The terminator

Hello people I just got this idea for this fiction while I was watching Black Lagoon it just popped into my head. In this story there will be lemons and limes. Also impregnation but that will be later.

I do not own Naruto or Black lagoon they both belong to their respective righters and producers.

"There is no killer of man greater than man himself"

Rosaria "Roberta" Cisneros

Black Lagoon Roberta's blood trail

(New York City)

New York the sky was currently blank as clouds covered the sky making the sky look grey the city is Manhattan Chinatown here we see to kids one boy one girl. The boy was age 11 had sun kissed blonde hair tanned skin and blood red eyes he was wearing a grey mussel shirt the boy was somewhat muscular he also carries a knife in his front pocket and 2 Remington model 1911 r1's in his back navy blue pants he also carried an object in his hands that was covered in protective case. The girl was a 12 years old girl with wild purple hair that stopped mid back she wore a brown hooded jacket she carried two Beretta m92s the two of them stopped at their destination a small crack house in a warehouse "alright you know the plan Rebecca?" asked the boy and the now named Rebecca answered "Naruto shut the fuck up you know to call me Revy not that other name and yes asshole I know the plan." She answered the now named Naruto, the two then pressed on Revy put on her hood and rapped a lack bandana around her nose and mouth Naruto had taken out the object in his hands it was a wooden black mask the with red lenses and put it on. Their objective was the money inside the crack house There was to be thousand dollars in side they were going to split it for five hundred each Naruto approached from the front door while she went to the side doo the had both barricaded the back door so no one could escape. "Two hands this is Black Mask copy?" "Copy mask hear ya loud and clear." The two were talking on headsets they had stolen to communicate since they were on the other side of each other and because of this they were about to breach from both sides. "Okay two hands on three we bust inside kill everyone inside and take the money once done we go separate ways then we meet up at my place to divvy up the cash." He said to his partner in crime.

"Alright 1" he counted

"2" she counted

"3!" they both yelled

Just like that the two busted inside with their guns in hand "What the hell!" shouted one of the dudes and then everyone tried pulling out their own guns seem everyone was loaded and ready to shoot. Then everyone started shooting Naruto had shot two guys straight in their heads next he took cover behind some creates he sees Revy as she takes out 7 guys she then moves to another part of the ware house as he focuses on this end.

POV Naruto

I watched Revy as she went to another section of warehouse while I stayed to deal with these guys as I counted I saw a grand total of 15 guys so I decided to do this. 10 were on ground level while the other 5 were up to on a balcony first I wanted to take car to the five up to who restricted my movements he was searching for a way and then I see a barrel with a flammable sign on it so I shoot it and it explodes. I killed 3 of them in the explosion while it knocked the other two off the balcony now I could focus on the ground floor people so I started running toward them I they started shooting at me but they all missed I jumped up off a create and dived as I diced I shot all 10 of them it was pretty cool one I shot in the balls and heart another I shot through the eye and the next 8 were killed all the some way.

POV end

POV Revy

I went to my own section of the warehouse there I saw 7 shit head junkies and guards they all have guns they tried to shoot at me but I didn't even give them the chance I started shooting. They didn't even have a chance after that I heard an explosion guess my dumbass partner blew something up not my problem hell if he dies more money for me right? Now that I'm done with these guys I can get the money I saw Naruto he's in one of the upstairs rooms I can see through the glass window above me he was fighting some guy they were shooting each other I was debating with my self-weather or not to give a hand then he did something stupid.

POV Naruto

As I walked my way up stairs to get the money which I knew was there I was suddenly hit in the face by a man with a bat he looked like he ran this place fine by me I was looking to kill this guy anyway. "Who the FUCK do you think you are you little brat." He screamed at me as he tried to hit me again with a bat this time I dodged and kicked the bat from his hands he stumbled at the loss his weapon next I pistol wiped him hard across the face. As he bellowed in agony/rage I suddenly saw Revy looking up at my fight but I also saw three guys sneaking up on he with bats and a crowbar so without thinking I put the guy on his feet kicked him to the glass were it cracked then he charged and tackled him out the window. As they fell time seemed to slow down for me this happens sometimes when I really focus everything just slows down for me and everyone is slow (Think bullet time from max Payne video game) I drew my guns shot all three in the head the guy I was one hit the ground hard I put my gun in his mouth and fired blowing his brains out.

Normal pov

Naruto and Revy had gotten the money turns out it was two thousand dollars so they each took a thousand and headed back to Naruto's place since he lived by himself his place was a little junky but live able two bed rooms a bathroom a shower a toilet a kitchen with a stove and a microwave he stole from a store. "Alright here you go Partner half just like I promised." He said as he gave Revy one grand "Thanks whiskers well I'm gone got to go home." She said "You know you can stay with me I wouldn't mind the company." He said as he offered to let her stay "No thanks I don't need your charity or are you just trying to get lucky." She said this was a thing with them. "You wish rev I offered because weather you want to admit it or not you are my friend and I'm yours even if you be a total bitch sometimes." He said she just huffed "whatever seeya." Then she left this has been Naruto's life for years he was an odd bread he was Japanese and Cuban his father was Japanese while his mother was a Cuban immigrant. His father had taught him English and Japanese while his mother had taught him Cuban his father and mother taught him some martial arts to defend himself incase anything happened to him or his mother. Unfortunately something did happen his mother and father were killed in a car accident the driver was drunk he had to live inside their old apartment the only reason he had that place was because he kept paying the corrupt land lord some of the money he had been steeling also he and Revy had from time to time split it. The two had been - although she won't admit it – friends for little over six months she after doing a job the two would come to his place since he lived alone they would split money and smoke. Naruto was also a very dangerous individual because when you mess with someone or something close to him you find out fast that crossing him was the last thing you should have done. Naruto was now heading to his bathroom took off his blood stained cloths and decided to take a shower and wash the blonde hair he has free of blood. After he decided to tweak the sight of his weapons for better accuracy. Next he decided to take a shower and call it a day.

(Weeks later)

Naruto was walking down the street alone was walking alone in the streets of Chinatown New York he was depressed and angry. Why was he pissed you ask well because he had just learned his friend has left Chinatown and possible New York in general he had heard that her father was murdered and shot through his head by an unknown person but Naruto knew the truth she had killed her father. That hadn't surprised him, he knew she would kill him eventually. What pissed Naruto off the most was what he had heard from a cop.

(Flash back 1 week)

Naruto was walking down a when he decided to get a dink he stopped at a vending machine to get a soda when he heard two cops talking. From the looks of it they weren't good cops. They were the kind that did whatever they wanted with their badge. "So I'm driving down the street right and suddenly I see the girl whose picture is in the station I picked her up on from off the side walk." He said with a maniac/ perverted grin on his face "The girl was giving me lip on the way so when we were alone in the holding cell I beat her up a little bit then I had some "fun with her" is you get my meaning." He said which could only mean one thing "Here's a picture of her." He showed a picture of the girl with a dead look in her eyes and Naruto had recognized her instantly it was his friend Revy. Next he had heard them laugh which served to piss Naruto off even more he drew his guns and yelled "Hey" when they looked at him they saw a kid with two guns on him and after that "BAM. BAM" went off he had shot them both in the head with no remorse."

(Flash back end)

After killing those two cops Naruto had gone home and packed his things and hidden them in a safe place to go to later Naruto then had stolen the things for necessary for what he was about to do

One homeless man no one would miss.

One van capable of holding 5 people

Some propane

And finally a detonator

Now all he had to do was wait.

(12:00 mid night)

Naruto had taken some c4 out of the bag he was holding, he was in the garage of the station he had managed to sneak in after shooting the inspector now all he had to do was set them up he had managed to set the c4 on all the police cars in the garage it took a grand total of 45 minutes once he was sure that he had place bombs on all the cars he had set them to detonate in 2 minutes he hoped that was enough time to do what he had planned for all the cops and detectives in the building now he had left.

Naruto was ready. Now was time first he had driven the van with the homeless man in side in the street luckily for him the street seems to be empty and the only people he could see were co who were entering or leaving the station and that's when things got interesting. He got the van that was filled with propane put the gear in dive and then he put a cinderblock on the accelerator and the van drove off Naruto had to wait for a moment and then the van crashed through the door and into the middle of the room he then rushed in when everyone was distracted by the van when he was sure half the cops were there he then threw a grenade at it then it BOOM the van + grenade + propane = big ass explosion it killed about 17 cops and injured others after waiting for a few moments Naruto the came in and looked around with psychotic eyes and a mad grin he looked almost like a demon. Then he looked around and saw some of the cops were getting up he shot one in the face and then he looked around and started shooting more who were stirring on the floor and killed them he had went to the bathrooms and made sure if anyone was in there and none were he knew this building had three floors plus the basement so he needed to take care of them first he had already taken care of the basement now he needed to move on. Next Naruto had set some land mines in front of the elevator, now to some kid get his hands on land mines, grenades, and some propane tanks. Well it's all quite simple he bought them, from where you may ask well there is an old man named collector who collects and sell items he had bought them from him. Now after setting them up he walked to the stairs because once the mines there he knew the cops would use it to get to the first floor so that meant they would only need to rely on the stairs so he waited and then "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM" was heard that was the combo mine going off at the elevator and the 4 detonating in the garage. He didn't know how many cops his mine had killed nor did he care once he had heard the mine go off he was ready to proceed.

"What the hell's going on?" "What were those explosions?" "Who's doing all of this?" that was what was being asked throughout the room they had all heard the explosion not to mention the sudden black out (forgot to mention Naruto had cut the power to the hole building) "Everyone stay calm I'm we can fig.." he didn't get to finish the sentence because he was shot through the head "What happened?" one of them had asked "He's dead" another had answered fearfully. Then there was panic 'stupid fool running around in the dark like blind animals well my prey here comes your predator.' Naruto had though because had no problem seeing in the dark it was something he had trained his eyes to do for him he also paid an underground doctor to have his eyes that way to see in both light and darkness clear as day. He was taken out of his thoughts when they had taken out their flash lights and begun looking around unaware that this had only made them better to see. Naruto had let out some loud crazy laughter he could see a total of 28 cops/ detectives on this floor it was time to get busy.

"Time to get some blood on my hands" he said to himself quietly.

Play music insert "Blood on my hands" by the Used

He had ran up the stairs and shot the nearest two right in the chest after that's he threw a grenade in the middle of the room and it went off and killed 7 off like that then he ran and tackled the next put a gun in his mouth and shot him through the skull. Next thing he knew the lights were suddenly on again he could only guess the lights were on a completely different system that the coms and radios but that didn't matter lights or no lights everyone in there was going to die he reloaded his guns and charged firing shots each one hit a different cop in the chest or head he then saw some come with shot guns and automatic rifles and started shooting. They fired but they missed his reflexes made sure of that he then jumped propelling himself on a desk to get higher and did a cartwheel and focused and once again time seemed to slow down he then fired eight shot to going 4 going into their chests and 4 in to the face. Naruto then saw more cop clustered together and through another grenade and this time he killed 18 more cops. After counting that was all the cos on this floor now he moved to the final floor. On his way he had picked up some ammo from the other cops and reloaded his guns after that was finished he was on the final floor. Naruto had walked up and before going through he took out a hand held mirror and peered through it this time he could only see three cops but these guys had bullet proof vests on and had automatic rifles on all of them this was going to be slightly harder but he was determined he could see the police captain inside his office. He probably through himself safe back their 'fool' through Naruto because this was going to be his death. So he reached into his jacket and pulled out a flash bang and through it and while blinded he sprang into action he shot one in the head and two more in the knee caps and elbow, and to end it all fast because he needed to move soon he threw his last grenade and killed the rest after that he made his way to the captain and shot the gun out of his hands.

Song end

"Hello captain having a wonderful day?" asked Naruto in an emotionless voice.

"W-w-w-who are you?" asked the now scared captain.

Naruto pulled out his gun and said

"Your executioner." He said

Naruto pulled the trigger killing the captain with all that done Naruto had left the police station after making sure everyone was dead and so he left now planning to leave the city.

Well everyone this is my story I really hope you enjoyed it the first chapter. I have always been a fan of black lagoon since I first watched it and I have read some of the fictions for it so I decided to do my own fiction I hope people don't mind Naruto being a Japanese/Cuban it's just something I wanted to try well please review.