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Time of Discovery


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The battle was over and the five pilots that saved the Earthsphere Unified Nation were still celebrating. "Here is your non-alcoholic champagne Quatre." Duo Maxwell said handing the young heir to the Winner Family fortune.

"Thanks!" he said taking the glass, "Looks like Heero isn't having any fun."

"Yeah, I think that he is in love with Relena and he doesn't know how to say it." Duo replied, "I think I'll help him." With that he moved toward Heero.

Heero sat alone in a corner. He was wondering if he should go to Relena and ask her out or not. I'll just be in her way. He thought as Duo sat down next to him. "What on earth do you want, Duo?" He snapped.

"Hey, I thought that I would help you in your plight." Duo committed.

"What plight?" Heero asked sounding distraught, "I don't know what in the hell your talking about Duo."

A smirk appeared on Duo's face as he thought. Yes he does know what I'm talking about…


In another Universe an argument was beginning at the Masaki home between the Jurian princess Ayeka and the space pirate Ryoko. "Listen here Devil woman, Tenchi is mine you hear me."

The silver haired pirate was laughing hard at what Ayeka was saying and replied: "You're dumber than I thought Ayeka."

Tenchi Masaki just stood there wondering why these two were fighting. Suddenly he realized that they were fighting for nothing, he stood up and yelled: "HEY THIS ARUGMENT STARTED AND WILL END WITH NOTHING! DO YOU TWO UNDERSTAND!!!"

A sweat-drop appeared on both of them. During this time they stared at the young Jurian prince, until they realized that he was right…


"Yes Heero I think that you know what I'm talking about" Duo continued, "your in love with Relena and you don't know what to say it to her. Am I getting warm or not."

Heero eyes widened Duo was right. He's right. I never thought of her like that till Duo mentioned it but he is right. He thought and said: "Duo for the second time in your life you're right. I just can't get the nerve to ask her."

This is worst than I thought. Duo thought, Just like me he was trained to be a cold-blooded killer but unlike me Heero didn't have the opportunity to be a normal teenager. "Tell you what Heero, I'll give some advice free of charge."

"Ok what's your advice." Heero said looked giving him a serious look.

"Well for one thing, JUST ASK HER!" Duo said flat out. "She's right over there and she wants you."

"I hope your right." Heero said as he got up and slowly walked over to Relena Peacecraft. Ninmu ryoukai! He thought as he got closer.

Relena turned to Heero and smiled and said: "Hi Heero are you still going to kill me?"

"Not anymore," He said figuring out what he was going to say. "Umm…Relena I was wondering if…you'll go out with me."

The room fell silent. All eyes turned to Heero. "Yessssss!" exclaimed Duo. Duo looked around and turned beat red. Trowa and Wufei had a surprised look on their faces. Quatre smiled from ear to ear.

Relena smiled and said: "Yes Heero I would love to." She leaned over and kissed him. The room burst out with applause. Heero for the second time in his life he smiled.

After the party Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wufei and Relena sat down discussing what they were going to do with the gundam's. Heero spoke first: "I think we should just destroy them now and get it over with."

Wufei spoke next: "I agree, but I think that now is the time to destroy them."

Duo chimed in: "Why don't we just put them in a museum for the public to see, frankly I don't want to destroy my buddy Deathscythe."

"Were we speaking to you" Wufei said "no we weren't so shut you trap baka."

"Hey nobody calls me a baka and get away with it!" Duo said, jumping at Wufei.

Both Trowa and Quatre grimace. Quatre spoke: "Alright you two that's quite enough." Duo sat down and shut up. "Why don't we just send them to the sun in a disposal block."

The other four pilots looked at each other. The all said: "Great idea Quatre."

Relena, sitting by Heero, finally said: "Where are you going to find a disposal block that big."

"Good point Relena" Quatre said, "but my family has disposal block big enough. And I thought that we would fly are gundam's over there."

"Heero that gives you one more chance to fly Wing Zero. You should be happy about it." Relena said looking at Heero.

"I am happy Relena." Heero said taking her hand, "Will you fly the ship that will carry us back here."

"I'll be happy to." She said smiling

"So it settled then we'll leave immediately. Get your gundam's ready." Trowa said as they got up and leave….


Washu sat alone in her lab working on a major experiment. Suddenly her computer went ballistic. "What's going on here!!" She said looking at her screen. "There is a dimensional rift opening here in my lab. Looks like we'll have company soon I better tell the others." She got up and headed out….

The gundam pilots and Relena in shuttle continued on their way to the disposal site. Heero was in Angle Wing Zero. Duo was in Deathscythe Hell. Trowa was in Heavyarms kai. Quatre was in Sandrock kai. And Wufei was in Gundam Nakatu.

Heero look through his view screen trying to find Relena and her ship when he found her he relaxed. Suddenly everything went black.


The next thing he could remember was laying in some sort of lab. Have we been captured. No we would be in cell by now. He got to see what happened. As he looked around he saw that everyone in his group was there. He determined that he was first to wake up. "Hello welcome to my lab." A voice said from behind startling him. He turned around to see a young woman probably in her early twenty's. "My name is Washu, but you can call me 'Little Washu'."

"Damn did anyone get the license of the truck that hit me." Duo said has he got up. "Who are you." He said pointing at Washu.

"Her name is Washu," he said to Duo. Turning to Washu he said: "My name is Heero Yuy it's a pleasure, the jackass over there is Duo Maxwell."

"I may run and hide but I'll never tell a lie, that's me in nutshell!" Duo committed with a shrug and continued ignoring Heero's commit, "Nice to meet you Miss Washu."


"Ok Washu." Duo said as he stammered back over Trowa as he was trying to get up. "Hey sorry about that Trowa

"Hey what did you do that for!" Trowa said after getting knocked down by Duo. "That's not funny."

"Anyway!" Washu said trying to get their attention: "If you follow me I'll introduce you to the rest of the group."

"Rest of what group?" All three said.

"Oh it must have slipped my mind." Washu said with a chuckle. "You stepped through dimensional rift. Were any of you on some a ship of some sort."

"Relena was the only flying a ship the rest of us were flying mobile suits called gundams." Heero said.

"Huh!" Washu said shocked.

"What in the hell is going on here. Where are our gundams at." Duo said with a little fear.

"I guess that your gundams don't work here." Washu said looking around and noticing the different weapons at their feet. "But I think that you combined with your gundam's to share some of its abilities. Look at your feet there should be a weapon that correspond with each one of your gundams."

Heero, Duo and Trowa look down and sure enough there were weapons that corresponded with their gundam's. Heero found a weird looking beam saber and beam gattling. Duo found a unique looking beamscythe. Trowa found two arm mounted Vulcan's. The trio looked at the still unconscious Quatre and Wufei to find that weapons based on their gundams were by them.

"Then if you would follow me, I'll take you to the others then I'll come back wait till the others wake up to bring them to you. I need to show you guy's the way out.4" Washu said ushering them to follow her.

Once they stepped out of the door Duo turned to look see that it was only a closet: "Little Washu, just how in the hell did you do that."

"Oh that's simple." Washu said with a smirk, "It is a simple dimensional rearrangement process."

"Show off." Ryoko said complaining.

"I'm with you lady." Duo said

"Damn braided baka." Heero said

"Hey I resent that." He said ignited his beamscythe. After the scythe had emerged Duo looked like Deathscythe.

"What the hell." Heero said bringing up his saber and ignited it. Suddenly two long angelic like wing made of gundium. He looked like Wing Zero. "You want to fight. Lets get this over with."

"My pleasure." Duo said charging at Heero.

"Hey! You guys take this outside NOW!" Tenchi yelled.

"Alright! Come on." Heero said heading out the door. "Oh Washu when Relena wakes up come get me."

"Fine with me." Washu said with smile as they left.

"What in the hell was that?" Ryoko asked.

"Remember that rift that I told you about earlier well its closed and six people stranded here with us. Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell the two whom left to beat each other to a bloody are two of them and this one is Trowa Barton." Washu said as she began introductions. "Trowa, this is the space pirate Ryoko. Next to her are the two crown princesses of Juri, Ayeka and Sasami. Over here is Galaxy Police Detectives Mihoshi and Kiyone. And finally the Masaki family Yosho the shrine priest and Jurian prince, next is Noboyuki and his son Tenchi a crown prince of Juri."

"Hi Trowa." They said.

"Thanks! Now lets go outside and see how those two are doing." Trowa said heading for the door still holding his gattling cannons.

"You guys go on ahead I'll go and wait for the others." Washu said heading for her lab.

The fight was intense; Heero and Duo were at a near standoff. Both were tired but Heero would never give up. He starts with a blast of his buster cannon. Duo dodges to the right and retorted: "Come on Heero you aren't going to beat me that easily."

Heero yelled: "You aren't doing well either. Let's call this a draw. I need to get back to Relena." He said reverting back to normal.

"Fine have it your way." Duo said reverting as well.

The others just stood observing the two combatants. They were stunned that they quit just like that. For a while it was quite till Ryoko finally yelled sounding somewhat annoyed: "What! Why in the hell did you guys just quit? I thought that it was a fight to the death."

"Once you get to know them then you'll understand." Trowa said in defense of Heero and Duo.

"It seems that way to me." Kiyone agreed, after looking at Heero saber she said to Yosho: "Doesn't that look like a Jurian knights weapon."

Yosho went to Heero and said: "Young boy may I see that sword please." Heero handed him the sword. Yosho examined the weapon carefully and said: "It's close but it's not adjusted to the power of Juri's royal family instead its set for a human."

"WHAT!?" The girls yelled.

"I'm certain of it. They must have been brought here some reaseon." Yosho "You're Heero right?"

"Yes I guess that Washu told you our names so will you at least tell me your names for me and Duo?" Heero asked.

"Hi I'm Tenchi Masaki, nice to meet you Heero." Tenchi said offering his hand to Heero. "Over there is my dad Noboyuki Masaki and already know my grandfather Yosho. Then there are the Crown Princesses of Juri Ayeka and Sasami. Bringing up the rear is Galaxy Police Detectives Mihoshi and Kiyone and the space pirate Ryoko."

"It's a pleasure," Heero said taking Tenchi hand into a handshake, "now if you'll excuse me I'll better get to Washu." Heero went to into the house.

End of Chapter 1

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