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Some of you guys are mad that I keep mentioning Rin, some of you are mad that I'm introducing a boat load of Oc's. Well, let me just say, deal with it.

I keep mentioning Rin because as of right now. Shirou is still in love with her. Though he doesn't really know this, he has feelings for her. True, they never really got 'together' until after the Grail War, but as of right now, Shirou has unknown feelings for Rin because he lacked any sort of closure towards it. He was pulled abruptly away from her, so he never really got to develop his feelings fully. He is still in love with her, no doubt, but yeah… I don't want to spoil anything because Shirou's growth is correlated to his feelings for Rin.

As for Oc's? Well, you try writing a deep and engaging fic with characters that aren't as developed as you need and you need to think up stuff. Yeah, it would be hard now wouldn't it? I can't really use any of the known Apostle Ancestors since most, if not all, of them would kill Shirou, Lorelei, and probably Aoko. Not to mention some of them are unknown variables as well. The wiki offers brief descriptions but that is all. Don't worry though; the oc's I'm making are believable, take Geneva for example. I made her into a person that cared about perfection, but her love for family overwrites that, so much so that she would embarrass her own granddaughter to teach said granddaughter a lesson.

Anyway, continuing on. I don't get what's wrong with From Fake Dreams. I really don't. It is well made, with believable characters, and good scenes. True, it's gotten out of hand, but that's the beauty of the imagination. You can think up stuff, and there is absolutely no limit on it. Anyway, I guess it's up to the writer to write believable ways to incorporate ways his imagination would fit into the world he/she is writing. But either way, if you guys are worried that I won't make this believable and make it go out of hand, don't worry. I know what I'm doing.

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On with the story!


"You're quite active lately aren't you?" A disembodied voice resounded through the hallowed halls of a castle. The one being addressed inclined his head to the right, towards the window with moonlight shining through it.

There, perched on the windowsill, was a small black raven bird with red eyes. The man sneered; making his already grotesque melting face even more jarring to look at.

The bird didn't even flinch as it stared impassively at the grotesque sight before it.

"What are you doing here?" The man's voice sounded irate and impatient, his red eyes shining slightly as he stared at the bird in front of him. Contemplating whether or not he should destroy it, possibly through impalement.

The bird opened its mouth as if to caw, but instead of cawing, the sound of a man's voice resounded through it. "I have only come to offer you the position again. It is still open after all, though Louvre himself might take it if you keep denying it." The bird had said, and the man only sneered once more.

"I do not care about the position of 19th. Give it to him for all I care, I'm much to busy to have Executors and Enforcers breathing down my neck all the time." The man stated, his voice showing his displeasure in being the offered a position he did not care in the least about.

The bird tilted his head as if it was confused, before it opened its mouth once more. "Some would gladly massacre for this prestigious position, why do you hesitate?" It asked.

The man shook his head whilst chuckling, though his laughing sounded rather hysterical. "I'm not hesitating in the least, I merely do not want the position, and no matter how many times you offer it to me, my answer will be the same." He said as he glared at the bird.

The bird once more opened its mouth. "Truth be told, I'm rather glad you did not accept. Having you amongst our ranks would prove to be a liability, what with your unique powers." The bird said, its beak closing sharply as if to show its relief.

The man laughed once more, his melted face sagging slightly as he did so. "If that is meant to be a blow to my pride, you will have to try harder than that." He stated, amused at the notion of having any pride at all.

The bird seemed to sneer; it inclined its head to the side and then opened its mouth. "Ah yes, I had forgotten, you're nothing but a Faker." The bird stated, clearly displeased with the word itself.

The man's eyes narrowed, his sagging face seemed to bubble slightly, and his face began morphing somewhat into a different form. "Watch your tongue, I am no mere Faker bird!" He shouted his indignation at being compared to a Faker, the very thought itself was preposterous to him; it was a direct insult to his power!

The bird scoffed, before it turned its head once more, staring back at the angered man in front of him. "You dislike being called a Faker, yet your power itself makes you fake. What a hypocritical sense of self you have." The bird stated with a sneer.


The bird managed to fly upwards, dodging a sword that had imbedded itself on its place on the windowsill. Strangely though, when the sword imbedded itself on the windowsill made of stone, the stone spilt in two, but rather then continue downwards to the bottom, the sword stuck itself in the middle of the stone slab and pulverized its center, sending a small cloud of dust outwards. The bird narrowed its eyes at the man that was holding the sword, clearly displeased at having been attacked.

"I will come back, but do please take heed Aemulo. Your actions are garnering attention to yourself; soon enough, the Enforcers and Executors that you are evading so much will come looking for your head." The bird warned before it gave one last mighty Caw! And disappeared into the dead of night. Leaving the grotesque man to himself as he stared at the sword that he had created.

Glancing up towards the horizon where the bird disappeared, Aemulo could only sigh as he removed the sword from the windowsill. Staring at it and inspecting it. It wasn't badly crafted, but nonetheless, it was only of average make. He discarded the sword by throwing it out of the window.

"Let them come then, my research is almost complete." The grotesque man stated as his face returned to its melted look, all signs of it moving and bubbling had disappeared.

Aemulo took one last look out the window, noting that the sword he had thrown had yet to reach the bottom, before he turned around.

He smiled to himself as he heard the sword collide with metal, the sound of his average creation crashing against the forest of swords that surrounded his castle never got old.

Fate: Zero/Night


"What a demeaning way of research." A voice sounded from right behind Shirou, surprising him greatly as he dropped the object he was tinkering with.

With a crash, the small table clock met the ground, shattering the wooden frame and sending all its contents scattering across the ground.

"Damn it…" Shirou grumbled under his breath as he watched two days of work go down the drain.

Sighing, he swiveled his chair to glare at his student. She was nonplussed however as she merely raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest. And once more, Shirou found his eyes darting towards her exposed right arm with a gauntlet on it. His earlier indignation turning into apprehensiveness.

His student noticed his gaze, and she couldn't help but sigh. This had been happening for the past week, ever since he found out what she had done to her arm, his eyes always darted towards it whenever they were in close proximity to each other.

Rather then being flattered by it, the Barthomeloi was insulted by his caring attitude.

"Will you stop staring at it." It wasn't a question, it was an order. It was insulting to her to have her previous opponent turned teacher stare at it. It had been her greatest mistake, and it was also her greatest lesson. But she did not want him staring at it for a good reason.

"I can't help it okay?" Shirou stated with a sigh before he turned away from looking at Lorelei's arm and turn his attention towards picking up the pieces of the table clock he had been working on. "Every time I see it, I feel guilty, I embarrassed you pretty badly."

It was the truth, she had been embarrassed thoroughly, but that had been her mistake, not his. Lorelei could only shake her head, annoyed at his pig-headedness. "It was my mistake, not yours. Stop treating it like it's your responsibility." Lorelei stated as she too bent down to help her teacher look for the pieces of the clock, surprising Shirou greatly.

"Hey, I can do this just fi-" He stopped mid-sentence as Lorelei glared at him, stopping him from making any other comment. He took one last apprehensive look at Lorelei, before he sighed and began to pick up the pieces next to Lorelei.

"Anyway, if you don't want me staring at your arm, can you at least cover it up?" He pleaded with her, though he already knew what she was going to say, he counted to three, and right on cue…

"Absolutely not." There it was, he wasn't surprised, merely exasperated with her logic, speaking of which… "To cover it up would mean to deny my mistakes. To deny my mistakes would mean to deny my path towards perfection. I aim to grow, grow to be perfect, and grandmother had stated that to be perfect means you accept your imperfect past, and look towards a perfect future." Lorelei stated with a hidden passion in her eyes, and Shirou couldn't help but sigh and accept that she wasn't going to listen to him.

"And grandmother had also said that-"

"That I would be a good teacher on the path to perfection, yeah, I got that." Shirou stated with a slight scowl. He didn't get that logic, not in the least. How was he supposed to teach Lorelei to become perfect? Even his magic wasn't perfect, it was almost always degraded. It was a strange notion trying to teach perfection when you yourself are not even close to perfection.

"I still don't understand why I'm your teacher Lorelei." Shirou muttered under his breath, clearly so that his student couldn't hear him. But nonetheless, she had heard him and she stared at him blankly.

"Quite frankly, me too." She stated, and Shirou couldn't help but flinch slightly. She was brutally honest wasn't she?

"But nonetheless, I will trust my grandmother's judgment, no matter how strange it may be." Lorelei stated as she handed Shirou the parts that she had picked up. Shirou couldn't help but sigh once more. Brutally honest indeed.

"Anyway can you at least cover it up when you're around me? Please?" He pleaded to her as he stood up and placed the parts on his desk, sighing as he stared at the broken clock that he had been working on for two days straight. It wasn't that big a deal really, but he had been close to actually making it do something. What that something was, he didn't know, but he could feel that he had been close. Now he had to restart…

Fighting back the sigh he wanted to release, he turned back towards Lorelei, who was scowling at him, clearly not amused at his earlier plead after she had already stated why she didn't want to do just that. And he couldn't help but release that sigh he had been holding.

'She's/He's pigheaded.' They both thought at the same time, staring at each other.

They snapped out of their reverie however as the rather large double doors that was at the back of the classroom turned workshop open. Aoko stepping inside whilst holding a stack of papers under her arms.

Spotting her student, she smiled and made her way over towards him, the large double doors behind her closing with a thud! As she did so.

"Hey Shirou." Aoko greeted with a smile, before she turned towards the other person in the room. Her smile turning into a slight smirk. "Miss Perfect." She nodded at Lorelei.

Lorelei was nonplussed as she merely glanced at her and returned the nod. "Miss Blue." She said with as much fake curtness as she could muster.

Aoko huffed at hearing her nickname, before she returned her attention towards Shirou, smiling once more as she pushed the stack of papers in her hands towards Shirou, who gave her a questioning look. "I got it." She stated with a smile, further confusing Shirou as he stared at the pieces of papers he was holding.

"Got what?" He asked as he flipped through the papers in his hands, his eyes widened in surprise at the contents, and Lorelei couldn't help but wonder what was so interesting with the papers he was holding.

"What is it?" Lorelei asked as she moved closer towards Shirou and bumped shoulders with him, staring at the papers he was holding in front of him. Soon enough, she too, had wide eyes as she took in the information written on the pieces of paper.

"That was faster than I thought possible." Lorelei stated as she stared at Aoko with a newfound respect. Aoko returned her stare with a grin.

"I've got my sources." She stated cryptically, but her grin squashed her mysterious air. Shirou continued to flip through the pages, carefully taking in each and every detail that was written on the pieces papers. His shoulders shaking slightly as he stared at the images.

It was their targets personal information, name, age, family, residence, etc.

Shirou eyed the first page as he took in the man they were supposed to hunt.

Name: Aemulo (Currently no last name)

Age: Over 700 years old. (Exact age unknown)

Family: None

Residence: Last known residence was in Rome, but the subject may have moved after his last massacre.

The list went on, and Shirou could help but stare at the picture of the man, it was taken from afar, and it was blurry, but nonetheless, the image gave you a clear view of the man's disfigured face.

From his white hair that drooped to the side of his face, covering his right eye, one would think he looked rather like a recluse. And from the man's face, no one would blame him. The entire right side of his face was melting, almost like it had been in an oven for far too long.

The man stood out, it wouldn't be hard to find him in a sea of people. But as Shirou continued to read on, the more he doubted you would see him in a crowd. Unless the crowd was on the ground, losing body parts.

Rank: Dead Apostle Ancestor candidate

Description of abilities: Though not much is known about Aemulo in terms of his magic and skills, his recent findings in his magic have garnered him a Sealing Designation. It is unknown just what exactly his branch of magic does, but from recent reports from familiars that are tasked with watching him, and from a personal eyewitness report from multiple other Ancestors that are working closely with us. It is said that his magic closely resembles the First True Magic. Though these are merely rumors, the association has deemed him a priority Designate.

Description of appearance: Aemulo's exact age is unknown, but from our personal research, Aemulo is said to look like he is in his early sixties or late fifties. The entire right side of his face looks like it had been melted, whether this is because of accident or because he was born with it is currently unknown. His white hair usually covers the right side of his face up to his eyes, whether this is because of preference or because he hides his deformed face, is unclear. Typical of any other Dead Apostle, Aemulo has red eyes. He also grows stronger as the full moon approaches.

Recommended approach: Take caution as not much is known about his abilities. Though as a Dead Apostle, he has typical vampiric powers. Take caution when you injure him, as he can heal himself using time magic that all Dead Apostles are known for. His closeness to the first True Magic is currently unknown, we recommend that all hunters have backup in case of unknown anomalies surrounding his mysteries.

As Shirou read through his background, he couldn't help but think about what exactly the First True Magic was. He would ask Aoko, preferable soon, as he didn't want to go into this fight without information.

His frown returned however, as he stared at the next page, this one filled with the incident reports supposedly caused by Aemulo.

Bodies mutilated by sharp objects, and although swords were suspected, it still hadn't been confirmed if swords were used at all. Heads cut in half with the body having multiple stab wounds through the heart, lungs, and stomach. Legs and arms diced and the main body left in tatters.

Each and every image he saw was related to the Dead Apostle he was supposed to hunt with Aoko and Lorelei, yet, the images of death, the images of mutilated corpses and broken up cadavers made him furious.

He wanted to kill him, the person behind these grotesque attacks, he wanted to mutilate him like he had mutilated the corpses, he wanted to kill him.

A hand on his shoulder made him stop shaking in fury, and he looked to his right, his golden eyes staring into Aoko's red ones. "Don't let your emotions take control Shirou. You'll only be meeting your grave earlier if you do that." She stated.

Shirou heard her words, and he took a deep breath, he needed to calm down about this. Getting angry now wouldn't do anything except make him want to charge at the monster without a plan. Which would only lead him to his early grave.

No, he couldn't allow that to happen. He needed to calm down, he wasn't fighting against Gilgamesh, this one had didn't have an ego as that golden armored man. He needed to think, he didn't want to die because he was charging through everything.

Aoko smiled as she let go of his shoulder. "Good, you're thinking about the future." She said, garnering Shirou's attention and raised eyebrow. "Two days ago, you would have asked where he was hiding, and then you would have charged at him. I'm glad that you're not doing that now." Aoko stated with a smile.

Shirou rubbed the back of his head rather sheepishly. He didn't know what to say to that, so he said the first things that came to his mind. "Well, you did say to trust you about it didn't you? And you're lessons about the Dead Apostles really puts things in perspective y'know?"

It was true after all, the past two days, Aoko did nothing but drill him about Dead Apostles, otherwise known as Vampires. At first, he was still rather unconvinced that vampires existed. But as Aoko explained the situation with the Dead Apostles to him, the more he was convinced that they were truly freaks of nature that wanted death and destruction.

Aoko had quashed that thought almost instantly however, as she explained that not all Dead Apostles were malevolent. Some merely wished to live in peace, while some sought to cure their vampirism all together. He was surprised to find out that not all Dead Apostles were turned willingly, and that some of them woke up one day to find out they had been turned and were subjugated against their wills.

Of course, Aoko also explained the concept of ghouls to him. How Dead Apostles were before they actually regained their mind. Ghouls were soulless husks of lower vampires that wanted nothing more than to satiate their inner desire of blood and gore. They fed on people instinctively, and once they have eaten enough, they revert back to their previous persona before they had turned into a ghoul, all the while remembering the atrocities they had done. It was a disgusting thought, to suddenly wake up and remember you gutting and eating people against your will.

Aoko had then continued on, that to help these people, you usually just have to kill them. There was no cure to vampirism, not unless you went after the one that turned them all together, but this is where it had gotten tricky. This was where the Dead Apostle Ancestors entered the fray.

It wasn't Aoko that explained it to him however; it was Lorelei, with clear distaste in her voice and a deep scowl as she relayed her information to him. He had the amusing thought of her actually being his teacher and him being her student.

Dead Apostles that had turned a large group of people into ghouls were usually hunted down by the Mage Association and the Church, they were there to minimize the damage and prevent the knowledge of vampires becoming public knowledge. But of course, killing the main Dead Apostle that had turned all those people into ghouls didn't really mean that the ghouls would disappear. It only meant that they would continue to feed on people, gathering their energy from their souls and blood to compensate for their lost master's energy. To possibly cure all the people that turned into ghouls, one would actually have to kill the main perpetrator that turned the Dead Apostle into what he was, and more likely than not, the one responsible to that would have been a Dead Apostle Ancestor.

Dead Apostle Ancestors, or DAA as Aoko abbreviated for him, were ancient vampires that had lived for centuries, if not millennia. There were twenty-seven that were currently recorded, but Aoko had told him that most of the DAA's were sealed by the Church and the Mage's Association, as they were a liability and more likely than not, used human's lives like there was no tomorrow, all for their research or for their boredom.

All of this both Aoko and Lorelei explained to him, and though they had told him they were dangerous, he was still rather skeptical of their power. After all, all one needed to kill someone was to stab them through the heart and through the brain right?

Well, apparently, they found his naiveté annoying, and laughable. Aoko being the former, and Lorelei the former.

Aoko had explained just how dangerous Dead Apostle Ancestor's really were, that almost all of them had been so corrupted in the sense that their commonsense wasn't something a human can possibly comprehend. Their commonsense was so distorted that they could actually reject the world around them, and replace it with their own world. The explanation wasn't lost to Shirou at all.

They were talking about Reality Marbles.

And from the way they told him about it, he could guess that actually having one made you extremely dangerous, since you needed to actually be quite of your rocker to have one. He didn't know how to feel about that.

Of course, he knew he was distorted, but he didn't know if it was that distorted. He didn't kill people, he merely wished to save them, and if he would die to do so, then he would be happy to at least have been able to save them.

Truth be told, he was tempted to tell them both he had a Reality Marble, but the way they talked about it, the way they warned him to run should he ever be trapped it one, and the way they had said that it was a terrifying type of magic close to True Magic made him keep his mouth shut.

He snapped out of his thoughts as he felt Aoko shuffle behind him, he turned, and found out why she was shuffling.

She had been examining his busted table clock.

Aoko stared at him with a blank expression, but before she could speak, Lorelei spoke up from beside him.

"Shirou," She called for him, and he turned towards her, raising an eyebrow as he gestured for her to continue. "I wanted to talk to you about something, can we take a walk?" She asked, her voice slightly apprehensive as she turned her gaze from him towards Aoko. He could only imagine Aoko's scowl right about now.

He shrugged his shoulders, before he placed the papers he was holding on his desk. He then gestured for Lorelei to lead the way. To which she did so with a sharp turn and began walking towards the door.

Shirou made to follow, but Aoko's voice stopped him. "Be back in two hours okay? Bring Lorelei with you as well. We still need to plan our assault on Aemulo." Aoko stated as he glanced behind him, only to notice that she had begun examining the clock that he had busted via a slip of the hand.

"Sure Aoko." He said with a shrug before he began walking towards the door, to where Lorelei had already left in.

Aoko didn't turn around, but the scowl on her face was still evident, even as she heard the door close, leaving her alone in the room, sitting on her student's desk examining the clock that she had tasked him to tinker with.


Shirou steadily caught up to the still walking Lorelei, matching her strides with his own as they walked in silence through the empty hallways. It would be a strange sight that someone would point out, but fortunately, all the students were still in their classes, leaving the hallways bare of life save for Shirou and Lorelei.

The silence was getting to Shirou, so he tried to break it with a simple question. "What did you want to talk about?" He asked her, but she didn't answer as she only continued walking, completely ignoring his questioning looks.

Rather put-off with her ignoring, Shirou only sighed as he continued walking on in silence, their footsteps echoing across the empty halls as they did so. If she didn't want to talk yet, that was fine, but the least she could do was acknowledge that she heard him.

Lorelei's head perked suddenly, and she began to walk slightly faster, prompting Shirou to do the same. Lorelei stopped in front of a large door, made of wood with crevices at the top and bottom part like any other typical western wooden door. Shirou raised an eyebrow at the door, and then he turned to Lorelei with a questioning look.

"Follow me," She finally said as she reached for the knob and turned it. The door opened with a creak, and the light behind it made Shirou squint his eyes. "Don't touch anything." He heard Lorelei warn him as she walked through the doorway where the light was coming from, surprisingly, it didn't dim whatsoever.

Steadily weighing the options, he decided that he had nothing much to lose, and doubted that Lorelei would just lead him to his death. So he stepped through the doorway, suffice to say, he didn't expect what he saw at all.

The room had counters everywhere, counters with jars on top of them. Jars that had a strange green liquid in them, but that wasn't what garnered his surprise; it was what was floating inside the green liquid. There, floating in the liquid like they were hollow, were multiple body parts, arms, toes, fingers, ears, noses, he even saw a phallus. It was a sickening sight, and his face turned as green as the liquid in the jars, he fought down the urge to hurl as he walked through the room, trying to catch up to Lorelei.

Taking his attention away from the obviously disgusting display, he took note of the décor of the room. With black and white tiles so much like a kitchens on the floor, with white tiles of marble decorating the walls, it gave the sickly feeling that, coupled with the jars with human body parts, gave the feeling that he was in a demented doctor's office. The kind of doctor you would see in movies that played with human lives and vivisected humans, taking pleasure in their screams of pain.

He noted that by the edge of the room, there was something covered that had an outline that looked like a dentists table, where the patient would sit and the doctor would-

His thought process was cut off as he saw the covered seat shuffle slightly. He took a ready stance, opening his palms by his sides, ready to take action if necessary.

He heard something groan from behind the cover, and he felt the gun in his head cock, ready to shoot, ready for his swords to form.

The groan, it sounded dead, almost like a ghouls. Granted, he never heard a ghoul groan, but the groan he had just heard sounded dead, and he couldn't help but narrow his eyes slightly. Was this why Lorelei took him here? So that she could show him a ghoul? The sentiment was touching, if it wasn't so demented. What was a ghoul doing here? And why did Lorelei have on in the Clock Tower in the first place? Were the body parts in the jars used to be from ghouls and Dead Apostles too? Either way, the situation was rather strange, and he couldn't help but ready himself.

Lorelei saw the movement behind the covers, and she merely shook his head, her face morphing into one of displeasure as she moved towards the covers. Shirou's eyes widened as she raised a hand to try and stop her.

Before he could even utter a word however, Lorelei had taken the cover in a grip and pulled, revealing a strange sight that made Shirou want to kick himself. Since when was he so paranoid?

There, sleeping on the dentist's chair was the doctor that he had seen when he had visited Lorelei with Geneva two days ago. What was his name again? Jacob? John? Something with a J…

"Jason." Lorelei started as she glared at the sleeping doctor with hair that changed colors each time he inhaled. The doctor merely groaned, before he turned his back and continued to sleep. Lorelei did not find the situation funny.

"Jason." Her voice was more firm this time, but still, the doctor continued to sleep, but a groan that sounded like a moan escaped his lips. Followed by words that sealed his fate.

"Lady Barthomeloi please, not in front of your grandmother." The doctor giggled perversely in his sleep. Shirou offered a silent prayer as he felt the wind pick up in the enclosed room.

"Oh? What's that? You want to let your grandmother join in too? No problem…" The doctor slurred once more.

Shirou turned around; ignoring the sound of a storm in the room, and making sure he never heard the doctor screaming for mercy.

He wasn't averse to saving him, but he got himself in this situation, he damned himself, and he would gladly watch as he crashed and burned.

Quite literally as he saw the doctor's body fly over his head and crash against the wall opposite Shirou.


"I apologize Lady Barthomeloi. You've caught me in a most vulnerable time." The doctor, now identified as Jason, said as he bowed in apology. It wasn't a Japanese apology mind you, but merely someone of a lower status apologizing to someone much much higher than them in the hierarchy of things.

Lorelei merely gave him a scalding glance, before she turned away from him, walking over towards Shirou. "I will accept your apology today Jason. Just see to it that this doesn't happen again." She warned with narrowed eyes, and the doctor merely straightened himself and nodded, his hair changing from dark blue, to a vibrant green.

Tilting his head in curiosity, Shirou couldn't help but stare at his hair. Noticing his gaze, the doctor couldn't help but smirk. "Accident experimenting with dye magic when I was a kid. Now it changes colors every few minutes." Jason explained as he smiled, Shirou could only nod, taking in that little tidbit of information.

"You'll discuss this on your own time Jason, right now, I need your expertise." Lorelei stated as she stared at Jason, who, to his credit, didn't flinch away from Lorelei's intense glaring.

Jason bowed once more, gentlemanly this time as he placed one arm in front of him and bent forward. His hair this time turning to a luscious blue. "Anything for my Lady." He said with a smile.

Lorelei only shook her head and turned around, taking in the sight of the jars filled with human limbs. "You've been the Clock Tower's doctor for a long time now. You've vivisected and dissected enough Designates to warrant yourself as our premier surgeon. Tell me," Lorelei's voice trailed, as Shirou's eyes dilated. What? Vivisecting and dissecting? That was disgusting to even think about. He didn't know what to feel about this, granted, Aoko had already warned him about the Clock Tower's disregard for human life, much less their constant need to desecrate corpses of people. But still, to hear it so casually discussed almost made him green in the face, whilst red hot inside. "Has the recent batch of Dead Apostle victims have sword wounds in them?" Lorelei asked, and Jason hummed as he straightened up, his hair now turning to a vibrant red.

"Hmm, now that you mention it…" Jason trailed as he turned around and went for the wall, where a sudden cabinet materialized, not at all surprised at the sight, Shirou's face remained passive.

Jason pulled out a file from the cabinet and shuffled through it, Shirou eyed him curiously, before he noticed the doctor frown. "Yeah, the recent victims they've had me work with have sword wounds around their bodies." The doctor stated as he walked over towards Lorelei and passed her the papers. "But it is strange," The doctor continued as he hummed despondently. "The wounds point to swords, but there is something strange with the wounds themselves. The entry wound comes from a blade no doubt, but the insides of the wound point towards a mace of sorts."

"What do you mean by that?" It was Shirou who asked, his eyebrow rising at that strange piece of information.

Jason lifted a hand and placed it on his chin, his hair turning to a sickly green color. "Though the initial point of contact came from a blade, the wounds themselves suggest that it wasn't from a sword that it came from. Internal bleeding, pulverized muscles and tendons, it all suggests that they've been hit with a blunt object." The doctor stated with a blank face as his hair changed colors once more. This time to a more purplish hue.

"Strangely enough though, when typical of any Dead Apostle victim, they would reanimate within minutes as ghouls. Yet they have no outward marks that indicate that they have been struck. It is a strange occurrence, and the only thing that I can make out of it is that the Apostle has somehow imbued his essence into his strange sword." The doctor continued as he removed his hand from his chin and stared at Lorelei, who was still busy sifting through the papers with a critical eye.

Lorelei opened her mouth to speak, but the door suddenly burst open, and a plethora of nurses came rushing through, they were all dragging a stretcher and restraining a man writhing in it, the man shouted obscenities all the while they were doing so.

"Doctor!" One of the nurses, this one male with a rather bland face and typical brown hair that reached just past his forehead shouted his voice frantic as he ran over towards Jason.

Jason suddenly sprang into action, his eyes turning icy cold and his body going on autopilot. "Get me a pack of holy water and clear the tables. Give me his estimated time of turning and how long he had been writhing." Jason barked as he immediately took action and made his way over towards the patient. Shirou watched in morbid fascination as he saw Jason's demeanor change and turn into one of authority. He watched as one of the nurses, this one female, passed him a scalpel. He watched in fascination as Jason raised the scalpel.

He winced as Jason brought the scalpel down on the writhing man's face. The man soon stopped moving soon after.

"Wha-?" Shirou couldn't form words as he watched just what had happened. Weren't doctors supposed to help their patients? Righteous indignation bubbled in Shirou, and before long, he was marching forward, towards Jason with a look of murder in his eyes.

A hand on his shoulder stopped him.

He turned around, and he was met with the cold eyes of Lorelei Barthomeloi, who was regarding him with a speculative, if not indignant, look. "Don't." She had said, and soon, Shirou found all strength leave him. He sighed as he stepped back into line, not liking her order one bit.

"There is no cure for vampirism. The most one can hope to do is to just kill the victim outright, to spare them from their eternal suffering." Lorelei stated as her eyes softened, as if she understood Shirou's anger. Shirou could only stare at Lorelei, he looked up at her and into her brown eyes, not really liking it, but understanding it enough to respect it.

Shirou snapped out of his stare however as he heard a sizzling noise erupt from behind him. He turned, and to his surprise, it was to find Jason spraying something in a bottle on the dead man.

"You should probably leave," The male nurse's voice suddenly sounded from behind Lorelei and Shirou, garnering the latter's attention whilst the former just ignored him completely, Lorelei instead raised the papers she was given and sifted through them once more. "The doctor will want peace and quiet as he works on this one. It is a rather fresh one after all." The nurse explained as he made to usher both Shirou and Lorelei out.

Lorelei did not like it one bit, as she just glared at the nurse and proceeded towards the door. Shirou meanwhile couldn't help but stare at the dead man on the stretcher as he was moved from it and towards the previous chair where the doctor had been sleeping in.

He couldn't help but stare as he saw that a sword was still embedded on the man's chest, and he couldn't help but trace it subconsciously.

What he Traced made his eyes widen as the nurse finally got him out of the door and closed it.

"The hell?" Was all he could mutter as the door closed in his face.


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