Two weeks had gone by since B.J Hunnicut's wife Peg and baby daughter Erin had been killed by a drunk driver. B.J. had gone home, and was now working
with Hawkeye's father, Dr. Daniel Pierce.

Corporal Max Klinger, wearing an old-fashioned dark green dress with puffed sleeves, came into Colonel Potter's office.
"Sir," he said somberly, "this came in today's mail."

Colonel Potter looked at the envelope and sighed.

"Of all the times for this to come," he said. "Damn slow mail!"

"Hard to believe it's been two weeks," Klinger remarked.

"Neither can I," Colonel Potter said. "Poor B.J."

"What are you going to do about this letter, Colonel?" Klinger wanted to know.

"I don't know, Klinger. I just don't know"

"But with all due respect, Sir, do you have the right to keep it from him?" Klinger asked.

"But would getting this letter now cause B.J. even more pain than he is already going through?"

"Good point, Colonel," Klinger said, "but maybe you should ask yourself how you would feel if, God forbid..."

"If, God forbid," Colonel Potter finished for him, "this were Mildred's last letter."