Author's Note: It's a first for me. I can't explain why I've gotten into the series as much as I have, but I am. I am attempting to write this series of fics based on my limited knowledge of Cardcaptors. Yes, I'm an American and I can only work with what I've seen in the American version and with what I've seen from others. I hope my choices in cards aren't repetitive. I hope this'll be good anyway, but if it isn't, go easy on me. I'm only an American Cardcaptor.

2nd Cards: Part 1

"Sakura! Slow down! You're going to hit something!"

"I can't Dad! I'm already late!"

It was a daily routine now for Sakura Avalon. Everyday she found herself oversleeping and late to class. She would always rush to have a quick breakfast and put on her roller blades and rush to school. But she was still happy. It was only a month until the seventh grade came to end and summer would finally be here. But not only that, but for the first time she was actually starting to live a remotely normal life.

It had been three years since she first opened Clow Reed's book and released all the Clow Cards. But since then, all the Clow Cards had been sealed and Sakura's work as a Cardcaptor was finished. And many things had changed. Li Shoran and Meilin Rae had moved to Hong Kong, leaving Sakura feeling sad. She was just starting to feel something for Li too, something she couldn't explain. But there was still someone she could always reminisce with about the Clow Cards and that was her best friend Madison.

Of course, every time Sakura brought that up, Madison would whine about not having anything exciting to tape anymore. She always loved to videotape Sakura and her adventures with the Clow Cards. And not to mention put Sakura in the strangest battle costumes. It also left Sakura kind of sad too. She was happy that she was living a normal life, but being a Cardcaptor was always exciting, even if at times it was extremely difficult.


"No!" Sakura shouted to herself.

There was still one chance for Sakura. She saw a large ramp near the wall. If she could jump the ramp, she could go over the wall and make it to school on time. Seeing as how she didn't need another tardy, she decided to go for it. Sakura bladed as fast as she could and jumped off the ramp. She cleared the ramp easily, but the landing was rough. She lost balance and landed right on her leg, with a sickening crack.

"OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"You couldn't just take another tardy, could you Sakura?"

She didn't want to hear this. Her leg was already in a cast from her daring leap. She broke her leg and would have to be in the cast for a few weeks. The last thing she needed to hear right now was Kero saying 'I told you so'.

"Shut up, Kero! Don't you think I've learned my lesson by now?"

Kero sighed. "Oh Sakura. If only you were any more mature than you were three years ago. Then maybe this wouldn't have happened."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sakura asked indignantly. "Are you saying I haven't learned anything in the last three years?"

"Not necessarily," Kero clarified. "I mean, you have sealed all the Clow Cards and it took a lot of courage and everything. But it really hasn't done anything for your common sense."

"I just wanted to get to school on time," Sakura groaned. "But I should be happy. At least I don't have to find any cards like this. At least that part of my life is behind me."

Just then, someone knocked.

"Sakura? It's Tori. Can I come in?"

Sakura gasped. "Kero!"

Kero knew the drill. He went into his stuffed animal act and sat right next to Sakura. Tori opened the door and walked in. The first thing he noticed was Kero. After a brief stare down, in which Kero began to break a sweat, he looked at Sakura's cast.

"Looks pretty bad, squirt," Tori said. "I think you should watch where you're blading next time."

Sakura groaned again. "Does everybody feel like they have to rub it in? I've already had to hear this from Dad, the nurse, Madison, K…everybody. I don't need to hear this from you now."

"All right, squirt," Tori said calmly. "I just came to say that this came for you today." He tossed her a note.

"Thanks, Tori," Sakura said a little more calmly. She looked at the note and saw that it was from Hong Kong. It was from Li. She looked up at Tori and cleared her throat.

"Oh, sorry," Tori said. "I can take a hint." He walked out and closed the door.

Sakura took a minute to look at the envelope. She couldn't believe it. Li had actually written to her. It had been such a long time.

"Wow, Shoran actually wrote to you."

Sakura abruptly turned her head. "Kero! This is private!"

"Fine," Kero groaned, with bead of sweat on his head. He floated over to his desk drawer and closed himself in.

With nobody else around, Sakura opened the letter and started reading:

Dear Sakura,

I should be a little happier that I'm in Hong Kong, but I'm not. Yeah, I've made a lot of friends but it's not the same. It wasn't like it was back when I was around you and Madison. Maybe I just miss the thrill of being a Cardcaptor. Somehow, I get the feeling that you miss it as much as I do. But if anything, there's one thing that'll always make me happy. And that's writing to you.

I really miss you Sakura and I hope that someday I'll be able to go back and be with you again. And this time, there won't be any Clow Cards to distract us.



Sakura blushed. She did hope that she could see Li again someday. And she's happy that when they do meet again, she won't have to worry about any Clow Cards.


Usually, around this time, Sakura would be racing to school on her roller blades. Not this time, though. She had to be up a lot earlier now that she had to get to school on crutches. She saw that ramp again and shuddered. That was something she wouldn't do again.

Now sitting in her desk, Sakura just waited for class to start. But since this was her math class, she wasn't waiting eagerly.

"How's the leg, Daredevil Sakura?"

Again, Sakura groaned. She did that a lot lately. "Am I going to have to hear this all the time until my leg heals? Come on Madison. I'm getting tired of everybody nagging me about it. I already said I wouldn't do it again."

Just then, her teacher decided to start class with an announcement. "Class, we have a new student. Please welcome…what's your name, son?"

The new guy looked nice enough. He was a young boy of moderately tall height. The rest of him is pretty hard to describe other than his unique spiked hairstyle.

"Tommy. The name's Tommy Canton."

"Oh yes. Please welcome Tommy Canton."

It was Madison who noticed him first. "Wow. He's cute. What do you think, Sakura? … Sakura?"

Sakura noticed something about him. Somehow, he struck her as…unusual. But she couldn't put her finger on it. It sure was strange. But the feeling was also familiar. It was almost as if she sensed something about him.

"I don't know what it is, Kero," Sakura said as she lay on her bed. "But that Tommy Canton guy struck me a bit…oddly. There's something about him."

"Maybe you have a crush on him," Kero smirked. He started chuckling, but stopped to duck as he saw a pillow flying his way.

"I DO NOT have a crush on him!" Sakura shouted. She almost stopped to see if anyone heard that. She calmed down and grinned. "It's probably Madison who has the crush on him. But I felt something different. Something I can't quite put my finger on."

"Maybe you'll figure it out someday," Kero said. "Maybe he's one of Shoran's friends. How should I know?"

Somehow, Sakura doubted that Li knew any Tommy Canton. Why couldn't she get this strange boy out of her mind? And what was so strange about him?

This was the opportunity he was waiting for. Tommy Canton waited a long time for this chance. As he sat on a balcony high above the city, he held a book in his hands. It had been over a year since the Clow Cards had all been sealed, but now there was new chaos to be wreaked. And it would happen with his book of cards, the 2nd Cards.

No one knew of the 2nd Cards with the exception of the mythological beast, Keroberos. But what are the odds of him being here? He knew of Li Shoran, a legendary Cardcaptor. But Shoran was no threat, for Tommy knew he was off in Hong Kong. There was one other Cardcaptor, though. But he couldn't remember who she was. He never saw her before, he had only heard of her. But she had to be gone too, didn't she? She had to have gone away with Shoran. And if she did, then there would be nobody to stop the 2nd Cards and the world would crumble.

Not wasting anymore time, Tommy opened the book. And each card flew out of the book, one by one, until they were all released on the world. A smirk grew on Tommy's face. This would be good.

Moaning, Sakura woke up in a cold sweat. She sensed something had happened. Something evil had just taken place.


It was Kero. He rose out of his desk drawer and flew over to the distraught Sakura.

"Is there something wrong?"

"I…I sense something, Kero," Sakura said softly. "I don't know what it is, but I sense something."


"What was that?" Sakura asked.

"It came from outside," Kero pointed out.

Sakura struggled to get up. It was hard to sleep with that cast on her leg, but she got up and she looked outside. Something was knocking over a bunch of trashcans. And it looked familiar. Then Sakura gasped. It couldn't be. But it was.

"It's the Fly Card," Sakura finally said. "But how? Didn't we seal the Clow Cards?"

"We did. Unless…" Kero gasped. "No…"

"What, Kero?" Sakura asked desperately. "What is it? What's happening?"

All Kero could say was, "We've got to seal that card."

"You got the key, right Sakura?"

Sakura held up her magical key. She dusted it off after a long time of not using it. Inside, Sakura was sad. She didn't want this. She was finally starting to live a normal life again. And now she found herself chasing after another card. And what was worse was that the card was one she already had before.

"Oh Key of Clow. Power of Magic. Power of Light. Surrender the wand. The force ignite. Release!"

Her magical key turned into her wand. It was something she hadn't seen in a long time. With her wand in her hand, Sakura went after the Fly Card.

The first thought that went into her head was that the Fly Card was knocking over trashcans. So it would have to go where trashcans were still standing. So she quickly limped down the street until she found a street where trashcans were still standing. When she found it, she turned into the street and stood in front of the first trashcan she saw.

She waited patiently. There wasn't much she could do. She didn't have any of her old cards to help. Sakura had to do this on her own. Just then, the Fly Card turned the corner and headed right for the trashcan in front of Sakura. In the blink of an eye, Sakura picked up the trashcan and dumped it over the Fly Card. She held the trashcan down on the ground as the Fly Card tried to escape.

"How are you going to seal that card if the Fly Card's in there?" Kero asked smartly.

"I'm thinking about it," Sakura said. "Just give me a minute."

She didn't have a minute. Soon, Sakura felt she was being lifted into the air. The Fly Card had lifted the trashcan AND Sakura into the air. Sakura looked down and shrieked. She had to be about 200 feet in the air. She couldn't waist anymore time. Releasing the trashcan, Sakura grabbed her wand and prepared to seal he card.

"Fly Card. Return to your power confined. Fly Card!"

The Fly Card was sealed and placed in its card. Sakura was relieved, but that's when gravity caught up with her. With the Fly Card sealed, she started falling straight down.

"AAAH! Release and dispel! Fly Card!"

Just before Sakura hit the ground, the Fly Card was released and she found herself in another familiar position. Sakura was on her wand and she was flying. She breathed a sigh of relief. It was over and the Fly Card was sealed. But how did it get out in the first place? This was something she would have to talk with Kero about. But first, she would do something she hadn't done in a long time. Sakura decided to fly around the town.

"How? How did it get out?"

That was all Sakura could ask. She lay on her bed, still favoring her broken leg. The battle with the Fly Card didn't do it any favors. She had no clue how the Fly Card got released and she was afraid to find out. But she was waiting for the answer from Kero.

"I was afraid this might happen someday," Kero finally said.

"What? What happened, Kero?" Sakura asked. "Did the Clow Cards get loose again?"


"Then what is it?"

Kero took a deep breath. "It's what I've always feared. I always thought it was just a legend, but it's true. It's the book of 2nd Cards. Someone's released the 2nd Cards."

"2nd Cards?" Sakura repeated. "What are the 2nd Cards?"

"The 2nd Cards are beyond anything Clow Reed ever created. They weren't even created by Clow Reed. They were created by the Clow Cards themselves."

"The Clow Cards created other cards?" Sakura asked. "That…sounds a little strange."

"The Clow Cards wanted to wreak havoc on the world, so they created a new book of cards," Kero continued. "They wanted to create something that Clow Reed would have no control over. So they created the book of the 2nd Cards. The problem was that the 2nd Cards were completely out of control and couldn't be controlled by the Clow Cards, so the 2nd Cards were sealed and hidden. Unlike the book of Clow Cards, anybody can open the book of 2nd Cards and they would be unleashed on the world. And unfortunately, it looks like somebody's done it. Somebody's released the 2nd Cards."

"They can't be that bad," Sakura tried saying. "I mean, look how easily I caught the Fly Card."

"You think this is easy, Avalon?" Kero demanded. "Enjoy the Fly Card because that's the easiest it gets. The 2nd Cards are bad news. For one thing, most of the 2nd Cards are completely unique with the exception of the Fly Card and a few others. And they have only one goal in mind."

"What's that?"

"To do the bidding of whoever opened the book," Kero said grimly. "If they desire world domination, they can get it. If they desire to take someone out, it's done. If they desire to destroy everything, it'll happen. Unless they're sealed by a Cardcaptor."

Sakura gulped nervously. "You must mean me."

"I don't see any other Cardcaptors around," Kero replied. "And it won't get any easier without Li Shoran here. You're on your own this time, Sakura."

Sakura thought about that. It was true. Li was all the way in Hong Kong and as far as she knew, he wasn't coming back. She would have to take the 2nd Cards on all by herself. And it didn't help that she knows very about these cards.

Sakura sighed deeply. Her normal life had ended once more. Once again, she was now a Cardcaptor.

Author's Note: I'm only an American Cardcaptor. Comments are more than welcome.