My eyes open slowly, so slowly. My head pounds. I wake up inside a train. The seat I'm lying on has red fabric that is all but worn away; I see the rivets drawn into the walls, the rubbish on the floor, the general wear and tear of the place. I slowly move round and sit up. I see two others on the train. One is male with a deep tan, dark hair and wearing the worn clothing that everyone seems to have. The other was also male; he was pale with brown hair and a scared looking face. They both look at me as I sit up.

"Er… Hi," The first man said, "I was wondering if you were okay, you didn't wake up at all."

"Hello," I replied, "I am fine, thank you. It's just been a long few days."

"I know what you mean, so, which city are you moving from?"

"City 11. What about you?"

"City 8."

"I'm going to 17 now," He said. The conversation is difficult because there is not much we are allowed to say.

"Yeah me too," I said, I smiled at him to make him feel more comfortable, it felt strange to smile I have never done it in such a long time. The other man was just sitting nervously on the edge of his chair.

"My name is Cole," The first man said, "What is yours?" He is trying to make the other man comfortable by keeping up the conversation. It's like he is pretending to not know what we are heading towards, the only problem is City 17 has a reputation and saying it is bad is just an understatement.

"My name is Skylar," I replied with another smile which felt too false, there is no way I could be happy, "How about you?" I look to the second man. His eyes lifted of the filthy floor to me.

"My name…" His voice was hard and clear, "Is Luke." His eyes returned to the floor and the look of fear resurfaced. Silence fell on our train car. I could feel the fear and the dread hanging heavily on my shoulders, my clothes, my hair, everything. The train jolted and rocked and bumped over the tracks every now and then sending vibrations through my spine. I liked City 11, my family and friends were there, it had its own kind of dangerous safety. Now I have nothing. Nothing was drawing closer and closer by the second. Then the train slowed into the station and my hope sunk like a stone. The door opened automatically. I saw Luke begin to tremble. Cole bravely picks up his case and steps onto the platform first. Luke follows with his case, still trembling and I follow him with my case.

The floor is dirty with food packaging and lost belongings everywhere. Then I hear Dr Breen's booming voice welcoming us to City 17. His face is projected onto a screen; he has greying hair, wrinkles and a brown suit. The three of us continue into the station ignoring Dr Breen's ludicrous claims. Then we see multiple fences with loads of Civil Protection officers standing around.

"This way," Speaks one of them, they sound the same; monotone, robotic, alien.

"NO!" Luke bursts, "I can't do this, I want to go back!"

The CPs look at him.

"This way!" The first one repeats more abruptly.

"NO! NO! NO! I am not moving!" Luke yelled. The CP pulls his stunstick up to his side and approaches Luke whose expression is now wild. He brings it down of Luke's face knocking his balance slightly. Luke pushes the CP officer.

"I'll kill you if you lay another finger on me!" Luke exclaims. Two more officers run towards him.

"Surrender citizen!" Another CP officer demands.

"NEVER!" Luke screams. The three officers pull Luke to the ground, grabbing him by his clothes. The left sleeve tears and falls to the ground revealing a squat tattoo. The CPs stand around him, just looking. I move closer. His tattoo looks like some kind of Greek lettering. I gasp.


"Resistance!" The third officer bellowed. More CPs approach there stunsticks raised high; they all beat Luke repeatedly until the ground around him turns scarlet and his body turns motionless. No wonder he was so edgy, he was resistance.

"Move on!" The first CP officer demands Cole and I raising his blood drenched stunstick at us, "Nothing to see here." We walk along through the rest of the fencing and the seemingly endless searches. Cole and I are then allowed to leave the train station and find our flat because luckily we have been put together, at least I have one acquaintance.