Sango looked at the well where Kagome jumped into awhile ago. "I wonder what her world looks like," she murmured, gazing at the seemingly infinite darkness contained in the well. "How I wish I can go down there and explore."
She sighed and walked towards the hut where Inu Yasha, Miroku, Kirara and Shippou were waiting.

Behind her, the well lit up.


On The Other Side

an interactive fiction by Syaoran no Hime

notes : I don't know if a fic was already written with a plot similar to this, but I can attest with all honesty that this is an orginal work. Just so you may know. Enjoy!


Miroku volunteered to cook and he was passionately involved in his work so Inu Yasha had all the time in the world to complain about Kagome's "tantrums" without the monk's usual rebuttal. Shippou on the other hand, was looking at the ceiling, wondering how many days would they have to live without Kagome's presence.

"..and furthermore, she's lately becoming too bothersome. How am I suppose to defend myself if I have to look out for her as well?" Yasha said grumpily.

"Hmm.." the monk replied, stirring the vegetables.

"She's so helpless! Hah! Does she expect me to be like that arrogant wolf who is at her evey bidding every damn minute?" the dog-boy continued.

"Kouga?" asked Shippou. "I knew it! You're jealous!"

"Shut up!" barked Yasha, looking at the little creature menacingly. "Or I might just ask Miroku to include you in our menu tonight!"

Kirara suddenly perked up and ran out of the hut.

"Hey, where are you going, Kirara?" asked Shippou, puzzled. It stood up and followed the animal.

Miroku frowned. "I sense something very wrong here."

Yasha looked at the monk quizically. "What? I don't smell danger."

"No," His forehead creased. He pointed to the soup. "I forgot to put the fish!" He stood up. "Have you seen Sango? I'll ask her to look after what I'm cooking while I catch the fish."

"She followed Kagome awhile ago, remember?" snorted Yasha.

"Oh yeah. Why hasn't she returned-"


Both men looked up and saw Shippou and Kirara running towards them. The animal was holding in its mouth a trail of cloth. Miroku frowned upon recognizing it as the one he gave Sango yesteday when she was fixing her weapon.

"Sango is missing! And I found this beside the well!!" cried Shippou.

Sango opened her eyes weakly. The last thing she remembered was a bright flash of light behind her and a feeling of being pulled into some kind of a portal. She sat up and looked around. Wooden walls surround her. Beside her was another well similar to the one Kagome always uses in entering their world.

"W-Where am I?" she wondered.

"Sango?" The door opened, and a man's face peeked into the room. "Why are you sleeping again by the well?"

She did a double take. He looked very familiar. "F-Father?" she murmured.

He laughed. "Who else? We've been together all our lives and you still don't know me? Oho-ho, you are being coy!" He helped her up. "Come and have breakfast already. I'm just about to leave for work."

"W-Work?" she echoed.

:"Yes, to my office." Her dad looked at her strangely. "Are you awake, or are you still dreaming? You better hurry. Your brother, Kohaku is already dressed for school. You don't want to be late, do you?"

"What are you talking about?" she asked, mystified. "Where am I?"

"You're in our stock room by our house in Tokyo," replied the old man in amusement. "Now stop playing games or you're going to be late." He left her.

"T-Tokyo?" she murmured. "I'm in..Kagome's world!"

Miroku opened his eyes after a few moments of meditation. "Someone not Kagome has been here."

"But that's impossible! Only Kagome and I can travel back and forth this well!" exclaimed Yasha.

"Well, this is the only possible place that Sango could go to." Miroku peered into the well. "I'm going in to find her."

"Wait-" Yasha tried to stop the monk but he had already jumped down. The dog-boy peered into the well, but all he could see was darkness. He was astounded. Since when had this well been opened to the public?

"Did he make it?" asked Shippou, tiptoeing to check on the well.

"Maybe-" Inu Yasha started to say when they heard a loud crash on the ground. Both peered down. "Miroku!!!"

"I-I'm OK..but my rear hurts!" the monk's voice yelled back.

"Or then again, the well might be choosing the people that can gain access in this portal," mumbled Yasha, eyes narrowed.

Sango peeked into the house thrice larger than the hut she and her friends stay in back in their world.

"Ohayou, onee-chan!" Kohaku greeted brightly. He pulled the seat beside him. "Come and take your breakfast! We need all the carbohydrates we can get for today's activities in school!"

"School?" echoed Sango. She vaguely remembered Kagome mentioning that a school is where children go to learn.

She sat down slowly and looked at the strange food before her.

"Why don't you start eating yet?" asked her brother curiously.

"H-Huh?" She looked at what looked like a piece of meat placed in between two breads and covered with something red. "Oh my god! The meat is not cooked yet!" she screamed.

Kohaku took the bread and examined it. "It is cooked."

"But the red thing-"

He laughed. "Don't be silly! That's catsup!"


"Just eat it, onee-chan! We shouldn't be late today! We are transferee students, and we must impress our teachers by being punctual!" chirped the lad, biting on his food.

"O-OK." Sango closed her eyes. "Here goes nothing." She bit on the sandwich and chewed it testily. Her eyes widened. "Delicious!" She hungrily bit some more.

"Woah! Are you famished or something?" asked Kohaku laughingly.

Ten minutes later, Sango was dressed in a uniform similar to the one Kagome wears. She sat down on the sofa, marvelling at the comfiness of the seat. She then noticed a pile of books on the table. She opened one of them and was pleasantly surprised by the pictures in them.

"Onee-san, the bus is here! Let's go!" said Kohaku.

She looked up. Would she dare go to the "school" already without any knowledge of this world's culture, or would she stay put here and try to learn more about the customs of these strange people?