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It was quite. Peaceful. And, oddly enough, Sofia could feel soft grass below her, cushioning her. This wasn't right, her mind argued, wasn't she suppose to be in pain? Or even still locked below Malfoy Manor?

She refused to acknowledge that voice in her though. Against all reason, all her training, and Moody's voice (oddly enough) shouting in her head to not be an idiot, she lay there on the soft grass, because for once, she was truly at peace.

But eventually, she opened her eyes to analyze her surroundings. A veteran o war can't let go of instincts and she knew that all too well. She was a veteran after all.

Large trees stood tall and proud around her as soft green grass lay beneath her. In distances she could hear the sounds of waves crashing on a beach and just a little ways ahead she spotted a fairly large city. After seeing that she wasn't in any immediate danger (yet), she took the time to look herself over.

She was clothed in a long white sleeveless dress that went to her ankles, showing her bare feet. Her biceps were donned with multiple gold bands and her left hand had on white a lace glove that reached to her elbow while her right arm held her fathers wand holster that she now wore in memory of him. Her skin was pale and she was relieved to find the Gryfindor sword still strapped to her waist along with the Elder Wand in the holster and Invisibility cloak folded neatly next to her. But one thing was off, where were her scars?

She easily conjured up a mirror and gasped at the sight of her face. Where a bloody mess should be from her time spent in Voldemort's tender care, her skin was pale and flawless, with her cute button nose and pouty red lips she looked, unearthly. But, she was relieved to find that she still had her mothers green eyes but now she noticed flecks of silver in the green irises. Her raven hair was still unruly, much like her fathers, but now it had almost a calmer look as it shinned in the sunlight. And to her relief, the lightning bolt scar that she knew all her life, was now gone. While she was proud of her scars, as the all spoke of the trials she had faced and conquered, that was the only one that she wished would just disappear. It had caused her so much grief in her short and exhausting life, and tied her to the mad-man that killed her parents and all her friends.

She hesitantly stood on shaky legs, easily banishing the mirror in one swift wave of her hand. Feeling confident that her legs wouldn't give out on her, she picked up her family heirloom and wrapped it around her shoulders. During one training session with Moody and Remus they discovered that her cloak could become visible when she, and only she as it responded only to the Potter heir, muttered a spell which meant, ironically enough, "mischief managed".

Once gathering her wits about her, she now left herself to ponder where exactly she was.

"Why, you are in Valinor, my dear child," a soft and kind voice spoke from behind her.

Sofia whipped around easily slipping the sword of Gryfindor out of it's sheath and pointing it at the woman who spoke.

The woman chuckled," I mean you no harm young one, I am sorry for accidentally frightening you. My name is Este, the Lady of healing and rest. Welcome to Valinor."

She gestured to the large city that shinned in the afternoon sun.

Sofia now fully took in the sight before her. Spiraling towers of gold yet made of trees. Even from the distance they were at, she could hear the joyous laughter of many. As she took in the sight of the beautiful city, she couldn't help but remember the way that she and her friends had dreamed of the future British wizarding world. This city, from what little she could see and little she knew, it seemed to embody all that she had imagined and wanted for the future.

A soft and gentle hand rested onto her right hand which clutched onto her sword, causing her to tense at first, but soon relaxed as she saw the woman that had spoken earlier.

"My dear, I know what you have gone through in life and have seen all the pain and scars that lay scattered across your heart even though they no longer dot your body. But I and my siblings wish to give you another chance at life," she smiled sadly at the ravenette," Walk with me?"

While she wasn't sure if she really wanted to follow this "Lady of healing", her instincts said to follow her. And her instincts kept her alive when she listened to them, she wasn't about to stop now. Besides, where would she go if she decided not to listen to her? It's not like she exactly knew where she was.

Lowering her sword, but not her guard, she walked next to the woman who walked as if gliding across the grass in her floor length white dress, similar to Sofia's, but not exactly the same.

"Where am I again?" Sofia asked hesitantly.

Este smiled softly," Valinor, the undying lands. Or land of the valar."

Sofia had one questioned answered, but thousands left and more coming," Who, or what are the Valar?"

"The immortal ones who made Middle-Earth. We are powerful beings that watch over our children. Man, elf, dwarf, and hobbit alike."

"Why am I here?" She decided to ask, knowing that that's where the answer to most of her questions lay.

"Much like I told you child," Este chuckled," You have been brought here for healing and rest. Well," she thought for a moment with a slight tilt to her head," I want you to rest here. But Vaire, the Weaver, says that you'll find true happiness on Middle-Earth. But that shall come later when we meet my siblings and husband, Irmo.

However, I get the feeling you wish to know about the history of Middle-Earth and all that lie within it. Well, it all started many years ago when my brother Melkor rebelled against my siblings and I, banishing us from our old home on the IsleAlmaren….."

Sofia took in every word. Nothing could stop her want and need for knowledge. One of the reasons she befriended Hermione so fast was because they both had a thirst for knowledge. But, while Hermione wished to be the best at everything, Sofia just wished to know and learn for the sake of learning. Not even seeing war and going through the hardships of her life could stop her desire, her thirst, for knowledge. Same as Luna, who ended up being not as loony as everyone thought she was. She knew of things that she couldn't even see, she was smarter and cleverer than most Slytherins and Ravenclaws could ever dream of being. So as Este told the story of Melkor and his desire for power and destruction, being the cause for all turmoil and strife on Arda and his want for dominance. She listened and learned as she told of the great war between the Sauron and the elves, humans, men, and dwarves. She listened and learned as she spoke of the growing evil on Arda, as Sauron was now growing in strength and power. But that now left just one question unanswered.

"Why am I here? Why are you telling me this?"

Suddenly a soft trill filled the air as they entered through the city gates. Sofia whipped her head around so fast that she almost got whiplash. But she didn't care, that was the sound of-

"Fawkes!" she shouted in joy.

In second year, she and Fawkes had officially bonded. While Dumbledore had good intentions at heart, he had obviously not heard of the phrase "The road to hell is paved in good intentions." Seeing his mistakes once Fawkes had left him and moved to Sofia, he had dropped all his political positions, handing them over to those he trusted to take care of that power and not exploit it much like he almost had. He devoted his time to taking care of Hogwarts and teaching the children that came to learn. And whom he would come to protect until his dying breath, and for that she truly respected the man. When someone can see their mistakes and then admit that they made mistakes and correct them, then that's when she can say that they have her outmost respect.

"Hello child," a melodic voice spoke in her head," You can trust the Valar, they wish for you to heal."

Hearing Fawkes and his familiar voice, Sofia finally truly let herself relax. Phoenix's could naturally sense if a person had ill-intent and Sofia trusted his sense full-heartedly. More so than herself anyways as she was almost as paranoid as Moody was on her good days.

Fawkes then glided down from his perch in the tree and landed gracefully on her shoulder where she let a lone tear trail down her face from joy at seeing this familiar face, or beak. The tear glistened and sparkled in the sunlight as it fell to the ground but froze in midair and landed in her hand as a perfectly shaped tear drop. When a Thestral cried, which was very very rare, they would freeze in midair forming perfectly shaped teardrops that when used correctly, guide one to their One.

She pulled out her vial necklace and carefully slipped the crystal tear down into the vial where she kept all her shed tears sense she discovered her animagus to be a Thestral.

"Alright Fawkes, I trust you," she said with a small smile.

"Yes, Fawkes has been waiting for you to awaken. He followed you here after all," Este said with a smile," As did others."

Sofia looked at the lady quizzically for a second before she heard a voice, multiple voices actually, call her name out. She spun around, immediately recognizing all the ones who said her name.

The twins, Ginny, Ron, Remus, Hermione, Tonks, Moody, Lily and James Potter… everyone she had ever cared about at one point in her life. People she knew, people who she loved and respected and those who's lives were cut short because of a mad-man.

She cleared those thoughts from her head and focused on the positive. Her friends and family were here and that's what mattered. She sprinted into their waiting arms, first being enveloped by the twins along with Ginny, Ron, and Hermione, before hugging Remus and Tonks. After a surprising hug to Moody and her pseudo-grandfather Dumbledore, she then turned to the parent's she never truly got to know. No words were spoken but none were needed as she finally hugged her mother and father for the first time in her exhausting life.

"The Valar wish for you to finally have a life and find love Sofia," her mother said once they finally broke apart from their hug.

"But what if I can't heal mother?" Sofia asked and then looked to her father, "What if I'm so far gone that I can never learn how to live a normal life? I'm not normal after all."

"That's why we're giving you a decision," a new voice said, this one deep and definitely masculine.

She spun around to look at the newcomers; her battle reflex's never truly leaving her even when she was supposed to relax. The new people were obviously Este's siblings and husband, all having a definite appearance about them. Manwe and Varda stood together, dressed as royalty, or in Varda's case, cloaked in a silver silky dress with long white hair and a sharp and angular face yet with kind eyes that sparkled like stars in the night sky. Ulmo, king of the sea, stood next to his brother and was dressed in armor from head to toe but wore it as if it was just everyday wear with peppered hair and a matching scraggly beard. His eyes showed the depths of a calm sea, but yet still held the mystery and deadliness of the deep ocean, that held depth and power. Yavanna was dressed in a silky green robe with flowers weaved into her long wavy brown hair. She was on the arm of one of the bulkiest men Sofia had ever seen. With dark skin and a braided and beaded beard that, if she remembered correctly, all meant something of significance. Of what, she didn't know, but she knew that they were significant. He had calloused hands and a gruff exterior that was only exemplified by the fact that he was massive in size and muscle size. He also had on what seemed to be a large battle axe strapped to his waist. She then looked to the left of Manwe and Varda to see two people who could only be Namo and Vaire. She recognized the aura around Namo immediately as it was the same as the resurrection stone. She didn't really have to guess with Vaire though as she was a woman that stood and walked with grace of no equal. With long black hair similar to that of her spouse. They all stood in a line, all dressed differently but the similarities were obvious with the kind glint in their eyes and their similar auras of vast knowledge and power.

And Morgoth was the strongest of the valar? That didn't exactly bode well with Sofia. But she shoved that thought to the back of her mind. She didn't wish to go back to fighting in a war, where she would grow to care about the ones around her to only have them ripped away by death and destruction.

"A decision?" Sofia asked. What decision would she have to make?

"Child," Yavanna began," There is nothing left for you in your home world, and we as the Valar understand this. Your family understands this. In Arda, there is darkness that is growing out of the shadows. Our children need help, but the ancient laws of our Creator bind us to this land where we can not directly help them. Rest assured, if you refuse, you will not cause the darkness to win as the Light is strong and powerful and will win. But if you wish to find your one, you will have to go to Arda, or wait many a millennia before he comes to Valinor. If you so wish to restart in a new world, with a new family, with a new home, you may go to Middle-Earth. But, we brought your old family here so that, if you so wish, you may live in peace and happiness for the rest of eternity here with them."

Sofia thought over this new information. She needed to heal, but there were some scars that just wouldn't heal for a long while. She missed her family and friends so much, but would she ever really heal with them? Would she ever become whole again through them? The answer was painful and clear, and part of her didn't want to admit it, but the truth was, she wouldn't heal. Cause while they fought alongside her and would always give her the support she craved from them, they would never really understand what it was she was going through. But there was something that was bothering her.

"What would happen to me if I say I want to go to Middle-Earth?"

Nienna smiled softly," You would become an elf dear warrior," she said calmly, "You wouldn't be alone though," she said softly.

Fawkes then let out a happy trill as he snuggled against Sofia's head.

'You wouldn't be alone,' he continued,' I would follow you until I had to leave and come back to Valainor and I would wait for your return with the others.'

Sofia was relieved. She wouldn't be alone for the beginning where she would be able to get a relative understanding of her surroundings. And Fawkes was keeping his promise to her he wouldn't leave her. Not really.

"What do you guys think," she turned to her two best friends," What should I do?"

Hermione looked thoughtful," While I would love to be with my best friend once more. I can't deny you your happiness. I know that despite our wish to help you heal, we don't have the type of love here that you really need. And while parental love may help, you should find the one that you belong with."

Ron nodded his head agreeing with Hermione," You of all people deserve to be happy Sofia," he said," Besides, I think you've had enough time to grow to dislike being a third wheel."

Sofia chuckled, remembering Ron and Hermione in sixth year before the war truly began.

Lily and James simply hugged their daughter that they were unable to watch grow up and become the young woman in front of them. Where they were unable to watch Padfoot spoil her rotten, watch her grow and mature, and were unable to celebrate birthdays with her. Love on her, be with her, and teach her all they wanted to teach her.

"Oh Sofia," Lily muttered into her daughters hair," My little girl. You deserved so mush more than your aunt ever gave you. You need to grow like a child and know the feeling of parental love that we were never able to really give you. Or that you remember anyways."

Her dad was next, and while he wasn't sobbing like his wife, James Potter was very much so crying with tears streaming down his face.

"Go to Arda Sofia. Relearn to love and care and know more than just war and how to effectively kill someone twenty different ways with a knife," she chuckled, "Don't forget us, but don't hold back because of us."

Sofia sniffled keeping her feelings in check, another side effect from being a captive of Bellatrix Lestrange. She had been ruthless with her "new toys" when she played with them. She lived to cause pain and relished in the pain of others.

Sofia mentally shook her head to clear her head of those thoughts, no point in dwelling on the past when she was surrounded by a chance to a new future.

With that in mind and the support of her friends, she turned to Yavanna and took a deep breath to steady her rapidly beating heart.

"I'm ready," she said quietly," I wish to go to Middle-Earth."

The Valar Lord's and Lady's joined hands around her as Fawkes perched onto her shoulder. Before they began however, Namo placed a simple ring with a familiar grey stone on it onto her fingure.

"Now you have all the Deathly Hallows," he said with his deep gravely voice," It only fits that you have all three."

Yavanna then began the chant that would send her to Middle-Earth, but paused as if remembering something.

"What shall your new name be young one?"

The language of the elves flooded her mind and one name stood out among the rest. One name that could sum up her whole old life.

Calenmir," she said with finality.

Yavanna nodded in understanding and restarted the spell, her words flowing around Sof- no, Carenmir almost like a lullaby.

As her world began to fade to black, she heard her father shout one last thing to her. "Tell Padfoot we said hi!" he shouted over the wind in her ears.

Wait, what?

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