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On with the prologue!


In this World; in his World. There was no end. There was no horizon. There was nothing. And yet, it was always everything.

He breathed in as he felt his World empower him. Never mind the powerful being standing fifteen meters in front of him. His World was enough to end that being, no. He could afford to ignore him for now. His World was here, it would protect him, and it would empower him.

In his left hand, the black Chinese sword Kanshou appeared. It's blade as black as night as it seemed to drink in the twilight of his World. Making it sleeker and darker. The hexagonal designs on it seemed to sharpen.

In his right hand, Kanshou's counterpart, Bakuya appeared. It's blade the antithesis of its partner. White as snow, and cleared than anything he had seen before.

Both swords were different, and yet, exactly the same. They were not powerful; they were not as beautiful as the other swords in his World. But they were enough for now.

He opened his eyes, and stared at the King in front of him with as much enmity as he could muster.

"A Reality Marble?" He heard him say, he could see him looking around in disbelief at what he was seeing. The weapons floating behind him glowing as the twilight hit them.

"In this World," He spoke, and it garnered the chaotic King's attention. "Everything exists, yet nothing exists."

"In this World, a World of imitations, there is no end, yet it is right there." He further explained as he started walking forward. The weapons behind him rising into the air as each step he took was like a command.

"Yet, there is no rule that an imitation cannot defeat the original." He stopped, ten meters away from the King in front of him. He could see the disbelief in his face as he looked up, into the impossibly large number of weapons now floating into the air and were pointed at him.

"So come; King of Heroes," He narrowed his eyes as he raised Kanshou into the air. It's dark blade drinking in whatever light it could. "Do you have enough blades in your treasury to defeat my World?"

"You mongrel!" He shouted as he raised his own hand. And as he did, more weapons appeared. Each one as beautiful in not even more so than the last one. They spanned his entire sight range, and he was impressed at the sheer number of them.

Each weapon that appeared was immediately recorded and joined the weapons he had in the air.

"I will show you what the real thing feels like!" He shouted. "Despair as you gaze upon unmatched power!" He dropped his hand, and the weapons flew. All were aimed at him, yet, he wasn't afraid.

He dropped Kanshou, and the weapons in the air flew forward.

In this World; in his World. A World with no end, a World with no horizon. A World where nothing existed, yet everything existed.

In his World. Imitation clashed with original, a Faker faced a King. Hundreds if not thousands of swords that are identical clashed with each other, fought for power, and fought for the right to exist.

And the imitations would win, the Faker would defeat the King, and the thousands of imitations would destroy the originals. There was no other way. This was his only Way.

His Unlimited Blade Works.


He closed in, never minding the incoming swords that would pierce him. He charged forward, ready to strike down the chaotic King that was in his World.

He saw a scythe coming towards him, a scythe made of silver and would wound him greatly should it strike him. He saw it coming, he saw it going towards the spot where he would be in a second should he keep running. Yet, he didn't stop. He only continued forward. As he knew that the scythe wouldn't hit him at all.

He stepped forward again, and the scythe was upon him, right in front of his face, ready to slice his head as it would hit him.

It never reached him.

An identical scythe, the same scythe made of silver with the black rod that attached the blade with a body appeared and blocked it. Sparks flew right in front of him, but he didn't care. He charged forward, brushing past the fighting imitation and original. He heard them both shatter, but he didn't care. His scythe was still there, but he knew that his enemy's was destroyed.

"You plebeian!" He heard his opponent shout, his golden hair swaying as he drew two swords from behind him and charged forward. Intent on meeting him in the middle. "You dare destroy my treasures! Death will be too good for you!"

They were five meters away from each other. So he raised Bakuya into the air, and promptly threw it at his opponent.

He saw his enemy's eyes widen, at seeing the white sword coming at his face, but managed to dodge them as he tilted his head to the side. The white sword managing to slice some hair from his head as it passed him.

But he wasn't done, he knew that it was only a momentary pause, and that the next second, the powerful golden being would refocus on him and charge at him once more. So without much thought, he strengthened the black sword in his left hand.

Strengthening. One magecraft that he knew how to do without much trouble. True to point, it strengthened, but it didn't just make a sword sharper, nor a rock harder. It did much more than that. It strengthened the entire object, what it does, and what it should do. A light bulb would brighten, a computer would work faster, a blowtorch; hotter.

And with Kanshou, magnetize it exponentially.

He saw his enemy refocus on him, he saw him open his mouth, probably ready to insult him again as he readied to charge at him again.

The golden king never got to say anything.

Bakuya came flying back towards him, and it sliced its way past Gilgamesh's right ear. Earning a gasp of pain from the King of Heroes. He raised his right hand and caught the white sword, and continued his charge.

He was upon the still recovering Gilgamesh not two seconds later.

He raised both swords above his head, and threw them down at the King in front of him.

If this were any other opponent, this would have been the final attack. The ending strike where the hero slew their enemy. The finishing blow that would save the World.

But the King of Heroes wasn't just any other opponent.

In a swift move that reminded him that he was facing a Servant, the King of Heroes raised the two swords in his hands and blocked the swords that were coming to kill him. Sparks flew from where the four swords met, and the ground beneath the King of Heroes seemed to disperse slightly, due to the fact that his own strike had enough strength to put most strongmen to shame.

"I am not defeated so easily!" He heard his enemy shout, before he was promptly kicked in the stomach and forced back. The kick wasn't enough to injure him, but it was enough to disengage the swords that were clashing against each other.

Twisting his body, he landed as gracefully as he could, both swords at the ready should he be retaliated against. He raised his head, and was met with a sword to the face.


Sparks flew, and he thanked Rin for the umpteenth time that day.

His World was doing work; it was defending him, preventing any flying sword from reaching him at all. He straightened himself as he stared at the sword that embedded itself in front of him as a result of suddenly appearing right above him and flying forward to defend him from his enemies own.

"Tch." He raised his head, and saw his enemy with a deep scowl on his face. The treasures in his open treasury still hanging up in the air, all ready to fly at him at just a word. "This World is troublesome." Was all he said before he charged, the treasures behind him following him.

He didn't say anything; he only met his enemies charge with his own. The weapons in his World coming with him to intercept his enemy's treasures.

Again, Faker met King. Imitation met original. And again, the originals were steadily destroyed, the King growing weaker as the Faker and his imitations continued their unrelenting siege.


"Damn it!" He dodged to the left, managing to dodge Gilgamesh's sword that would have sliced his head into two. He countered with a slice to his own left with Bakuya. But his opponent managed to block it with his own sword in his right hand.

"Damn it!" Again, he heard his opponent shout. He blocked the incoming sword from his opponent with Kanshou, he cringed slightly at the strength behind it, but managed to push the sword away before he let go of Bakuya, immediately making his opponent off balance as the pressure coming from Bakuya disappeared. He saw Gilgamesh shift to the right slightly, and opted to just hit him with whatever.

As Bakuya hit the ground, another sword appeared in his hand, this one. A brilliant short sword that was wielded by a Roman legionnaire as he fought rioters, killing his countrymen in order to defend his emperor. He thrust it forward, intent on stabbing him.

His opponent saw it coming, and managed to just twist his body enough so that it grazed past his clothes. He would have continued, if the blood coming from his enemies missing ear hadn't splattered across his eyes.

He barely managed to roll out of the way as Gilgamesh's other sword impacted on the ground where he had just come from.

He straightened himself as he began to furiously wipe away the blood from his eyes. "Be honored." He heard his opponent growl out as he finally managed to wipe away enough to see. "The blood of the King is now on you. Now, I shall take your payment in blood!"

And the cycle continued. He charged towards his opponent, and his opponent met his charge in the middle. Sparks flew as their swords met, and the ground shook as they struck against each other. The air reverberated with explosions as treasures met with imitations.

He mentally cursed as he felt his power waning. This World was on a battery, a battery that was called Rin Tohsaka. And he could feel her Prana getting exceptionally weaker. He didn't know when it would run out, but hopefully, it will last long enough for him to defeat this false King.

Twisting his body to the right, he struck again, Bakuya now back in his right hand as he thrust it forward. Only for it to be blocked by another sword from Gilgamesh. The same one he had been using for awhile.

He continued to push Bakuya forward, trying his damnest to overpower his opponent, he didn't have the luxury of time. He needed to beat his opponent now. He could literally feel his Prana disappearing, and he could feel the grasp he had on his World loosening.

He pushed, and when that was not enough. He pushed even more, and then even more. And through it all, he wondered if he would ever push past his opponent. Could his swords really beat his opponent? Could he ever really beat him? Could an imitation defeat the original?

And as soon as each thought entered his mind, he immediately crushed it.

Go, you can beat him.

He had heard him say, and the more he was in his World. The more he believed it.

Beat him.

He pushed, even more, and then even more. And when he reached his limit, he pushed past that and forced even more force into his pushing. And soon, his pushing finally yielded results.

A crack, both from Bakuya and his opponent's sword. A crack began to form on the point where both their weapons met.

Beat him.

"Damn it!" He heard his opponent curse, but he didn't care. He kept pushing. He didn't yield, he didn't stop. He continued on.

The crack grew in size, and soon, the entire blade of Bakuya were riddled with cracks that vaguely resembled a spider's web. His opponent's sword didn't fare any better, it had the same cracks, and it looked ready to break soon.

Beat him.

With a mighty crash that sounded like glass breaking. Both swords gave out. His opponent surprised at seeing it happen in his hands. He probably thought that the weapons breaking in the air were his imitations, and not his treasures.

He didn't give it any more thought, as he recalled back Bakuya. It instantly appeared in his hand again, and he thrust it forward. But again, he was reminded that his opponent wasn't a human, but a spirit that represented a powerful being from the past.

Gilgamesh blocked Bakuya with his other sword, the one he held in his left hand, and again sparks flew.

Beat him.

"This is impossible!" He heard his opponent shout as he struggled under the weight of Bakuya. Deciding that this would be a good chance, he raised Kanshou and brought it down. His opponent buckled under the added weight, and was soon brought to his knees. His hands held the sword that was struggling under both Kanshou and Bakuya's weights.

"How! How can a mere imitation, a Faker, defeat me?!" He shouted, his tone more annoyed than anything. His response was to continue pushing forward.

Words didn't have weight here, they would never see eye to eye. His opponent would see the end of the World happen so he could rule. He desired to save the World from that Fate. And so he would fight him, and his opponent would fight him.

A momentary flash made him stop pushing as he gazed at his left shoulder. He could see that the circuits that Rin had given him began fading. Their deep blue color fading into his skin.

His momentary lapse in pushing was enough for his opponent to push him back. He rolled on the ground as his opponent managed to jump away from him.

"To think my greatest treasure will be desecrated by being used on you!" He heard his opponent shout, and almost immediately began to pull out a sword from his treasury.

"Ghk!" He groaned as he gazed at it. But he managed to push himself from the ground and run straight at his opponent. His legs burning as he poured as much Prana as he could into them.

"Like hell I'd let you!" They were fifteen meters apart, and he had crossed that distance in the span of two seconds. He was amazed at the speed, and the burning of his legs only told him that he had pushed too much Prana into them. But he ignored the pain all together.

Beat him.

He raised Kanshou and brought it down on his opponent's arm. Letting it fly off in a burst of blood, eliciting a shocked gasp from his enemy.

His enemy didn't waste anytime and backpedaled towards where his arm landed. He followed suit, he wouldn't let him rest, and he would beat now. Before he could use it.

He was upon his opponent once more, both Kanshou and Bakuya raised above his head and prepared to strike down his opponent.

Beat him!

He brought both swords down, and he was about to succeed. He would succeed in defeating the oldest King in history, in beating the heroic spirit that Saber had so much trouble beating herself.

A black blob stopped him. A blob that entered the wound that he gave his opponent.

"What?" He heard his opponent mutter as he stared at his arm, and he too, stopped his strike as he stared at it. For a few seconds, there was nothing but silence. That was until a sudden suction came from his opponent's arm as the black blob expanded in size.

The blob sucked up everything, his World, his opponent's arm that held that impossible weapon, his opponent's open treasury, everything. All in the span of three seconds. His thoughts likened the blob to a black hole, the ones that sucked in the impossibly large suns in a matter of seconds.

His thoughts were interrupted as he felt himself get pulled in as well, he felt his feet dig into the ground, but even then, that wasn't enough. He could feel himself stretching as his arms began to circle, they began to circle the black blob like it was a tornado. The same could be said for his opponent, he could hear him curse as his body broke down and spun into the blob.

Soon enough, he felt himself taking off from the ground, and into the blob. Followed closely by his opponent.

And almost as soon as the blob appeared, it disappeared just as fast. The clearing of the Ryuudou temple that had been littered with blades meeting blades, craters caused by impossible treasures hitting the ground. Soon, that battleground became silent. Leaving only the silent winds that ignored the scarred ground.


And that's it. Tell me if I improved whatsoever, or if you're a new reader. Tell me if you think it's good. I may rewrite the next five chapters if I find the time. But as of right now, only the prologue is done.