E/O Challenge Word:

crest \ˈkrest\ n. – a special symbol used to represent a family, group, or organization.

Spoilers/Warnings: None

Disclaimer: Not mine

Word Count: Double drabble

Working two jobs, night and day, that's me... ~ Greg Fleming

"Why do we gotta wear these?"

Dean glanced over his shoulder at the question and then fully turned away from the mirror to watch his six-year old little brother struggle with tying his tie.

Like that was going to happen.

Dean smiled and crossed to stand behind Sam, bringing his arms around his brother to help the kid out.


"We just do," Dean answered distractedly, frowning at the knotted mess Sam had made with the tie.

"But why?"

Dean sighed, sometimes wishing Sam wasn't so persistent.

"Because our new school requires uniforms," the big brother explained.

Navy blue blazers with the school's crest stitched on the pocket...khakis...neckties...the whole works.

John had bitched about the expense but had reasoned the investment would be worth it if he could gain inside information about whatever was terrorizing the prep school.

That's where Dean came in.

The ten-year old having two jobs while they were in this town.

Take care of Sam – always – and find out what kind of supernatural baddie they were up against.

Sam shifted in front of his big brother, the six-year old becoming impatient.

"Almost done," Dean promised, adjusting the tie's knot and smoothing Sam's collar.

Sam sighed, then smiled as the motel room door swung open.


John glanced at his youngest before focusing on Dean.

All hunter, all business.


"Yes, sir," Dean replied, grabbing his little brother's hand as he straightened to his full height.

The ten-year old accepting the responsibilities John expected him to carry.