Ashachu the ultimate request.

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Human/(regular Pokémon)talk:

'Pokémon talk':


Two shot: Ash is turn into a Pikachu but this time it is permanent and he now have to asked Serena and Clemont for a favor, something that will be near impossible for the two of them to do.

NO POV somewhere in Kalos:

Ash and Pikachu were walking with the gang (Kalos set). They saw a witch like person.

Ash turned to Pikachu, "Hey, buddy, doesn't that look like Lily?"

Pikachu nod his head, recognizing the witch.

The witch then saw them then said "Ash is that you"

Ash nodded, waving her over, "hey Lily. Long time no see." He gestured to the three blondes by him, "this is Clemont, his sister Bonnie, and my childhood friend Serena."

"It nice seeing your new friends Ash, hey Ash what happen to your old friends; Brock and Misty, yeah that their name?" Lily asked

"Misty is running the gym in Cerulean City and Brock is training to be a doctor." Ash said as Pikachu climbed up his back and on to his shoulder.

"That awesome," She smiles.

Ash nodded, smiling as Bonnie went to pet Lily's Murkrow.

The bird Pokémon tries to get away from the child.

"Bonnie! It might peck you!" Clemont said, his backpack pulling Bonnie away from Murkrow.

"Kill joy". She said pouting and crossing her arms.

"It's my job to make sure you don't get hurt." Clemont said, "That, and you tend to get really excited at the sight of Pokémon."

"It not my fault they're so cute." she said.

Clemont rolled his eyes, just as Serena asked Lily, "so, you're a real witch?"

"I prefer the term Pokémon Wicca." she said.

Serena nodded and said, "I meant no offense, I've just never seen a Pokémon Wicca before."

"Yeah we are a rare breed" She said.

"So there are more of you?" Serena said.

"There are a few of them here and there." She said.

"Cool so how did you and Ash met." Bonnie said.

"Well it started when I found his Pikachu." Lily said.

Pikachu put its hand behind its head in embarrassment as it nervously said its name. Ash was giving a small shake of his head, thinking 'here we go again'.

"Really did you find it cute?" Bonnie asked.

"A little but it was for my spell." Lily said.

Clemont quirked an eyebrow as Ash said, "oh, yeah. THAT spell."

"You don't know what she talking about does you?" He asked.

"Not really, it is mostly nonsense." Clemont said.

Ash rolls his eyes at this; then asked Lily, "Can you still perform that spell?"

"You bet." Lily said.

"Hey did you ever find a Pikachu of your own?" Ash asked.

"I am afraid not." Lily said.

Ash looked at Pikachu, "should I tell her?"

Pikachu shook his head, "Pika."

(Tell her what). She look confused

"Okay, if you're sure pal." Ash said, looking at Pikachu

Pikachu nod his head.

Ash sighed, "there's a whole bunch of Pikachu living in a forest in the Kanto region."

"I try that but they team up against poor Murkrow." She said.

Ash sighed. He then gasped in surprise before taking out his Pokédex and scrolling through it.

"What are you looking for?" Serena asked, peering over Ash's shoulder.

"One, second.. Found it!" Ash showed them all a picture of a small light yellow Pokémon with pink cheeks, black tipped ears and a black tail, "this is Pichu, an electric type. It evolves into Pikachu." He then accessed that data on his Pokédex, before reading it out loud, "it says that their native to the Johto region, and aren't too masterful with their electrical abilities, shocking themselves as well as their opponent."

"I keep that in mind when I return".

"So, have you been working on any new spells since we last met?" Ash asked.

"Trying to make news ones very few works". Lily

"Actually, yes it does." Ash said. This annoyed the inventor.

He huffed, before saying, "I'd like to see it." This confused everyone, until he said, "I want to see that spell Ash and you," he gestures to Lily, "keep talking about."

She smile, planning on turning him into a Pikachu.

Ash glared at Clemont, "Thanks."

"Mine using your Pikachu on the pot". She asked Ash.

Ash nodded, extending his arm and letting Pikachu run along it to Lily.

She smile as she asked Pikachu to used thunderbolt.

Pikachu leap off of Ash's hand and used thunderbolt while twirling.

'Show off...' Ash thought as he was smiling.

The wind made the spell headed in Ash direction, instead of Clemont

Ash shrank in size and became a Pikachu. All three of his companions were surprise by this.

"There got a scientific explanation for this." Clemont said.

"Clemont as much as I love science, there some things you just can't understand with anything." Ash said.

Lily smile, but got worry, "The spell I cast Ash had more ingredients."

Ash then said, "So?"

"The spell will last longer." Lily said.

"So I get to understand my Pokémon a little better that is awesome." Ash said.

"I guess I don't know how long it will last." Lily the magician said.

Ash didn't care he was too busy playing.

Serena was taking pictures of them, while Bonnie was playing with them. After a while, even Clemont smiled in happiness at the sight of them playing, but then shook it off in favor of a more reasonable explanation.

Pikachu hug the Pikachu version of his trainer.

Ash hugged Pikachu back, the two being like brothers, before tackling him to the ground and biting at his ear. Thus, the roughhousing began.

Bonnie and Serena told them to break it up.

Pikachu and Ash were laughing as they separated. Ash pointed to the tree, "Race ya Pikachu!"

They took off to the tree, Dedenne joining them.

Ash came in last place.

"Okay. Not fair..." Ash said, collapsing under the tree.

The two Pokémon giggle at the second Pikachu reaction.

Ash turned up to the two electric types. "Oh, so you think that's funny?"

They nod their heads happy.

He try to be didn't work.

The Pokémon only laugh harder at this.

Serena smile at this, find Ash as a Pikachu to be the cutest thing in the world.

Lily smile hoping this would end well for Ash.

It didn't.

To be continued…