No Longer Alone

Summary: Everyone was scared of this guy for some reason...

I wonder why? He was always smiling, and so carefree. Yet he was

always alone. " It's better to eat with Yao, because I'm no longer alone"



Discalimer: I do not own this anime, it belongs to Hidakaz Himaruya

Chapter 1

China/Yao P.O.V

Hetalia High, the only place where students from all over the world go to.

Whispers going around the school like a wildfire. In every language, by every person, and to my dismay, me and another, are the object of it.

"Wang Yao...the Russian kid" "- bukimina 1?" (1) "Geulae." (2)

Outcast, anti-social, loner, creepy, those are the words they use to describe us. Walking together, eating together, being alone...together.

People talk. It doesn't matte if they're scared or not. They whisper, they write, they text, they e-mail, they use any form of communication there is.

During lunch period, he and I sit in the garden together.

We greet each other. The same way as always. "Ivan." I say with a curt nod. He always replies back with a somewhat silent "Yao." However, this time was fairly different.

He was singing something in Russian. I could only catch a few words though. Suddenly he turned to me.

"Sunflowers," He said. "that's one of my favorite plants. Name one of yours"

"Bamboo," I said suprising myself "I like bamboo." He nodded and smiled.

"And Pandas!" I blurted and blushed as he chuckled "I love Pandas a lot!" He and I both laughed at the same time.

Everyone was scared of this guy for some reason...I wonder why? He was always smiling, and so carefree. Yet he was always alone.

"During lunch hours," I say "why do you always sit with me?" He pondered the question for a moment and turned to me.

"It's better to eat lunch with Yao, because I'm no longer alone." He then blushed and said "And because you're my luchshiy drug. (3)"

I looked at him. "What does luchshiy drug mean?"

His blush darkened "Best friend. You're my best friend-" he said "and the person I like most!"

I was startled but then I smiled "You are also the person I like most, my zuì hǎo de péngyǒu, (4)" I said "My best friend."



(1) - Bukimina 1? = -creepy one? (Japanese)

(2) Geulae. = Yeah. (Korean)

(3) luchshiy drug = best friend (Russian)

(4) zuì hǎo de péngyǒu = best friend (Chinese)

This was supposed to be a two-shot from both China's and Russia's P.O.V but I lost my inspiration. I hope everyone liked it. I used Google Translate so if anyone sees something wrong please tell me. Please R&R!