astoria had wanted to try it but as she was accompanying him on a staffing of a Hogsmead weekend and the tiny shop had been packed full of brats he had promised to come back for it later in the week. He gets prepared to push his weight around, new shop keepers are always in need of being told their place, when his voice catches in the back of his throat.

That smile.

"For you monsieur? Don't worry about this one, just come back in two hours and it'll be ready."

The accent threw him off and the person in his mind could barely speak proper English let alone French. But it didn't stop his mind from bringing up him.

"Harry?" He asks, the others would probably be able to tell him for sure since they had been closer to him from the start but for some reason he just knows, he couldn't explain why, he just did.

"Qui?" (Who?) Dead golden eyes that should be emerald and full of life remaining flat and the seemingly genuine confusion that shows on the to young face make the already unsure Malfoy even less so.

"Sorry, you simply reminded me of someone I knew a long time ago."


Snape sits in his rooms staring at the small chest on the floor in front of him. Hands shake as they reach for the clasp, a feeling of dread chilling him to his core, but the lock gives easily and the lid pops up on the rusted hinges as if it possesses a will of it's own. Onyx orbs widen, the man in no way prepared for the neatly stored contents reveled to him.

Contents that couldn't truly be real.

Tears forming as the memories associated with the items finally back in his possession after more then a decade return to him, he reluctantly flips through one of the photo albums his mate had insisted on making, his mind revolting against what he sees captured between the pages. Still, he forces himself to continue through it no matter how much he wants to simply lock it all back up in that trunk and return it to those infernal twins. Memory after memory of his crumbling relationship with the Boy-Who-Lived playing out in the pictures before him and it isn't them he sees by the end of the album but rather his Mother and Tobias complete with the near obsessive love and too prominent injuries that always resulted from the rare cases of mate rejection involving at least one vampire.

But that wasn't enough, no, the memories invoked others that were much worse in his opinion then what he had watched as a child.

"Sev Please!" That pleading male voice grates on his ears, feminine enough but still too different from the one he wants to hear. Why couldn't the brat be quiet? What in Merlin's left pocket was he complaining about anyway? The whore had wanted his dick so his dick he was receiving.

Vampire mates, especially the dominate half, either worshiped their "other half" or despised their "jailer". And Harrison "Harry" James Potter now legally Harrison James Snape nee Potter was most definitely a jailer in his husband's eyes.

Tearing emerald orbs clenching shut in pain only works towards angering him further as his sole reason for actually agreeing to the whore's insistence on mating or even just this whole farce of a marriage was robbed from him. He bats away the infernal reaching hands that insist on trying to touch him and pins them above the younger's head as he continues to rip the boy apart from the inside out, refusing his mate any form of comfort as he had taken him dry without so much as a kiss for foreplay. Continuing to ignore the pleas for him to slow down in his deflowering, he continues to pound into the body under him like it was an object meant only to bring him pleasure as he restricts Harry's movement further and further with every attempt made at struggling.

Annoyed with the screaming and resistance from the one who had actually wanted to do this he sinks his fangs into the neck that never managed to escape his attention anymore, drinking until the struggles recede and the screams turn to sobs before fading into distressed whimpers. Looking into the brilliant green orbs he licks the mark declaring his claim over his submissive in apology before cooing reassurances into her ear that he loved her and everything would be fine now, he would protect her. Drunk off blood he adjusts his angle, though not his speed, as her virginal entrances gives way completely and the last of the friction disappears due to much lube.

It takes a bit but he finds it and Lilly's whimpers turn to soft moans. He doesn't let go of her, refuses to give her the chance to change her mind and go back to Potter's bed, as he kisses her to silence the sounds that just don't match and avoids touching the chest that is to flat.

When he wakes up he doesn't understand why his mate looks at him sadly and doesn't see the self-hatred reflected in those emerald pools. He refuses to acknowledge the injuries and turns a blind eye to the gradual shift in his submissive's appearance as the boy tries harder and harder to become the one those cooed promises had been made to.

Upon waking all he does is get up and leave having already done more then his plan of leaving the sword and making sure the brat hadn't died of starvation.

That had been their consummation. Their "marriage night" had consisted of him raping his mate as he pretended the boy was his mother. And all those things he hadn't noticed the first time?

They were basically shouting up at him now.

"He birthed you twins and you still threw him away? Merlin Sev! Is nothing ever good enough for you!"

What had he done?

Hey Everyone! I hope you liked this chapter of World of Ruins. Some of you had a few questions I would like to clear up about the last chapter and hopefully all of you don't completely despise Harry because of all of this. The question was:

If Severus doesn't even know about the kids due to being in a coma, why the hatred towards Severus? I hope to read more back story because Harry's reasoning and decisions are not making sense.

The others' hatred towards Snape is caused by different reasons. Ron and Hermione hate him because in their eyes he will not only always be their greasy git of a Potions Professor and a death eater but also the one who inflicted Harry with his "illness" and caused him to "betray" them. Lovage hates his father because no matter why Harry and Asp say he firmly believes that the guy abandoned his Dad. Asp doesn't like him because he's afraid that Harry would leave them in order to go back to Snape even if he knows in his mind that is ridiculous and would never happen. McGonnigal never quite got over the fact Snape killed Dumbledore and blames him for Harry's disappearance like most of the others. And the ones with creature inheritances can't believe he would send away and deny the existence of his mate, made even worse by the fact that Potter was pregnant.

Harry doesn't really hate Snape. He left England because Snape said he never wanted to see him again and at that point he already believed that it wasn't him that Snape loved but his mother. The idea enforced by Snape's actions during their... mating... together and the memories Harry saw. He came back to England because the twins wanted to go to Hogwarts. All magical children born on a countries soil is immediately registered to attend the group school of that country, thus the twins' invitation to Beauxbatons, and due to both of their parents being citizens of the United Kingdom their names were registered into Hogwarts' book of names. After growing up with the Dursleys, dealing with the Wizarding world's view of him, and the war I believe that Harry would have either separated himself from magic entirely, and raised his children as muggles, or hid absolutely nothing from them, still not over the fact of how many times everyone had kept important information from him during the war.

I hope this clears some things up and I will more then likely be going further into the back story of this fic later on. If you still have questions feel free to ask them.

As always comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome. Until next time...