Petalburg City, 12:10 AM

May blinked twice before asking "What?"

"I'll be the gym leader," Ash repeated before blinking a few times himself "Unless… want to do it, I mean I would completely understand if you do, but if you really want to go out and see the weld some more…..I'll be happy to take over the gym for you"

May smiled at him and squeezed his hand "Ash…..that's real sweet of you….but I could never let you do that…"

"Oh…." Ash said in defeat "Alright….like I said I under-"

"We'll do it together" May said while bringing a hand to his cheek. "Sound good?"

Ash stared at her for a few seconds before nodding "Yeah sounds good"

"Good," She said before pecking him on the cheek and leaning on his shoulder "But let's not tell Stevan just yet…"

Ash raised an eye brow "Why not? he did say ASAP"

"It's not like he has to know…." May whispered into his ear while gripping his arm. Making his spine shiver slightly

"Ugh…Well ok then….What are we gonna do?"

May removed herself from her boyfriend and put a hand on her chin "Hmmm what can we do?"

Ash sweat dropped as she thought of something to do.

May's eyes widened and she turned to Ash with one of the biggest smiles she has ever had.


Petalburg City, 12:15 AM

"Hey watch were you're going kid!"

"Sorry!" Ash….Attempted to say as he was pulled through the crowd of people.

Ash looked at the brunette dragging him with pleading eyes "May! Could we please slow down!"

"Quit winning we're almost their!" she said with confidence without out even looking back at him.

after being dragged for a few more seconds with Pikachu hanging on his shoulder for dear life May finally came to a halt in front of a small building

Ash sighed in relief "Finally"

He looked at her. He noticed that her grip on his hand had tightened while her gaze was at the building.

"Hey you alright?"

He followed her eyes to the building and frowned at the sight.

The building was dead. The glass windows were filled with dust and the handle of the door was so rusted that its gold color was non existent and the label "Ralph's Ramen" was faded to the point of almost vein non existent.

Ash looked back at her with sympathetic eyes "So this is the place?"

May moved her eyes from the building to the floor as she nodded slowly in response While her mind recalled the time were the words shinned brightly

Petalburg City, 10 Years ago, 12:35 am

"Mommy were we going?" the little girl sitting on Norman's shoulders asked curiously

"We're going to a very special place sweetie, its were me and your daddy first met" Caroline explained


"But what is it?"

"It's a restaurant kido, and something tells me you're gonna love it" Norman said.

"Yay! Food!" May said happily.

Norman and Caroline chuckled their daughter sure loved food.

After walking for a little while they finally stopped in front of their destination.

"And here we are" Caroline said "Ralph's Ramen"

May gazed at the building with awe as her small nose smelled the sent of food.

Petalburg City, Now

May was taken out of her memory when Ash put a hand on her shoulder.

"Hey, what's up?" he asked.

She looked back at him with a sad smile "Nothing, this is just where my parents used to take me when I was little, haven't been here since I started my journey so I wanted to try it out again, but well…you see"

Pikachu jumped from Ash's shoulder and onto May's were he licked her cheek making her smile.

"So what are we gonna do?" Ash asked

"Well.I guess we can look around, see if we can find palace to eat, besides I already had Ramen this morning"

He replied with a nod before leading her to the opposite direction of the building.

Petalburg City, 1:25 AM

Stevan's attention was put to the cell phone ringing in his pocket\

"Hello?" he asked the person on the other end.

"Stevan, time is running out we need an answer now"

"Look she told me that she would give me an answer by the end of the day just give me more time" the Champion responded

"Fine, but if we don't get an answer by tonight then we're going to have to take matters into our own hands"

"Sir….…Is that really necessary?"

"We have a very strut system Stevan, we need a gym leader in Petalburg ASAP or the whole system could say bye"

Stevan sighed "Alright I'm sure I'll have an answer by tonight"

"You better, There hasn't been a situation like this sense the Indigo League's situation with Viridian and they got lucky"

"Understood, I'll call you tonight " He said before hanging up, and looking out of the hotel room balcony "Come on May, This League needs you"

Meanwhile on the other side of the city Ash, May and Pikachu were exiting a restaurant with filled bellies.

"erh…..I think I got some of it stuck in my teeth" Ash complained as he picked his teeth with his fingers.

"Hey! don't do that, especially around girls!" She lectured wafter grabbing his hand aways from his mouth

"Whatever you say Mom" Ash said in slight annoyance. "So where to now?"

May pub bed her chin in thought "Hmm…well I can't really think of anything, I guess we can just meat up with Stevan"

"Yeah…are you really sure about this May? I mean I'm sure I'll be able to handle the gym on my own…"

May smiled and grabbed hooked onto his arm "Don't be ridiculous, like I said this is MY father's gym I gotta have some involvement"

"But….what about your dream?"

May sighed "Yeah….That Well…contests are always going to be around right?"

"Right…," he said unsurely.

Stevan was sitting patiently by the coffee table staring at the door with anticipation.

"Hmm maybe I should go out and look for them…."

His comment was followed by a sudden knock at the door.

He raised an eyebrow "Could it be?" He stood and walked towards the door, and looked through the peep hole.

"Speak of the devil" he said and immediately opened the door to reveal the very brunette he was waiting for along with the raven haired trainer.

"Hello there May, Ash"

"Hey Steve" they both said simultaneously.

"Come on in" He stepped out of the way to let them in.

The two entered the room "So I take it that you made a decision?" Steven asked.

May turned to him with smile. "yes I have Steven, and I'm happy to say yes"

"That's great! I will let the league know right no!" Steven wain in excitement as he pulled out his phone.

"On one condition…"

Steven looked up from the phone and suspiciously raised an eyebrow "And what would that be?"

May grabbed onto Ash's hand "Ash has to be Gym Leader too!"

Steven's eyes widened "W-what?"

"There's nothing wrong with that is there?"

"Well, there shouldn't be, Tate and Liza are both the Mossdeep Gym leader" Steven replied.

"And back in Unova, my friend Cilan along with his two brothers were in charge of the Striaton gym" Ash commented

"I think it's a great idea, I might need to do some talking with the league and Ash, you're going to have to sign a few papers since you are not a Hoenn citizen"

Ash nodded in understanding.

"So let's get started"

3 weeks later, Petalburg City, 8:42 am

"Hmmm…." Ash said in irritation while rubbing his chin."May are you almost ready?"

"Yeah, just give me a sec"

Ash sighed and looked at the mirror and saw small little black stubbles on his chin and above his lips. He looked at his starter who was standing on the sink. "Guess I need to learn how to use a razor"

"Pika Pika" Pikachu said with a slight sweat drop.

"Well" he picked up his hat and placed it over his raven hair "Lets go bud"

"Pikachu!" the electric type jumped onto his trainer's shoulder.

They entered the Bedroom, were May was putting on her bow, but was interrupted by the feeling of Ash's hand grabbing hers and dragging her out of the room.

"Hey I wasn't done yet!" the brunette complained.

"Were we're going you don't need to look all proper" Ash said with a smirk.

"But it'd our first day! I have look my best on my first day as gym leader!" she said as they walked outside the Maple home through the back door.

Ash frowned "Why? Trying to impress someone?"

May's face softened "No, of course not! It's just that…ah…I'm sorry"

Ash smiled causing her to scowl. "You big jerk!" she let go of his hand smacked him "I thought I hurt you!"

"Sorry, bad habit" his voice said light but genuinely.

"You seriously need to work on that if we're gonna keep doing this…" she said crossing her arms.

"Well Hopefully this will get you to forgive me…" Ash said when the reached the gym.

May raised an eyebrow "What?"

Ash opened the door to the gym and May gasped in surprise.


the gym's lights were all off, while the windows were covered by sheets leaving the only source of light being the blue christmas light hung through the criers of the gym and the candle of the two person table in the center of the battlefield.

"Ash….did you? but how did?" She said in bewilderment.

Ash just smiled and grabbed and grabbed her hand again and led her slowly to the table.

They took their sets across from each other. while Pikachu sat underneath the table to give the two privacy….sort of.

"Surprised?" Ash asked.

"You can say that…..How did you do this?"

"Well….I called up Serena last week, and she was happy to help she gave me the lights , the sheets I just found in the garage, the table is from the dinning room. I was able to get all the stuff ready while you were sleeping."

May smiled "So that's why you wanted to go through the back"

Ash nodded "Yup…..I just wanted to do something a little special since these past few weeks have been pretty tiring with all the paperwork and stuff"

May then noticed the bowl in front of her her and froze and the smell it had, she looked down to see that it was a very familiar Ramen…

"No it can't be…" she whispered in disbelief. She grabbed chap sticks and slowly grabbed a few noodles and ate some only for her taste buds to prove her right.

"This is…..this is…"

"Ralph's Ramen" Ash finished for her sentence.

"Ash! how did you…."

"I did some digging and I was able to track down a former employee, It took me a while to get him to cough up the recipe but I managed"

"Wait….so you cooked this?"

Ash nervously scratched his head "Well…yeah, I was actually kind afraid I wouldn't get it right"

"It's perfect! I can't believe you did this for me!" She said before suddenly standing up, reaching across the table and wrapping her arms around his neck and resting her head on his shoulder "You're so sweet….you treat me a lot better then I deserve…thank you."

Ash wrapped his arms awkwardly around her figure and chuckled "Well….anything for my girl"

May blushed "Wow…."


May let go of Ash and went back to her seat "Nothing….it's just that it's a little weird hearing you call me that…."

"Oh…..well sorry"

"No no! Don't be, it just need some getting used to…but really Ash…you're something else. You mean so much to me…I can't even imagine were I would be if you hadn't helped me out….."

"Well, my mom was the one who let you stay…"

"No, I'm not just talking about that Ash, I'm talking about when we first met, traveling with you was the best thing that could ever happen to me….I never really got to thank you for that. I'm sorry I never realized thus back then…"

"You taught me a lot too May…When we traveled together, I watched you grow… was something I never got to see before….and even though I probably wasn't feeling…..the same thing I am now, You still helped me a lot in getting my mind off Misty….Thank you"

the two smiled and stared at each other for a few seconds until they heard…


they turned to the floor to see Pikachu pointing at a fallen bowl with noodles and soup spread out in a little puddle.

the two looked back at each other before laughing. They spent almost the entire day in the gym just being together, they didn't even care to go back in the house to make some more ramen, but they didn't need it, their company satisfied their hunger enough.


And there it is! The story is now over, sorry for the long wait, but I just got back into school so that's been taking a lot of my time. I would like to thank everyone for reading and reviewing. See you in my next Fic, Ultratron out