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Comes Back to You

Part 2:

"It was evening and would be when I woke. No matter. From the maple tree the Red-tail spoke."

-Cameron Conaway, Caged; Memoirs of a Cage-Fighting Poet

She sits in the all to familiar venue, feeling worse than she had when she first arrived.

It has become a much to habitual act of her sitting here, alone, whenever she received a moment of solitude, a moment of complete and utter loneliness.

Every detail that paints the small bar has been long ago branded into her memories.

From the customary waft of smoke that clouds the air. to The buzz of chatter surrounding her, and the sensation of being alone always clinging to her.

It disgusts May, who she has become, and how she arrived to this place.

Once upon a time, as a naive child, May had dreamed of a life full of love and joy. Never had she expected herself to become this.

A fearful, miserable woman, who has trapped herself in a marriage only being held together for the sake of their child.

Thinking of the brilliant light that is her daughter, Kiley, brings a whole new wave of self loathing to run through the beauty.

How terrible of a woman she must be, that she is not able to conjure a true smile when with the magnificent girl.

A smile vacant of distres and pain...What a disgrace of a mother.

When the pain starts to become to much, and starts to cloud her thoughts, May takes a shot of the drink before her. Feeling the fiery liquid run down her throat, helping to sooth the seemingly endless hurt.


The dark haired man steps into the bar, being greeted with a mask of smoke tickling his nostrils.

His soft caramel orbs scan his surroundings until he catches sight of what appears to be the bar.

Taking a seat on the stool of the bar counter, he orders a cold beer.

Ash runs a hand through his wild raven locks while taking in a deep breath.

Holding those papers,, those papers that represent the final step in his long over do divorce, had hit a nerve.

even though, on some level, Ash had always known he and Serena's romantic relationship had never been meant to be, nor will it ever, though signing those sheets proved to difficult.

It feels as if he is merely surrendering, something he has never done before.

However, during his aimless walk before finding the bar, Ash had realized just how foolishly he had been behaving.

No matter how much it pains him to separate from the blonde he had been with sense childhood, Ash is well aware that if they continued on with their relationship, It would only amount to uncomfortable laps of silence and passionless nights. Despite the amount of effort either put into the relationship, it would never expand over a comfortable friendship.

Ash thanks the bar tender before carelessly throwing a ten dollar bill on the counter.

The raven haired man takes a swig of the cold liquid, the drink leaving behind a powerful after taste, doing as hoped, It relaxing him, and makes him let loose of all the stress he has been carrying around for the passed six months.

Ash is about to order another beer when his eyes catch on a woman across the counter from him, and it suddenly feels as if he has been thrust back into the passed, walking side by side with the girl he had thought would always be part of his life.

When she puts down the drink she had been gulping is when he gets to truly see her face for the first time in over a decade.

Ash's breath hitches when he takes in the beauty.

She has changed so greatly in the years of their separation.

Her once short, chestnut locks had grown to cascading tresses that fall down her petite frame, and she no longer seems as if a free spirited, vibrant girl excited to experience all life has to offer, but instead an elegant woman, who's mere presence intimidates the most confident of persons.

Though, one detail of her beauty that remains the same as ever are her large orbs of sapphire. The sapphire oceans that anyone could stare into for days on end and never find the bottom, the same orbs that overflow with compassion and a incredible quality that is all her own. A quality that Ash has never seen mirrored in any other human being.

Before his mind could catch up with his body, the pokemon master finds himself walking towards the all too familiar beauty, his heart tightening with each step he takes.


The brunette sets the empty cup of her third shot of the night on the bar's counter, the alcohol finally starting to have its desired effect.

The familiar wash of a numbing sensation comes over her, and she starts to slip into a lull of forgetfulness and peace.

The once top coordinator parts her plump lips to request yet another shot, but she falters when she hears a startlingly familiar voice call her name.

Slowly, May shifts her gaze and finds the person she would have never expected to see again, let alone in a place such as this.

He has grown at least two feet taller than the last time they met, making him tower over her rather than they being about the same height as they were before. And his once untamed locks seem more or less groomed.

Those are the first significant changes May notices at first glance, every other detail seems almost identical to how it did all those years ago.

The same warming tan coloring his skin, the same freckles dancing across his cheeks, and the same warming caramel dye his welcoming and lively orbs.

For a moment, the two find themselves in a stalemate, neither able to speak a word, neither being able to believe that it is truly the other.

The last time the two had spoke had ben anything but casual.

It had occurred in the after party of the Kalos pokemon tournament, a celebration revolving around Ash, the newly crowned victor.

May, along with Dawn and a few other companions had attended the celebration to congratulate their shared friend.

Reluctantly, Drew had also joined the group, the reason only being that his relationship with May had been in the late stages of a budding romance, bordering on a true relationship, and he had wanted to be with her as frequently as possible.

At first May and Ash had acted as just that, May and Ash. Close friends laughing and joking with one another, but the friendly atmosphere hadn't lasted long.

Soon enough, Ash had caught the way Drew had always been hovering near May, and in turn, May had seen the way Serena gazed in Ash's direction no matter where the newly accomplished champion stood.

By the end of that night, an alien sort of barrier had built itself between the long time chums, leading to years ahead full of endless gaps of silence, and occasional messages of "hello."

Staring at each other now, in the midst of a crowded and smokey bar after years of silence, feels surreal, as if this isn't truly happening.

The silence continues on, neither prepared to shatter the moment, though after minutes pass, May feels an urge to break the moment.

"If it isn't the pokemon master himself," she grins cheekly, while standing from her seat.

The once coordinator speaks smoothly, obscuring the fact that she has already drunkin quite a bit, a tactic she has master through years of practice.

Seeing that beautiful smile of her's paint across her lovely face made a fluttering sensation to erupt in the man's stomach. Before Ash is able to identify what the feeling signifies, he pulls his long time friend into a tight embrace.

"I missed you," being the only words he responds with.


Eventually, after the two separate, Ash and May take their respective seats in front of the bar.

"So how are you," May inquires with an excited tone. She can barely remember the last time she felt this way, giddy and animated.

"Good," Ash nods absentmindedly, his attention being completely consumed in her oceans of blue, that same goofy grin plastered across his expression. The grin May would forever associate with him, and only him.

"How about you? How's life?" He asks curiously.

"Good…" May retorts quickly, trying her hardest to pull off the deception.

Usually, to anyone and everyone who asked about her life, May would grant the same, convincing lie, that her life is amazing and a fairytale come true. However when Ash questioned her, it felt as if everything froze.

May had never been able to speak untruthfully to him, and at one point of her life, he had been the person she had told everything to..

Lying to him now proved no easy task.

""It feels as if I haven't seen you in forever," May smiles, trying to regain her composure.

"I know what you mean," ash nods in agreement. "I thought I'd catch ya at Romeo and Juliette's wedding a few years back…Hell, I thought you'd be planning the whole extravagant event," he chuckles.

"Yeah…I still feel pretty guilty bout that," she divulges. "It's just something popped up and I couldn't make it." The brunette mutters quickly so her words mold into each other.

May starts to feel as if she is walking on a tight rope, trying her hardest not to speak of her personal life with him.

Ash notices the way she rinses her hands as she speaks, a tendency of her's he has accustomed to when she is nervous.

Ash finds himself confused to her response, What had popped up that she is nervous talking about?

The two stay silent for an overbearing moment, May's skies of blue looking anywhere but at Ash, and Ash's warm chocolate pools staring intently at her.

After minutes, that drag as if hours, have passed, May faintly blurts out the answer to the unspoken question hanging in the air. She no longer being able to handle feeling his questioning gaze lye on her.

"…Their wedding actually landed on me and Drew's anniversary," she admits.


Ash feels as if he had just been soccer punched in the gut. How dense must he be that he couldn't pick up on the obvious hints that whatever she would say would have to do with him.

"…So how is Drew?" Ash mumbles in attempt to seem civil.

"Good," May answers calmly, not noticing the slight shift in his tone.

"You guys look happy together," he observes. "Well, from what I've seen on the covers of those stupid gossip magazines."

"You read stupid gossip magazines." May teases with a playful chuckle, distracted from his initial question.

"Only the covers, when I'm waiting to check out at the grocery store," he admits bashfully.

The two share a laugh, both feeling the lightest than either has felt for longer than can be remembered.

"Well, yeah…We're happy." May articulates slowly, a frown starting to set in her beautiful features.

"Is something wrong?" Ash wonders with a raised brow, taking notice of her shift in mood.

"Yeah, fine." May assures. "It's just, I happen to be an avid reader of those stupid gossip magazines, and a bit ago I came across a rarely true story that was about you and a girl who's name starts with an -S, and ends with an erena."

Ash chuckles at his old friend while leaning forward.

"I probably should have seen that one coming huh?"

"Probably," May shrugs in agreement. "So, how are you? I felt awful when I heard."

"You never called," he mutters with more venom than he thought he was capable of.

Ash watches with a guilty feeling as May's expression falls to one of shame.

"I'm sorry, I wanted to but I thought it would have been uncomfortable." The once coordinator admits in a hushed tone.

"I'm sorry," Ash apologizes. "That came out wrong…Honestly, the whole thing ended amicably."

"Amicably, big word ketchum," May mocks playfully.

"You could thank Brock," He smirks. "He got me this word of the day toilet paper. And I've got to say, the stuff works pretty good."

May can't help but snicker at his words. It amazes her to how light she feels.

As if years of gloom and pain had suddenly been taken away with mere minutes spent with him.

"Don't make jokes Ash, I'm being serious." May insists, even though a smile yet plays on the edges of her lips.

"So am I," Ash laughs.

Watching the way she covered her mouth, trying to hide her giggles, brought about long forgotten memories, recollections that he thought he had lost in the merciless force of time.

He suddenly remembers long nights of the two of them sharing their dreams, or practicing new techniques for their battles and contests, respectively.

He once again is remembered of just how luminous her oceans of sapphire were in the pits of night, and how an extra gleamed appeared whenever she spoke of becoming the youngest grand cup victor.

Ash is amazed to how much she has changed, but somehow she is still able to maintain those qualities that makes her who she is.

The strong headed, infuriating, challenging, inspiring, passionate, loyal, and kindhearted girl he had first met in the esteemed professor Birch's laboratory.

Ash is brought out of his revery by an obviously annoyed voice pressing him to continue.

"May, me and Serena's relationship had always been a really close friendship…I don't think it ever really evolved from that." Ash starts to explain, shaking his head passively.

"The divorce was just some ominous event that was bound to happen,and at that point, me and Serena were just waiting with bated breaths until it finally did."

May simply sits there for a moment, gnawing on her inner cheek.

She isn't sure how to respond, but she eventually does.

"I know what you mean…"

Ash glances up at that, wondering what exactly her cryptic reply could be alluding to.

Her and Drew's relationship perhaps?

"Well you're still Pokemon Master, right? That must feel pretty good?" May attempts to cheer him up.

"I mean it's been your dream sense like before you even had Pikachu."

Before Ash can think of it, a grin starts to melt into his expression. Simply having May sitting besides him makes everything feel better.

"It's amazing," he agrees. "But how about you? You became Top Coordinator in like four different regions." He speaks pridefully.

"Who knew that the ditz from Petelburg would become such an icon?" He taunts with a playful smirk.

"Hey!" The brunette exclaims in protest, "I was not that much of a ditz."

"Well just be grateful you had such a kick ass teacher," Ash winks playfully.

"He was alright…I guess." May replies with a smirk of her own.

"But, I've got to ask," Ash begins. "Why aren't you still doing it, competing I mean."

After a moment of silence, consisting of May trying to come up with a reasonable response, she lets out a breath and settles on the truth.

"Honestly…It just stopped being my passion."

Ash raises a brow in shock, and May is quick to explain herself.

"I mean, it still felt unbelievable winning those trophies, and accomplishing those goals I had sense I was a kid…But the third time, when I stood in front of all those people and was being gifted with this extravagant trophy, it just felt different."

May runs a hand through her locks of chestnut before she continues to explain herself.

"It didn't feel as if I was accomplishing this long set goal, but just doing what I had to so I could keep up this image of Hoenn's Princess, the perfect girl, one half of the perfect couple, who were living the perfect life…It all just started feeling to contrived, and superficial and no longer the thing I fell in love with-" The brunette stops her rant when she catches the expression residing in Ash's face.

"Do I sound insane?" She blushes.

"No, no you don't." Ash ensures quickly. completely understanding how it felt to loose the passion you thought would always be there. Hearing her explain his exact emotions so eloquently and passionately, both impressed him and made him want to share his experience as well.

"I remember about a year ago, right before the divorce was first served, I was battling against this kid. He was all fired up, and excited to be battling me. He was a great match, and I just barely beat him."

May nods along to his retelling, not sure where he was going with the story.

"Normally," he continues to speak. "I would be psyched that I had just won an awesome battle, but that time, I felt nothing. It just felt like I replayed the same victory a thousand times over again. I couldn't even feel remorseful for the kid's loss, I just felt nothing."

"What did you do to stop feeling nothing?" May questions, now completely enthralled in the story.

"Well I was lucky enough to get this call to help collect donations to rebuild some poke centers that were demolished by natural disasters, and now it feels like I have a purpose for battling again." He explains.

"That's amazing Ash." May is awed in his selflessness, and compassion.

"It is," Ash concurs. "When you get a donation, for however much, and you know that you were helping in that…it's indescribable."

May nods while gazing at the ebony haired man as he speaks.

She is so astounded to see just how much he had changed through the years. No longer thriving for the goal of reaching his dreams, but is still that compassionate kind boy that she had been so entranced by.

"So," Ash begins to speak. "Was there anything you wanted to do after coordinating?"

"Well…" A light tint colors the woman's cheeks as she starts to chew on her bottom lip, slightly embarrassed in her answer.

"What is it?" Ash presses, curious to what she wanted to say.

The pokemon master sets his large hand over her dainty one on the counter, squeezing it in reassurance that she can trust him.

"Well…After I officially resigned from contests, all publicly and stuff, I was offered this job opportunity to work for this news broadcasting place…I would have been their on the spot journalist." She tells him, a slightly embarrassed grin playing on her lips.

"Taking May's expeditions to the real world?" Ash smirks.

May's oceans shoot up from the ground, which she had been intensely concentrating on for the previous five minutes, the second she herd him say that, May's expeditions.

"You remember that?" She gawks, unbelieving that he would remember such a silly detail of her childhood.

"Course I do," Ash chortles. "You were walking around with your fake camera practically the entire time we were traveling Hoenn, If I didn't remember that, I would be an idiot." Ash tries to explain cooly, not mentioning the fact that he had come to enjoy her imaginative charm, and had attempted the game himself on a few occasions.

"So whatever happened to the opportunity?"

"Life," May blurts simply. "Literally," she laughs.

Noticing the bewilderment in his expression, May continues to explain.

"When I found out about my daughter growing in my belly, it just didn't feel like the right timing, and before I knew it, life just got in the way of me pursuing the career further than just a dream."

Ash frowns towards her explanation, and to how she spoke. As if she hasn't been use to life throwing her a good opportunity in a while.

"I'm sure your daughter would have understood." Ash debated, trying his hardest not to cringe at the word, daughter. It still feels abstract that May has a family of her own, a family he barely knows.

Of course the man had seen photos of the girl, after all the Haydens were the perfect family.

The girl is lovely, but that hadn't been surprising to Ash, Considering who her mother was.

"Maybe…" May nods. "But there has never been a real need for me to work. Drew makes enough for ten of us to live on easily." She chuckles with a undertone of distain.

At the mention of Drew's name, May's brilliant orbs cast back downwards on to the floor, and she pulls her hand from Ash's soft grasp.

"A job doesn't always have to be out of necessity, it could just be for passion." Ash mutters, trying to restrain his emotions from the mention of Drew.

May's orbs don't stray to meet his, but instead glances up at a point in the distance.

"We don't need to be talking about this kind of stuff right now," she states, trying to move from the current topic.

She shifts slightly so she is looking into Ash's warm chocolate orbs once more.

"I say we order another round of drinks, and spend the rest of the night enjoying ourselves. You in?" She asks with raised brows, and a voice of temptation.

Ash is reluctant, but eventually gives in to her tantalizing offer, and they do just that.


For the remainder of the night, the two sit together, isolated from their surroundings. They drink, and laugh as they retell stories of their misguided adventures, and battles they had fought. They both being amazed to how far they have come.

Due to the easy chemistry between the two, how their conversation seems to bounce off of each other, and the way the two gaze into the other's eyes, any outsider who merely glances at the pair, easily assumes that they are just another set of lovers, enjoying a stolen night of their own.

"I still can't get the image out of my head," May cackles in laughter.

"How do you think I feel," he mutters spitefully. "I'm just thankful they actually got married, and it didn't go in vane."

May continues to roar in laughter.

"Can we please move on…" The man begs with a blazing blush.

"Oh come on Ashy, you make a beautiful girl…or should I say Ashley." She teases with a wink.

"Alright, I'm leaving." He announces playfully, while lifting himself from his seat.

"No stay," the woman yells, slurring her words slightly, as she pulls him back on to his seat.

"I just can't believe you actually did it."

"well course I did," he mumbles. "You asked me to."

May freezes for a second, seting the cup she had been drinking from down, and their eyes lock on each other.

For a moment, it feels as if the previous years of separation had not occurred, and rather, they are back to being those adventuress, hopeful children that had traveled the regions in search of something more, something meaningful.

What a wicked thing time is. Day by day, it drags all the curiosity,, and wishfulness that one holds as a child, and leaves an hallow shell in its wake.

However, when Ash stares into May's deep cerulean skies, the world somehow feels complete once more. A way things haven't fele in longer than he could recall.

"I've missed you," is all Ash says, attempting to convey just how spectacularly it felt to see her.

May returns the loving smile, though before she could speak, a pained expression crosses her features.

The petite woman clenches her stomach in pain.

In an instant,, Ash stands from his seat, and places himself besides her.

"Are you okay May?" He asks, his voice full of concern as one of his hands grasp her petite shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm fine." May tries to assure in a chirpy tone.

"I just need to use the powder room." She shifts herself to stand, but the moment her feet touch the ground, she nearly falls over, thankfully Ash had been right there to catch her.

"Okay, you are definitely not okay." He states matter-of-factly.

"How about I take ya back to your place?" He tries to reason with a small smile, he really not wanting to let her go quite yet.

In her dazed state, May is still able to understand the words Ash speaks, and the moment she hears him offer to return her back to the mansion she is supposed to call a home, a sudden eruption of emotions comes over her.

"I don't wanna go home," she practically whales, the alcohol having taken complete control of her emotional restraint. However, May doesn't mind. For one night of her life she doesn't want to pretend. She doesn't want to pretend that life is perfect, when it is most definitely not, and who better to break down with than the boy she still trusted the most in this world.

Shocked in her sudden outcry, Ash instinctively wraps his arms around her.

May's head seamlessly pressed against his chest, and for the first time in a long time, she releases all that she has been feeling.

"I don't want to be alone," she chokes. "Kiley is spending the night at a friends house, and Drew never comes home any more..."

The brunette's hands tangle into Ash's T-shirt, and she feels the heat rushing to her cheeks, the droplets dripping from her eyes, and the closing of her throat.

What an alien feeling this was. For so long, May hadn't let her self care for anything more than needed, especially the hopeless condition of her joke of a marriage. She hadn't wanted herself to be hurt, so she hadn't cried, even in private, for years. She just hasn't had a reason to.

But now, letting it all be released from her, it felt as if a weight she hadn't even known she and been holding, has suddenly been lifted from her shoulder.

"Please…I just don't want to be alone." She cries once more in his chest.

All Ash could think of doing is pushing her against him tighter, so tight so that even air could not pass between them.

It kills the pokemon master, watching her in such a vulnerable state. This isn't May. This is a broken woman, who had gone through years of heartache and strife that he hasn't the nearest clue of, and this is the first moment he had allowed himself to truly see her in the entirety of the night.

Ash thinks of how guilty he had felt when Serena had cried in his shoulder, and compared it to the way he feels right ow.

There is no comparison

Holding May now, holding his May while she sobbed, and not having a clue how to stop it, made a feeling he has never experienced to come over him.

A mixture of guilt and hatred. Hatred towards the universe, hatred towards Drew, but most of all hatred towards himself for not knowing how to make her feel better, for not knowing how to make her smile that dazzling grin of her's once more.

Than, suddenly, a thought pops into his mind, and without taking a moment to think over it, he starts to lead the brunette outside of the joint.

When they reach the out doors, he sheds himself of the leather jacket he wears, revealing a pair of toned arms, and sets the jacket over May's trembling form.

"Where are we going?" She spotters out while wiping away stray tears that stream down her face.

"My place," is all he says in response before the two commence the walk towards Ash's temporary home.


For the most part, the walk had been silent, with only the occasional "Thank you," for whenever Ash assisted May to walk over small obstacles.

The two finally make it to the spacious apartment, and are now standing in Ash's living room.

"I'm sorry," May whispers with a raspy voice.

"Don't worry about it." Ash ensures with a welcoming grin.

May eyes him curiously, amazed that he hadn't even questioned her of the break down. Yet another quality of his that she appreciates.

"Come on, I'll give you some clothes to change into." Ash turns his back on her before she has the chance to argue, and he starts to walk towards his bed room.

With a role of her orbs, May follows the ebony haired man.

When May steps into the room, Ash already holds out a small pile of clothing for her to change into.

"Ash-" May starts to speak nervously.

"No arguing May," the hard headed pokemon master insists, placing the clothing in her hands.

"Now you could change, while I get ya something to drink."

Before he hears a peep come from her mouth, Ash is walking out of the room, not giving her the chance to object.

Standing in his small kitchen, Ash fills a glass of the cooling refreshment, his mind being preoccupied by thoughts of her.

Ash curses himself for not noticing how she was truly feeling until the last moment. He had gotten caught up in the pretty exterior she holds so profoundly for the outside world, but he shouldn't have.

He should have been able to see through the shell easily, and see the girl beneath, the girl who was eagerly waiting for a moment to break free and let out her long withheld tears.

Letting out a frustrated breath, Ash starts his way back to his bed room, not wanting to be swallowed in his self annoyance, but rather be completely concentrated on May.

When he reaches the room, Ash freezes in the door frame, shocked of the sight before him.

May sits on his bed, dressed in only the oversized T-shirt he had given her, and his leather jacket strewn across the ground. A small velvet box rests in her hands. Ash knows exactly what the box holds.

Hearing the small creak of footsteps through the hall, May glances upward from the velvet box in her hands, and meets Ash's chocolate orbs looking directly into her crystal blues.

"You still have it?" Is all she gives in greeting as she stands from the bed.

With a deep exhale, Ash sets the glass of water on his dresser and meets her half way.

"Course I do," he admits rather sheepishly, a deep pink coloring his ears.

In complete astoundment, May finds her self tugging on the chain hanging from her neck, concealed by his shirt.

Ash's pools widen slightly as he watches May pulls the other half of the ribbon dangling from a neck chain she wears.

The brunette places the two halves against one another, like she had so long ago, underneath a starlit sky on a balcony overlooking a lovely lake.

"After all these years they're still a perfect fit," May mutters as she examines the now complete ribbon.

A small grin plays on the edges of Ash's lips as he watches her concentrate so intensely on the sparkling keep sake.

"You know Mapple, when two things are a perfect fit, no amount of time could ever change that." He states bluntly, causing May to glance back upwards.

Her sparkling oceans bore into his caramel pools, watching as a golden glint appears inn them, a glint he only has when looking at her.

In that moment of silence, it feels as if years of unspoken conversations passes through the two, and an understanding of what they meant is established.

The silence is broken by May's nervous murmur.

"Hayden...Technically now, I'm not Mapple, I'm Hayden."

Ash shakes his head easily. "You'll always be Mapple to me." He guarantees.."

A small pink tint colors May's cheeks and she looks away from him.

"I'm feeling tired…" She informs in as casual of a voice as she could muster.

Reading the meaning between the lines, Ash decides to concede.

"Okay, you could sleep here, and I'll crash on the couch." Ash turns to head to his living room, but abruptly stops when he ears May's pleading voice.

"Actually, do you mind staying here…with me. I just don't want to be…"

Knowing exactly what she means to say, Ash responds easily. "Of course."

The pair crawl into the king sized bed, careful not to wake Pikachu.

They find it oddly comforting to have the other lying there besides them, a comfort neither has ever felt.

" "Thank you Ash." Is all the beauty whispers before she crosses the line between consciousness and the sweet relief of the darkness of slumber.

Ash watches her for a moment. Watches the way her lashes kiss the tops of her cheeks, the way stray strand of her chestnut tendrils fall over her forehead, and the way the moonlight peering from the open window makes her seem as if some sort of goddess lying there.

Ash runs a hand through her locks, and rests his hand on her side.

Sure a part of him felt guilty. After all she is a married woman, but the rest of him doesn't care, all he cares about is keeping her besides him for as long as possible.

"How did I ever let you go?" He whispers into the void of the night.


It hadn't been two hours when the pair were roused into awakening by the insistent ring of a phone.

Realizing that it is hers, May pulls the small device from her side table, not sure who it would be on the other side.

Ash grog ally watches as May answers the phone. Though, he instantly becomes more alert when he sees the sudden shift of expression cross her face.

"I'm sorry," he hears her babble as she stands from the comforting sheets.

"…I just got caught up talking with an old friend-" She continues to speak, and Ash becomes painfully aware to who it is she speaking with.

"-I'll see you in a bit." She attempts to sound happy, but Ash can easily hear the despair in her tone.

In what seems as if a rapid montage, May is undressing and redressing into the clothes she had come in wearing, not caring whether Ash watches or not.

"I've got to go," she declares before racing out of his room.

As soon as Ash realized what had just happened, he follows her as quickly as he can, stopping the woman mer feet from the door.

"No you don't." Ash argues with rapid breaths.

May gives him an impatient, confused look.

"May, you aren't happy. You know that, and I know that. And I'm sure anyone who knows you, can see that."

"Ash-" May attempts to argue, but is cut off.

"May I don't understand why you're living a life you so obviously hate. You don't deserve this. You, out of anyone, deserves to be happy."

"That's sweet ash, but I am happy, I love drew…" she mutters the last part in a shameful tone.

"That was the worst lie you have ever spoken." He accuses bluntly.

A wave of frustration comes over the brunette, and she finds her self shouting.

"What do you want me to say Ash!"

"I just want you to be honest!" Ash demands with the same forcefulness in her voice in his own.

"Honest?" May mocks with a sardonic chuckle. "You want the truth Ash? Well the truth is I'm miserable. The truth is I don't remember the last time I laughed before this night. The truth is I'm a terrible mother who can't even feel happy when with her daughter, the light of her life?" The brunette's voice breaks as she continues to speak, the hurt and depression becoming more and more evident with each word she speaks.

"That's not your fault," Ash attempts to assure her calmly, putting a caring hand on her shoulder. However, May viciously shakes the hand away.

"Yes it is." She insists. "I can't be grateful for what I have, for what Drew has given me." She shouts, a searing self loathing crackling through her tone.

"I'm an awful person." She cries, tears start to prickle in her orbs of blue.

"No you're not!" Ash exclaims angrily.

"Yes, I am!" May shouts back.

"No you're not!" Ash repeats loudly.

However before May has the chance to argue, he pulls her in for one lasting kiss.

Their lips mold into each other as if made for one another.

The lip lock starts off rough, and pleading, but soon becomes hungry and passionate.

Ash wraps his arms tightly around May's petite torso, and in turn, May locks her's around his neck, forcing him to get closer.

After minutes of their kissing, the two pull away for the mere need of oxygen.

"You shouldn't have done that," May breathes heavily as she pulls away from Ash.

"Why not?" The raven haired man challenges, reluctant to let her go.

May doesn't reply, but instead pushes up on her toes, to press her lips softly against his cheek, and whispering an, "I'm sorry," before walking out of the apartment.

For a moment, Ash simply stands there, dazed, with his hand pressed against the spot her lips touched his skin. However, once he realizes she has left, he races after her.

By the time Ash reaches the bottom level, and runs into the pouring rain, she has disappeared completely.


Ash had tried finding her number, or address, or anything that would assist him in finding her again.

He had gone to the very same bar, every night sense for hours on end, just preying that she wold walk through those doors once more.

However, eventually three weeks passed by., and he was leaving back to Kento, without even a hint to where she was.


5 years later

The soft afternoon sun shines down on the small Hoenn town, greeting a new bright morning.

Chirping flying type pokemon roamed freely in the cloudless blue sky. The scene seems to be one pulled out of a children's fairytale.

In a small cafe of the town of Petelburg, sat a tall man.

A man with sun kissed skin, and messy ebony hair.

He sits in the welcoming cafe, a steaming cup of sugar filled, coffee before him.

The man's wide chocolate pools shoot up when he hears the jingle of a bell, indicating the arrival of a new costumer.

in front of the doorway stood the very image of beauty in the man's eyes.

A woman with hair of honey blonde melting into soft caramel locks that falls inches below her shoulders. She is dressed in a casual business sort of way, wearing a blazer button up blouse and skirt.

His chocolate orbs catch on her cerulean skies, and the two share a smile.

"Hey Mrs. Ketchum." The man greets with a wide grin as he walks over to meet her, placing a soft peck on the lips in greeting.

"Mr. Ketchum," she smiles in return.

The two stand there for a moment, simply staring into one another's eyes.

Ash is remembered of how, post his return to Hoenn six years ago, he had fallen into a sort of a slump, Hopelessly fixated on seeing May again.

However, months later, he had eventualy been pulled out of the funk, mostly due by the note he had received from May, stating only one sentence.

I want to be happy again.

It hadn't been a year after their meeting in the bar when they met once again, in a cafe in Kento.

May had officially filed for divorce by then, and was attempting in journalism, having taken an anchoring job in Pallet town. She had taken Kiley with her when she had moved.

The two had met up yet again soon after that, then again, then again, until another year had passed, and they realized that they had found themselves in a fullly bloomed relationship.

Soon after, Ash and Kiley had spent more and more time bonding over there mutual love of pokemon, and eventually, the threesome had moved into a modest home in Pallet Town.

It had been on one of their occasional trips to the beach, that Ash had proposed to May for her hand in marriage, of course having asking for Norman's consent prior.

Ash considered the moment when she, with tears streaming down her face, had said of course to his proposal, as one of the greatest moments in his life. Only second to the moment she said "I do"

The two had wed in the grand backyard of Professor Oak's laboratory, ensuring that their had been enough room for all their friends and pokemon.

Kiley had acted as a flower girl, as Dawn and Paul's son, Taylor, took on the role of ring barer.

The image of May walking down the aisle, in a gorgeous, mermaid styledgown, would forever be the most beautiful picture Ash had ever witnessed.

The two shared written vows, as the son set behind them.

Vows of love, and finding each other once more, and never letting go.

Each and every guest of the affair thought the same exact thing while watching them clumsily, placing the rings on each other's hands, That they were all witnessing a rare love, a pure love, a true love.

It had only been a few months post their marriage that Ash and May had decided to move back to Hoenn, so Kiley would be closer to her other grandparents, and father.

"So how are we doing today." Ash grins down at May, with complete love and devotion, one of his hands sliding gently over her slightly expanding belly.

"We're great," she laughs. Still amazed to how easy happiness had been accomplished when with him.

Before the pair could share another tender kiss, a girl's voice shoots through the air like an arrow.

"Mom! Finally you're hear!" Kiley Hayden cheers as she races towards her mother, and the man she considers a second father, a small, mouse type pokemon resting in her arms.

"Pika, Pika." The pokemon grins.

"Come on, professor Oak and professor Birch are waiting for me, and I wanna get my torchick so I can win my first gym badge." The overly excited girl cheers.

the two adults laugh, remembering their youthful travels and the three of them, along with Pikachu, walk out of the small diner and towards Professor Brendan Birch's laboratory.

If you fight like a married couple, talk like best friends, flirt like first loves, and protect each other like brother and sister, obviously it's meant to be.


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