My former best friends have left me

For awhile we've been estranged

But if only they would see me now

They could tell how much I've changed

I can't help but feel that I'm lost

While everything around me is shifting

Having you in my life has changed me

And everything I once knew is now drifting

I wouldn't have it any other way

Because having you makes it all worthwhile

I know that they can't see that

But still I try to smile


Okay, now, the story Changing is over, but there will be 2 sequels, one for 6th year, and one for 7th year, so this story is actually far from ending.  Please look out for the 6th year story: The Hardest Thing.  I hope to get the first chapter posted pretty soon, but it may take a little while.  Please review and let me know what you thought of last chapter, and my little poem up there, and don't forget to read and review The Hardest Thing!!!!! 

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