What would happen when The Doctor becomes Human and Rose has to keep him safe for three months without his knowledge? Rose finds many comparisons between his old self and his new persona and thinks somewhere deep inside, despite him being Human, the Timelord is still in there. Kind of a re-working of 'Human Nature/Family of blood' and takes place just after 'The Impossible Planet/Satan Pit' where they are talking domestics and mixed with a bit of 'Sound of drums/Last of the Timelords'.

Inspired by David Tennant in the RSC's Richard II. Rated 'M' for later chapters.

This is from Rose's point of view.

Disclaimer! Any similarity between The Doctor's and David Tennant's persona is purely coincidently and takes place only in my mind just because I was obsessed with him when he had long hair and people and the press were mean to him! Read into it what you will, no intrusion into anyone's personal life is intended and any references are to The Doctor in his assumed identity.

"No way, Doctor, there is absolutely no way you would survive being Human. You hate being domestic, you can't stay in one place. I bet you'd never be able to do it." Rose was laughing by this stage after he bragged he had a device that could make him Human or any other species he wanted. They had talked about settling on Earth, probably not how they remembered it but actually living in a house, possibly together, after the Tardis was lost at the bottom of a pit.

"OK Rose, if you don't believe I can actually live as a Human, make me prove it. I'll stay a Human for three months, you can't say you already know me, you have to get me to get to know you and to make it easy, you can get the Tardis to make me anything you want and she will also invent a story for you. But you can't watch while I undergo the change because it's quite painful and I don't want you getting upset. The Tardis will put me in the right setting wherever you are and when I make the transition, she will set me in the right place to find you. Just say exactly what you want and when you've done it, come and get me then go get your things, come and find me to make sure I'm ok then come back into the Tardis and retrieve this watch." He picked up a pocket watch with an intricate design and showed it to her. He watched her reaction.

He continued. "Everything Timelord about me will be in this watch and after three months, you have to get me to open it. If it's over that time, don't worry, just give me it when it's the right time. If however, the Earth is in danger, you must make me open it, don't think because I'll be Human that no-one will come looking for me or there will be no trouble. You have to guard this with your life Rose, because it will be my life and no matter how good or bad things become, even if I refuse to open it, you have my permission to force me to open it because when I change back, I will remember it all and I'll be ok, I won't be mad at you for making me open it. You have my word, there will be no reprisals." Hopefully there wouldn't be. "Tell me when you want to start."

Rose looked at him questioning now if he really meant it and wanted to prove it to him that it wouldn't be easy.

"I have some questions first of all because I want no reprisals afterwards and I want some ground rules so first off, I can get the Tardis to make you anything I want you to be but you can't already know me, right?" Rose asked. He nodded. "Right, you will find me?" He nodded again. "What happens if you decide to fall in love with me or someone else?"

His face went deadly serious. "Oh, I suppose that might happen. Right, if you see me chatting any women up, you have to stop me somehow, I don't want you thinking I'm ignoring you. I don't want you to be uncomfortable if I got a girlfriend so maybe choose something where I won't get a chance. If you think I might fall in love with you, you'll have to try and fight me off," he grinned. "If you can't fight me off, well it's up to you. If you reciprocate my advances towards you, which I won't be able to help by the way, you know what Human males are like, just tell me some story about you having a boyfriend or something. Oh, wait, then that will make me look elsewhere. Well then, in that case you'll just have to make sure it doesn't go too far. Three months and it's not like I'll be really leaving you afterwards." He saw the look on her face. "Oh Rose, I didn't mean it like that. I meant we're good friends, we practically live together, sort of, we hug sometimes, well lots of times and we hold hands. We go everywhere together and ." His voice trailed off. "Do you want to call this off?"

Rose shook her head. Three months of him being Human was just about right. She could get her own back for all the times he had teased her with all that hand holding and hugging. Didn't he know what it did to her? He was clueless as a male Timelord but as a male Human, well she would give him a taste of what it was like. She wouldn't take advantage of him though, just enough to let him know how she felt and to carry it over into reality when he changed back, if he wanted. She could do it.

"Just one more thing. Whatever happens, you'll remember everything?" he nodded again. "And you won't be mad if I let things get a little personal because I don't want you to hate me if you make me your girlfriend or something and if I see you with another woman, well we won't go into that. What will happen when you change back? I mean whoever you become, other people will get to know you, how will you explain your disappearance?"

"I'll just leave wherever it is quietly and without any fuss, tell them I'm going away. You have to keep this watch safe Rose, I mean it. I take it you want to be on Earth somewhere in your own time but you can't tell your mother so best not make it London. Just keep in touch with her by phone, it will keep her happy. Right, anything else? Oh and don't get any ideas about getting married or anything, even if I ask you and if I ask someone else, then definitely don't let me! Put it off and we'll at least talk about it when I'm back to normal because whether I display an interest in you or not is not down to anything you've done and I may end up hurting you but I won't mean it Rose, never would I want to hurt you. I want you to treat me like a normal Human male."

He walked over to her and pulled her into one of their long hugs. "You are brilliant Rose, you really are and I care a lot about you. If I display any tendencies to seek out company, I should be drawn to you. The Tardis will let you know when it's done, should land somewhere safe and I'll be unconscious, wake up thinking I've been asleep, probably in a flat or a hotel or somewhere and then she'll hide herself away somewhere where you can find her. Oh and you'll be able to talk to her so you can ask questions, you know you have a link to her and I'll leave a message for you. Right, I'll go and get myself ready and you pick what you want me to be."

"Doctor, are you sure you want me to pick anything?" He said yes. "Well, don't say I never asked and if it really starts to get awkward between us, I'll get you to open the watch even if it isn't three months and you will have won. You won't go stir crazy will you, being Human?"

"No, as long as you make it interesting, so don't put me anywhere boring and don't let me see the watch or it might be drawn to me and I might begin to suspect something. Right then, Allons-y, let's get on with it Rose Tyler and I know whatever you choose will be brilliant."

Rose looked at him, she had always wished he was Human or even part Human after he regenerated but now she wasn't sure about this. What could she choose where he wouldn't get bored? Nothing dangerous, nothing where she would never meet him, well the Tardis would make sure he met her and at least she would be able to come back here for advice. She walked up to him and pulled him into a hug.

"I just don't want you to hate me if something happens between us, I don't want you to feel you owe me anything when it's over." She looked up at him and he kissed her forehead.

"Oh Rose, things could never be awkward between us, don't ever think that. If I do display affection towards you, it will only be because it's what I really feel, I just can't express myself very well, that's all. Timelords were never the romantic type, we didn't have a different boyfriend or girlfriend every couple of months. We chose carefully and only bonded when the time was right. I'm just trying to prove to you that I could live as a Human and want you to know me as a Human to see the difference. When it's all over or you choose to end it sooner, I won't be mad at you, it was my idea. Now, let's get on with it, no time like the present."

"Will you do one thing for me before you change? Just kiss me, once?" She looked up at him, her eyes pleading with him as he lowered his head and kissed her lightly on her lips without answering or questioning her.

He left the console room and Rose sat down thinking what she would choose for him. She had always imagined this and now it was coming true and he could be any man she made him, wow, a big decision. An artist perhaps, no that was boring. A writer? No, he'd be stuck in front of a computer all day. Someone who had to choose her out of all the woman he could have, someone he worked with, in close proximity. Then it struck her. She had a talent for doing make-up and hair, her mother had taught her so what about using it, not in a salon but a theatre? Yes, he could also work in a theatre as a stage-hand or something? No! he could be an actor, not too famous but just got a part in a play and she would be able to do his hair and make-up. He could have the lead part so he would need lots of attention and need lots of different hairstyles and be away from home so he would be in a hotel.

Rose was on a roll now, her imagination running riot with what she wanted, an established job with the theatre and the trust of the bosses to get the job of looking after him over any of the others, maybe not looking just after him at first but them agreeing to let her spend more time with him than any of the others then she could keep an eye on him. What could happen in a theatre full of people? They wouldn't be able to go out at night, they'd be busy during the afternoon with preparations so he should be quite safe from other females apart from the ones in the theatre and if she kept an eye on him looking at any of the others, well she would just have to interfere somehow. She couldn't make it too easy by being the only attractive female there but maybe only one or two.

So she tuned her thoughts into the Tardis and conveyed what she wanted, leaving the ship to fill in the details, which she seemed quite good at because every time Rose wanted a certain dress or anything for that matter, it was provided for her and the Tardis could convey one word thoughts into her head such as yes or no if she asked questions. She said she was ready, placed the watch where The Doctor had showed her and went to find him, telling the Tardis she was going to get him. She found him in his room, stretched out on his bed, staring at the ceiling which had been transformed into a view of a nebula that Rose had never seen before and Rose just stared at it, she hadn't really been in his room before either.

"Doctor, that's beautiful, why doesn't my bedroom ceiling look like that?" she asked.

"It can if you want, just ask. Just say what view you want. Go on, give it a try but first, come and lie down here and watch this," as the stars started to swirl around.

She laid down, a reasonable distance from him and stared at it. She had never seen anything quite like it. He took hold of her hand and pointed out various things so her hand was pointing as well as he looked at her watching the nebula, then told her to choose a view. She chose a view of the Earth from the moon and imagined standing there.

"Will you take me there one day and let me stand on the moon? It's the one planet you've never taken me to. Why have we never been there, you can put a shield around us so we can breathe, can't you?"

"Of course I can and if you want to go to the moon, when this is over, that's where we will go. Seen enough?" he asked. Rose nodded and he let go of her hand and rolled over onto his side and brushed her cheek with his finger. "Right then, see you properly in three months and don't forget, you can back out at any time if there's any danger or you feel it's getting out of control."

He got up off the bed, extending his hand to help her up and pulled her into a hug. "Last chance if you want to back out."

Rose remained in the hug until he let go and walked out of his room. She was going to call after him but it was too late, he was out of sight. Still, it was just another adventure, they were all full of uncertainty and it would give him a new experience, an insight into being Human and he would be better for it she hoped. She was trusting the Tardis to take care of everything, that when the transformation was complete, they would have landed where they were going to be for the next three months, The Doctor would be placed in a hotel or somewhere that she may have to drag him into if he was unconscious or he might stumble out on his own and she would have accommodation and a job where everyone knew her.

Rose was hoping she wouldn't hear or see the transformation, it had been bad enough watching him regenerate and had upset her. Then a thought struck her, she hadn't said she wanted him to look the same, what it he looked different? It was too late but she hoped the Tardis knew enough about her to know she really liked him the way he was. A bell went off somewhere as she was gathering some of her things telling her it was over and things were set. She walked slowly to the console room to find it had changed, or maybe she had taken a wrong turning? No, it had definitely changed to resemble the outside of a hotel, thinking that was for The Doctor's benefit but just as she entered, it changed back, leaving a tortuous looking device hanging from the rafters and she took hold of it, retrieving the watch.

She mentally said goodbye to the Tardis and as she left, the ship dimmed itself and Rose stepped outside after picking up some items from the console that had been left for her, some keys and an address. She found herself outside a small block of flats which she assumed she was staying in and hoped no-one was around but when she turned around, the Tardis was gone but she noticed the key that was still around her neck was glowing which meant the ship was nearby. Rose entered the block of flats and opened the door to the one on the piece of paper and was pleasantly surprised. She looked at the piece of paper again to see where she was supposed to be working and thought she was seeing things, it was only one of the most famous theatres ever and she was in a lovely English rural town. What she didn't know was who The Doctor had actually become.

Inside the flat was a wardrobe full of clothes her size plus drawers full of accessories and everything she needed. She assumed technicalities such as rent and bills would need paying but found a rent book paid for the next three months but she thought she would have to pay utility bills so she would have to watch out for them. She hoped she would actually get paid for this, living in her own flat for three months. Wondering how The Doctor was getting on, she rang a number to find out when she was supposed to be going to work, the ruse was she had just come back from holiday to a new production already in rehearsals to cover her not knowing much. After she came off the phone, she learned she was due in the next day at noon. Then she thought about food, how was she going to eat with no money? She took her bank card out of her pocket, not that it would do any good but maybe she had been paid in advance. She looked in the fridge and the cupboards though and found everything she needed, clever Tardis.

The next morning, she got herself ready and since she didn't know her way around, luckily there was a map and she found she had about a ten minute walk to the theatre and set off in the general direction. She found it easily once through the streets but since she wouldn't be finishing until late at night once the play was in full production so she was hoping she had some money to get a taxi back each night. Arriving in the square in front of the theatre, she found a cash machine and tried to see if there was any money in her account and was stunned to find there was actually money in it. She didn't know if she had been paid from her job or the ship had arranged it so she took some cash out to pay for lunch and a taxi home and found her balance was still the same. That took care of that question then but the theatre must have her details to get paid, surely?

She looked across at the theatre and saw a large banner outside with 'Richard II' on it but from where she was standing, the rest was obscured from her view. She found the stage door and saw a group of people standing around, wondering what they were waiting for at that time but a doorman spotted her, opened the door and said "Hello Rose, had a good holiday?" to which she'd said yes and he let her in. There was a coded lock on the door so she must get the code at the earliest chance, pretend she'd forgotten it while being away.

She made her way to the dressing rooms area, there were supposed to be only two days until opening night, she was looking for anyone remotely like The Doctor but it was early, he might not be in yet when she heard her name being called. A woman who looked like she was in her late fifties was waving her over.

"Rose, glad you're back. Did you have a good holiday in Spain?" Rose said yes, politely and hoped not to be asked too many questions since she had never actually been there and glad to know where she was supposed to have been.

"Yeah, it was great, loads of sun and swimming, never really left the resort, no reason to. So, have I missed anything? Did the code on the stage door get changed by any chance? I tried it and it didn't work, had to be let in." She was trying to be sneaky and not let on she wasn't who she was supposed to be.

"No, not that I know of, it's still the same, Rose, I'm surprised you think we would change it, it's fairly obvious that no-one from the public would suspect we actually used it," the woman laughed. She wasn't giving it away but maybe she had given her a clue as to what it was.

Rose didn't even know her name, that was something, she didn't even know what name The Doctor was going under but suspected it would be John Smith or something similar.

"Right, best get to work then, who am I looking after? I take it that I'll be looking after a few of the actors. The full cast wasn't named before I left was it? Or has all that sun affected my brain?" Rose laughed.

The woman laughed too, shaking her head and saying, "You can be a scatterbrain at times Rose. Don't you remember?" Rose shook her head innocently. "You were excited because you're looking after, amongst others, your favourite actor."

Rose was rather stumped. Had the Tardis turned The Doctor into one of her favourite actors? "Oh no," she thought, "Not the Scottish one please, I'll die if it is." She rather thought that at times, The Doctor resembled him but since that actor had a beard most of the time, it wasn't that much of a resemblance really. She had pointed it out to him but he just laughed and said he looked nothing like him.

The woman looked at her and said, "Well come on then, you'd best go meet him, he's having trouble with that hair extension he's had fitted, he says it looks like an untamed fox's tail and the press are having a field day with it. Maybe you can do something with it, he certainly can't, he's had it bunched up in a ponytail since yesterday. This play is going to have lots of different hairstyles and make-up for the principle players so I hope you had a good rest."

Rose was horrified, he must have gone straight to the theatre yesterday after they arrived or maybe given the impression to everyone that he had. She followed the woman and learned her name since someone called her, then into the rehearsal room which contained most of the cast. She recognised a few of them, one of her mum's favourite actresses was amongst them and saw a young blonde man from the back but he turned round and it wasn't The Doctor, then saw a tall man with his back to her, talking to a younger woman and Rose thought she was too late if it was actually him since he was probably the only one with long hair, he had already found someone to chat up but he suddenly turned around and Rose recognised him instantly, his sideburns were gone and he was clean shaven, wearing a Beatles t-shirt and tan corduroy trousers and trainers.

Rose gulped when he turned around, he didn't look that much different but she had never seen him with long hair and wondered just when exactly he had acquired the hair extension, maybe the Tardis did it, he wouldn't forgive the ship for that! The woman, who Rose had discovered was called Mary, introduced them.

"Jonathan, this is Rose, she will be looking after your hair and make-up during your performances. Rose say hello to Jonathan Smyth" and with that, Mary walked away and Rose stood with her mouth open, thanking everything she knew it was not who she thought or hoped he would be turned into.

Now Rose was going to have to pretend with millions of others that she knew who he was, what plays he had supposed to have already been in and fend off thousands of fans every night who would be coming to get his autograph, those she had passed on the way in probably being amongst them and the play hadn't even started yet. Plus she would have to get used to his new name but she was relieved she hadn't had to face the actor who she had a real big crush on. On top of that, there was an attractive female who would probably be playing opposite him every night. She might just have some competition.

He held his hand out and she took it nervously as he said, "Hi, Rose, my own personal hairdresser. Well, maybe you can do something with this, I'm already getting talked about in the newspapers," as he grabbed his ponytail from behind, a big grin on his face. "Oh and please, call me Jon, without the 'h'" he laughed.

Rose thought that was so him. He spoke like The Doctor, he even grinned at her like he used to do so Rose knew it was him. She walked around the back of him to see just how long it was and said, "Yeah, I can do something like that. We need to discuss all the scenes you're in and how many different styles you're going to need. Then we have to work out how much time it takes to do each one and the time in-between your scenes. Some of the breaks might be quite short and you'll still have to get changed and have your make-up checked and your hair brushed if the style is the same. We may have to do some by the side of the stage, not your dressing room, then there are costume changes." If that wasn't putting him off, it was certainly putting her off. She didn't know if she was up for this big a challenge.

He was staring at her, sure, he was supposed to be used to all this but in reality, he wasn't and he probably wasn't used to quite so many hairstyle changes anyway. Rose was going to need all the skills her mother had taught her and more for this one and she was meant to be looking after others as well. No way and she would have to say something to Mary, who looked like she was in charge. Just then, a man came in and called for everyone's attention, Rose thought he must be the director since everyone looked at him. Rose took the opportunity to sneak to the back of the room since it wouldn't concern her but she was in for a shock as he called her back as it did concern her as well.

Eventually, people started to disperse to go out onto the stage for a rehearsal, the next day was a full dress rehearsal so Rose would see just exactly how her talents would hold up. She was surprised when the director stopped her as she was leaving the room, thinking she had been caught out.

"Rose, nice to have you back. Listen I know you're supposed to be looking after some of the others as well but I think, on reflection, you're going to have your hands full looking after Jon and that wild hair extension of his so can you do me a really huge favour and concentrate just on him? I'll get someone up from the other theatre to help take care of the others. You do know he has to keep that in, it's too complicated to put in every day, it's not like a normal wig. Can you do that please Rose? I'd take it as a real personal favour if you did. We have to look after him."

"Of course, I'd be only too happy to. I was just telling him we would have to go through everything and I was wondering how I would manage to do someone else's as well. It's going to be a challenge."

He thanked her and walked off, calling one of the actor's names and Rose went off in search of her prey. She couldn't believe her luck, or the Tardis, whichever was responsible, that she was going to be able to spend most of her time there looking after him, she might be able to keep that actress away from him. If she could keep him occupied and maybe spoil and pamper him but she had promised herself no sneaky tricks to get him and to just play along if he chatted her up, not get too involved, maybe the odd snogging session, which would be nice, they could laugh about it afterwards but anything else, well, she wouldn't have to let it go too far but he had said he wouldn't be mad at her so as long as she drew a line and didn't cross it, she was sure she would get away with it and he wouldn't get too embarrassed about it.

Three months though, she was wishing now it had only been a few weeks, she could have kept him away for that amount of time but what did he expect her to do with him for three months as a Human if he came on to her in a big way? Talk about Mickey being the idiot. Three months of trying to keep him interested in her but not actually let him go the whole way was going to be tough but she could tell him she didn't take precautions or something equally dumb and he might believe her. Anyway, she had to get him to like her that way first of all or keep him away from other women, maybe if she could just accomplish that part first, then think about keeping him interested.

She went to the side of the stage, he was standing there reading his lines, his hair still in the ponytail. She motioned him away from where they would be heard by the other actors out there and asked if he wanted her to take his hair out of the ponytail and see if she could smooth it down to give him an idea of what it would actually look like on the stage. He said okay and since she had a spray bottle with her, she sat him down and took the band out of his hair and had to suppress a giggle but he caught on.

"Okay, you too huh?" he laughed. "Go on, might as well get it out of your system, everyone else has."

"Oh, I'm sorry but you have to admit, it's a bit wild. Sit still while I put this on your hair or are you due on stage soon?" Rose began to spray the water onto his hair, just to take some of the frizz out of it.

"Na, not for a while anyway, they're going over some scenes that don't involve me, lucky for you since you laughed at me, you can sort this out for me now for that," he grinned.

"Did they tell you how to look after it, how to wash it properly?" she asked. He shook his head. "Well it needs washing properly and you do know you can't take it out, it has to stay. I'll comb it out for now but it will frizz again if it doesn't get washed so after your rehearsal I'll wash it for you and it would be better if I put it in a braid. I'll show you how to wash it and braid it but you might have difficulty doing that so if you wash it, you'd best stick to tying it back. It should be easier once it's been washed."

She finished combing it and it looked better and admired the intricate way it had been attached to his own hair. Wow, the Tardis had done a real good job unless he had actually gone to get it done yesterday.

"Right, you're all done for now but come and find me after you've finished on stage and I'll give you a free hair extension washing lesson, then you can wash it in the shower and I'll put it in a braid before you leave the theatre."

"I really don't want to put you to any trouble, I'll manage with it tied back most of the time as long as it's not wild," he laughed.

"It's no bother, someone is wanting you on stage," she replied as he was being beckoned towards the side of the stage. She looked at him and thought he looked really great with long flowing hair. He walked off with a "Thanks Rose" as he left.

Rose went back to the dressing area and put the spray bottle back after refilling it and wondered which basket of make-up items was hers, there were a few but one had a sticker with her name on it, "how convenient," she thought and looked through it. Some of the other women came in, most were older than her and she wondered just how old she was supposed to be, she was only just reaching twenty and looking at herself in the mirror, wondered how other people regarded her. Did she look too young to be doing such a job, that of looking after the lead actor?

The others were all laughing when they came in and one asked Rose about her holiday saying how lucky she was, asking how she had enjoyed it. She hoped she wasn't expected to have brought presents back or she was stuck. Some of the actors came back in so most of the women went off and Rose was left alone.

Just then, the young blonde man she had seen earlier came up to her, close and tried to put his arm around her which she shrugged away. She was obviously supposed to know who he was.

"Hello Rose, I was hoping you would be back today. Do you want to get together later or are you going to keep turning me down every time like you did the last time I was here?" he asked, trying to put his arm around her again.

She backed away, hoping The Doctor hadn't seen. "No, I've just got back, I don't think so and if I turned you down before then I must have had a good reason for doing so anyway."

He shrugged his shoulders. "Three months this time Rose, I'm here three months and don't think I'm going to give up this time. I know I was only here two weeks last time, not enough for you to get to know me but this time you do. Just remember that." He turned and walked off to his dressing room.

"Just great," she thought, "I get someone who's interested in me and it's the wrong man, just my luck. Why couldn't The Doctor have been him instead?"

Just then, Mary came back in and said she had been informed that Rose was going to attend solely to Jon. "So, if you aren't going to be looking after anyone else, they're sending a girl up from the other theatre to help. It's not often one of the actor's gets special treatment but I admit, you're going to have a lot of work to do. Have you been though everything with him yet?"

"No, he had to go to rehearsals although I managed to smooth his hair down for him and I'm going to show him how to manage it so he can at least wash it himself. I don't think it's a good idea for me to do it all the time although I will if I have to. Have you seen him on the stage now I've combed it out, it was looking much better."

Mary shook her head, patted her on the back and went off, leaving Rose alone again. She sat down and waited for Jon, she had to remember not to call him 'Doctor' any more and it was going to take some getting used to. Half an hour later, a few more actors came off stage and so was Jon, talking to his leading lady. Rose was hoping she wouldn't have to get her to back off but she supposed he talked to everyone in the cast. Just then he saw her and she tried to avoid looking at him too keenly. He walked over to her and asked if she was ready for the hair washing lesson.

They chatted while Rose was giving him instructions about being careful not to pull the thing out, to which he was laughing and saying if he messed up, she would have to do it all the time and Rose trying to give the impression that was never going to happen but she resigned herself to having to do so. At least it would give her extra time with him. It seemed strange to her, seeing him like this. He was still basically the same, full of energy and liked to talk but he looked completely different. The Doctor had never really gone for the 'casual' look and she had never seen him wearing jeans.

The lesson completed, Rose thinking there was little hope he would actually manage it, knowing him in his old persona but maybe in this new one but if they were basically the same, most of The Doctor's habits would show up, maybe in smaller doses. He was just about to leave when she thought she should warn him there may be autograph seekers outside.

"Oh, by the way, there were some people waiting by the stage door when I came in, just thought I'd warn you."

"Yeah, that usually happens, occupational hazard! During the performance dates I was told I'd have someone with me when I go out to give autographs but I can't see it being a major problem unless someone wants something other than a programme signing. Right, best be off then, I'm starving, hope the hotel dining room is open."

"The caf upstairs is open all the time if you ever get stuck." Rose offered helpfully, not wanting him to go until she knew for sure her would be rival had left the building as she had been busy in his dressing room after washing his hair in the communal dressing area but opting to give his hair management lessons in private as some of the others were staring. She was going to suggest to him that he came in earlier to avoid future embarrassment.

"Oh, right, yes, I'll keep that in mind for when the play opens. By the way, since it's full dress rehearsal tomorrow, I don't want to make a mess of my hair so could you come in early to do it for me, so the others aren't looking?"

He must have been a mind reader Rose was thinking. That agreed, she thought it would be safe to leave as it was late afternoon and she was just about to walk back to her flat but it was raining when she got to the door. A free taxi phone was on the wall and Jon saw her going over to pick it up.

"Rose, wait, if you're getting a taxi, you can share mine if you want, no sense in getting two. The driver can drop you off on the way. Any chance you might join me for dinner later, doesn't have to be the hotel if you're worried some of the others might be there."

"Blimey," Rose thought, "he certainly isn't wasting any time or is he just being friendly?" Thinking if he dropped her off, he might discover where she lived though, she was going to decline until he held out his hand to take an umbrella from the doorman as a taxi drew up outside and she thought, "Oh well, why not?"

She got into the cab and he handed the umbrella back to the doorman with a 'thanks' and asked Rose where she wanted dropping off and told the driver to drop her first. It was only a five minute drive and they soon arrived. Jon turned to her and asked about going out later.

"Can I pick you up at seven?" he asked.

Rose wasn't too sure what his motives were but needed to find out otherwise she would scare him off. "Okay, but can you make it seven thirty?"

"Okay, seven thirty it is and you can choose where to go. Bye for now, Rose."

She got out of the taxi and he waved as the cab pulled out of the parking area. Just as she was about to go in, she got a sudden feeling the Tardis had parked herself nearby and looked around the back of the property where the disposal area was, getting wet in the process and saw a hint of blue behind some bushes and on closer inspection was relieved to see the ship. She always kept her key with her and she opened the door and said hello. The ship flashed the column lights in response as though she was glad to see Rose, who said she was sorry she hadn't been earlier. She sat on the seat she and The Doctor used to share and said how much she missed the old him. The Tardis hummed in agreement. Rose looked at the monitor and turned it on. There was a message for her from before he had changed, telling her he trusted her to look after him and not to let him ignore her and he had added a few things to the instructions Rose had given the ship. Rose thought he had a nerve altering her wishes but when she learned what they were, she had to smile.

He said he had altered his promise of seeking her out and should be attracted to her to he would instantly be attracted to her because he didn't want to hurt her feelings and make her jealous but he promised it would never get too awkward that he would ask her to go too far. He was so sneaky! Why couldn't he just have come out and told her before he changed, then they wouldn't have had to go through this charade? Then he had added that he wasn't going to make it too easy for her, if she rejected him or tried to put him off entirely or got herself another boyfriend, then he assumed that's how she wanted to play it and if she did, then no bad feelings but he might then look elsewhere. Rose wasn't happy with that, he wasn't really giving her much choice was he? Return his advances on her, be rejected and stay away from other men. Thanks! Three months of trying to fight him off and keep him interested or three months of misery watching him with someone else and risk not being able to get him to open the watch and fending other men off without him seeing just great.

She vent her frustration on the ship, although technically it wasn't the ship's fault, Rose had said more or less what she wanted but had not stopped him adding anything to it and perhaps he was just safeguarding her so she wouldn't get hurt. If he was off with someone else she wouldn't enjoy the whole experience and he wouldn't be able to prove he could live as a Human male. Right, better get back to the flat and get ready to go out then.

She stroked the Tardis console and said goodbye and that she would be back soon and went back to her flat. She had been provided with a laptop and internet access so she looked up local restaurants and also tried to find out just exactly Jonathan Smyth was supposed to be. He had quite a long list of plays behind him apparently from Shakespeare to comedy and travelled from theatre to theatre in different plays, no TV though apart from interviews on popular talk shows, voice-overs and some radio plays and was a member of several theatrical groups and a renowned Shakespearian actor from quite an early age and he was now supposed to be thirty five. There were numerous websites dedicated to him, from fan made sites to collections of photos of him and Rose wondered how the Tardis had managed such a thing but there again, the ship could go back through time and establish all this, going back to his childhood and she marvelled at the intricate details the ship had put into it and how the whole country had been taken by him and the news headlines going back to his early career when he had just started out. He seemed to have everyone mesmerised with him, he was the golden boy of the theatre, many established actors sang his praises and spoke highly of him.

Time was running out for her to get dressed and she opened the wardrobe the Tardis had provided and chose a blue jersey dress with a black belt and chose a jacket hanging up in the entryway of her flat. She was surprised she had been given a two bedroom flat, it was quite spacious and thought her job must be well paid or she had got a good deal on it or even have shared with someone at some point. That was a thought, maybe she had a flat mate and that was why the cupboards and fridge were well stocked but she had been in both bedrooms and they were only clothes in her size in one of them, the other was empty. By seven fifteen she was getting nervous and she hoped it had stopped raining. Her doorbell rang at seven twenty five and she answered the intercom it was Jon, he had actually got out of the taxi to call for her! She felt like a sixteen year old on her first date well, it was their first date since he became Jon.

He greeted her and she told the taxi driver where to take them and all evening, he was the perfect gentleman, paying attention to her, asking about where she came from, her having to alter things slightly, she didn't even know how old she was supposed to be, she couldn't tell him she was barely twenty, he would have cringed, well maybe as a Human but The Doctor never really seemed to care or maybe that was why he hadn't wanted to get involved with her, he thought she was too young. Still, it wasn't like anyone was really going to check up in the next three months, hopefully and she thought she really must look around the flat to see if there was anything to indicate her actual age before she started lying about it.

After they finished their meal, they went into the bar area, Rose opting for something non-alcoholic, just in case she needed her wits about her, she had read some things about his invented life and the way he was supposed to travel around to different theatres was only a tame version of their own travels, never staying in one place. In fact, she had read that this stint in this particular play was one of the longest he had done in one place, with only a short break for the upcoming bank holidays. Yes, he was certainly going to need some company.

They got up to leave and he asked if he could see her home, that it would be remiss of him if he didn't see her safely to her door.

"So, Rose, I hope you enjoyed your meal. We must come here again, it's really nice," he said, looking around, then seeing some single flowers on the counter, took one, put money in a box and gave her it to her with a smile saying, "For you, although it pales compared to you," then ushered her outside to a waiting taxi, holding the door for her then getting in beside her as she moved over.

Rose was thinking he may be going a bit overboard but it was kind of sweet, something he would really do if it was the old him although without the cheesy line about the flower perhaps! On the way back he turned towards her.

"You know, after tomorrow night, we'll be busy at the theatre until late so I won't get many chances to ask you out, except for maybe Sunday's so would you like to go out again tomorrow night by any chance?" he asked hopefully.

Rose decided she was going to make the most of this since she was going to be cooped up in a theatre every night for the next three months and wouldn't get much of a social life, which was what she had intended for him, not her as well but if he had to suffer then so should she really, don't ask someone to do something you wouldn't do yourself, her mother always used to say. Speaking of which, she knew she had to phone her and let her know she was okay but what if her name got in the papers alongside The Doctor's new identity? Crumbs, she hadn't thought of that! How would she talk herself out of that? She must check for ID now, she might have been given a new name as well but she knew her first name was still Rose.

He was waiting for an answer when they pulled into the parking area of her block of flats as he got out to open the door for her, asking the driver to wait and helped her out, walking her to the front door. She had to give him an answer.

"Yes, I'd like to go out again, you choose somewhere and surprise me. I'll see you at the theatre tomorrow for dress rehearsals but it's best we don't say anything, backstage gossip gets around fast as you should well know," she laughed "and we don't want people to get the wrong idea, I mean, it was just dinner." Now she was going to see how far he was going to take this.

"Oh, I don't know Rose, was it just dinner? I thought it was a little more than just dinner, in fact I'd go as far as to say it was a really nice evening and I really enjoyed your company and I had hoped you enjoyed mine?" He leaned forward slightly and Rose thought he was actually going to kiss her on their first date but instead he kissed her cheek and whispered, "So, after the theatre tomorrow, you and me, somewhere a little bit quieter, having dinner by candlelight, yes?"

Rose smiled to herself, he really was hooked! "Yes, I'd like that Jon, that would be lovely but at the theatre, we'll have to keep things professional tomorrow." She moved her head slightly and kissed his cheek. "Goodnight then, thanks a really nice evening, I enjoyed it."

He waited until she was in the doorway and waved as she closed the door. Maybe this wasn't going to be so easy after all. Two dates in two nights, that was record even before she'd met him, the first him. It was getting late so she knew she would have to put off her phone call to her mother until the following day and wondered if she should mention to her she might have got mixed up with a famous actor. She could always pretend they were investigating something at a theatre, she might get away with that and they had gone under cover, that would explain it but what if Jackie had already suspected that The Doctor suddenly looked like Jonathan Smyth? Well, that was another mystery she was going to have to figure out, along with her long list of other things but not tonight. It then occurred to her that he never asked for her phone number, oh well, that was just like the old him then.

The next morning, she rooted through various drawers and cupboards, seeking out anything that gave her a clue about her new personal details, finding the rent book again with the full address and noting another woman's name on it, she must have had a flatmate recently and it was paid three months in advance and she realised there must be bills that had been paid or waiting to be paid and took another look around but if so much detail had been put into it and she knew how old he was supposed to be, which he did actually look, then why couldn't she find out how old she was? Was it too much to ask? She must have some ID around the place, a passport or something but she had left all that with her mum after getting Mickey to bring it to her in Cardiff on false pretences, though why she actually needed one she didn't know but it was good to have all the same.

She was just going to have to hope someone or something would give her a clue but at least she didn't have to worry about his cover, trust the ship to take his side. She rang her mother, assured her she was okay and that they'd be over to see her soon, glad Jackie hadn't said anything about Jon looking like a certain Timelord and got ready to go to work, she was meant to be in early for full dress. When she arrived, she couldn't find Jon, he wasn't with any of the others. Then a woman came up to her with her arms open, Rose hadn't seen her the previous day and assumed it was the extra help mentioned previously and the woman pulled her into a bear hug, worse than The Doctor usually gave her.

"Rose, you're back! Listen, I'm really sorry I pulled out of the flat before you actually got back only Mike didn't want to wait any longer, he wanted me to move in and he got impatient so to make up for it, I paid two months on the flat for you and left the cupboards full. Did you have a good time? If I were you, I'd get an ad up for a flatmate soon as. We must get together and you can tell me if you met any fit Spanish blokes while you were there. A little bird told me you were only looking after your fave actor, how did you manage that? You lucky thing! Watch out for him though, he's a bit of a ladies man." Kay took a key out of her pocket and handed it to Rose, who took if from her with a 'thanks'

When Rose finally got out of the bear hug and managed to get a word in, at least some of the mysteries had been unravelled and the new make-up artist wasn't going to be a rival and this woman, Kay, seemed to know a lot about her, maybe she should ask her how old she was. "Hi, I knew you wouldn't wait until I got back, I should have had a bet on with you!" Rose joked. "Yeah, I'll put a notice up but perhaps I'll just stick on my own for a while since you were so generous and have the place to myself. I really did forget who I was looking after, what with the holiday and I thought he was just one of a few who I would be taking care of. Still, he's going to take a lot of my time up with all the changes he'll be doing."

Just then, she saw Jon coming into the dressing area and he looked over at her. "Speaking of which, he's just arrived so I'd best go and start looking after him or they'll get someone else to do it," she laughed.

After agreeing to catch up, she went into Jon's dressing room, being very careful to leave the door open and he smiled as he was sat at the dressing table and saw her come in. She didn't notice the blonde man watching her walk in with a jealous look on his face. They talked for a while, both pretending they hadn't actually gone out last night and she was wondering if he had forgotten about asking her out again. Numerous hairstyles later, a very excited Jon came off stage to the applause of everyone stood around, Rose thought he had been amazing, he was a natural and he gave a mock bow and then waved everyone off laughingly saying he wasn't the only one on stage and headed for his dressing room, followed by an awestruck Rose who had only seen glimpses of him during the last rehearsal and he'd looked amazing in his costumes.

As she entered, he was already behind the screen getting changed, talking excitedly about how he loved full dress rehearsals, coming out from behind the screen in the bright yellow t-shirt he had arrived in and what Rose had wickedly thought were too tight for him to be looking decent in jeans. Why couldn't he dress like that in the Tardis? "No, scratch that," she thought, as she went over to him, sitting himself down and waiting for her to take off his make-up, grinning at her through the mirror. If she had that train of thought if he dressed like that in the Tardis, they would never actually go anywhere, she would find excuses to get him to attend to parts of the ship that require him to lean over for no reason at all and spend all day just watching him. Why couldn't the Tardis have given him a more decent dress sense? She was not going to last three months at this rate, she would give in way before that.

She finished with his make-up and picked up the brush to get all the bits out that she had placed there for his last scene and asked if he was okay. He looked through the mirror at her and smiled and caught her hand.

"It's a buzz Rose, standing on the stage even though there were only a few in the audience, it still gets to you. You should have been out there watching." He saw her reaction. "Aw, sorry, you were looking after me, thanks." He squeezed her hand. "Can you just tie my hair back please? We are still going out tonight, aren't we? You haven't forgotten or anything, have you? Tell you what, I'll drop you off again, then you can get changed and I'll pick you up at seven, okay? Oh, and I forgot to get your phone number last night."

Rose nodded, he still had a lot of the old 'him' about him and he had been serious about going out again. He hadn't been kidding when he said he'd altered the conditions so he would fancy her, maybe though he was just hoping his feelings for her wouldn't run riot. "I'll give you my number later. Are you sure you don't want me to braid your hair, it won't take long?" He shook his head. She was just dying to run her fingers through it without fear of someone walking in on them.

She finished tying his hair back loosely so from the front you could hardly tell it was long and he surveyed himself in the mirror. "Looking good Rose, much better than a few days ago, thanks to you." He took her hand again as she was about to take it away after picking up a few stray hairs that had come loose and kissed the back of her hand. "I'm looking forward to tonight, it's going to be a while before we get another chance."

He let go of her hand and stood up. "So, I'm done here, you ready to leave? Not got anything else to do?"

"No, I've no-one else to see to, I'll just get my things, I'll meet you by the stage door, you may have fans waiting so you don't want to be seen with me anyway."

"Oh Rose, I don't mind being seen with you," he smiled, brushing a strand of her hair away from her face as he caught up with her, turning around and looking out to see if anyone was around and huffing when there were people still out there, taking his hand away fast. "Meet you in ten minutes then," allowing her through the door before him and going off in the opposite direction. Someone was indeed watching.

Rose stopped at her locker and took stock. He really was fancying her, the way he talked to her, like they had known each other a long time, not just met yesterday, how quick he had asked her out after only a few hours or was it the Tardis playing cupid? Then he was asking her out again although this would be their last actual date at night unless he asked her out on Sunday. It was like he had seen her and instantly latched onto her and didn't want to let go. Then she had a horrifying thought that what if somehow, deep down inside him, The Doctor was aware of what was going on in his sub-conscious and couldn't do anything about it, was letting this persona lead him on because he was powerless and was trapped but could just do enough to make sure he wasn't parted from her? She was worried about him now but even if it was true, he knew she would never leave him. She should know how that felt when she had been taken over, kissing him without being in control. She was going to have to pay a visit to the Tardis again before she went out with him and ask the ship a few questions.

She was just heading towards the stage door when the blonde man approached her again, she had learned his name was Mark and he attempted to corner her. "Rose, so how about tonight then?"

"Sorry, got a date tonight and please, stop asking me out because I'm only going to keep turning you down. I told you, there was a reason why I kept turning you down before, I'm just not interested in you, now excuse me please," she said, trying to get past him but he was blocking her way. "Do I have to call Security?" she asked.

He stepped aside begrudgingly and let her past much to her relief. She didn't want to have a rival for Jon's affections but now she was faced with making him jealous and she didn't even want it. He had said in his message he may look elsewhere if he though she had a boyfriend, she would have to be honest with him and tell him that she was not interested in anyone else.

Rose could see as she approached the door that there were still a lot of people outside so she stood back until he came back in, grinning and asking the doorman to make sure they all left and get someone to call a taxi for him. It was already five and he'd said they were going out at seven, there wouldn't be much time to visit the Tardis, maybe it would have to wait until tomorrow. While they were waiting, they talked and joked with the doorman, who said that from the following night there would be extra security staff to go out with him while signing autographs and the area would be cleared before he left. Rose was beginning to think the doorman might get suspicious of them leaving together but a lot of the cast and staff always left together and as long as he didn't do anything stupid like try to kiss her in front of anyone who was around they should be relatively safe but there again, she didn't know exactly how things were going to go.

They got into the taxi when it arrived and were seen by Mark, who hung back inside as Jon helped her into the cab, putting his hand gently on her back as he did so then getting in after her.

After she had said goodbye to Jon, she barely had ninety minutes in which to get ready so visiting the Tardis was out of the question. She would just have to assume he was completely under the assumption he was a different person and forgive her when it was all over, after all, it wasn't her fault he had a hidden desire for her, he should have come forward and told her. Maybe she shouldn't go easy on him, up to a point that is. No, it was still draw a line and never cross it or nothing. She had yet to decide where she was going to put that line and not keep moving the goalposts every time, decide how far she was willing to let him take it. It was his fault really, telling her not to let it go too far, how far was too far anyway, he'd not set out any guidelines how far he wanted her to let him go, he said he wanted to show her he could be like any other Human male.

She got into the shower and thought about what her ex flatmate had said, about getting someone to share but that wasn't a good idea, she figured it would all sort itself out once this was all over so there was no point. Then she thought about Jon, she had to pretend she knew who he was, there was only so much information about him she could have learned from the internet and he was supposed to be a private person, never letting his personal life be discussed in public so that helped. She wondered what kind of story had been invented for him, knowing the Tardis could be a mischief when she wanted to be.

She wondered just how far the Tardis could communicate with her, if she had to be actually inside to talk to her. She turned off the shower and got dried, deciding what to wear. Whenever she was on the ship, if she wanted or needed something it would be provided for her without her even asking, the ship could predict what it was, like moving her room nearer when they had got back tired or soaking wet or something drastic had happened. She closed her eyes and tried to see if she could communicate from where she was, the ship was just at the back of the building so she reached out, blocking everything else but no, perhaps she wasn't strong enough yet, she would have to get The Doctor to teach her, if he was still talking to her after this was over.

She hadn't realised what time it was, they didn't exactly run to a schedule in the Tardis so she hurriedly got dressed, choosing something a bit more revealing than last night but she chickened out and put a scarf around her neck and waited for her date to arrive. That was strange, he hardly ever called for her before, sometimes he rang her to say he was ready to go but not actually 'calling' for her, not like now. Her doorbell rang and at the last second she took off the scarf and answered as he asked if he could come in. Thinking better of it, she let him in and he knocked on her door and on opening it, found he had a bunch of flowers which he handed to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and invited himself in. Oh well, some things never really changed she supposed as he looked around, Rose hoping nothing was out of place, she didn't even know if half of it was hers or not. She took the flowers to the kitchen and put them in a vase, bringing them out and putting them on the coffee table.

"I'll just get my jacket then," Rose said, as Jon looked at the scarf on the coffee table, then noticed her dress and she thought he was probably thinking he was glad she had decided not to wear it.

To her embarrassment, he picked it up and asked her if she was going to wear it. "Was he psychic or what?" she wondered. "No, I decided it didn't really go with this dress after all," she smiled as she took her jacket from the hallway. "Ready when you are," she called out as she walked back into the living room, putting her jacket on, to find him staring at her.

He walked towards her to help her with the other sleeve and sneaked another kiss on her cheek, noting her perfume. "Right then, I was recommended a restaurant just outside town and I've hired a car now to save getting taxis all the time, had it delivered this afternoon to the hotel," he grinned. "Must get a parking spot at the theatre sorted out, do you know how I do that Rose?" he asked.

Rose was thinking this was really bad, did he even know how to drive? Obviously Jonathan knew how to drive, he must have driven at some point before he changed. "No, sorry, I don't drive but if you take it where all the other cars are, you just might have to get a permit or something. Ring the theatre in the morning and ask," she suggested helpfully.

He helped her into a car, a nice car, a car befitting an actor anyway and he set off, following the satnav to the restaurant which was about a twenty minute drive and was way out of town and looked very exclusive, he was dressed in a light grey suit but his red tie was a bit much, she had thought and was really glad his hair was neatly tied up from when she had done it earlier or they might not let him in. The restaurant looked very popular and she hoped he'd made a reservation and when they entered, the head waiter was standing at a small table and recognised Jon and said for them to go right in. Rose had to smile, usually the physic paper got them into places but she reckoned she could get used to this, getting in somewhere legitimately for a change.

As with the previous evening, he gave his full attention to her, he was talking about all the plays he had been in and the radio work he had done, a whole life and career had been fabricated for him, it seemed almost real to her, everyone else believed it, she was the only person in the world who knew he wasn't for real and it was getting really un-nerving and she was beginning to think that The Doctor was a character he had been playing. She knew that wasn't true, he hadn't looked like he did now all that long, only since Christmas.

She made her excuses to go to the ladies room before they left and they set off back towards the town, Jon was making her laugh as they drove, telling her about a voice-over ad he had done and they soon arrived back at Rose's flat. He insisted on walking her to the front door and asked if she was going to invite him in. She thought "Why not, no harm in it," so she opened the door.

"So, do you want to come in for tea, coffee?" she asked, standing in the entryway as he put his arm around her neck and moved the same strand of hair away as he had earlier, which Rose thought meant he was going to attempt something earlier, then as he brushed it away, kissing her cheek again.

"Mmm, tea would be great, tea is good for you, if you drink coffee late at night it keeps you awake. Oh, maybe I should have coffee then," he grinned, as he tried to kiss her cheek again as she opened her door and missed, catching her ear which made her tingle. "You smell nice," he continued, as he tried again, this time hitting his mark. "So, do you live on your own then? No flatmate? Seems rather a large flat for one person."

"Had a flatmate, she left while I was on holiday but she was moving out anyway. I'll have to advertise for someone to share. I'll put a notice up on the board at the theatre and take one down to the other theatre. It's easier getting someone in the same line of work with the awkward hours, then no-one gets disturbed when you come in late."

Rose put her purse and keys on a side table by the coat stand and started to take her jacket off, with some help from Jon who was only too pleased to oblige as he took the opportunity to stare at her cleavage again, Rose wishing she had worn that scarf after all when he had been doing it most of the evening. He made himself at home, sprawling in the chair as Rose went to make a drink, thinking he would be safer drinking tea or he might be here all night. He was behaving like his old self again, the same personality, just like it carrying over from his regeneration but adding new things to it, there was so much of the old him in this latest version of him.

She took a tray in and sat down on the sofa, pouring tea and placing a mug in front of him. Not surprisingly, he got up and took the tea then he looked over in her direction and moving over in the chair, patted the empty space saying, "Why are you still sitting over there? It's much more cosy over here."

It was something they sometimes did in the Tardis when reading or watching a film, they would curl up on the sofa together, sometimes if they were watching a scary movie she would bury her head in him and make him tell her when it was over. This reminded her of those time and missing the old him already, took her cup and went over to him, squeezing into the space as he put his arm around her, brushing her cheek with his finger. "I really like your perfume, it makes you smell like real roses," he whispered in her ear as he started to nibble on it and Rose was having butterflies doing somersaults in her tummy as he did so.

The ear nibbling got a little more intense as he started down the side of her neck, kissing it softly and saying, "Tell me if you want me to stop," he said softly as he continued down to her shoulder. She didn't want him to but she was having a hard time convincing herself otherwise.

He got to her shoulder and she moved suddenly, breaking his contact with her. He looked at her and asked if he was going too fast for her.

"No, I'm going too fast for me, it's not you. I hardly know you and this is really nice, I had a great time tonight and last night. It's just we're going to be working together for the next three months and I don't want things to get awkward between us if I let things get too out of hand. I don't want you hating me for getting the wrong idea about you."

He looked at her, brushing her hair back again and kissing her cheek. "Oh Rose, things could never get awkward, I really like you and you aren't going to let things get out of hand because although you might think otherwise, I really want to get to know you better before it comes to that stage. I know it will be difficult working together but we have the mornings and early afternoons and we won't be getting out of the theatre that late, then there are Sundays, all that time to get to know each other. We can try anything, if you want, we have three months of getting to know each other." He kissed her cheek again, then put his finger to his lips, then placed it on hers.

Rose almost melted at the gesture, kissing his finger in response as he moved it aside and kissed her lips lightly, just like he had done before he became Human. It was almost as though he remembered some things. Yeah, three months and if he was to remain Human, what then, would he go off and leave her? Better not dwell on that, it was never going to happen but he might talk about it so she had to prepared. She wasn't going to bring up the subject unless he did first.

She kissed him back and waited to see what would happen. He didn't try anything else, he just kissed her again and touched her cheek. Then she remembered her low cut dress and wished she had worn something else but he never tried to touch her, he just looked at her. "I think I'd better go now," he said, moving away from her and taking her hand that she hadn't realised she had rested on his chest as she had pulled away. She moved it and he took hold of it and kissed the back of it. "Can we meet for breakfast, say nine, in the caf across from the theatre? That's if you want to be seen outside the theatre in daylight with me?" he asked, letting go of her hand and getting up.

Rose nodded but remained in the chair and he held his hand out to pull her up, taking the opportunity to put his arm around her as they walked to the door. "I'd like that yeah, I'll see you then. Thanks again for a lovely evening Jon, I did enjoy it." She was going to kiss his cheek again but gave him another light kiss on the lips to keep him interested.

"Oh, better give me your phone number before I forget," he said as she opened the door, taking his phone out, which looked strange to Rose, she didn't think The Doctor would have much use for one. She was about to speak when he held it up to her and said "smile" as he took her photo. She asked what he had done that for. "To put on your phone number so when you ring, I'll know it's you," he grinned as he handed her the phone to put her number into it. When she handed it back, he saved the number and added the photo and showed it to her, pleased with himself.

"Yeah, well that's really good Jon except I don't have your number," she laughed as it suddenly dawned on him that could be a problem and he laughed as he took her phone. "Wait, I want to take a photo of you as well," she said as he gave her a big smile. She handed him her phone to put his number in, the number that millions of fans would love to have no doubt!

"Right, best be off then, busy day tomorrow, opening night, have to get everything just right, I love opening night!" he said, leaning in for another quick kiss before he left.

Rose was determined they were going to keep it that way for the time being, as long as she could but she had two obstacles, he might get fed up or he might get jealous and she didn't want either of them to happen. She was going to have to give enough back to keep him from doing either. It was strange, he spoke exactly the same but with the long hair and no sideburns, she thought it was as though he should have a different voice.

"Night Rose, see you for breakfast then," he said as she saw him to the front door and he kissed her again, this time she noticed was a bit longer.

The next morning, Rose was up bright and early, planning on paying a visit to the Tardis, she needed to find out how old she was supposed to be for one and just how far she was expected to go with this. She couldn't work out why she had no ID, unless the ship thought it was best she didn't have any just in case. She greeted the ship and tried to make a link with her, asking questions she had thought up from last night, like how to keep him interested, just enough and looked through his message again in case she had missed anything but she hadn't. He thought he had made it easy by being attracted to her without any work on her part but it never occurred to him that she would attract other males and would he still seek other company if he saw her talking to someone else? She had to tell him that if someone was talking to her, she wasn't interested.

She left the ship in enough time to walk to the caf , she was surprised he'd not called for her and he hadn't rung her. She walked into the caf to see him sitting near the back and he waved to her. She placed her order and he asked what time she was going to work and if she would show him again how to wash his hair. Rose laughed, she knew he'd never be able to do it so she had to take pity on him and say for him to be in at two, before most of the others came in so he wouldn't be on show again.

Rose had some shopping to do so she said goodbye to him and he said he'd see her at the theatre, unless she wanted a lift but she declined, saying it wasn't a good idea to be seen arriving together.

"We leave together so what's the difference?" he asked, seemingly rather hurt she had turned him down. "I take it there are no new rules about the cast and staff members seeing each other outside the theatre are they?" he asked innocently.

Rose didn't actually know, another uncertainty. It wasn't fair, he knew everything he was supposed to, why didn't she? The Tardis had been taking sides. She took a gamble and hoped there wasn't such a rule since Mark had tried to chat her up twice, she assumed she was right. "No, not unless they made any while I was away," she smiled. Anyway, it would save her another walk so she decided to accept. "Well, okay then, pick me up at two, I have some things I need to do first, thanks. See you then."

They walked to the door, Jon paid the bill, that was a novelty, Rose had thought, they normally paid by psychic paper or left before the bill arrived on some planets and after kissing her on the cheek, Rose went off in search of what she needed, hoping there was a supermarket in the town and it wasn't tucked away somewhere she didn't know.

Two on the dot, her doorbell rang and after letting him in, he surprised her by asking if she could show him how to do his hair before they went to the theatre and she didn't know what to say. Trying to think of a valid excuse but not coming up with any, she had to agree. It would be better to do it in the dressing room but after being watched the other day, she couldn't really blame him but he would have to learn to do it himself. She led him to the bathroom and got some clean towels and began to show him after wrapping a towel around his shoulders. He came up with a better idea and wanted to take his t-shirt off but Rose wasn't having any of it not yet anyway and insisted he left it on. Certain he was sulking, she proceeded to explain the best way of doing it and leaving him to rinse the shampoo, whether he wet the collar of his t-shirt on purpose or not, Rose couldn't decide but she still giggled when he came up with wet hair and an equally wet t-shirt and they both laughed as he towelled his hair and tried to dry the t-shirt.

There was only one solution, to put it in the tumble dryer for a while so he had to take it off after all and Rose was sure he had done it on purpose as he followed her out of the bathroom into the kitchen and when she turned around, he'd already taken it off and was handing it to her, a big grin on his face. Eventually, she combed his hair and watched as he attempted to tie it back, not making such a bad job of it once he got the hang of it and he seemed quite pleased with the results. It was a bit looser than she had put it but it did the job. One less thing for her to worry about, or so she thought. He sat at the kitchen table grinning at her as she made some tea.

His t-shirt dry, they set off for the theatre and he went straight to his dressing room to read through some of his lines, he didn't want anything going wrong but Rose got called over by Mary, who seemed to be in charge of all the backstage activities.

"Rose, I need a word with you. I know you have to attend to Jon when he's on stage but you shouldn't spend too much time alone in his dressing room and if you do, you need to make sure the door is left open. You know what backstage gossip is like, so just bear that in mind will you?"

Rose had to agree, she couldn't afford to get kicked out, then he would be left to fend for himself inside the theatre. "I'm in there for the time necessary and the door is always open. Anyway what's wrong, no-one use to bother before and I've seen loads of the cast talking to staff but I'll keep it in mind. Has something changed while I've been away, only nothing was said before when I was getting chatted up by members of the cast, which I didn't welcome by the way and the last two days I've been bothered again by the same male actor despite my telling him I wasn't interested in him."

"Then tell me who it is and I'll get someone to have words with him. We all have to work together Rose, if you have a problem you should say something but when people sneak around, going in and out of dressing rooms and staying longer than they should, it fuels all kinds of rumours. It's best if you get involved with someone, you keep it professional whilst working and don't hide or deny the fact you're seeing each other. I know it keeps everyone amused to guess who's going out with who but it's best to be up front about it. This is one of the longest productions we've put on so it's going to be more difficult to resist seeing other members out of hours, so to speak and it will happen. If you feel uncomfortable with someone asking you out, you only have to say."

She didn't want to reveal just yet who had been asking her out but she hoped by seeing her with Jon, leaving together, he might get the hint. At least there was no opposition to her seeing Jon.


The next chapter/s will be 'M' Rated for adult content as Rose Deals with her emotions as she tries to keep him interested enough without letting him go too far and how she copes with her own needs as she falls deeper in love with him as Jon and sees more and more of The Doctor in him as a Human.