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Okay. I love RWBY. I'm officially obsessed with it. Now, mind you, not to the same point as Frozen. I'm in the process of writing forty-eight Frozen fics whereas I only have twenty or so RWBY fics in the works. Regardless, Hopefully you guys enjoy this one.

The night air was crisp, not yet autumn, but not quite summer anymore either. Two figures hastened across the crunchy grass, stealthily using the shadows to their advantage in order to make it to the hideout without too much notice from bystanders. Unwanted attention never boded well for them.

Finally making it to the correct warehouse, the woman was the first to enter, the package in her arms too precious to risk being sighted by some innocent pedestrian with a big nose. The male followed shortly after and shut the hideaway door so that the inside of the warehouse was shut off to any outsiders.

There were already two others in the large room filled with merchandise. One had on a long white coat and a hat to cover swooped orange hair as he tapped a cane against his leg while the other was a brunette woman with a red dress on, nothing covering her bright flame-yellow eyes from surveying the pair curiously.

"You're late." the red-haired man stated, attention swiveling to the two people that had just entered.

"And we had very good reason to be." the silver-haired male responded.

"And why is that, Mercury?" the brunette woman inquired.

A bundle was placed on the table between the four of them and the red-haired man scowled slightly. "What's this?" he demanded, poking the bundle experimentally.

"Hey, careful!" the silver-haired man called Mercury snarled. "You'd think you were born in Menagerie or something, jeez."

"Well, I'm growing impatient." the first man huffed.

"Perhaps if you give us time to explain, you'll know what a valuable package you possess, Roman." the emerald-haired woman sneered, placing a careful hand on said package.

"Do tell, Emerald." the brunette woman motioned for them to open the bundle. Instead of untying the entire thing, the woman appropriately named Emerald simply removed the top-half gingerly. Revealed inside was a tuft of black hair atop a porcelain head with two violet ears poking through the top.

Now the man called Roman seemed interested. "What's so valuable about this little Faunus?" he asked slowly, black-lined eyes surveying the approximate five-year-old.

"This Faunus," Mercury began, puffing out his chest proudly. "is the prince of White Fang."

"That kingdom with Faunus equality laws?" the brunette woman inquired.

"That's right, Cinder." Emerald grinned, red eyes narrowed in mirth. "Little prince here is going to be conditioned to take the throne. His training begins next year when he turns six."

"You mean was, Emerald." Roman chuckled. "Some would pay a hefty fine for this little guy."

"Don't be stupid, Roman." Mercury snapped. "You can't tell anyone he's the prince!"

"What are you spouting about, Mercury?" the redhead snarled.

"If you tell anyone he's the prince, the White Fang guards will be all over you. Not only that, but you'll become everyone's target; people would kill to get a hold of this precious cargo. Blabbing to someone about this boy's heritage is like going on a suicide mission."

"So what?" Roman huffed. "I'm just supposed to pitch him for a huge price and not tell anyone why he's so valuable?"

"The best things come when you lie in wait, Roman." Cinder told him cheekily.

"I quite agree, madame." a voice said from the doorway. All four of the criminals inside the hideout whirled around with their weapons drawn, aimed for the direction the intruder had spoken from. Eight figures stepped into the light and all weapons lowered immediately. Even criminals weren't stupid enough to raise weapons to the king of Schnee Kingdom.

"Now what do we have here?" King Rot hummed as he stared around at all of the merchandise lining the walls. "Quite the hideout you all have. Very interesting indeed. And what is that package on the table there?"

"Merchandise." Roman snarled, just barely remembering to add, "Your Highness."

"Let me see it then." the monarch ordered. "Perhaps it is worth buying from you."

All four stepped aside to let their king examine the little Faunus on the table. "Girl or boy?" he asked smoothly, eyes roaming over the tiny purple ears.

"Boy, Your Majesty." Cinder replied calmly, her tone even despite Roman's seething beside her.

"And his value?"

"Two million lien." Mercury stated in the same smooth tone as Cinder as Emerald was having the same reaction as Roman.

"Done." King Rot agreed, nodding to his guards.

"What?" Roman demanded. "You're going to be taking him?"

"Oh yes." the ruler grinned. "You see, my daughter needs a new servant, a Faunus one of course, so that she may know what scum they are."

"But I was planning to sell him at the market." the redhead grumbled.

"Then let me put this more simply for your much less educated brain. Either I buy this Faunus boy from you, or you get arrested for stealing dust from my mine cars."

"How could I refuse the king?" Roman grinned, understanding the deal perfectly.

"Wonderful. The lien will be dropped off here at nine o clock sharp tomorrow morning. My guards will leave at ten to make certain no bystanders take the money as well as to set the charges. Have all of your belongings and merchandise out of this building by eleven thirty tomorrow morning or the remainder will be caught in the explosion. Good night."

With that, the king picked up the little Faunus in his arms and passed it to one of his guards, leaving the four criminals to their quiet warehouse once more. After a few moments of silence, Roman shrugged and turned to the rest of them. "Now we wait?" he inquired of Cinder.

"Correct, Roman." she chuckled darkly. "Now, we wait."

Across the kingdom in the castle...

A baby lay in her crib, snoozing gently as the moonlight shone on her pure white hair. A woman with the same white hair sat next to the crib, watching her child sleep with a small smile upon her lips. Her husband was out patrolling for the criminals that had been stealing from the Schnee Queries again.

A soft knock at the door made the woman turn her attention to the entrance to the nursery and she smiled when she spotted her husband, Rot, standing in the doorway holding a bundle of some sort.

"Hello, Darling." she murmured gently, standing to receive him. "I take it all went well?"

"Indeed." Rot agreed. "And I got the perfect servant for our dear Weiss."

"Oh?" his wife inquired.

"He's a Faunus, Schimmer, so she will be able to see what filthy creatures the animals really are."

"Ah, and he seems to have his trait completely visible as well." the queen, Schimmer, hummed. "He will make a fine servant for our little Weiss."

"Indeed." Rot repeated, setting the bundle down in the chair Schimmer had vacated. "Come, let us get to bed." he ordered, his wife trailing toward the door after him. Just before shutting the door, the queen glanced back at the two children lying near each other. My dear husband. she thought to herself with a small smile. You should have gotten a different Faunus. Weiss is quite fond of cats.

Chuckling softly, the monarch shut the door and followed after her husband, looking forward to the years to come.

And there you have it. I actually had to go through all the characters and figure out whether or not they would play a role and which role they would play. It's exhausting, but I'm totally going to continue it!

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