Recap: Kagome had caught Miroku doing his usual hand activities again that's why she decided not to help him anymore with Sango. But she and Inu Yasha went back into the other side of the well to consult Kaede.

On the other hand, the monk began his spy mission on Houjo and Sango.

On the Other Side

A fiction by Syaoran no Hime

Chapter 8: Destiny

Kaede gazed at the well after listening to Kagome and Inu Yasha's story. "I think I already know why the monk was able to transport himself into the other side of the well, and yet became invisible."


"The well grants the wishes of the hearts of lovers, both spoken and not. It only granted the wish of the monk and the exterminator," she explained.

"Lovers?!" exclaimed Shippou and Inu Yasha. "Miroku and Sango?!"

Kagome nodded. "Sango said she wished to see my world and experience what it feels like to distance herself away from Miroku. That is how she got transported into my world."

"But the did he get into your world?" the dog boy wanted to know.

"Did he wish to see Sango that's why he got there too?" asked the kitsune.

Kaede touched the well. "I will read the thoughts exchanged in the well."

"Wow! That's possible?" said Shippou.

The old woman nodded. "Now if you want to hear the thoughts too, close your eyes and concentrate."

The group did as told.

Miroku found Houjo helping Sango sit down. They were watching the spray of water fountain as the sun began to set.



He looked at her. "I hope that after this talk, whatever the outcome will be, we'll still be friends."

Sango began to feel nervous. "N-No problem."

Miroku sat down beside Sango, looking at Houjo with narrowed eyes. "Enough with the drama, just say it!"

Houjo blinked. "I-I'm sorry, Ms.Sango. I'll say it already!"

Although puzzled, she nodded.

"You came so suddenly in my life…in fact, it's just a week after we have met, and yet, I can already feel that.." his voice trailed off.

The monk raised a brow.

Houjo looked at Sango lovingly. "You mean so much to me..much more than a friend. I'm in love with you."

Both Miroku and Sango gasped audibly.

Kagome's temper was starting to boil dangerously as she heard Inu Yasha's voice that the well recorded.

"Hah! She can't even look after herself! Does she really think that I'm always after her bidding just like that wolf?" the voice said.

Inu Yasha started to inch subtly away from his mistress.

"That crazy witch! She nearly broke my rib cage!" continued the voice.

Shippou supressed a giggle.

"Someday, I'll make her wear this thing on my neck so it will be my turn to shout 'Osuwari!'. That witch."

Kagome's blazing eyes faced Inu Yasha. "Witch, huh?" She crossed her arms together. "Osu-"

"I thought she will be detrimental to my happiness," said Miroku's voice. "But I was a fool not to know that she is the one thing that I will complete my happiness. I miss her."

The group was hushed.

"I thought that my happiness is here," said Sango's voice. "But he is still the one that would complete my happiness..and Houjo-kun could never replace him. I miss him."

"I wish to see her…even if only from afar," said the monk's voice softly.

"I wish to feel his presence again…even if only from afar," wished the exterminator's voice quietly.

Kaede turned to them. "Those were the last messages."

Sango looked down at her lap. He was the second person to confess to her that he loves her, only this time, she does love him too.


Houjo clasped her hands. "Ms.Sango?"

She looked up at him, eyes welling up with tears. "Thank you, Houjo-kun. Thank you for telling me that."

He looked troubled. "Then why are you crying?"


"I'll get you some drinks then we'll talk, ok?" he asked, standing up to go to the stall a few distances away from them.

Miroku felt like he was punched in the stomach. Is this it? He stood up and strode purposefully towards Houjo. He had no choice but to try his last attempt to talk to Sango.

And if this fails…

…then he would just have to blame himself his whole life for losing the only girl he loved with all his heart and soul.

Kagome noticed the well lighting up. "W-What's happening?"

Inu Yasha automatically stood in front of Kagome protectively. "What the-"

They then saw a what seemed like a hologram being cast by the well on the ground. They could see Miroku touch Houjo, and instantly, he disappeared into the boy's body.

"He entered the boy's body!" said Kaede.

"He's going to use Houjo's visible body to talk to her!" realized Kagome.

"Houjo-kun!" Sango frowned. "I thought you were going to buy drinks?"

He ignored her. Instead, he sat down and looked at her intently.

"Houjo-kun?" she prompted. Why did she suddenly feel strange?

"Do you love me?" he asked.

She looked down.

"Do you?" he pressed.

"I..I am not sure."

She was startled when she felt his finger trace her face gently, delicately, as if she was made of china. "Then will you allow me to know your answer myself?" he asked huskily.

Before she could reply, he tipped her chin up and bent down to kiss her.

"Sango…"Miroku whispered as he shut his eyes. Just one last kiss before goodbye. Even if her kiss was not meant for him, he would still appreciate at least a memory from her.

Then to his utter shock, she whispered the last word he would ever expect her to say…

"M-Miroku.." she murmured just as his lips touched hers.

Everyone watched as Miroku's soul separated from Houjo's body just as the monk and Sango kissed. As the kiss lingered, Miroku's body slowly materialized until he became visible just like Sango and Houjo.

The next minute, the well's hologram was no more. Just then, the two materialized in front of them, still locked in each other's arms.

Miroku slowly pulled away to catch his breath. He was still unaware of everyone's gazes at him and the exterminator. "How did you know it was me?"

Sango smiled shakily. "Houjo-kun never addresses me without an honorific prefix of 'Miss'. And when I felt your touch…I realized it was you."

"Well it's about time you guys return!" said Inu Yasha loudly.

The two gulped, then slowly looked around. Sure enough, there was everyone, watching them with mixed, unreadable emotions.

Everyone burst out laughing just as their faces flamed in shame.

That night, as Sango prepared to sleep, she suddenly had the urge to go back to the well. Careful not to wake her friends up, she sneaked towards the well.

And to her surprise, she found Miroku sitting by the well.

"I knew you would come here," he said. "Do you want to go back there and check on Houjo?"

She blinked.

"I won't let you do that again," he said, standing up.


He gazed at her. "Are you really in love with him?"

"Yeah," she said softly. "He is very sweet and kind."

His face fell.

"But when I was about to kiss him, I remembered someone else."

"You mean Houjo is not your only boyfriend?" he exclaimed.

"That someone else who I know will only kiss me in my dreams. That someone else who is standing before me," she said softly.

His eyes widened.

"Oh, anyway, I want to thank you for following me into the well. You were the last person I expect to do that for me," she said, blushing. She was about to turn her back on him when he suddenly pulled her into his arms. Her eyes widened.

"S-Sango…you scared me back then. I-I thought I was going to lose you forever," he said, his voice breaking.

Her eyes began to become misty again. "Lose me? You're stuck with me, you lecherous monk. It's destiny."

"Destiny, it is," he said as he bent down again to kiss her.

Sango smiled to herself. Now she knows he is going to kiss her for real. She wasn't dreaming.


They jumped apart, startled.

Kagome was trying to pull Inu Yasha away but the dog boy was staring daggers at him. "You sneaked out again!!! I thought we had a clear deal! You're suppose to be my slave for three days, remember?"

"Slave?" echoed Sango.

Miroku pretended to think. "Deal? What deal?"

"You know! When you promised to do anything I would say just so I would talk to Kagome!" he yelled.

"Deal? Do you remember any deal?" the monk asked Kagome. The girl shook her head. He turned to Shippou, who just arrived. "What about you, Shippou? Did Inu Yasha and I have any deal?"

The kitsune smirked. "No, Miroku, you and Inu Yasha did not have a deal."

"What?!!!" exclaimed the dog boy. "Liars!!!"

The monk shrugged. "I'm sorry, Inu Yasha, but I think you slipped out of your mind. There was no deal." He then wrapped his arm around the exterminator. "Now will you excuse us? We still both have a lot to talk about." He pulled the blushing Sango away from the group.

Inu Yasha was on the verge of tearing his hair out. "You promised! You promised!!!"

Kagome calmed him down smilingly. "Now, now!"

"What do you know?!!" he snapped.

"Why, you! I was just concerned about you!" yelled Kagome.