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30 March 2018, 14:38

Houston, Texas, U.S.A

It was the afternoon in the downtown of the city of Houston. Everything went in peaceful until an alarm went off. Every people in the area were run to the closest shelter to protect themselves from the space quake. In America's soil, space quakes were rather rare than in Asia. But it doesn't mean it never happened.

Not far from the downtown, 5 wizards or maybe male wizards could be seen flied toward the downtown in V formation. All of them wore dark green armor with guns in their hands. There were jetpacks in their legs and in their wings. They also wore gold visor that covered their eyes. They were the wizards of the 1st Sorcery Operation Battalion AKA Counter-Spirit Forces. The wizard in the front who appeared to be the squad lead raised his right hand, told the rest of the team to stop. He has slightly long but neat aqua hair and wielded a SCAR-H Battle Rifle with an M203 grenade launcher and Holograpic sight. He contacted someone in the intercoms.

"Crossroad, this is Spear 1-1 actual. We are at the save range of the space quake radius, awaiting your order, over!" Major Sergeant Yuzuru Eversmann (15) said in fully military tone. He was the strongest wizard in America's history.

"Roger that Spear 1-1. Maintain the save range from the radius. The space quake will happen in 5,4,3,2,1!" Crossroad said just before the space quake happened. The space quake happened just after he finished his word.

"Wow, that's a pretty huge space quake!" one of the wizard, Private First Class Jake Miller (15) said in awed. He has a black spiky hair and black eyes. He wielded a M1014 Grizzly shotgun.

"Well, this is seems nothing than the space quake 30 years ago." The other wizard, Corporal Mike Polonsky (16) said while chuckled. He has a wild short black hair and wielded an M4A1 with ACOG Scope.

The newest and youngest wizard, Private Lucas Anderson (14) only stared blankly at the space quake like there was nothing interesting with the space quake. He has a short dark green hair and green eyes. He wielded an SSR Designated Marksman Rifle.

After the space quake disappeared, the last wizard start to spoke. "It's over" Sergeant First Class James Roebuck (17) was the oldest wizard in the group. He has a black messy hair and wielded an MK48 Machine gun. He stared at the squad leader in his left. "What is your order, Boss?" he asked him.

Yuzuru stared at the GPS in his HUD. He saw a red dot in the center of the crater. He zoom the binocular in his visor and saw a girl stood in the center of the crater. The girl has an aqua long hair. She wore a set of Ancient Greek soldier's armor but without helmet. She wielded a shield in her left hand and spear in her right hand. She was surrounded by aqua colored aura. Probably a spirit.

Yuzuru's eyes widened after he saw the spirit's face. "Wait, she's…no way, Yuzuki already dead, 5 years ago…in that fucking burning." He thought. He contacted his commander in the radio. "Crossroad, we got a visual on Achilles! She is 10 clicks away from our position! Awaiting your order!"

"Understood Spear 1-1. You're clear to engage…but remember you must take her back to the HQ alive!" The Central Command replied before ending the transmission.

Yuzuru nodded. "Solid copy Crossroad! Engaging now! Spear 1-1 out!" He turned to his man. "Alright guys! We're cleared to engage! Remember, missiles and High Voltage Laser ARE unauthorized! Lock and Load!" They pushed the afterburner in their jetpack and flied to the spirit's position. They raised their weapons at her. "OPEN FIRE!" They fire their weapons at her. The spirit saw that she's under attack and raised her shield that blocked all of the Laser Enhanced Bullets. They surrounded her from all position made her overwhelmed. She fled away from the crater after Yuzuru fired his grenade launcher. "Roebuck, Miller, Polonsky! Follow her! Anderson! You with me!" All of them nodded. James, Jake, and Mike chased the spirit from behind while Yuzuru and Lucas broke from formation.

'Achilles' flied away, used the buildings to escaped from the CSF squad but they kept followed her. "Get her ass guys!" James yelled. They kept fired their weapons but none of them hit the spirit. She saw Yuzuru and Lucas come out from the back of the building in front of her. Yuzuru emptied his mag while Lucas cautiontly aimed his Sniper Rifle at the spirit. Some of the bullets hit the spirit. 'Achilles' quickly turned around and fled away from them. Jake reloaded his shotgun and fired it toward her. She readied her spear to stab Jake.

Mike saw this and flied to his friend. "MILLER!" he pushed him and both of them hit a building.

"Tch!" James pulled his light saber and charged at the spirit. He sliced vertically at her but she blocked his attack with her spear. Meanwhile, Lucas fired his rifle at the spirit from behind but she blocked it with her shield. Yuzuru also charged at the spirit with his beam machete but his attack also blocked.

"Roebuck, Anderson, help Jake and Mike! I'll take care of her!" he said. James nodded his head and flied towards Jake's and Mike's crash site. Yuzuru readied his machete while Achilles readied her sword. Both the NCO and the Spirit exchanging blow in the air.

Meanwhile in Jake's and Mike's crash site. "Miller! Are you okay?! Are you still with me?!" Mike shouted at him. Jake groaned in pain.

"Damn it, dude! You're the one who make fell worst!" He shouted back. Mike pulled him from the wrecked building. They heard a transmission.

"Spear 1-1, this is Hammer 1-1 actual. We're ready to assist you." They saw another squad of wizard coming from their right. They were more heavily armed and all of the members were teenage aged boys like them. They fired lasers at the spirit but some of the laser almost hit Yuzuru.

"Hey, watch your fire!" Yuzuru shouted at them while pulled away from the cross fire. He landed at one of the building roof top. "Regroup team!" The American-Japanese wizard said. His subordinate landed near him. He heard another transmission.

"Spear 1-1, this is Mega 61. We're almost at the operation airspace. Do we clear to landed, over?" The MH-60M Blackhawk pilot said.

"Negative, Mega 61. The LZ is still hot! We'll tell you if it's secured!" Yuzuru yelled.

"You got it, Spear 1-1 but please double time it, out!" The pilot replied.

Yuzuru heard another transmission, this time from the HQ. "Spear 1-1, this is Crossroad actual. Have you secured the spirit yet?"

"Negative, Crossroad. She is still up there, wrestling with Hammer 1-1." The Sergeant said while starring at Hammer 1-1 and 'Achilles' who still fighting.

"Sergeant Eversmann, I want you to secure her with ANY necessary! I don't care how much it will cost. I want you to bring that bitch to base for a research. 'CSF Never Backward' how copy?"

The squad lead of Spear 1-1 sighed before replied. "Solid copy, Crossroad. We will secure her as fast as possible!"

"Understood, Spear 1-1…and happy hunting, son" The Leader of CSF said, ending the transmission.

Yuzuru raised his index and middle finger and circled it, telling his squad to regroup. "Alright guys, we only have a change to attack and captured Achilles once. So now we gonna help Hammer 1-1 to secure her! Understood?" all of them nodded. "Alright, check your weapons and ammo!" He said before starred at his HUD.

In his HUD :








Flashbang : 4

HE Grenade : 4

Smoke Grenade : 4

MISSILE : AIM-9 Sidewinder/20



DAMAGE : 34 %

"46 rounds left, I'm good" Jake said while reloading his shotgun.

"4 mags left" Lucas said in emotionless tone.

"6 mags, still fresh" Mike said.

"200 rounds left, me good too" James said. The NCO nodded his head.

"Alright, let's get it done" Yuzuru contacted the Hammer 1-1 leader, Master Sergeant Chris Dimitri Kazakov (16). "Hammer 1-1, gimme SITREP, over!"

"We're currently fighting Achilles. Don't worry, we got the upper hand but unfortunately…we don't know how to take her down without killing her. We need your assistance, Spear 1-1!" replied the purple haired sergeant.

"Alright, keep over powered her, we're coming to your location, out!" Yuzuru replied. He jumped from the building and activated his jetpack and flied toward the Achilles who still fighting with the other CSF squad.

Meanwhile, Chris and Achilles engaged in close combat battle. During the fight, he got a transmission from Spear 1-1 lead.

"Hammer 1-1, this is Spear 1-1 actual. We're at your 3 o'clock and about 4 clicks from your location. Can you make Achilles fly to our location? We have set a trap for her." Chris nodded his head as he continued engaging Achilles.

"Affirmative, Spear 1-1. We will try it." He blocked her attack and swung his beam sword upward to distract her. He quickly pulled his G18 Machine Pistol from his holster and fired at her. Some of the spirit was able to block it with her force field. "GIVE HER HELL!" The American-Russian wizard yelled and his subordinate fired at her. She blocked the Enhanced Laser bullets just before she fled.

"She is getting away!" One of the Hammer 1-1 wizards shouted.

"No, she's not." Chris calmly stated after saw Achilles flied toward Spear 1-1's supposed position.

James saw the spirit flied to their location. He contacted his squad lead. "Sarge, she's coming to our location."

"Alright, wait for my signal." Yuzuru said in transmission. James nodded to Mike who was on the floor, some meters below him. He also nodded to Jake and Lucas who hid behind the building across the road. "DO IT! DO IT!" Yuzuru barked in the intercoms. The four wizards quickly fired their energy net. This made Achilles surprised but the net got her trapped. From the sky above, Yuzuru raised his machete. He used his ALW-L laser to upgrade his machete. He charged at the spirit while screamed. However, the spirit could release her body from the net but she was unable to block or evade the NCO's attack. The machete stabbed her armor and made both of them crushed the ground. Achilles regained her consciousness and saw one of the 'mecha mecha soldiers' injected her neck.

Yuzuru injected a serum that made her asleep. After she lost her consciousness, he pulled a plastic handcuff and tied her hand with it. "Spear 1-1 to all units! JACKPOT! Achilles is secured!" he said in excitement. One of the wizards took out a stretcher from his bag. They placed the spirit's body to the stretcher and tied her. Yuzuru contacted the Black Hawk pilot. "Mega 61, the LZ has been secured you're cleared to landed."

"Understood, Spear 1-1. ETA 30 seconds out!" Some minutes later, the Black Hawk landed near the wizards while two Apache AH-64D Longbow escort attack helicopter circled around the LZ to made sure there's no another hostile in the area.

Some regular soldier come out from the Blackhawk and took the stretcher and the spirit to the Chopper followed by the wizards excluding Yuzuru. Later, a man came out from the chopper. He has a very short black hair. He also wore the same armor like the wizards except he don't bring any weapon except for an M9 Berreta in his hips. It was not other than Captain Tony Sulivan (27) the leader of CSF 'A' Company. Yuzuru noticed him and quickly saluted at him. "Major Sergeant Yuzuru Eversmann, At your service, Captain."

Tony gave back the salute. "At ease Sergeant" After they both at ease from the salute the Captain asked the younger and lower rank young man. "Did you guys lost something?"

"No, sir. There's no casualties but we wasted many amount of ammo …like usual." He answered. Tony nodded his head.

"Alright, let's go home Sergeant"

"Aye aye sir!" Yuzuru said. They both boarded the chopper.

"Crossroad to all units, Achilles has been captured! Mission completed! Return to base!" The chopper took off and headed to northwest and with its escorts.

Glossary :

Oscar Mike : On the way

Clicks : Kilometer

SITREP : Report

ETA : Extended Time to Arrive

1st Sorcery Operation Battalion(1SOC) or Counter-Spirit Forces : It's a fictional secret military organization or in short, 'The American's AST version'. But unlike AST, the CSF size is at least 360 wizards or over a battalion and all of the wizards are a highly trained boy who has passed an inhuman entrance test. It was based from 1st Special Forces Operation Detachment AKA Delta Force. This organization is commissioned by The United States Special Operation Command (SOCOM). Not only to capture or eliminated spirits, they also can do other missions like Direct Action, Combat Inteligence, Cyber Warfare, Unconventional Warfare, Counter Terrorism, Hostage Rescue, and even Assassinations.

ECBA or Enhanced Combat Battle Armor : It's also my fictional combat armor. It's produced by various companies like General Dynamic, Loockhead Martin, Mcdonells Douglas, Colt, Remington, and the other companies except the DEM Industries. It also has the same power like CR unit except this armor only can be used by boys. If you has problem to think how it looks like, just think about MJOLNIR Mark 5 from HALO with wings and jetpack like CR unit but without helmet and the armor is more thin. Currently the mark 1 and 2 is used by the CSF and the other Anti Spirit organization but the mark 3 will explained in later chapter.

ALW or American Laser Weapon : A fictional weaponry that used to fired laser. There are three types of this weapon. H to high voltage laser for kill the spirit but can made the wizards lost his power and even can dangered his life, M to medium for made the spirit unconscious but the wizards ECBA can obtained some several damage , and L , the one Yuzuru used to low for weakened a spirit.



That is the chapter 1 and the prologue, pretty short ehh? As you can see, Miller, Roebuck, Lucas, and Sulivan were based on the Call of Duty: World at War: Final Fronts chara while Eversmann was based on Matt Eversmann, the 'main protagonist' in Black Hawk Down while the Yuzuru is based on Yuzuru Otonashi from Angel Beats!. Crossroad is based on Colonel Armstrong 'Crossroad' from Arma 3 while Kazakov himself was randomly come out from my mind and Achilles is a great Greek Hero during the Battle of Troy. Some of the weapons were real-life military hardware and I think this fanfic is really involved militaries and the others craps. I'm still not a good writer so please give me tips not flames. Okay, see ya!