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Part 1:

Comes back to you

True love is elusive, she said, sometimes I think it's as rare as a red moon on a cloudless night."

-Michael Faudet

An odd silence swallows the large home, it being void of the joy and laughter that had once colored the air.

Boxes are carelessly strewn across the floor, each inhabiting bits and peaces of beautiful memories that when now recollected, only leave behind a bitter-sweet aching.

in front of the kitchen counter stood Ash Ketchum as he stared dumbfounded at the disheveled mess that is his home.

How is it that only a mere six months ago he had been the happiest he had ever been.

His slow but steady rise towards his goal of becoming a Pokemon Master had resulted in much respect and praise by the trainer community.

The press adores him and his trusty companion, Pikachu, and Ash had often found himself being interviewed or photographed as the real Pokemon Master.

Though, Ash suspects that most of his joy had come from marrying his childhood sweetheart, Serena Evans.

The dark haired man recalls the first time she had admitted her true feelings for him.

The event had occurred years ago, when the two were about to split apart so each could return to their respective homes.

Ash had been in the midst of turning away from the lovely blonde haired girl when she had blurted out her thoughts in a spotter.

"Ash, I like you."

The boy had frozen in his spot, for not even he, whom is ordinarily completely ignorant and dense in most romantic situations, could not deny the truth of her words.

From the fear in her small voice, and blazing blush to her cheeks, Ash knew that her words held a much heavier meaning than he hoped.

The caramel eyed boy had been surprised when he felt a warmth rushing to his cheeks as well. It wasn't as if he had ever felt any way towards the girl before him in a more than friendly manner.

Sure the girl is pretty, with her long locks of golden, and stormy skies full of a thirst for knowledge, though taking into account their three year age gap and their history, Ash had always thought of the girl as a younger sibling of sorts.

However, before Ash had the chance to act as if he hadn't an idea what she meant, something came over him.

With her sweet calming voice, soft disposition, and wide eyed stare, she reminded him of another time.

He hadn't been sure of what or who it was, or even if the thing was concrete or just some abstract place he had strung together in his thoughts, but it was familiar, and comforting.

So instead of telling her the truth, that he hadn't had any romantic feelings towards her, Ash had told her that he liked her as well.

From that point onwards, the two had become inseparable.

Due to their advanced talents and quick rise to fame, they had soon caught the attention of the media, and became one of the most infamous couples of the regions.

It had only been two years ago, post much pushing from his mother and friends, that Ash had finally went down on one knee and proposed to her.

Of course Serena had said yes, and with great enthusiasm. It felt as if, with that beautiful diamond ring, all of her childhood dreams would finally come true, and she would be whisked away to some fairytale land, happy and in love with the man of her dreams.

Though when Serena now looks back at that moment, she laughs at herself for being such a hopeless fool, for not seeing all the signs when she had the chance.

A few months had passed after Ash's proposal, and the two had their wedding. It had been a small affair in the backyard of Professor Samuel Oak's laboratory.

All their pokemon and closest friends had been in attendance, in correction, most of their close friends were in attendance.

The first few months of their marriage had been blissful and easy, the way their relationship had always been. That is until a sourness had started to invade their words and actions.

Small things that they did started to annoy the other, and small amounts of venom had started to drench their conversations.

Though those tiny things had been building up, until finally in one night of shouts and tears, the two had split apart.

When they thought it over rationally, neither was surprised in the split. Their relationship had always been one of fairytales that belonged in-between the bindings of a child's novel, and not in the real world.

When they had first met again, a week subsequent to the night of pain, the two on smiled at each other. A sardonic, pained smile, but a smile none the less.

They had spent the day discussing the night of pain, and what had led up to it.

By the end of the conversation, Serena had found herself lying comfortably against Ash's chest, and they both knowing that they were never meant to be a forever kind of thing, just a familiar distraction.

The dark haired man is brought out of his reminiscence when he hears the quiet footsteps of someone walking into the kitchen.

He glances up to find the face of his soon to be ex-wife.

She is still pretty, and delicate like a flower, though the long years have slowly started to age her beyond her years.

Her long locks of gold are now pulled up into a high ponytail, rather than hanging off her shoulders like so long ago, and her large watery grey skies have dimmed in the slightest. The thirst of knowledge becoming less and less prominent.

She gives off the impression of a Pokemon doctor more and more each day.

"I think I only need one more trip, and I'll have all my things." She informs him in a sort of business like tone. It sickens Ash to hear her speak like that to him, they were still friends, weren't they?

"It feels really strange," the man admits. "In a couple of days, this will no longer be our house."

"I know," Serena agrees with an exhale. "But it's about time we move on, don't ya think?"

"Still feels weird," is all Ash mutters in response. sounding more like that ten year old traveling the regions, rather than the man who has claimed his title of Pokemon Master.

The two stand there in silence for a few moments, neither knowing what to say next.

However, the silence is broken by the quiet sobs of Serena.

So much has transpired in these last few months, and the weight of it all has started to hurt, so much so that she could no longer hold it in.

It feels as if everything she has ever wanted as a child has been wrenched from her grasp, and now she must start a new.

Hearing the small cry, Ash's light chestnut orbs look up from their downwards cast and find Serena trying to wipe away the tears.

She appears so tired, as if someone had chewed her up and spit her out.

Ash moves from his position and stands before her. He presses his forehead against hers and clamps his hand around the small diamond necklace that is bound around her neck. The necklace he had gotten her for their ten year anniversary of being a couple.

"I still love you Serena," he admits in a whisper. "…Maybe we can find a way to work this thing out?"

Ash is surprised to not feel pain when he sees her shake her head.

"I know you love me Ash," she assures. "But you love me the way you love Gary, or Brock or Dawn or any other of your close friends. You don't love me the way a man should love his wife."

"that's not true," he argues.

"Yes it is." She interjects with a croak. "Because you can't look me in the eyes and tell me that you love me in that way. In the unconditional, heart wrenching, aching sort of way. The way I loved you. the way I love you."

Ash does not reply, he doesn't know how to. She has left him completely speechless.

His grasp lets loose of the diamond necklace as a wave of shame comes over him.

"I'm sorry," he speaks after long, infinite minutes of silence drag on.

"It's alright," she tells him. "I already knew…But it doesn't mean we can't stay close friends. Because honestly, I can't imagine a life without you in it."

He offers a grateful grin her way before pulling the blonde into an embrace, he still being hesitant in letting her go, letting his childhood go.

Ash had never been well in being alone. For all his years of traveling he had always some sort of companion joining him, and when he and Serena had started going out, it was like he would never be alone again.

Although, here he is, letting go of his best friend, and embarking life on his own.

But before that thought could become to depressing, he remembers a certain electric pokemon that has always been by his side.

When the two finally split apart, Serena balances on her tip toes and grants him a sweet kiss on his temple before wishing farewell and walking out of the house they had once shared as husband and wife, leaving behind an empty void in her wake.


The next day Serena came again, collecting the last of her boxes.

The two shared a small, casual conversation before she left again, reviving the hope that they could truly remain friends instead of losing one another in the confusing paths of their lives.

A week had passed, slowly but surely, when Ash had received a call from his agent informing him of an opportunity that had just arisen. His agent, Levy, told him of the chance for he to travel the regions, battling young up incoming trainers to help in collecting foundations to rebuild a recently demolished Poke-Center.

With nothing tethering him to the Kento region, and in a serious need of a distraction, Ash had excepted with great enthusiasm.


To his surprise, the traveling had helped in rejuvenating his passion for battling, and moving forward with his young life.

Before Ash had noticed, the days pass by quicker than he thought possible.

Soon enough, days turn to weeks, and the weeks turn to months, when almost six months had passed sense his leaving Kento.

By this time, they had collected enough donations to build two separate centers and then some.

the raging success of the project was unprecedented and awing for the founders of the organization, and also Ash.

The young, raven haired man was on a complete high, and now he finds himself looking forward to the next day, rather than dreading it. That is until he receives a letter in the mail one night.

Before finding the letter, Ash finds himself relaxing comfortingly on a leather couch after an exciting day of battles.

He is currently residing in the city of LaRouse in Hoenn.

His memories of the city pale in comparison to he actually being here again. The technology has grown more advanced, and the people even quicker paced.

Lying there, contently on the couch, Ash's thoughts wonder back to his first experience in this dynamic and exuberant city.

Though he does not think of the battles he fought, or even the way he had practically saved LaRouse, but rather he remembers the small things.

The new friends he made, the way one of them was obsessed with May…May, that is who he finds himself thinking of the most.

He had stayed in touch with most of his close friends. He had attended Misty's wedding to Tracey, and Brocks wedding to Lucy. He has also spoken with Dawn quite often in these last few years, and knows that post her splitting up with Kenny that she is trying a relationship with Paul.

He had been lucky enough to keep most of his traveling mates and best friends in his life passed the years, but for some reason, May had slipped away from it all.

Ash had gathered from a collection of gossip magazines and news reports that The Princess of Hoenn had gotten married to her Prince a few years ago.

Ash hadn't been surprised to find that her prince was none other than Drew Hayden himself.

Though, that is the extent of his knowledge of her and it hurts.

Almost in a subconscious manner, Ash digs into his denim pockets and pulls out a familiar item that never fails him to bring thoughts of the spunky co-ordinator.

He had gotten a small box for the half ribbon to rest, in fear of losing it.

Staring at it now, memories of that day, and that battle start to cloud his mind. How had it been so many years without either one even attempting to contact the other. It makes no sense.

Before Ash could be swallowed to deeply in thoughts of his estranged friend, he hears the familiar swish sound, indicating that his mail had come for the day.

With a sigh, the caramel eyed man slips the small box back into the pocket where it always rested and stands from the comfortable couch.

Ash tiredly walks towards the color where his mail had been delivered, the late hour starting to have an effect on his concentration.

He takes hold of the letters and looks through them. Most are add campaigns or bills, but one large envelope catches his attention.

When reading the inscription on the face of the envelope, a pained feeling washes over him. It is the fins paperwork to finalize his divorce from Serena.

After conjuring much will power, Ash signs the papers, but is still not able to send it away quite yet. It still hurt him to think in a matter of days, he would have a failed marriage.

Though he does not know why it pained him so greatly. It isn't as if he had always dreamed of a perfect union, but it did hurt, so with a shake of the head, Ash picks up his jacket and walks out of the high rise apartment he has been staying in for the passed few weeks. Leaving Pikachu to rest soundlessly on his own.

Ash doesn't know where he is going, nor does he care. He simply needs an escape.


The dim lighting of the room traces the attractive silhouette of a beautiful woman.

She sits on a seat while one elbow rests against the table, and her hand cradles her cheek.

Her bright oceans concentrate on the clock before her, watching as each tick neared the ten O'clock mark.

He is on his way!

She tries to convince herself, refusing to believe the obvious fact that he has either forgotten or has simply chosen not to come.

When the hand finally ticks to the ten O'clock mark, and a mechanical Swabloom pops out and starts chiming the start of the new hour, the beautiful golden-brunette blows away the remains of the candle that had been lighting the kitchen.

Before the lovely woman could stand from her position, the lights flip on and a small voice calls for her.

"Mama," a small golden-brunette calls.

May Mapple shifts her gaze from the elaborately designed cake before her and towards her pride and joy, her daughter.

"Hey baby girl." She gives her daughter a small, saddened grin, one that doesn't meet her breath takingly bright orbs.

"Lexie is outside," the small girl starts to say. "Can I please go. Daddy could just call me or something." She tries reasoning, putting extra emphasis on her large emerald orbs. The orbs that mirror her father's if his weren't so hard and cold. Instead the girl's forest greens are full of curiosity and adventure, reminding May of a long ago traveling mate.

"Are you sure you don't want to wait for your father?" May questions the girl before standing from where she sits.

"Mama, all the other girls are already there, and I'm the guest of honor! And besides, I'm already dressed." the small girl gives a shake of her body and bag to prove her point.

May shakes her head playfully, a loving grin painted across her beautiful features.

"Fine," she gives in before walking her daughter out of their large family home, which is truly more like a manner than a home, and takes her to her closest friend's vehicle so she could leave to the a slumber party.

May's daughter, Kiley Hayden, and her two best friends have grown a tradition where for each one of their birthdays, they would hold a slumber party anywhere but the birthday girl's home.

It makes may happy to see the close bond her daughter holds with her friends, and reminisces her of long passed years, where she traveled with her closest friends and younger brother.

May stands there for a moment longer than needed, watching as the brightest part of her world leaves for the night.

With a heavy sigh, the exquisite beauty walks up the path to the large mansion and cal apses into a slouching position on one of the luxurious couches.

May's blue skies wonder the spacious living room.

It still amazes her that she lives in such a lavish and refined house. When she had grown up she had lived in a arguably large home, though to balance the size, her mother, Caroline Mapple, had added her personal flavors and decor to the traditionally designed home. Her home in petelburg had actually felt like a home, which her house in LaRouse is furthest from feeling.

The brunette slowly rises from her slouching position, and stands before the wide window of the home, overlooking the lively city in which she now resides. The city she has resided for nearly a decade.

A nausea suddenly comes over her when thinking of how much things have changed.

One moment she was living in a small town and hated pokemon, and the next she is a world renowned Top coordinator, and living in one of the greatest cities of all the regions, married and with a beautiful child.

May thinks back to when things had started to truly shift.

She had just said goodbye to Ash, Brock, and her family, and started traveling Johoto on her own, trying to find herself as a coordinator, and thriving for the title of Grand Festival victor.

It had been in Johoto where she earned her long lasting title of Hoenn's Princess.

When entered in a contest, the reporters and photographers took extra notice of her, not souly due to her talent as a coordinator, but because of the high esteem her surname held.

The Mapple family had always been the topic of conversation when discussing some of the most powerful families in the pokemon world, and that title held strong now more than ever.

With a Brain as a father, a pokemon fashion designer as a mother, a Top Coordinator for a daughter, and one of the top pokemon researchers of the Hoenn region as a son, there is no doubt the respect of the Mapple name held.

That is one of the multiple reasons why May had chosen to keep her maiden name when she had gotten married to Drew all those years ago.

Married to Drew, she thinks to herself, a small amount of distain weaved into the thought.

Their relationship had also started in the Johoto region.

May had made it all the way to the finals of the competition, only to lose by the hands of Drew. However she was not angry at her loss, she gave all she had in the battle and it was an amazing one at that.

It was during the after party of the festival, with people dancing and celebrating around them, where drew had nonchalantly asked her out on a dinner date for the first time.

Out of sheer shock, May had agreed, though the next day, while they were on the date, she realized how big of a mistake it was.

She explained to Drew that she was flattered, but that time she needed to concentrate on herself and her aspirations, and he had no place in that.

What she didn't tell him is that she already had the cripple of living in her father's shadow, she didn't need to also be living in his as well.

Drew, with a small amount of argument in the beginning, had agreed that it was the best move for her, but made her promise to give him a call when she found her way and wanted to spend time with an old rival.

With a bemused grin the talented coordinator had agreed.

Two years had passed when May had finally earned her title as Top Coordinator.

The two years were focussed on improving herself, her pokemon, and the fluency of her movements.

May had decided to ditch the tom boy bandana and instead styled a cute head band with a large bow on one side, and had started dressing in finer attire for contests. She had also decided in growing out her long locks of chestnut so it reached below her petite shoulders.

May had collected a reasonable size of pokemon, not to small but not a vast majority either. She having had decided to concentrate in allowing her pokemon to evolve in a more natural rate. She also being more concerned in which of her pokemon to pair up during contests, and which moves would be pleasant during the appeal rounds.

All the strides and changes she had done had made an obvious impact, and in a mere two years after Johoto she had won the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

Immediately after her legendary win May's career soared.

Agents lined up to represent her, designers, for pokemon and humans alike, begged her to wear their designs during contests, and a myriad of news reports were either centered around her, or included her in some way or another.

Soon enough, the beauty graced the covers of various magazines, and her name invaded most conversations when they spoke of the coordinating world.

It had been, and still is difficult to go any where without some form of her being present.

A few months post her victory and rise to fame, Drew had contacted her and the two started their long, roller coaster ride of a relationship.

For the most part of the beginning of their relationship they had stayed the same. The two old rivals continued to bicker, though it became more of an endearing act rather than one of defiance, and they continued to inspire one another to do better.

However, their relationship took a sudden tole when the paparazzi first caught wind that they had become an item, and soon enough they were praised in being the perfect pair.

Neither could go anywhere without finding a flock of cameras and reporters ready to speak with them.

As their relationship grew more and more public, May had become more and more uncomfortable. In fact, the line between her personal life and professional life had become so blurred that Drew thought it appropriate to propose to her in the midst of a contest, with thousands of pairs of eyes staring at them.

May prefers to believe that she would have said yes to his marriage proposal, even if it were not for the cameras and thousands of people staring right at them.

Although, a small part of her, a part that she tries to silence time and time again, seriously doubts it.

In little less than a year, the two had wed. They had an extravagant ceremony, one to mirror their extravagant relationship.

They shared customary vows in a grand and ornate palace that they had rented out for the special occasion.

The list of attendees had reached well up into the three digit number range, much to May's dismay.

Though the wedding had turned out to be an amazing experience, full of dancing, laughter, and all the cheesy moments a newly wed couple could ask for.

By the end of the night, May's one of a kind wedding gown had been nearly completely covered in small, random stains.

At first the brunette had been heartbroken over the disaster, though thinking of it now, she thinks that the gown represented what would soon happen to their marriage. Worn thin, but never being able to tare.

The months following the beautiful night and romantic honey moon, May had become more and more distant towards the lime light. She had become closed off to the public, and rarely spoke of her personal life, and eventually people stopped asking.

And, not so coincidentally, her marriage had started going through a rough patch that it has yet been able to climb out of.

With no more excitement of the flashes of cameras or excited cheers of their fans, May and Drew's had taken on a dullness. Nothing had seemed to excite them, or brighten their day.

Their marriage had become one full of passionless kisses, mondain conversations, and counterfeit smiles when ever they would attend elite parties or interviews.

A number of years ago May had started to give up on holding on to their failing marriage, it had become far to tiring and tedious to try and support an obviously doomed relationship.

However, before she was able to contact her lawyer for the divorce paperwork, she had found out that she had gotten pregnant.

After weeks of nervousness, May had finally been able to tell Drew. To her surprise, the emerald eyed man hadn't been uncaring of the news, but rather, he had been ecstatic. And even more so when they found out that it would be a precious baby boy.

Drew had attended every doctor appointment, every shopping trip, and had hired some of the most well known interior designers to create a perfect nursery and play room for who will sure to be his pride and joy.

Although the far to unfamiliar feeling of joy in the couple's relationship had been short-lived when the due date came far to early, and May had been forced to give birth to an already dead child.

Post the tragic birthing, an even heavier tone of indifference and gloominess had invaded their marriage, though then it had been sprinkled with bursting feelings of vindication and loathing from both sides.

Soon enough, it had become apparent to May that their relationship had become nothing more than a pretty thing for the public to enjoy, but for them to suffer through.

Although, the petite beauty hadn't had the courage or strength to let go of it, the way she had before her pregnancy.

Drew had become the most familiar thing in her world, even if the emotion he brought out was hurt. May just couldn't let go, and instead sucked it up and continued on with the elaborate charade that was their marriage.

The darkness had continued to cloud them for years to come, even when May had gotten pregnant once more. This time around her pregnancy had been a far different experience.

She had attended every appointment, and every shopping spree alone, and Drew gave the slightest bit of interest towards anything she told him.

On a dark and windy night of autumn, May had given birth to a beautiful baby girl with soft honey blonde hair and striking emerald orbs that resemble her father's.

Sitting there, alone in the hospital room with only her beautiful baby girl in her arms, May's hope of happiness had been renewed. The light of her once joyful world had been restored, and all the stars and planets seemed relined, everything felt right in far to long.

For the most part of the last five years, Drew had proven a good father, even though his role as a husband continued to decline.

Although it is times like these, missing his only daughters fifth birthday, that angers May.

Not for herself, but having to see the bright light in her daughter's eyes dwindle little by little each time Drew breaks a promise to her.

Before the brunette's rage can swallow her to deeply, she is brought out of her remembrance by the ring of her phone.

She walks over to the coffee table where the small device lies and answers to hear her husband on the other line.

"Where's my little princess?" He asks in a overly happy tone, obviously expecting the little girl to have answered.

"She already left to her friends house," May responds in a disheartened tone.

"Damn it," he curses to himself.

"Why didn't you call earlier?" She inquires.

"I was running late in a meeting." He defends.

"So you couldn't step out of the meeting for two minutes just to wish your only daughter happy birthday?" She counters in a frustrated tone.

"No, I couldn't May. They needed me to look over some plans for the new arena we're trying to get made." He explains in an equally frustrated tone.

"Alright," May concedes hearing the anger creeping into his voice. The last thing she wanted at the moment was a fight.

"I'll tell her you called." She promises. "So what time do you think you'll come in tonight?" She tries to ask apathetically.

"I don't know," he sighs in an almost annoyed tone. "Probably pretty late, we've still got a lot of decisions to make."

"Do I hear Brianna?" The beauty blurts out without thought.

"Yes you do," he nearly barks. "You know she is part of project too, and like I told you a thousand times before, nothing is going on between us.-"

"Okay," she interjects in a timid tone while running a hand through her hair.

Being married to Drew Hayden for all these years she knows one curtail thing about him. He only acts defensive if he is truly guilty.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow morning then?" She articulates in a voice that sounds as if it might break into a river of tears at any moment.

"Bye," he mutters in an annoyed tone before cutting the line.

For a moment, May simply stands there, staring at the cellular device, trying her hardest to withhold the tears starting to prick in her beautiful orbs of sapphire.

Before to long, the brunette finds herself collecting her jacket and keys before striding out of the door.

May is headed to a place that has become somewhat of a sanctuary in all the years she has been marred to Drew.

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