"My daughter said you can come." Carlos said as he walked back over to where Shirley and Gerald were standing. "But, we don't have any supplies of anything like that, so I cannot help you anymore than giving you a ride." He explained, feeling a little bad that he had nothing else to offer these sick people.

"My husband and I have a couple of cans of food but that's about it." Shirley replied.

"Also," Carlos started. "My daughter, Sarah, she's only twelve... She's different, and she doesn't really understand what's happening. So if you could, please don't talk about things." He begged, still not wanting his daughter to be exposed to this kind of stuff. "It's just... I feel like she's too young to know."

"Of course." Shirley nodded respectfully.

"Okay." Carlos said. "Then let's go." He then led the elderly couple to the car, and helped them into the back seat. Once everyone was situated, Carlos got in the driver's seat and started the car back up. "Sarah, this is Shirley and Gerald." He introduced them all.

"Hi." She said shyly. Shirley waved back, but other than that, there was no real conversation between them. Carlos put the kids bop CD on for the umpteenth time, and they just drove. Nothing in sight except for very large fields. At least they were out of the city, that was the only thing right now that Carlos was thankful for, well that, and his daughter. "Dad, I'm bored..." Sarah sighed, looking out the window. He knew this would happen, Sarah got bored easily. That was why someone had to entertain her most of the time.

"I can't help that honey." Carlos said as he continued to drive.

"Dad..." She whined.

"Didn't you bring some of your toys? Or books?" He asked, looking down at her backpack of things that sat in the floor of the car. It looked to be pretty full, so what the hell did she have in there?

She shook her head, "No..."

"Then what did you pack?" Carlos asked.

"Clothes." She said quietly, and Carlos sighed. "Can we play a game?" She asked.

"Sarah, I'm driving."

"Please?" She begged.

"I like games." Shirley said from the backseat, which was really the first time she'd spoken since the car ride began. Carlos looked back in the rear view mirror, and noticed that her husband was sleeping. He looked really sick, and as if he couldn't even move. "I'll play with you." She offered.

"Is that okay dad?" Sarah asked, and Carlos merely nodded. "Okay! Let's play I spy! You go first." She said as she turned in the front seat to look at Shirley.

"I spy... Something red." Shirley said playfully and Carlos sighed again. Now he was going to have to listen to this for god knows how many hours. Oh well, at least Sarah was occupied, and that was something to take her mind off of things for a while. It took the teen girl forever to answer as she looked around the car, trying to find something red to see if it would be the right answer, until she finally came up with the answers.

"Oh!" She nearly yelled. "It's my glasses!"

"Yeah! That's right." Shirley replied. "Now you go." They played for about an hour, Carlos could have guessed, until finally Sarah began to grow bored again. I spy never lasted her for that long. Her eyelids began to grow droopy, until finally, she fell asleep in the front seat. It was almost dark, so Carlos figured that she'd be out for a while. "That's a sweet little girl you got." Shirley said to Carlos, breaking the silence.

"I had a son on the way too, but you know..." He replied.

"I'm sorry to hear that." She sympathized, "I never had any kids of my own. Gerald didn't want any." Speaking of Gerald, Carlos looked into the rear view mirror again and saw that he was still unconscious. This guy really must have been hurt.

"Is he okay?" Carlos asked. "I'm a doctor, I might be able to help."

Shirley shook her head, "I'm letting him sleep it off, he'll be okay."

"What exactly happened?" He asked.

"On our way outta town, we ran into some of those things... Zombies, or whatever you wanna call 'em... And they got him. Just a little nip, but they got him." She explained. "But he'll be okay." Suddenly, Carlos slammed on the breaks in the car. Did she just say what he thought she said. "What the hell?" Shirley nearly yelled.

Carlos turned around in his seat, "You mean to tell me he's bitten?" He tried to keep his voice down so he wouldn't wake up Sarah, but it was almost impossible. He could turn at any given moment, and that was putting him, Sarah, and even Shirley in danger.

"He'll be okay." She tried to defend.

"He will not be okay!" Carlos exclaimed. "He could turn into one of those things at any moment!"

"How do you know?" Shirley asked.

"Because it happened to my wife!" Carlos said, and he got out of the car. "We've got to take care of this." He said, opening the door that Gerald was sitting by, and drug him out of the car so that he was laying on the ground. "We have to kill him before he turns."

"You're not killing my husband!" Shirley yelled, stepping out of the car too.

"We have to! You're putting my daughter and I in danger!" He yelled back.

"You're not killing him!"

"Fine." He said. "Then you do it."

"I'm not killing anyone either." She said, crossing her arms. Suddenly, Gerald's eyes shot open, and in that moment Carlos knew it was too late. He had already turned. His skin was nearly peeling off of him as he stood up, and the smell was unbearable. "See?" Shirley said. "I told you he'd be okay. Isn't that right Gerald?" She then turned towards her husband, and that's when he lunged for her throat.