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Weiss avoided Blake like the plague the next day, sitting on the side of the table opposite her and as far away as she could manage. Blake seemed not to take notice, lost in the bliss of the previous night. Pyrrha, likewise, was also lost in thoughts of last night, a dreamy smile upon her lips as she told Nora about the coupling.

"It was heavenly the way she caressed me everywhere, Nora. It was as if her hands couldn't stay still. And the same could be said ten times over for that beast in her shorts. How she manages to keep it tame twenty-three days of the month is most likely the greatest mystery of life."

"And when she came inside?" Nora pressed, unaware that Weiss was beginning to tear her apple to pieces more vehemently with every word spoken. Ruby and Yang took notice and shared a glance as they had the previous night.

"Like liquid fire." Pyrrha groaned softly, eyes shutting at the sensation's memory. "I could feel it coating every part of me inside, connecting us."

Weiss stood with a huff and stormed away, eyes glaring holes into anything they set upon. Ruby and Yang felt bad for their friend, but there was nothing they could do about who Blake chose to mate with. They had given her all the knowledge they could, but if Weiss was convinced she had no chance, there wasn't much more they could do.

Jaune glanced to Pyrrha's neck, expecting to see the mark Blake must have left last night. To his surprise, there were gouges in his friend's neckwear. "Pyrrha, what happened to your collar? It's all scratched up…"

A blush bloomed across the redhead's cheeks and she cleared her throat. "During the frenzy of last night's activities, Blake and I neglected to remove our neckwear. When Blake, er, lost control, she… attempted to mark me with little success."

"Ooh!" Nora's eyes widened in shock. "So, it's kind of like a condom for Faunus?"

Pyrrha's cheeks blazed brighter as she nodded mutely, ignoring the snickers from Ruby and Yang. Ren cleared his throat to gain their attention and murmured, "While I am glad that neither Blake nor Pyrrha has been put into a situation, it is safe to assume that Pyrrha is your new mate, Blake?"

The group already knew, of course, but to save Pyrrha any further embarrassment, they waited for the Faunus to respond. Blake's ears perked from her daze. Looking to her friends, she shrugged. "I guess so. She's the one I'm most compatible with thus far, so it makes sense." Her bow twitched slightly, but the others didn't seem to notice.

The group separated to go their own way once breakfast was over. Pyrrha reminded Blake that her scroll would be inactive during training, so Blake would have to come and get her if the heat cycle hit again. The cat-Faunus nodded and receded to the library, content to just spend the day reading. It had been quite a week and she had no qualms with relaxing before classes started up again the next day.

Ruby and Yang set out to find Weiss. Usually, they would know exactly where to find her if she were upset, but considering the whitette was likely to be avoiding them, her usual spots were out of the question. Searching through campus, the sister duo wondered how they were going to cheer the heiress up.

They knew that this development would have Weiss in turmoil, as the heiress did not like it when things didn't go according to plan, even if the plan was one of Ruby's or, even worse, Yang's. Therefore, not even getting the chance to show Blake how well she would fit as a mate was likely wearing on Weiss' psyche.

Searching through the entire campus, the two women found no sign of the Schnee Heiress and finally conceded to allowing her time to herself. It was Sunday and there was no way Weiss would miss class, so more than likely, they would see her back at the dorm room later that night anyway. Heading for the training grounds, the two sister members of Team RWBY watched their friends practice for a while, hoping the other half of their team would be okay.

Throughout the day, Blake stayed tucked into her little corner of the library. Thanks to getting there early and the fact that it was Sunday, she was relatively fine. Only a few people had picked up her pheromones, but hadn't come looking for her. Most of them, thankfully, were Faunus that simply cast her thumbs-ups and sympathetic glances.

However, as the day continued on, the cat-Faunus found the tugging sensation in her nostrils getting stronger. The heat of her body hadn't been much of a bother, but it was slowly climbing. Her ears twitched at every little sound more often than usual and Blake had to actively stop herself from growling in want. Afternoon was in full swing by the time Blake's heat trance came at her.

Blake huffed as she used a nearby paperback to fan herself. Her body heat was rising steadily and the cat-Faunus conceded to finishing the story she was reading for another day. If she didn't lesve the library soon, there was the possibility that someone would find her. The last thing the brunette needed was some horny Hunter-in-training to come across her.

Standing, the ninja quickly made her way from the rows of books, feeling the pulsing in her lower body urging her to move faster. Catching the autumn scent in the air, Blake rushed to find her new mate, growling primally as she hurried after the scent. However, she was unprepared for one thing to stop her.


The heiress stepped in her way and refused to budge. "Blake, I need to talk to you." She stated.

"Not now, Weiss." Blake snarled, making to move around her. The white-haired girl was having none of that and stepped to the side to block the Faunus' path once more.

"Yes, now." Weiss snapped. "It's something really important to me and I truly think it best to talk to you about it as soon as possible."

Blake growled lowly, feeling her nose twitch. Weiss' scent was beginning to overpower Pyrrha's, the pair of them warring in her senses. Where Pyrrha's scent was strong, warm and firm, Weiss' was different.

Weiss' scent wasn't musky like Pyrrha's. It was a sweet aroma that spoke of the wonders of winter. It was cool and crisp but delicate and gentle, like the fresh fallen snow. Blake could practically taste the snowflakes coming down on her tongue, the soft chilly wind caressing her and inviting her inside. But it wasn't just the cold. Weiss' scent also spoke of the warm fireplace to escape the chill outside, the blanket wrapped around her to keep warm, the smell of burning firewood and hot chocolate. It was completely unexpected of someone so outwardly cold to everyone around her.

It sang to Blake even more than Pyrrha's scent had.

Lifting Weiss into her arms, Blake complied with the heiress' wishes, carrying her to the privacy of their dorm room to speak. Setting Weiss on her bed, the Faunus nodded for her to begin. Weiss cleared her throat awkwardly and began speaking as Blake started sniffing at her neck.

"Blake, we've known each other for six months now and I'd like to think that I've come to know you quite well in those months. I would also hope that you felt the same."

A soft rumbling purr answered her and Weiss took that in the affirmative. Taking a deep breath, she went on with her speech. "Well, also within those six months, I've come to develop some feelings for you, feelings of companionship and a l-little more than that as well."

Blake mewed against her neck, her instinct beginning to take hold as she started licking the pale throat before her. Weiss tried to ignore the heat it shot to her stomach as she continued on. "But I was unsure of how to ask you or if you even liked me in that manner. It made asking you a bit easier when I found out about your heat cycle and your not-so-little friend down there, but it only made it marginally better.

"I'm going to be honest with you, Blake. I was a mess today. I truly was upset about your coupling with Pyrrha because I'd always looked up to her and what this mating thing was doing to me wasn't healthy. I was thinking of my idol and friend as an enemy, competition, someone who needed to be eliminated.

"But then it occurred to me that neither you nor Pyrrha knew how I really felt and probably wouldn't unless I spoke up."

A soft hand was slowly inching beneath her dress, more than ready to tear the garment and all others off of both their bodies. Blake's purring had grown into primal possessive growling. She had heard every word Weiss had said, but the more instinctual part of her brain was at work and couldn't process the words for what they were, much to the chagrin of a certain heiress.

"Blake!" Weiss shrieked. "Are you even listening to me?"

"I'm listening and you're not moaning my name like I want you to be." The Faunus snarled, teeth ready to grab the pale neck and mark the slope regardless of what sex with Weiss would be like. Her combined love of the whitette's scent and her feelings for the heiress attempted to force her into action.

"You're insatiable!" Weiss growled, glaring into the brunette's eyes. "Will you listen to me?"

"Will you let me mate you?" Blake countered.

"I'm trying to tell you that I love you, you big dunce!" Weiss snapped, smashing their lips together in agitation. This appeased the young Faunus as she wrapped her arms around Weiss' waist, making certain she wasn't letting her prey escape.

The kiss was wet, Weiss' brash action showing as she pressed her lips closer to Blake's. The cat-Faunus was all too happy to respond, her own lips molding against the heiress' as one hand stroked along the whitette's side. Weiss gave a soft moan and Blake's tongue swept into her mouth momentarily, the brunette groaning as Weiss' tongue briefly met her own.

The battle didn't last long, Weiss easily dominated as Blake's hormones fully took over. Pulling from Weiss' mouth, the brunette kissed along Weiss' jaw, her lips lingering a few seconds at each spot. She trailed the tip of her tongue up to Weiss' ear and felt the heiress fall limp in her arms. She had found a sweet spot and she was going to milk it for what it was worth. Sharp teeth grazed along a pristine pale ear as Blake's hand stroked along Weiss' back, keeping her teammate close.

Weiss gasped softly as Blake tugged her ear, an uncomfortable tingling starting up between her legs. She had always had sensitive ears, usually reserved for listening to the proper notes to sing, but now was completely different. Blake's teeth felt absolutely divine in the crook of her jaw and Weiss' hands slid around the brunette's shoulders, fingers unconsciously twirling in the Faunus' long black hair.

Blake trailed her nose along the slope of Weiss' throat, feeling her teeth itch to latch onto the pale flesh and mark it until not a bit was unmarred. She wanted the entire school to know the heiress was hers. Unable to resist at least tasting the succulent expanse before her, Blake allowed her tongue to slide out and trail along the length of Weiss' throat, tasting the salty tang. Her tongue passed over the frantic pulse and she nearly lost it right then and there.

Weiss groaned as she felt Blake's hot wet muscle on her burning flesh. The contact sent electricity through her veins, her breath catching in her chest as she leaned her head back. The tingles spreading through her body intensified as she dug her fingers into the thick black mane and pulled Blake up. She didn't care that this was supposed to be just a simple mating. She didn't care that this wasn't supposed to mean anything. For Weiss, this would be the deciding factor of whether or not she would be given a chance to capture Blake's heart.

Blake felt hot wet lips meet her own in a demanding kiss, Weiss' tight hand in her hair keeping her in place. She allowed her hands to fall to Weiss' waist as she responded, pressing her lips harder to the soft ones against hers. Weiss' breath caressed her cheek in short warm bursts, the whitette's tongue licking at her lips occasionally. Finally, after a bit of teasing, Blake finally opened her mouth and captured the wet member, sucking it into her mouth and allowing her own tongue to slide along it while her lips kept it in place.

Weiss gasped as Blake sucked her tongue, her entire body burning as the brunette's slick tongue slid against her own, licking along what part of the length was in her mouth. Shuddering at the building heat between her legs, Weiss leaned forward and pried Blake's lips open with her own, wanting to be an active participant in the kiss. Her tongue slithered further into Blake's mouth and rubbed against the taller girl's teeth, Blake's tongue swirling around her own.

It was too hot. Their clothing needed to go, now. Slipping Weiss' bolero from her shoulders, Blake pulled back to eye the smooth shoulders and prominent collarbone appreciatively. Weiss blushed slightly as Blake turned her slightly, unzipping the white minidress easily. The silky material fell away to reveal Weiss in a matching set of black lace underwear. Stark against the milky skin, the lace drew Blake's eyes quickly.

Forgetting about how hot she was for a moment, Blake leaned forward and immersed herself in the heated flesh contained in the scratchy material. Soft lips hungrily sought out the delicate skin and tugged gently, eliciting a soft moan from Weiss. Reaching up, Blake quickly disposed of the black lace stopping her from getting to more of the pale skin. As she did, the cat-Faunus also took a moment to throw off her vest and shirt, her body warming at the thought of coming into contact with the heiress' skin.

Weiss groaned as Blake laid against her, the taller woman's breasts settled on her stomach as Blake kissed around each of her breasts. Her hot breath made Weiss' nipples stiffen in want and the whitette fought to keep control of herself as she tugged Blake's thick black hair insistently. Taking the hint, Blake kissed one of the light pink nubs and sucked it up into her mouth, moaning softly as she swirled her tongue around it.

Weiss gasped at the contact, arching up into Blake's scorching mouth. It felt incredible, each part of her body touching the Faunus on top of her was on fire, as if someone had poured red Dust all over her. Blake's breasts felt soft against her abdomen, their weight not uncomfortable. And it was the first time her nipples had ever been this hard. They had begun to ache for more contact.

As if sensing the need, one of Blake's hands rose to the unattended peak and tweaked it, tearing a moan from Weiss' lips. More followed as Blake's hands kneaded and massaged the flesh of Weiss' modest breasts, her thumb rolling the hardened nipple around with every squeeze. The cat-Faunus would be lying is she said Weiss' moans and breathless gasps weren't getting to her.

Pulling back, the brunette popped free of the salty skin and pulled Weiss' dress the rest of the way off. Once she did, the full scent of Weiss' musk hit her nose and she took a deep breath, savoring in the wintry scent. Weiss kicked off her boots easily, leaving her in nothing but her matching black underwear and pristine white knee-high socks. Amber eyes surveyed her body and Blake licked her lips appreciatively.

Not wanting to postpone this any longer, Blake reached down to undo her shorts, sliding them and her tights down her legs, kicking off her boots as she did. She had been hard the entire time, but now, with Weiss' want permeating the air around them, Blake began to throb, ready to bury herself in the heiress.

Weiss swallowed thickly at the sight of Blake's bulge. The boxers she wore did little to hide the size and the whitette wondered if it would even fit inside someone as small as herself. Before the worry could fully settle, Blake was back on the bed, crawling closer, and her pheromones wiped away any doubts Weiss had about the situation. After all, Blake had fit inside of Ruby, right?

Pressing a hand to Weiss' chest, Blake laid the heiress back on the pillows. Eyes trailing Weiss' body, Blake leaned forward and licked along the pale collarbone, trying to reassure her teammate that she had no intention of hurting her. Blake was well-aware that Weiss was smaller in size than she, so she would do her best to soothe the whitette.

Removing the black lace still covering Weiss, the brunette positioned herself properly before beginning to rock her hips back and forth. Weiss attempted to help as well, lifting her hips to meet Blake's whenever the Faunus attempted to thrust in. It was slow going at first as both were trying to be careful with Weiss' more delicate frame. After a few attempts, Blake finally breached the entrance and slid partway inside.

Weiss gasped at the intrusion, her eyes wide in shock, pain and pleasure. She had expected it to hurt, of course. Blake was quite large and she had never been penetrated before, so she was bound to be resilient. She did not expect it to feel as good as it did, though. While Blake's size was certainly going to hinder her a little, a flash of heat still shot through her body as the Faunus finally managed to get partway inside of her.

Blake had expected Weiss to be warm like the others had. However, when she finally thrust inside, it was a cool sensation, slick and wet, like getting out of a pool on a sunny day. Blake groaned, amber eyes narrowed as she thrust in completely, burying herself into the whitette's cavern. It was so soft, the walls closing around her tightly with how pent up Weiss already was. The rough texture of them somehow added to the softness, rubbing along Blake's shaft in the most delicious of ways as she pulled her hips back to thrust in again.

Weiss arched into the panting body above her, feeling Blake's cock fill her to breaking point. It was a little too big for her cavern to hold, Blake probably not even able to hilt herself, but it still felt good to feel Blake's muscular predatory body sliding against her. The burning skin on her own warm flesh sent delicious tingles to their thrusting hips whenever they made contact and it was all Weiss could do not to come undone every time Blake thrust into her.

The brunette glanced down at her companion, seeing hooded blue eyes gazing back up at her, Weiss' lips parted with each pant and glistening as she licked her lips. Blake licked her own lips at the sight, the white mane splayed out behind the heiress, her hands up by her head as her chest heaved with every gasp and bounced with every thrust of Blake's hips. Leaning down, Blake attacked Weiss' lips once more, snagging the other girl in a deep kiss, their slick tongues sliding against each other wetly, hot pants and desperate gasps breaking against their flushed cheeks.

Unlike with the other times Blake had mated, no words were expressed during this. It wasn't that none were needed, but if Weiss needed Blake to slow down, she put her hands on the Faunus' shoulders and slowed her slightly. Both were afraid, terrified even, of breaking the synchronization they had achieved with each other.

Blake's cat ears stood on end, catching every breathy gasp, every ragged pant, the shrill whimpers and the desperate choked sobs as Weiss expressed her pleasure in any way other than words. Weiss watched the emotions play out on her lover's face, the way Blake grit her teeth whenever she changed angle, the way her expression would relax out with each moan, the little twitch of her nose whenever she licked her lips before diving back in for another kiss.

The passion was almost palpable as the pair of them worked to continue preserving their little bubble, the air thick with pants and the wet slapping as Weiss' hips thrust against Blake's every time the brunette pounded into her. Both were breathless, their chests heaving with each pant as they worked to bring each other as much pleasure as possible.

Weiss grit her teeth as she felt herself beginning to tighten beyond the point of no return, Blake's hips grinding her pelvis into her swollen clit turning the tides every time their thrusts met. She didn't want to give in so easily, knowing that her body wouldn't be able to take a second round so soon, but the climax was nearing despite this.

I'm going to lose her. Weiss thought desperately, hooking her arms around Blake's neck and bringing her closer. Their chests meshed together, flaming skin against skin, rubbing and pressing as Blake continued her frantic pace, feeling herself nearing completion. Feeling Weiss' wetness rub against her every time their hips met was sending jolts through her body and she knew she was going to reach release and soon.

Finally breaking the barrier between them, Blake spoke the first words since they began. "Weiss." She gasped, ears flat as she held the heiress tight against her, rubbing her chest and stomach along the length of the whitette's body. The feeling of the small form beneath her pressing against her wasn't helping to stem the heat.

"B-Blake…" Weiss whined, her voice high as she neared her peak. "Please…"

"I'm going to cum, Weiss." Blake grunted, moaning softly as she rubbed herself just right inside the velvety walls encompassing her. The quivering wetness alerted her to Weiss' condition as well, the warmth tightening around her shaft and shaking, convulsing in preparation to clamp on her and milk her for all she was worth.

"Blake, n-not yet." The whitette pleaded. "I want… I want this to last… before you leave…"

"Weiss, I can't." the cat-Faunus whimpered, her teeth gritting together as she felt the tightness in her shaft, readying to fire.

"I want you to choose me." Weiss begged, clutching the Faunus tighter, grinding her entire body against Blake's as much as she could.

"Weiss, Pyrrha-."

"No, Blake!" Weiss shouted, borderline sobbing. "You have to choose me... me! Not Pyrrha! Me!"

"Weiss!" Blake slowed her pace and made the heiress look her in the eyes. Amber shone brightly on misty blue and the Faunus said in a soft tone, "It is you."

Weiss' eyes widened in shock, her mind grinding to a halt at the brunette's words. Blake gave her no chance to reply, though, as she sped back up, unwilling to let her release evade her. Thrusting at a quick pace, Blake turned her angle, finding a rough patch just behind Weiss' entrance and pistoning it, feeling it rub and slide against her head in delicious ways.

Weiss' breath caught and her back arched as her climax finally overtook her. The tingles all converged lower in her body, meeting with where Blake's hips were thrusting frantically into her before exploding out across her entire body. Arching her back off the bed, Weiss tightened her arms around Blake's shoulders, meshing her entire body to the Faunus as she screamed out her release. Her body shook with the intensity of the energy being released, her arms locking and unlocking sporadically, her legs clutching the brunette's waist and her hips thrusting of their own accord, meeting Blake for each one.

Blake watched the rapture play out on the pale face below her and groaned, feeling her teeth itch once more. Instead of biting Weiss, however, she leaned down and immersed herself in the modest chest, inhaling the wintry scent one last time before her own orgasm overtook her. The heat rushed through her body, all of it racing to her thrusting hips, meeting with the tightness at the base of her shaft. A long low groan tore itself from the Faunus' lips as the heat exploded and raced along her length, spilling itself forth into Weiss. Instead of stopping to let it shoot out evenly, Blake continued pumping her hips, holding Weiss in a tight iron grip as she felt both their juices flowing together, hot and wet, sticking against her shaft as it spilled from the warm cavern and onto the bedsheets, coating them.

Weiss' breath was short, but she met Blake's thrusts, prolonging both their pleasure. When Blake had finally gone flaccid within her, Weiss gently loosened her legs from Blake's hips, bending them in case the brunette needed to lean against them for support. The only sound now was their heavy panting, the pair of them staring at each other. Weiss felt exhausted, but she hoped her message had come across clear enough.

"We should shower." Blake murmured softly, trailing her nose along Weiss' neck, proud of herself for maintaining control through such an intense session. "The others will be getting back soon."

"You take the first one." Weiss suggested, watching Blake slowly stand from over her. "You did more work than I did."

Blake nodded and turned, beginning to gather her things for a shower. Weiss watched her contemplatively and decided that, since signals were useless, it would be better to say it, just to be sure. Clearing her throat softly to ready herself, Weiss took a deep breath.

"Blake?" The Faunus glanced back questioningly and Weiss smiled. "It's always been you."

Setting her shower things on Weiss' bed, Blake strode back over to her own bunk and bent down, taking the pale chin in her fingers. Amber eyes gazed into mist blue as Blake smiled before leaning down to connect their lips in a much softer kiss. This kiss wasn't demanding, or passionate, or hot in any manner. It was soft and warm, filling both girls with a soft, fluffy feeling in their chests. Blake pulled back with a soft sigh and smiled once more.

"That should have been our first kiss. Let's… think of this as the start of a possible relationship?"

Weiss chuckled and nodded, pecking her lover's nose before slowly, tentatively reaching up, her hand hovering next to the large black ears. Blake slowly leaned forward and brushed her ears against Weiss' hand, allowing the heiress to caress the indications of her Faunus heritage before pulling back.

"Deal." The whitette agreed.

Blake beamed down at her and headed for the door. Before exiting the room, she turned back and called, "We'll talk about your communication skills when we're both clean. Go ahead and rest for a moment."

Weiss sank back against the bed with a sigh, raising a hand to her head. That went better than she had expected. With a soft smile, she slowly stood and began gathering her supplies for a shower. She would talk to Pyrrha later; for now, she just wanted to enjoy knowing that Blake returned her feelings.


"Ruby, have you seen Blake?" Yang asked, walking to where her sister was hanging out with Team JNPR. "She was supposed to meet me for sparring twenty minutes ago. I sent her a scroll message and everything."

"It's not like Blake to be late." Ruby murmured, cocking her head. "Maybe she was in heat again?"

"But she said Pyrrha was her mate." The brawler pointed out, gesturing to the redhead who was listening politely to another of Nora's many stories.

"Let's go see if Weiss has seen her." Ruby sighed. "She's usually studying in the dorm room by now, regardless of… other things."

The group stood, JNPR following along for lack of anything better to do. Coming to the RWBY dorm room, Yang unlocked the door and the group strode in, taking in the scene with curiously shocked expressions. Weiss was sitting against the headboard of her bed, reading from something on her scroll. Blake was lying with her head against Weiss' stomach, her shoulders and back in the heiress' lap. Blake's ears were uncovered and Weiss was slowly rubbing them. The setting was tranquil and the sun shone through the open window, casting a warm glow about the room.

"Hey!" Nora called, bouncing in and standing beside the pair. "You two look cozy."

Blake's ears flicked and she glanced up at Weiss calmly. "I'm pretty comfortable, what about you?"

Weiss leaned down with a slight blush and pecked the Faunus' forehead. "I'm perfectly fine, yes."

There was silence as the pair went back to what they were doing and the rest of the teens stared in surprise. After a few confused moments, Yang cleared her throat. "So… what's going on with you two?"

Blake and Weiss shared a look before replying together, "We're dating."

"So, you're dating and Pyrrha's Blake's mate?" Nora gasped, teal eyes wide with excitement.

Blake's ears flattened as she shot an apologetic smile in Pyrrha's direction. "Actually, Weiss is going to be my mate." She stated, turning the page in her book. "Her scent was the strongest."

"But she can't be nearly as good as Pyrrha was!" Jaune exclaimed in puzzlement. "I mean, the way you two were last night, it was… I mean, she and you, er…" He faltered at the murderous glare Weiss was directing at him, the heiress' arms slipping around Blake's shoulders and clutching her close. "I mean, uh, that's awesome that you two are going out now."

"I was wondering when Weiss would stop glaring at me." Pyrrha agreed. "I was certain you were going to challenge me to a duel for Blake's heart."

A blush crept up Weiss' neck as she cleared her throat awkwardly. "Yes, well, after some intense thinking today, I decided that a challenge would be a very bad route to take as your physical ability far surpasses mine and I would most likely lose before the fight itself started. Instead, I thought it would be better to talk to you about my feelings for Blake, as I consider you a friend and would rather continue being so rather than rivals in love."

"Weiss, I don't have feelings for Blake." The athlete reassured her with a giggle. "And I'm happy for the pair of you."

"Thank you, Pyrrha." Weiss murmured softly, going back to stroking the violet ears.

"Though, when she goes into heat again, I may be tempted to duel you." Pyrrha smirked, green eyes narrowing. "Blake is quite the catch."

Weiss paled at the thought of Pyrrha challenging her to a duel and Blake lifted her head sternly. "Pyrrha, stop teasing."

The redhead let out a giggle. "I'm just joking, Weiss. I truly am happy for you both." Weiss released a relieved sigh and tightened her arms around Blake's shoulders for comfort.

"Does this mean you'll need the room to yourselves for seven days next month?" Yang chuckled.

"And another two months after that." Blake confirmed.

Ruby turned desperately to Team JNPR, praying they wouldn't leave her hanging in the sudden realization that this would have to happen again. Jaune chuckled and placed a hand on her shoulder. "You and Yang can stay with us until their-."

"Lovemaking?" Pyrrha murmured.

"Romping!" Nora suggested, throwing her hands in the air.

"Mating." Ren stated calmly, crossing his arms.

"Until their whatever they call it is over."

"Thanks Jaune." Ruby sighed in relief. She had not been looking forward to having to listen to her two teammates going at it.

As JNPR headed to their own room to start studying, Yang strode over to Weiss' bed and leaned against Ruby's as she watched the two lovebirds for a moment. Waiting until they had been lulled back into the tranquil atmosphere that had been present when the group arrived, the blonde leaned down with a smirk.

"So, Weiss. Did you use the catnip?"

Blake's ears twitched and she shot up in shock, turning to face the mortified heiress, who had turned to Yang in complete outraged indignation. "I most certainly did not!" she huffed, crossing her arms defensively. "I made certain to keep away anything that could alter Blake's judgement."

"If you say so, Princess." Yang chuckled, walking over to her own bunk.

Blake's ears twitched once more and she leaned in close, sniffing at Weiss' neck momentarily before purring, "We'll use the catnip next month."

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