What About The Waffles?!

**DISCLAIMER** I do not own Witchblade, nor do I claim to. None of the characters belong to me. They are all property of the Warner Bros. network and Top Cow. So please, don't sue me for having a little fun!

Author's Note: The inspiration for this story came from the Plot Bunnies page at http://usa.internations.net/contents/behindthescenes/plotbunnies.htm Yes, it was originally doughnuts, but, well, my friends and I have a very long-standing joke about waffles, and waffles sounded much more random. In the context of a police precinct, nobody wonders about references to doughnuts. *grins evilly*

"Time to make the waffles!"

Sara Pezzini and her partner Danny Woo turned to stare at the young man who had spoken. He had been sitting silently at Sara's computer for several minutes, attempting to identify a particular frame in a security video the pair had shown him. Now, he stood up, gave them both a wide smile, and wandered out of the room.

Sara turned her stare to Danny, who cocked an eyebrow at her. "What was that about?" he asked.

"Was hoping you could tell me," Sara said, puzzled.

"Waffles," Danny repeated blankly, craning his neck in an attempt to see where the boy had got to.

Sara crossed the room and poked her head out the door. "Gabriel!" she bellowed. "Gabrie—" She stopped when she saw him coming back across the precinct toward her. "Where did you just disappear to?"

"Waffles," he said cryptically, sliding back into the office and resuming his seat at the computer as if nothing had happened.

Sara and Danny exchanged another quizzical look and then decided they didn't want to know.

Gabriel Bowman was quite brilliant and a good asset to the precinct, but occasionally the two homicide detectives wondered about him. The number of hours he spent in his dim apartment, researching various artifacts on his numerous computers, could not possibly be healthy for anyone, though up until just now it hadn't appeared to have had any adverse effects on him.

"Got it!" he said abruptly, startling the detectives again. He looked at them quite seriously, as if no mention whatsoever had been made of breakfast foodstuffs. "I found the frame."

Sara and Danny crossed the room and peered over Gabriel's shoulder at the computer screen.

The two detectives had invited the young artifacts dealer to join them in their investigation of a recent string of bizarre murders; sometimes he liked to film their investigations as practice for the documentary he hoped to produce one day, and this had struck them as a good one for him to work with since there was a huge amount of media attention surrounding it. Three women in two weeks had been going about their ordinary business when their heads had suddenly been lopped off – apparently by nothing, claimed the witnesses. The latest one, however, had been caught on tape when it happened just outside a bank, and Gabriel had watched the scene five or six times before deciding to go through it frame by frame.

What he had finally found was, in fact, two frames, in which a blur of white appeared before the victim's neck split and the head dropped to the ground. Its appearance in only two frames explained why no witnesses had seen it; it would have been visible for merely a tenth of a second. It had taken Gabriel's hawk-sharp eyes to catch it. And it was still not remotely clear what "it" was – the smear of white on the black-and-white film might have been nearly anything: light, metal, smoke…

Sara sighed. "Well, that's not much help, is it? Can you clean it up any more than that, Gabriel?"

"Probably not much," he replied, shaking his head, "but I'll give it a shot. I'll need to take it home though. I need my computer for this."

"Sure thing, kid," Danny told him. "Anything you can tell us about it would be appreciated."

"Waffles," Gabriel said, standing up.

"What?!" Sara and Danny exclaimed in unison.

Gabriel blinked. "I said, I'll be back in a few hours."

"No you didn't," Sara objected. "You said—" When Gabriel looked at her as if she were acting strangely, she stopped. "Never mind."

"Um, yeah… whatever. Anyway. I'll be back."

"Is he okay?" Danny asked Sara as Gabriel disappeared out the door.

Sara was still staring after him. "I'm startin' to wonder…" she muttered.