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"Did you have a good day at school, Sarah?" Carlos asks as he holds his twelve year old daughter's hand while they cross the busy city street. Sarah was only in middle school at the time, and she loved school very much, even though sometimes it would get a bit overwhelming with her anxiety issues and what not.

The day was coming to an end, sun high in the sky, and Carlos had just finished another long day working at the hospital. He picked Sarah up from school everyday. They were going to go home, relax, and eat a nice dinner that Sarah's mom, Robin, prepared. It was a Friday, so Sarah would be able to stay up late tonight for the weekend. She and her dad would stay up and play games down in the family room until Sarah fell asleep and her dad would have to carry her off to bed.

"I did." Sarah nodded as they finally reached Carlos' car. She was finally old enough to sit in the front seat and ride shotgun, as her dad had told her, so she did. She loved sitting in the front, it made her feel tall, and she could see everyone that was walking down the street.

"That's good." Carlos replied as he put his keys in the ignition and started the car. "Put your seatbelt on." He ordered as he too did the same. Once they were all set, he began driving home. Carlos, Sarah, and Robin lived in a rather nice home in the suburbs located in a big city. That was the perks of Carlos being a doctor. In Carlos' mind, things for his family couldn't get any better, they were living the perfect life.

"Hey dad?" Sarah broke the silence as he drove.

"Yeah sweetie?" He asked, briefly looking down at Sarah, then back to the road.

"Do you think we could have movie night tonight?" She asked pleadingly, her dark doe eyes looking up at her dad. She had Carlos' eyes, that was for sure. "I wanted to watch the one about the mermaid again." Carlos chuckled, they had both seen that movie at least six times now. She wanted to watch it every weekend.

"Sure." He nodded with a small smile. "Whatever you want." The drove in silence for the rest of the way home, and when they arrived to their neighborhood, a bunch of kids were playing outside since it was so nice out. Sarah though, would rather spend time with her dad. She had always been a daddy's girl, even when she was a baby, that was what her mother had always told her. They both stepped out of the car, Carlos carrying his daughter's backpack, and they made their way into the house.

"There's my two favorite people!" Sarah's mom, Robin, greeted. She was a hispanic woman as well, dark hair, and dark eyes, and Sarah took after her mom a lot. They looked just like each other. Sarah hugged her mom, and kissed her on the cheek, while Carlos was hanging up her book bag on the hook by the door. "Why don't you go change out of your school clothes, Sarah. Dinner's almost done." She said and Sarah nodded, and ran up the stairs to her bedroom.

"Something smells good." Carlos commented as he approached his wife.

"I made your favorite." Robin replied with a smile, letting herself melt in her husband's embrace. He then reached down to rub her protruding stomach. At five and a half months pregnant, she wasn't that big yet, but her baby bump was still fairly noticeable. They were having a boy, just like Carlos wanted, and Sarah was so excited to be a big sister.

"How's the baby?" Carlos asked as he went to go wash his hands and help his wife set the table for dinner.

"He's been kicking a lot." Robin replied. "At least he's healthy." She added with a shrug as she began setting plates on the kitchen table for herself, Carlos, and Sarah. "How was work today?" She asked Carlos.

"Kind of slow." He admitted. Suddenly, Sarah came bounding down the stairs dressed in her play clothes and ready to eat dinner. She knew her mom and her dad loved each other very much, and she loved them a lot too. "Ready for dinner?" Carlos asked as he watched Sarah sit down at her spot at the table.

She nodded, "I'm starving."

Robin began dishing the food out onto each of their plates. She was quite the cook, always making homemade recipes and whatnot. "Maybe after dinner we can have ice cream for dessert." She suggested with a smile.

"Strawberry?" Sarah asked, and her mom nodded. Robin and Carlos had used to question Sarah's childish behavior, after all, she was twelve and she acted like she was eight. But with Carlos being a doctor, he had found that there was nothing wrong with Sarah, and if it was a mental thing, they didn't mind. They liked the fact that she had a childish wonder about things with her, and Carlos loved his little girl, and never wanted to lose her. "Dinner looks so good mom..." Sarah trailed off and began digging into her food.

"Sarah..." Her mom scolded. "You know we have to say grace first."

"Oh, I forgot." Sarah said sheepishly and put down her fork. She then joined hands with her father and mother, and bowed her head.

"Carlos, would you like to?" Robin asked and he nodded.

"Heavenly father, we thank you for this food we are about to consume. May it nourish our bodies, and give us strength. Amen." He finished. "Now, you can eat Sarah." He said. Carlos wasn't really that religious, but his wife was, so he did it for her sake. Sarah began eating, and so did everyone else.

"Oh, mom! Guess what!" Sarah exclaimed, looking up from her plate.

"What honey?" Robin asked with a small smile.

"Dad said we can watch the mermaid movie tonight!" She said excitedly, and her mother couldn't help but to laugh.

"That one's your favorite, huh?" She asked, and Sarah nodded with much fever.

"Alright, eat your dinner Sarah." Carlos chided, and she obliged.

Author's Note: To be continued...?