A Friendly Game

A/N: Pyrrha is a chocoholic in this.

Match 1: Arc Vs Nikos

Sunday's were probably Pyrrha's favorite day of the week. The day allowed the young amazonian to relax after a long week of classes and unwind from her training sessions with Jaune. Sunday also happened to be the day Pyrrha went to collect any mail she'd received from her family back in Mistral. Her mother had grown fond of sending the crimson-haired champion small presents or desserts to remind her of home.

The amazonian casually strolled towards the mostly vacant mail room and spoke to the elderly man attending. Unsurprisingly, she'd received another package. "Please be chocolate mousse…" Pyrrha silently hoped as the man handed her the package. She gave a short thanks and walked back towards her shared dorm, the package tucked carefully under her arms.

It took about five minutes for Pyrrha to return, and she found Jaune sat on his bed, finishing some homework Peach had given them on the medicinal uses of Elanor. Unwilling to share what she presumed to be a delicious treat; Pyrrha quickly, and very obviously, hid the package behind her back as Jaune turned to her. "Hello Jaune." She said, walking towards her bed and doing a very poor job of hiding the box.

"Hey Pyrrha," He said, turning up and easily seeing the ends of the box poking out from either side of Pyrrha's waist. "Uhh…" He said with slight confusion, "Got something there, Pyrrha?" He asked, pointing to the exposed ends of the box.

Pyrrha's smile waned and she let out a small sigh as she placed the box ahead of her once more, "My parents sent me something in the mail." She said, setting down the box and cutting the tape with a pair of scissors Jaune handed her. "I'd hoped I could…"

Pyrrha's train of thought died as she removed the last of the bindings and opened the box to find; Not her treasured chocolate dessert, but instead a Mahogany & Maple Chess Set with a note taped to the top. 'Sorry Honey, It was either this or the Chocolate Mousse and your father insisted. I'll try to send it to you soon. -Mom' The note read.

Pyrrha's eye twitched slightly as she finished reading, "A chess set…" She silently screamed, "A damn chess set!" She thought, crumpling the note in the palm of her hand and dropping it behind her. "I've played enough chess! Where is my damn chocolate?!"

Pyrrha was too caught up in her cocoa-based anger to notice Jaune walk over, interested by Pyrrha's sudden silence. "Pyrrha? You okay?" He asked cautiously, placing his hand on her shoulder.

At the light touch, Pyrrha returned to reality, "Yes, Jaune. I'm fine." She said, the tension clear in her voice, "This just isn't what I was expecting."

Jaune nodded as he picked up the crumpled note. "Well," He said, an idea to calm Pyrrha down forming in his mind, "Want to play a quick game?"

Pyrrha took a deep breath, "Okay," She said a bit resigned, clearly unenthusiastic at the idea, however an idea suddenly popped into her head, "But let's make things interesting." She added with some restored energy. "If I win, you have to cook for me for… The next three days." She said, her thoughts still clouded by the delayed dessert.

Jaune responded with a grin, "Alright." He said with some confidence, "But if I win, you have to give up chocolate for the week." Pyrrha gave a slight wince at Jaune's proposal.

Her obsession with the cocoa-based treat was not something she gambled with lightly; "But if I win…" Pyrrha's addiction argued, thoughts of mousse and pudding clouding her judgement. "Very Well." She said, taking a seat beside Jaune as he set up the pieces.

Pyrrha smiled as the blonde knight assembled each piece, having bested her uncle at the game many times prior to her attending Beacon, Pyrrha was quite confident in her own skills. As such, Pyrrha allowed Jaune to go first:

He moved the pawn ahead of his king first two squares, "How many times have you played chess before?" Pyrrha asked with genuine curiosity, advancing her pawn in front of her rook.

"Oh... A few times." He said, moving his bishop until it was parallel to his pawn. "My grandpa taught me when I was young."

Pyrrha nodded as she advanced her queen's knight forward. What Jaune did next surprised Pyrrha, "Your queen?" She asked. Jaune had moved the treasured piece diagonally so it was just before the pawn.

Jaune smiled, "Yes, the queen." He said evenly, "Your move." Pyrrha looked at Jaune for a moment in wonder; "What is he planning?" Pyrrha asked herself as she moved her knight so it was beside his bishop.

Jaune smiled, "Checkmate." He said, taking the pawn ahead of his queen and trapping Pyrrha's king. It took a moment for Pyrrha to realize what had happened. The amazonian stared at the board for several seconds before the cruel truth of the situation dawned on her.

"B-but…" She said, realizing that her team leader had bested her in only four moves.

Jaune began to wipe away the board, "You know what that means?" He asked rhetorically, a smug grin across his face.

Pyrrha looked up at the triumphant blonde with a begging look in her eyes, "Jaune…" She said, a voice begging mercy taking control.

"No." He said, drawing out the announcement for dramatic effect.

"Jaune, please." She said almost yelling as she grabbed the sides of his hoodie.

"More." The scraggly leader continued, enjoying every moment of his triumph and ignoring Pyrrha's increasingly erratic behavior.

"Jaune!" Pyrrha now yelled, panic entering her voice. "YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY CHOCOLATE!" She screamed in her head.

Jaune it seemed was oblivious as ever and continued to speak, "ChocoLAGHH!" He finished with a scream as Pyrrha tackled him.

"You don't want to finish that sentence." Pyrrha deadpanned, still on top of him, oblivious to the compromising position she'd created.

Jaune looked up at her, chuckling nervously, "You lost, you have to…"

Pyrrha's grip on his shoulders tightened, "You cheated…" She said quietly. Jaune stopped talking and thought of a way out of his present situation. Luckily for the leader, the door opened followed by a gentle voice.

"Jaune? Are you okay?" Ruby said, opening the door more, "I heard screaming and… Pyrrha!?" She yelled, staring at the two partners.

It was at this moment that the two chess players realized the… Compromising… Position they were in, with the fiery amazonian essentially straddling the young Arc fellow. Both Pyrrha's and Jaune's faces immediately blushed a red to put Pyrrha's hair to shame and the amazonian rolled off, covering herself.

"Wait, Ruby. We can explain!" Jaune desperately called out.

Ruby stared him down for a moment, "Okay… Explain." She said cautiously.

Jaune sent a silent prayer to Oum and took a deep breath, "Pyrrha got this chess set in the mail from her parents earlier and she seemed… disappointed." He said with a quick look over to his partner, "I thought we could play a game and we decided to make a bet out of it. I had to be her chef for the next few days if she won and she had to give up chocolate if I won. I beat her and… And that's when she tackled me…" He finished, breathing heavily.

Ruby directed her gaze to a still blushing Pyrrha who nodded quickly. Ruby could tell the two were telling the truth but one question still bothered her, "You beat her?" She asked Jaune in disbelief.

"What? Yeah. But we weren't…." He began.

"You beat Pyrrha?" Ruby still questioned, in obvious disbelief.

"Yes!" Jaune said in a slight shout, "Now please don't tell anyone what you just saw?" He begged.

Ruby took a moment to respond, "Y-yeah…" She said nodding before leaving the Coed dorm, "Jaune… Beat Pyrrha…" She quietly repeated to herself as she left.

Jaune breathed a deep sigh of relief as the young crimson huntress left, confident that she would remain silent on the odd situation she'd seen a moment ago. Jaune next turned to his still blushing partner. He took several moments to think of his response before speaking, "C'mon." He said to the red-haired champion.

Pyrrha looked up at him confused, "What?" She asked.

Jaune nervously rubbed the back of his head for a moment before responding, "This is what happened after five minutes…" He turned to her, "Let's NOT push it to a week." He said, flashing her smile.

Pyrrha looked up at Jaune, hope returning to her eyes, "So…" She began to ask, not wanting to push her luck.

Jaune sighed, "C'mon, let's get some chocolate." He said, extending his hand to the amazonian.

Pyrrha smiled and took Jaune's hand, pulling into a tight hug, "Thank you!" She squealed excitedly, already running down the hall towards the nearest ship bound for Vale.

"W-Wait!" Jaune yelled, dashing after her as fast as his body would allow.